Special Holiday Update For PlayStation Home

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Special Holiday Update For PlayStation Home

The Winter Holiday celebration continues this week in PlayStation Home, with tons of awesome new content scheduled to arrive on your PlayStation 3 this Thursday, December 22nd. This week will see the release of some seriously spectacular personal spaces that are packed to the brim with goodies, as well as a massive overload of new items on the shelves in the PlayStation Home Mall (along with some sales you will not want to miss out on). From updates to the popular Winter Holiday Hullabaloo event to a multitude of new videos in the Community Theater (complete with special rewards), PlayStation Home is truly the place to be this Holiday season!

Forget snow and ice, mittens, scarves, and frigid weather. Lockwood Publishing’s new Board Figment Dream Yacht will help you get away from the cold of winter. Spend your holidays like the Home elite, basking in the sun on the deck of your private yacht, or soothe your cares away in one of the two on-board hot tubs. It’s the perfect place to entertain guests, with several lounge areas and exquisite views of your own private tropical hideaway.

The Dream Yacht comes with some beautiful furnishings already in place, but if you spend some time exploring its expansive three floors you may find more things to add that special finishing touch ;) With such opulent surroundings, it’s only natural to dress to impress. Visit Lockwood’s Exclusive Store (only available on the Dream Yacht) to gain access to a variety of elegant fashions that will assure your style is a cut above the rest!

Figment Formal White

Leap into the future with LOOT’s brand new Space Apartment, a three-story personal space with expansive views of outer space. This future-forward personal space is equipped with highly advanced technology powered by the unique Space Apartment’s Remote Access (S.A.R.A.) system. With S.A.R.A you can:

  • View up to 5 different Twitter feeds from a ticker.
  • Search for photos from your Flickr account and display them on any or all of the 15 photo screens available throughout the space. Each photo screen even lets you set-up your own slideshows.
  • Choose from 8 screen locations to view LOOT EOD (Entertainment On Demand) content. LOOT EOD screens let you watch free full length movies and TV shows from Crackle, listen to live music radio from RadioIO and watch live events powered by Ustream and NASA TV!
  • Control your Space Apartment’s retractable ceiling, automated blinds and dynamic lighting options.

S.A.R.A. and LOOT welcome you to the home of the future – available this Thursday only in PlayStation Home!

The first new clubhouse in 3 years releases in PlayStation Home this week. Set amongst the red rocks in the sunny and sand-strewn desert valley, the Desert Haven is a clubhouse that allows up to 32 members a private location to meet up and play games together. That’s not all – those of you that purchase the Desert Haven clubhouse will receive the classic PlayStation Home clubhouse for free! Check out this guided tour from our buddy Sal (he’s been spending time in the desert ever since he retired from the waste management business) and then visit the special public space version of the Desert Haven this Thursday to get and up-close-and-personal look at this awesome new clubhouse.

Ever dream of flying? We all have – which is why we are excited to announce an update to one of the most popular PlayStation Home spaces of all time. Enter Red Bull Flugtag, which has been updated to allow you and your friends to assemble into teams of four and create and launch your very own custom craft. You’ll be rewarded handsomely for your skills, assuming the wind doesn’t blow you over. Red Bull has also made updates to the Red Bull Beach where the latest Red Bull Illume action adventure photography is on display. Pay a visit to the Red Bull MXT vehicle, which is fully equipped with flat screens displaying special videos and speakers that are sure to be pumping some sick beats. Afterwards, make your way over to the Red Bull vending machine where you have to play to get your wings. You’ll see what we mean…

Red Bull 1

Celebrate Novus Prime’s one year anniversary with a free Personal Lightning Shield item, courtesy of Hellfire Games. Surround your avatar with a crackling energy field and wow your friends. Click HERE for your free personal code, available only from Hellfire Game’s Facebook page.

Novus Prime

The PlayStation Home Mall receives yet another huge update this week with festive furniture and clothing items from Juggernaut Games (including four new companions – Mini-Rudolph the Flying Reindeer, Leo, Gertie, and Simon the Chimera, Rocky the Rottweiler, and Spike the Pittbull), nDreams’ Ninjitsu costumes (complete with custom animations) and Name of Lights furniture items, brand new Animated Gold clothing items (ballers and shot-callers only need apply), additional Weird Wear accessories from Mass Media (stylish bags available in His and Hers designs), and new additions to the hilarious Urban Camo line as well as Anime and Gothic clothing (courtesy of Konami). Here’s a look at some of the awesome items coming to the PlayStation Home Mall this week!

For a limited time only, we’re slashing prices on select games for your personal spaces. Head to the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday to pick up Chess, Checkers, and Solitaire, all at a price that simply cannot be beat!

Game Sale

Attention Exclusives Collectors: For a limited time, you can get the new Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire bundle at a discount if you own any of the following items: Gold Suit, Diamond Suit, or Home Mansion 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, or Infinity Pool. That’s not all. You real estate magnates can get the Summer House, Lakeside Log Cabin, and City Penthouse for $2.99 and Wizard’s Den for free when you own the Gold Suit, Diamond Suit, Animated Diamond Furniture Collection, Ultimate Diamond Collection, or Home Mansion 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, or Infinity Pool!

Summer House- Lakeside Log Cabin- City PenthouseEmerald-Sapphire-Ruby

The Winter Holidays are in full swing with tons of new videos coming this week to the PlayStation Home Community Theater, including a Xmas Special from PStalent.com, the latest and greatest from HomeCast Rewind, an exclusive Hip Hop Gamer montage, yet another great episode from our friends at Urgent Fury, and the seventh episode from the one-and-only PSXextreme. Head to the PlayStation Home Community Theater this Thursday to watch these excellent new videos made by the PlayStation community, for the PlayStation community (you’ll also get the PStalent picture frame, a stylish Hip Hop Gamer jersey, and LittleBigPodcast antennas just for showing up!)

Last but certainly not least, the Winter Holiday Hullabaloo continues this week in Pier Park. This collection of quests and community activities rewards players with exclusive items and collectibles only available from this limited-time holiday event. Start by going to the Activity Board to start the Winter Holiday Hullabaloo quest; then catch a boat from Pier Park to transport to this chill(y) locale where Snowman and Snow Bear will provide clues that will lead you throughout a vast winter wonderland filled with tons of surprises. Complete all the quests to unlock a variety of special rewards that will leave your inventory bulging with awesome mementos of the 2011 holiday season!

Please note that this will be the last PlayStation Home update for 2011. More content will be published on Thursday, January 5th 2012. Until then, the PlayStation Home team wishes you all Happy Holidays. See you in the New Year!

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  • great update!! 4 days till christmas!

    • This should certainly keep you busy—it’s one of the largest content updates in Home history. With rewards galore, games abounding, quests, companions and even a new clubhouse, we hope you certainly enjoy a warm end to this year and a happy start to the next!

  • What if we have the basic clubhouse? Can we upgrade to the new one for free?

  • what is the prize of the space station from loot

  • cool update and bring back old central plaza please the new ones isn’t the same and how much will the yacht and club house be and happy holidays

    • If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can visit versions of Central Plaza from the days of the Helghast invasion (Killzone Total Game Integration) or the zombie swarm (Dead Island TGI). You can find both in the Navigator under Explore.

      The Dream Yacht is $9.99, and the Desert Haven Clubhouse is $4.99.

  • the yatch will be a must buy for me. well, i’m going to get a PSN card.

    see you in home tomorrow,

  • Locust_Star is there any plan to come up with a heavy rain/ LA Noire type game in home. Love the updates keep up the good work.

  • mmm sorry one question, i have a problems with the community, i can recived rewards,what is the problem with the public space,i could a give a response

  • Is it that hard to say “Christmas”? Home is so politically correct! lol. Even the Christmas Tree I purchased a few years ago was called like a festive or winter tree or something!

    • In Home, we celebrate all kinds of holidays, and there is content available to cover all major beliefs from Christmas to Kwanzaa, to Hanukkah and even Festivus!

      My point is, they’re all happy, and they’re all holidays. So happy holidays (or in your case, happy Christmas)!

  • Wow. Huge HOME update. What are the prices for the new yacht, LOOT Space Station and the new clubhouse? So I will know if I have to run to the Mall to get a new PSN card.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8SeBwdocp0

    PlayStation Home: Desert Haven Clubhouse ;)

    Great update again! looks like im going to be busy again love it

    i like to wish for everybody a healthy and happy 2012

  • Oh god, they brought back Santa on Reindeer outfit… May god have Mercy/ Other then that, awesome update!

  • Need more public spaces. There are already thousands of dollars worth of paid content in the game that does next to nothing. The game has enough of the aesthetics. Add some more function.

  • O_O omg such a huge update, think imma need a few PSN cards 4 this lmao also I must say I love the gothic attire coming from Konmai, love tripp pants. Also the video thats suppose to show the desert is showin the Loot Space Station again & about how much will the Desert Haven cost?

  • Awesome AWESOME awesome update, there is so much to get and buy, im salivating …..LOL
    as usual , im going to get EVERYTHING .
    Locust have you seen the HADES OUTFIT (MALE ) at Costumes Store, is there a way the Development team can create wings just as big and wide open as the HADES outfit has …..Please Pretty Please
    and Please Please Please we need Music in Home, maybe a boombox we can fill up with songs we buy from Qryocity , I decorated my Midnite Glade Personal space with Fireworks but Music is missing , im sick and tired of the Playground boombox and all the so call musical items , we need real music , music each of us listen to .

  • Nice! Glad to see our first new clubhouse coming in. Any idea how much it’ll cost? Also what happens if we already own the current clubhouse?

  • Also yes, the Loot personal space video is showing in two places. One of those is supposed to be the video for clubhouses… >.>

  • wow mega update NICEE

  • Im happy about the 100 items per personal space but at the same time im NOT
    it should of been :
    12 furniture items + 1 active item
    34 furniture items + 2 active items
    56 furniture items + 3 active items
    78 furniture items + 4 active items
    then 100 furniture items
    a Personal space doesnt get filled up with 34 or 12 furniture items just so we can put , 2 or 3 active items , you gotta make possible for us to put more active items .

  • Locust, you have the Loot personal space video shown twice there, I think the second one is suppose to be of the Desert Haven clubhouse :p

  • I have totally given up on HOME. Which is funny because it was one of the reasons I was so excited to get a PS3 back in 2007. None of the friends play in it. Many of my items where I religiously earned have disappeared from my inventory for no reason (ie. Cris Angel Coffin Couch). I absolutely HATE the new home layout, the original Central Park with connecting building was WAAAY better. The mall is an absolute mess. Gah there are so many good memories from enjoying Home and now its all gone.

    Good job guys you managed to turn something I loved about PS3 into something I couldnt care any less about.

  • Now THIS is the way to go when rewarding ownership of one of the premium items! Props on that, guys!

  • ABSOLUTELY AMAZING UPDATE! So many great things!! I don’t even know where to begin! I’m so excited for the new club, dream yacht, Juggernaut pets and the new xmas stuff most of all!

    I just am wondering about how having multiple club houses will work. Do we still get to keep the name and memberlist of our current club?

  • Wow! This update is really cool. And really big! Is there enough space in Home to stuff all of the new gear in? Great work Home Team.

    Now to take a peek at how much my PSN Prepaid card is worth…

    Have a very Merry Christmas (Yes, I said the word!) and a safe and wonderful New Year!

    And do drink responsibly. Ciao!

  • we need MUSIC , how about SONY personal walkman MP3 Players, filled with music we buy from Qryocity, for us to take around and of course a Home Audio System , for our personal space, is hard to tell people, hey come to my personal space, theres a Party ! but no Music , everyone leaves after 2 mins …..we need Music !
    YOUTUBE would be a nice add on to have in HOME , 2012 is coming in a few days and its a shame that we are still asking for this since Home first started .

  • I’m excited about this update!
    I can’t wait!
    Everyone have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

  • Merry Christmas , Happy Hanukkah, Good Kwanzaa , and Happy and Healthy New Years to every single person that makes Home possible .
    Locust even though i am a pain in the you know what , i appreciate you for all the hard work you do .
    Glasswalls, Thank you, Thank you , Thank you, for your time and replys.
    To the Home Development Team , a big hug and Thanks, without you, Home would be an empty canvas, THANK YOU .
    I wish you all a good Holiday and a Happy New Year.

    • Thank you for being one of our most passionate community members in all of Home, even when we don’t always have all the answers you seek. ;-) Happy holidays!

  • Dream yacht is mine. Clear cut choice. I do wish all the Christmas Costumes would have come last week. Ill probably skip them since Christmas IS only a few days away. I also think it’s a very good idea for the colored suit bundling. I also want to thank you all for bringing Home Internet radio in the Loot spaces.It has made my visits to Home SO much more”real”.Nothing like some smooth jazz and classical music while chilling out and decorating and entertaining.

    I send warm wishes to the NA Home team,managers and team leaders and our across the pond team.Our HCV’s and the Home users and all of you here. I wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas.I am looking so forward to what 2012 will bring us all and am so proud to be a part of Home.Sony,Your my friend!

  • Why theys 2 Blog Video of Loot Space?
    Anywho: any news to part 2 of quest, even the home 3rd anniversive *grammar check* tee as a 2nd reward or just only in Europe and Asian?

    • Part 2 of the Winter Hullabaloo quest comes out tomorrow! Let’s see what the frienemies, Snowman and Polar Bear, get up to.

  • erikafollie, we do have music in personal spaces that have EODs. Hollywood Hills, Sunset Yacht and the Loot Space apartment. Additionally, there are some music machines (Playground Boombox and others) available for purchase.

  • Agree with you Eric..We need our own music…!!!!!!!!!!!!!….2012 and we need the works…its a shame that we dont have you tube, mp3 players..new dances…

  • now what this internet radio…am hearing,.,is it some real music we will be hearing ??

  • @Fly-boi_2009 – Loot apartments that have an EOD such as the Hollywood Hills and Sunset Yacht personal spaces have RadioIO streaming through them currently. It is real music by actual artists and to be honest, it’s very refreshing. If you have any friends with those personal spaces you should check it out. If not add me as a friend and I’ll show you the feature.

  • I’d like to wish Locust_Star and the rest of the PS Home team a very Healthy & Happy Holiday & Happy New Year!!!

    1) Can that yellow submersible vehicle (that is located on the Board Figment Dream Yacht) be put into the water and be piloted?

    2) When is Novus Prime going to get new ranks, ship weapons, and ship upgrades?

    3) Will Home ever get a multiplayer underwater sci-fi/futuristic game involving submersible combat?

  • With these new clubhouses coming out does that men Sonys going to start charging that monthly fee? Im aware it says the fee can be charged anytime and since now after 3 years the clubs are being paid attention it makes it seem that the fee will be right around the corner. Im interested in the clubhouses but not in paying a monthly fee and if i dont pay the fee id assume that would prevent me from going to the clubhouse, correct?

  • Happy holiday Home team!!!! :) So what am I going to celebrate New Years eve at PS Home??? I don’t have the fireworks bundle yet but I just hope the New Years Eve Ball is back again I sure missed it. :(

  • @TucoMcFly – I asked that same question last week and got reassured that they aren’t currently looking to add fees in the near future. They will also give us 90 days heads up on when fees will start.

  • Good looking update. What’s the music in the Lockwood Yacht video? I’d love an MP3 of that.

  • Happy Holidays all ! glad to see the premium items getting support . the idea of giving discounts to owners is great and LONG overdue! the yacht looks sweet and the LOOT space station apartment IS AWESOME , i’ve had it about a week now and i HIGHLY recommend everyone buy this one ! internet radio has much variety , many channels and many genres of music . Thanks to GlassWalls and ALL Home management for bringing us so much great content in the past few months ! NOW RAISE UP OFF THE GLITCHERS !!!!!!!

  • How much is the new places and clubhouse going to be?

  • @Undertaker…i got the loot spaces..so we got the radio-io now ??as we speak ?

  • @Fly-boi_2009 – Yup, access right now. Has been available since last Thursday in all Loot spaces that feature the EOD.

  • The dream yacht looks awesome. How much will it cost ?

  • Boy, Konami is sure on a roll! Definitely gotta pick up the new Urban Camo set (i seriously love those!) and the anime outfits sure look neat!

    Looking forward to this week’s update! Happy Holiday to all in Home!

  • wow…a cool feature..here. Thanks Undertaker….lol…We should be able to buy a loot television to put in any apartment..that would be cool as h3ll,,

  • OMG! OMG! OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCH! HOME DEV’S TOTALLY ROCK! Awesome work everyone! As Drake would say: “I’m proud of you!” Happy Holidays to you all and I hope you have a kick @@@ office party after this! You deserve that and more!

  • Ok more of the good stuff :D

  • @Ra_The_Sun_King Thank you for your friendship, you do things for others than do not deserve it , Have the BEST Christmas and New Years ever…………..You are the BEST .

  • Awesome Dream Yacht video! I really liked the music and how the story was told with no words. Big props to LKWD! Kudos!

    Whaaaaa??? O_O A pitbull doggie companion!! Wishes do come true!! @_@ This is another update I just can’t wait for!! Woot! :P

  • Happy Holidays Glass.

    I don’t know how you guys pull off working pushing new items every other week. Do you guys get vacations. I am proud and thank you for you and the teams work of producing good items.

    Have a safe Christmas

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