All Zombies Must Die! shuffling onto PSN December 27

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All Zombies Must Die! shuffling onto PSN December 27

Hello! Today I bring news that our Arcade-RPG All Zombies Must Die! will be ambling onto the PlayStation Store December 27.

All Zombies Must Die! shuffling onto PSN December 27

AZMD is a twin-stick shooter taken to lofty new heights with a bevy of RPG features and four player co-op. As the zombie apocalypse arrives in the town of Deadhill it falls to four unlikely heroes to defend humanity and save the day. Jack, the gamer; Rachel, the girl; Brian, the geek and Luxo, the alien must undertake insane quests, craft crazy weapons and generally put down as many zombies as humanly possible. With comical references and a fourth-wall-breaking script to tie it all together, AZMD presents the zombie apocalypse in a whole new light.

All Zombies Must Die

To coincide with the festive period, we also have a range of zombie companions arriving on PlayStation Home. While it’s true that all zombies must die, and the undead are foul creatures that should be riddled with bullets without a moment’s hesitation, they do make rather charming pets. Jogger, SWAT and Crazy zombie companions – in addition to Luxo the alien – can be downloaded from PlayStation Home TODAY!

All Zombies Must Die! shuffling onto PSN December 27

For more on AZMD, ‘LIKE’ the game on Facebook, or have a gander at the official website.

From all of us at doublesix – Merry Christmas and happy zombie hunting!

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  • This reminds me -a lot- of Zombies Ate My Neighbors. If I’m right and its in that style, I’m all over it.

  • Burn Zombie Burn 2 wasn’t a good title? I thought sequels were wanted? Name change cause SquareEnix?

  • I liked Burn Zombie Burn it was one of the 1st games i got on PSN. This does look like a sequel for it.

  • Hopefully you guys implemented a true twin stick shooter control mode (Left Stick Move, Right Stick Aim and Fire). The control method in your previous game “Burn, Zombie, Burn” desperately needed this mode as after 10-15 minutes of play my hands would start to cramp from having to push the face buttons so often. The “Auto Select” L1 or R1 button made it playable but just made it impossible to have long game sessions.

    Please take the hint from Dead Nation and at least add a Twin stick control mode and you have a purchase from me for “All Zombies Must Die”

    (I saw the game at PAX and the control scheme was my only criticism)


  • Looks like it will be a good game, funny too. How much will it cost?


  • Twin stick, Zombie Themed shooter? How original!

  • Cool might get!

  • hmm….i would buy this but i never got my reward for the burn zombie burn contest. I was top 10 and it supposedly said id get an autographed litho….but never heard anything….

  • Woooow this game looks amazing :) Cant wait for this game to hit Thank You for the game xD

  • That would be cool 30+ trophies, I wish.

  • So I’m guessing that the last BurnZombieBurn DLC won’t be coming out since this arrives on PSN on December 27th? Oh well, anyway this seems interesting and I enjoyed BZB. The only zombie game I would play lol

  • Well, it’s about TIME somebody made a zombie game! And a twin stick shooter to boot!


  • Oh I’ve always wanted to play a dual-stick zombie shooting game.

  • (Oh, and straight up, if there’s another cheap, narratively-ridiculous zombie rigged with explosives in this game, I’m not interested.)

  • This game looks rubbish I’ll keep with re5.

  • please add online co-op this game need it… :(

  • Why is it that 95% of the time I see the word “zombie” in the title of a new game, it just turns out to be another boring, generic, top-down 2-stick shooter like Dead Nation and Burn Zombie Burn? I wish this genre (top-down 2-sticks, not zombies) would just die already.

  • So so sooooooo sick of these throwaway zombie games. GET OVER IT GAMES INDUSTRY.

  • Dead Nation is great.

    BZB had some design flaws with its mobs and unlock requirements; if only they’d credited the player with the points they should have earned when fiery mass of zombies, burning from a fire the player started, blew up one of those explosive zombies, I’d sing a different song.

    But that one little stupid instance just made me feel unduly robbed and that the game wouldn’t take its own premise seriously enough. (And it thoroughly cheated me out of success on an unlock enough times to be obnoxious.)

    Those defense stages are also a lot to deal with. I dunno.

    Maybe AZMD! will be better, but I swear to whatever gods are listening, if that explosive zombie situation shows up again, I’m not on board. SO. OBNOXIOUS.

  • i love it man this waz upz

  • While I think some peoples annoyance with the prevalence of twin stick shooter zombie games is not without merit I feel the same way about FPSers, and I doubt those will ever stop being the main focus of retail games. I guess I just have to shrug and say it is how it is. In the meantime, enjoy the best of the genres that are the flavor of the year/generation?

    That being said, this could be good. We already have seen the wacky humor based zombie twin stick shooter, but if anything unoriginal is done really well it should not matter. In particular with this title the RPG/crafting sounds interesting and possibly fun. Multiple player could also be a plus. So, I will look into the game (is there a demo?).

    I am afraid that after Dead Nation though nothing will compare. Be interested to hear from people who gave this game a try and how they think it measures up against others of the genre (or just by itself really).

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