Resistance: Burning Skies – George Washington Bridge Playthrough

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Resistance: Burning Skies – George Washington Bridge Playthrough

I can’t wait to finally be able to play a proper FPS on the go, and that time will come when Resistance: Burning Skies launches for PlayStation Vita in 2012. Recently, Rob Huebner of developer Nihilistic talked us through the newly-revealed George Washington Bridge area of RBS. Since this is Day 1 of the Chimeran invasion, don’t expect a leisurely jaunt across the Hudson River; the bridge is lousy with Chimeran Scouts, armed with infrared beam-enabled sniper rifles.

In this video, Huebner narrates as producer Frank Simon drags and drops grenades right where he wants them. Also, take note of touch-screen melee controls, the first person cover system, the touch-activated weapon wheel, and the Sixeye sniper rifle’s alt-fire mode.

Resistance: Burning Skies – George Washington Bridge Playthrough

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  • Games looks impressive so far! Will there be multiplayer online?

  • Oh man, my Vita lust continues t build. I may need to import :)

  • Looks cool! Any idea when the game will arrive in 2012 (Spring, Fall, Winter, etc.)?

  • damn that looks sweet but i cant afford nothing since im broke, will there be multiplayer?

  • bummed its not a launch title

  • I’ve got two burnings question Jeff,

    1. How come Tom Riley has regenerative health?
    2. Is that a game mechanic decision or does he become infected with the Chimeran virus along the way?

    Other than that, the game looks like it’s coming along nicely. All we really need now is a release window/date :)

  • WOW!

    another must-have vita title

    this will do the resistance franchise justice

    Also Jeff, will R:BS come out within the North American launch window?

  • As a Resistance fanboy this is pretty much the system seller for me, but one criticism. I know the game it still a long time away but the heat stacks on the regular hybrids look kind of off. Either way it looks fun, I just have one question:

    If this is level is Day 1 of the Chimeran invasion, why does it take place mid way through the game? I sense some fragmented story telling ;).

  • @ Poodude

    The heat stacks DO look kind of weird but take note that Burning Skies takes place BEFORE Resistance 2. So that puts the exact year as 1951 maybe even going into 1952. Resistance 2 took place in 1953.

    And yeah, we’re pretty much witnessing the Chimeran Invasion of the United States first-hand.

  • add it to my list!!! UNCHARTED: GA, ESCAPE PLAN AND RESISTANCE!!!

  • unrelated: w/ the Vita’s Cross Play, is it only certain PS3 games that can play on Vita, or is it all PS3 games? if it is all, doesn’t that mean we can play MW3 and Skyrim on Vita via Cross Play?

  • The main problem with this game is that Nihilistic is one of the most mediocre developers in the world.

  • Hold the camera straight, michael j

  • If their is online= Day one.

  • OMG OMG Resistance Burning Skies and Motorstorm RC are my 2 most anticipated vita titles , why arent they a launch window titles ???? why???? anyways the sixeye sniper is looking bad ass , i like the way we can throw grenades out ,weapon wheel is there , i like the touch screen melee buttons and the first person cover system too , overall is looking just like i thought it would be , a true Resistance portable title , can you guys talk more about multiplayer ? how many modes ? how many players ? maps ? this is supposed to be a launch title , come on sony!!!

  • at 14 yes theres multiplayer online

  • It looks well good:P 1 feature i would love for every PSVita game is being able to play the game on my PS3 then when i go out i can play it on the PSVita? That would be mega-cool:P

  • Can you please tell me if this game has a sprint button? thanks

  • at 18 yes i was wondering the same thing

  • Maybe it’s because I never really enjoyed any of the Resistance games aside from R3, but this doesn’t look very fun.

  • @14 Totally agree. As much as i love the Resistance series this looks pretty disappointing. 1) Look at 1:02, he stabs a chimera with the axe, and a second later it disappears right in front of your eyes. 2) At 1:12 wtf is that chimera looking for? And, this one is personally, the animations look bad. BUT the game isn´t out yet, so it can be solved. PLEASE NIHILISTIC, DON´T DISSAPONIT US!!!

  • Was that an unfinished death animation or something? He just disappeared after you axed him. I guess the games not finished yet :P

    Also I guess I should voice my opinion about the cover system.. Its meh. FPS cover systems are always meh, always will be meh. Hope the game turns out well though, good luck finishing it guys, can’t wait to try it.

  • I’ve loved playing Resistance on PSP Go Online as well story mode, I will no doubt be buying this.

  • wat abt multiplayer?
    This will be one of my Must-Have PSVita-Games list. ^^

  • When is this planned to be released?

  • Looks great, definitly gonna try to get this game… if its not sold out! I wonder if they will make a Battlefield game for the vita, it would probably take up a whole 4GB memory card HAHA!

  • Game looks great, but do you think that they could make the chimera look better as in a less shamy feeling if you know what I mean, and a little more intelligence on them, also the axe look a bit underdone. It could have been a flowful swing that could stick into the chimera and you like have to double tap the axe on the screen to pull it out. Hope some one from Insomniac reads this!

  • Frame rate looks better then the other videos i seen. I’m curious to know as well is their online multiplayer?

  • hi i have a quetion aboute the vita is it ownly downloaded games or is there another option like a stick becuse it looks good in all but everytime i see someone playing it i never see the tropys or if it a downloaded game or stick even in the demo intro of the psp vita showing you how it works it dont show the top if it has a stick for games beucse i think pepplpoe sould know the full benafetes of it

  • I’m wondering, how do the triggers feel on the Vita? Compared to the L1 and R1 on the PS3 controller, the PSP never felt as good or solid, especially after many hours of playing Resistance Retribution, The 3rd Birthday, and probably most of all Locoroco2, the triggers seemed to feel looser and less “solid”. Are the triggers more or less the same as on the PSP or have they been changed (perhaps made more like those on the PS3)?

  • interested in seeing more, but wasn’t really impressed with that video.

  • Game looks amazing… Was not going to get thsi game, but am now considering it.

  • @ starBlinky01

    The GoldenEye remake had a good cover mechanic.

    But I agree that 3rd-person shooters do it better (like Gears of War), since you can actually see where your character is in relation to their environment. That’s one of the reasons I don’t really like FPS games.

  • Will there be a gun leveling up mechanic like in Resistance 3, cause that was incredibly fun to do.

    And for the love of god, Nihilistic don’t screw this up…especially after how great Resistance 3 was

  • It’s looking pretty great in terms of graphics, etc. But my SINGLE concern is the length of the game itself. Ya know. Resistance prides itself on having a beefy campaign that is nothing short of excellent. I hope it’s 9 hours minimum. Also, hope the MP is as good as R3’s

  • Is it set in stone how many frames per sec this game will run? It still looks a little rough around the edges. Otherwise, visuals are great.

  • Framerate is horrible,and as launch game it should be more polished than what I see now,these launch games are supposed to sell console,and looking at this I don’t feel like “take my money and shut up”,uncharted on the other hand is looking like a system seller.

  • Played the other level at Gamescom and it felt great. Really looking forward to this game.

    And what are you guys talking about in the comments. This is NOT a launch game. And have some fate. It’s a work in progress. If you’re in doubt, just look up the reviews when it’s released.

  • The vita looks to be the culmination of 15 year of sony experience in the gaming market.. I mean the content is all there, the features are all there, the controls, the pricing.. Call me crazy but this launch is shaping up to be flawless for sony.. Man february 22nd can’t come fast enough!

  • Cool, I could probably see my building in the game.

  • My guess is that online multiplayer would be between 4-16 player’s.

  • I hope it has online capabilities, the Vita should be powerful enough to support up to 24 players at most:P

  • Vita really needs a video out so you can demo the games properly and us users can hook it up to the big screen. MAKE IT HAPPEN SONY!!!

  • I hope NIHILISTIC learned their lessen, from making PlayStation Move Heroes.

    Resistance is FPS and has a story longer then 30 minutes = they make a game like that.

    Sly, Jak and Ratchet are 3rd person platformers and have stories longer then 30 minutes = they didn’t make a game like that. Don’t let me down this time guys. ;)

  • hoo boy. glad I’m in the process of selling off stuff, now I know what to drop the cash on! Pft, savings…

  • @Jeff Rubenstein

    That game looks sick !!!!

    I was wondering if you had any news about a White PSVITA !?!?!?

  • Awesome, can’t wait!! It’s gonna be a long couple of months!!

  • when will the ps vita store be available in the US?????????????

  • Can’t wait for the game, and especially the PS Vita of course. Resistance is a great franchise and i hope this satisfies. Is there going to be Killzone for the vita? I hope so.

  • To be honest,
    it’s not has impressif as Resistance 3.

    With Uncharted have such a complete environement “especially the background in uncharted is fabulous that resistance should consider this lush background creation for their resistance game”.

    Just getting it out there, it would increase the experience.

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