Season’s Greedings from DC Universe Online

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Season’s Greedings from DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online for PS3: Season's Greedings

Hope you’re enjoying the most wonderful time of the year – the holiday gaming season! One of the chief perks of a massively multiplayer online game is that the developers have a lot of freedom to make changes to the world, including creating special events throughout the year. In DC Universe Online, we’ve just begun our new holiday-themed event Season’s Greedings, which gives players fun new things to do set in a festive new look. As you make your way around Gotham City and Metropolis, you’ll see that both are decked out in celebration of the season. But that’s only the beginning!

All players are able to take part in a fun Holiday event starring our newest DCUO character, Larfleeze, the leader of the Orange Lantern Corps. Orange Lanterns? Yes, the Orange Lanterns, much like the Sinestro Corps or the Red Lanterns, are rivals of the Green Lanterns and are powered by the orange light of avarice, aka “greed.” Being a greedy little guy, it makes sense that Larfleeze wants all of the holiday presents for himself. As the player, it’s up to you to track down the stolen presents, battle Larfleeze’s deadly orange light constructs, and report your success back to Hal Jordan (if you’re a hero) or Sinestro (if you’re a villain) to collect your just desserts.

DC Universe Online for PS3: Season's GreedingsDC Universe Online for PS3: Season's Greedings

In addition to all of the fun, we’ve also added some great new holiday items to our in-game marketplace and vendors so you can make sure your character is dressed just right for the season. I mean, who wouldn’t want to fight crime dressed as a heroic snowman?

DCUO is now free to download and play on PS3. Just look for the game in the PlayStation Store and check it out. Season’s Greedings is running until January, so you have plenty of time to jump in and experience the holidays DCUO-style. We hope everyone has a great Holiday and wonderful New Year. See you in 2012!

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  • may be worth a look!

  • it takes a long time to download for me but still played it a little its nice!

  • so this is free, thats great. i think it would be worth checking out.

  • I think it is well worth the wait to download. that and spending $5 in the store will bump you up to the next level of membership (instead of 2 toons you have 6).

    tons of fun even if you don’t pay the monthly fee!

  • When is Aquaman and Atlantis coming to DCUO?

  • Dear Lorin,

    You never added ANY new holiday items to the PS3 in-game marketplace whatsoever. When the store was updated last week the in game store NEVER got any new holiday items. So as much as I would like to “fight crime dressed as a heroic snowman” I can’t because only the PC version of DCUO in game store got the new holiday items not us PS3 games :( .

    Hopefully you read this and add the items Tuesday this week or better yet today.

  • how much hdd space does this take up? i only have like 30 gigs left. I wish i had the 320 gig ps3.

  • @7 – About 15gb

    @ Lorin Jameson – Y’all need to drop the price on the monthly fee for those want to go all in… it’s just not worth it. $5 a month would be reasonable considering you’re making money off micro-transactions in game anyway. Love your whiskey BTW.

  • may have yo check this out this week

  • I wish they would put the iconic armor as DLC because they are extremely difficult to acquire…

  • Is there any plan to do some sort of PS3 Marketplace discount or bonus like you did with triple station cash for PC users (on the 17th)?

  • I like playing this MMO…I really enjoyed the beta and been wanting to get it when it came out. But, didn’t want to pay 60 bucks for a game then pay an additional 15 dollars a month. ugh. But, now it’s free and downloaded to the PS3 to enjoy it but, with limits set forth by categories. So, I two things: I upgrade the HDD from 160GB to a 1TB; it didn’t want to fit but, I got to in there and it’s is working like a charm. Then I downloaded the game cause I knew it was gonna be like around 12 to 17 GBs. Everything is working good I finally gave in and paid a full years worth to play DCUO with all the goodies that come with it. Join me online: monyking is the name of my character, I am hero and if you want some help I can do that. The only thing is that I am lost to figure out the best weapons as this Combat Rating is new I am confused by it. Until later bye.

  • I would like to play this game but I’ve tried logging in and I can’t wait all day! Is there a way to log in faster by paying for a better membership?

  • @edog5723 those iconic armor are meant be earn by your hardwork doing mission and not handed too u on a silver platter.

  • This game is so much fun and the holiday stuff looks cool just beating orange hologram things and turning them into presents is fun as far as i know u dont get anything tho

  • I like the winter season on there and i also like how the items are cookies for restore or whatever and the elve costume but my favorite is the jumbo candy cane staff. now i am trying to get the elve costume before January. I want to know that if you or whoever can fix the problem where the wings for the back are sideways and make them balance when i fly. Thanks for the updates

  • It would be nice if we could ACTUALLY play without it crashing!

  • It’s been fun to play, but we are currently at 19 GB. When it gets to 20gb, I’m deleting the game.

  • @Lorin Jameson i was playing dc universe online yesterday and i was running with super speed and somehow i ran into a building and now im stuck how do i get out?

  • You should get the Authentication fixed so these people who play your game can sign in your website with their PSN ID. I quit playing your game and this is one main reason Lorin.


    Usually if you just wait it respawns you in a minute if it detects your stuck by a glitch somehow.. But if it’s not there are a few ways to fix. First thing to try would be your rally warp or HQ warp in the map menu.

  • My villian is lvl 22 his name is Mental Marvel and my hero is lvl 19 his name is BurningJug

  • For the PS3

  • i GOT THE CE for this game but now kinda feel sad that ppl are downloading it for FREE ! and i shelled out around 90 dollars :(

  • Good game. Took me 24 hours to download.Add me.

  • ha ha ha 90 DOLLERS!

  • anyone agree with me that platinum level players should not have a money limit? and also that platinum should also be able to earn trophies?

  • If you are looking for a good game to buy get Unchated 1 and 2.It is kindof like Call of duty black ops

  • playstation makes AWESOME updates!

  • Have 2 go
    talk 2 u later

  • i know this is off topic but i think it would be cool if u added powers that some people want like i know some friends that r trying to make there favorite heros in the game like iron man, hulk, wolverine, thor, and so many more i wouldnt mind that either ohh frined just told me to post what about spider man or the fantastic four with the invisible and rubber powers like mr. fantastic what d u all think about that ?

  • oh forgot to put they also want there evil counter parts powers like venom abomination and maybe put in a taller more muscular person that matches the size of abomination and the hulk some one even said what about the red hulk i read in a comic that the original red hulk was like 2 times the size than the green hulk i know that big but they said they would deffinately appreciate it if u did that

  • This game honestly isn’t even worth the harddrive space it takes up…don’t waste your time on it…

  • Is it me or do we not get any trophies for the free version b/c I’ve should have had a trophy for the platinum race already.

  • Gotta get in on this!

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