Amy Returns to the Roots of Survival Horror

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Amy Returns to the Roots of Survival Horror

First of all, we’d like to thank the PlayStation.Blog and its readers for supporting Amy for several months now. As we get closer to the release of the game, which will be early next year, we wanted answer a question that has been asked many times: what kind of survival-horror game is Amy? How do players cope with enemies? What kind of weapons can you use?

To answer those questions and more, we created the following video just for you:

Amy Returns to the Roots of Survival Horror

As you can see, Amy is not about giving you huge power against enemies and giving players an action-oriented experience. Amy goes back to the roots of the survival-horror genre, and provides edge-of-your-seat suspense that will keep you wondering what’s around the next corner.

While most games in the genre choose to either be action- or combat-based, or instill fear by making players feel vastly less powerful than their enemies, Amy combines the best of both worlds. Paul Cuisset, the man behind Amy (and classic games such as Flashback), wanted to a new dimension, which is the cooperation between Amy and Lana.

Playing as Lana, you will have to decide whether you want to hide and avoid combat, or fight by using whatever weapons you can find. As highlighted in the last video, you can use Lana’s vulnerability to the infection to walk amongst enemies undetected, or use Amy’s special abilities, which you can see a glimpse of at the end of this video.

This makes you consider many options before trying to fight: hiding, asking Amy to go away, or using her special powers to defeat your opponents. But as we like to encourage players to exercise their right to choose, if you want to fight, go ahead and try. You won’t always be able to win, but those who don’t try will never know…

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  • Nice, I was afraid the game got cancelled. Quit teasing us and announce a release date already.

    Me wantee.

  • Loved Red Johnson’s Chronicles, and I can’t wait to play this game. Are we close to finding out the release date?

    • Hi RecSpec. Thanks a lot for Red Johnson. We’re currently working on the sequel and it will be available around February/March next year

  • The video says Fall 2011. Is there any projected date range for this game?

  • Oh and your Facebook link is broken. I want to like your facebook page, but I cant :(

  • Looks interesting! Just curious, are you guys looking at potential Vita support?

    • Hi zookey. With AMY, we try our best to build a franchise. If this one works, we hope to work on other games based on the AMY universe; and Vita is something we will definitely consider

  • That “sneak under the window” part was straight out of Siren: Blood Curse. Still looking forward to this game though!

  • Somehow this game is losing momentum. I’m not interested any more. The combat looks primitive and the video is outdated.

    • Hi Tremulan777. We understand many of you have been waiting for several months now. We worked really hard and are now in the last step. AMY will get some feedback from journalists who tested the game very soon and we hope this will convince you the game is good.

  • They better release it soon Sid, they can’t hold my interest forever, I have a very short attention span. Hey look a bird! *runs outside to play with the bird*

  • I certainly hope this is an earlier build of the game. The amount of screen tear on that video was horrendous, and the fact that it’s a Playstation exclusive seems a little awry.

  • I sure hope there is a demo as this looks good! Can’t wait to try it,

    • Hi Buttlers360. Instead of doing a demo, we decided to have a VERY reasonable price for this 8 to 10 hours game. When we officially announce it, I think you’ll agree it was the right decision.

    • oops – sorry for your name TheCrazyCloWn

  • AMY and The Last of Us. It’s gonna be a good year for survival horror fans :)

  • @ Djamil Kemal This is one of the anticipated games i have been waiting for. I have been following closely Love the graphics of the game very similar to Heavy Rain. I believe you guys using a different engine for this game.. Would this game be PS Move Compatible in near feature ? Thanks for all the hard work guys. Looking forward for future titles and add on content as well.

    • Thanks a lot for your support Slaughter_007! The engine is our own one (partly based on PHYRE, Sony’s engine). As for the PS Move, it won’t be right away but will depend on how the game is received. We do hope to have good enough results as to do other games based on the AMY universe. If it’s the case, the PS Move will of course be considered.

  • Looks very interesting. Really been wanting a return to horror. Having said that the combat looks clunky and very basic in the video. Just because it isn’t action focused doesn’t mean combat doesn’t need some good polish.

    • Hi NeonReaver – it’s always hard for us to judge our own work :) However, we do believe combat tuning is important and, from the feedback we had so far from journalists, the tunning is fine. We should have previews very soon now. Thanks a lot.

  • Go Amy, its your birthday, we gonna party like its… this game excites me and scares me.

  • Nice, I’m a sucker for survival horror and game environments. The atmosphere looks nice.
    The video’s frame tear gave me a little disappointment though. But games nowadays are hard to make em silky smooth so I won’t blame you guys on that.

    I’m totally looking forward to this game, don’t let me down :).

  • @the response for comment 10
    Any extra discounts for ps+ members?

  • Really looking forward to this — a strong female character that isn’t over-sexualized will be a great change of pace. The game looks great, hopefully it can maintain that look (or better) while tightening up the frame rates a bit.

    I quite liked Red Johnson as well, great graphics. Just needed a slightly more cohesive story and slightly better voice acting. For the next episode, maybe you can record some of the voice actors together so the emotions of the scene are conveyed better.

    PS: Sid, Siren Blood Curse is also pretty great. Any chance it will get a trophy patch?

  • I like it very stealthy game with a few surprises. You should add a feature that Lana can pick up a rock and throw across the hall so the enemy can get distracted and go the other way. I also would like to see if she can actually can stomp on the enemy once it’s down instead of jabbing with pole like objects cause if weapons break you would have no chance. Great game guys and I have you liked at Facebook.

  • the game looks great! Another game added to my list.

  • OOOH! Awesome! Finally, another REAL survivor horror game. I don’t see too many ot these any more. Been waiting for one for a loong time. I do hope that they can incorporate the Move with this. I can’t find any adult games that you can use the Move with besides shooters. But, I was hoping that they’d have something besides zombies. I am getting really tired of zombies. I was hoping for more ghostly, scary, hideous demons or monsters. The things that you actually want to hide or run away from or so scared that you saw them there and are frozen in fear. lol Still can’t wait to see what you guys have to offer as far as atmosphere (scare-tactics) and innovation. Keep us posted guys!

  • define “reasonable” price?? I mean 90% of the non digital reraleases of retail games are 15 bucks on PSN.. so if Amy is 15 bucks it wouldnt be “reasonable” as that would be ” normal” and if a game that looked this good was less then 15 bucks Id be totally impressed.. heck if this game is less than 15 bucks Id buy it day one just because of the price even if it did suck (which Im sure it wont) so yeah if this “reasonable” price is 10 bucks or so Im on it (though Im actually expecting to pay 20)

  • This takes me back to Silent Hill on the PSX when survival horror was at its best. I will be getting Amy. Looks like the best PSN game since Crysis. Day 1.

  • um….. OK? so.. mama going to kill thing in front of s 6 year old (i’m guessing) yay XD

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