Learn FIFA Soccer’s New Vita Controls

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Learn FIFA Soccer’s New Vita Controls

EA’s first foray onto the PlayStation Vita is a strong one, as the EA Sports team in Vancouver isn’t just miniaturizing the PS3 experience into a portable size, but refining the controls to take advantage of the new hardware. In this hands-on video, producer Matt Prior demonstrates what he calls “the most controllable version of FIFA ever.”

Learn FIFA Soccer’s New Vita Controls

As is quickly becoming standard practice when console franchises debut on the Vita, these touchscreen controls are optional. Yet I think longtime video footballers will find themselves using at least some of these new tricks pretty quickly, as they feel right at home.

I spent some time with this demo version of FIFA Soccer after the event, and I found myself toying around with the playable menu screen for a long time, just taking shot after shot on goal. The accuracy of the rear touch shooting has won me over, and I look forward to hearing your impressions of it once it debuts in just a few short months.

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  • :O What a Graphics :D Its How To Play With The Ps3 But in My Hand….. :D

    Im Very Excited i Want To Take My PS Vita in Feb..1st Thanks Sony

  • Does it have online?

  • PD Yes It Has a 1 vs 1 Online :D Or Season Online Like the Ps3 :D Yaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Two Things To Be Happy: Ps Vita + Fifa 12 = Happynes

    Regards From Colombia :D

  • Wow.

    Very impressive.

    Can’t wait til Sony announces the official line-up and details for the US.

    Please hurry up with the info!!!

  • Hey Jeff!! Great job as always on the Blog!
    Quick Question, are we getting Vita Launch Titles listing this week? I would like to know what the total damage to my wallet is going to be haha

  • My single most-anticipated title on the PS Vita.
    Looks very impressive.

  • man utd forever !!!!

  • wow, that’s actually a really great use for the back touch.

  • The graphics look awesome :o

  • One nil to the Arsenal!

    Shocker of a miss, though, heh. ;-)

  • Will this game feature ps vita and ps3 cross-play? That would be the bee’s tits.

  • never owned a Fifa game on the ps3…but FIFA VITA…is highly likely to be purchased, the graphics look silky smooth it really does look like a ps3 in your hands…WOW

  • Will this game feature ps vita and ps3 cross-play? That would be Purple Drink!

    if the the be a pro including gameplay allows me to grind accross platforms then I have just been successfully strongarmed into a vita purchase.

    It makes the 3ds fifa look like a recently beaten red headed stepchild. I’m gonna have to trade that in asap.

    Man that looks good. Well Vita w/ fifa and uncharted it is. The die is cast. The shooting, passing, and player selection all could be better on this and if the pro is transferrable i’ll just be playing the vita most of the time and the ps3 for the online and clubs with my pro.

    So about the Montreal Imapct and the MLS EA???

    United 5 – 0 over Fullham. That is all.

  • game play i meant gameface.

  • Cant believe this can be true.
    My HK Vita will arrived in 29/12 – wow tks for the deliver works hard.

  • That looks so awesome. I can’t wait to get the Vita and FIFA.
    I recall the last E3 not mentioning FIFA, I was so anxious to hear when it will be released. There was no doubt though, just wondered when. Glad to see this game coming along superbly.

    I really love the PS brand because you invest so much in gamers. Too bad I can’t buy PlayStation merchandise!

  • Please post a follow-up video demonstrating the free-kick “drawing” controls, thanks!

  • I’m not a huge Soccer fan. But that looks insanely awesome!

  • Loving the idea of touch screen passing.
    Its so frustrating on PS3 to know what you want to do and be unable to do it due to the control scheme.

  • This looks awesome…………..come Feb 22nd im going to have no money. LOL!

  • It’s like fifa 11 or 12? Or worst a 09 or 10?

  • WOW! FIFA totally works for PS Vita!
    I didn’t actually think it would have! Wow! Wait to go Sony! :DD
    Congrats! This has got to be a must-have game for everyone who purchases a PS Vita, and ADORES Football as a sport, so I may just get this game, and it’s got online! So that’s all the more better!
    Yepee! :D

  • Im surprised it looks this good! But i do have two questions though, how “assisted” will theese touch-controls be when i try to execute passes online? Will the player be able to make insane passes that are out of this world just because he/she makes use of the touch pass, or will they be realistic and inconsistent?
    The other thing i would like to know is how have you planned to substitute the trigger controls that us console gamers have grown used to? (Rush R2, Defending L2)

    Looking forward to the game and can’t wait to get my hands on it! Toodles!

  • @Jeff Rubenstein

    I was wondering if you had any news about a White PSVITA !?!?!?

  • No need for me to play ps3! This is better than the ps3!

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