Introducing DiRT Showdown for PS3

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Introducing DiRT Showdown for PS3

We’re very excited to be able to reveal to you the latest title in our award-winning DiRT series: DiRT Showdown! Before I tell you a bit more about the game, take a look at our newly released announcement trailer to give you an idea of the kind of high-octane action you can expect to see in the game.

DiRT Showdown is due out on PS3 in May 2012, and is brought to you by the same team that brought you the other titles in the award-winning DiRT series. The game combines pick-up-and-play controls with electrifying events, frenzied crowds, and stunning graphics to deliver high-octane, dive in and drive thrills straight from the first event. The game’s going to feature three main disciplines built around the pillars of speed, style and destruction. To help illustrate what I’m talking about, here’s a broad breakdown of the three disciplines in question.

No holds barred racing events: Trade paint and use nitrous to blast past rivals in DiRT Showdown’s racing modes. Courses are littered with obstacles, pinch points, multiple-routes and ramps to deliver adrenaline-fuelled racing across spectacular courses, where players are encouraged to do whatever it takes to get over the finish line in first place.

Bone-crunching Demolition Derby Events: (My personal favorite!) Crash, smash, and bash your way through a range of demolition derby events, pushing our stunning damage engine to its spectacular limits.

Edge of Control Hoonigan Events: A new accessible trick mechanic lets you go wild in free-roaming, freestyle stunt parks. Gymkhana has been taken to the next level in our Joyride compounds flooded with obstacles and challenges. Hoon your car around trick runs, competitive stunt events and exploration challenges.

When designing DiRT Showdown the team researched in great detail what players look for most in racing games. What the team discovered is the things that a lot of racers look for is the rush of going at high speed, pulling off slick and stylish moves, and the thrill of the crash and the resultant destruction on your car. To give gamers what they want in DiRT Showdown, we’re offering Race modes, Hoonigan modes and Demolition Derby modes. However these modes don’t run in isolation from one another, we want you to feel as though you’re part of an action sports extravaganza, putting on the best show in town. We’ve taken to calling it a ‘Theatre of Racing’, with YOU as the star driver and main attraction.

Well I hope that’s informed you a little regarding what DiRT Showdown is all about, and I’ll be back at some point in the near future to let you know more about the game. However if anyone has any questions then please just let me know in the comments. Where possible I’ll try to reply, but obviously at this stage in the games development I won’t be able to answer everything about the game!

Finally, if you like what you saw and want to follow the development of the game more closely and get access to exclusive DiRT Showdown related competitions and giveaways, then you can either ‘like’ us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

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  • Looks like a great game and the ps3 need a destuction derby type game BUT I do not like that you use DIRT as the title. Because this is not Dirt. Just shows that you are to scared to not have DIRT in the title.

    Will be a game that I will follow the reviews.

  • @kivi95

    You do know it isn’t Sony that made this right? Its Codemaster that choose to change what Dirt is.

    Never really care for the Dirt games, this one looks ok.

  • Sounds like it going to be a whole lot of fun. A version for the Vita would be nice too.

  • Will there be split-screen local multiplayer?

    Essential in a game of this nature. Would make it a party classic!

  • @Ian Webster How about a new GRID game???

  • What happened with Collin McRae? I still prefer DiRT 2 over the 3, and this is just a DiRT’s-try-to-be-a-destruction-derby… and Yeah! a New GRID coul be great!

  • Until Codemasters can ‘master’ the PS3 hardware properly (sub par Dirt ports), I shall not purchase another one of their games.

  • Wait a second… Is this a downloadable PSN game or a full game like DiRT 3? I hope it’s a full retail game!

  • So, is this an arcade style game, or sim-style like Dirt 3? I love arcade racing like Burnout, NFS, Midnight Club, etc. I gave Dirt 3 a try and had a hard time with it. Sims aren’t really for me.

  • trailer doesnt really help me decide whether this game is going to be something i want, but i’ve been waiting and waiting for a good Destruction Derby-style game… i trust Codemasters can handle the game considering the pretty decent Dirt series thus far.. i just want to know what these demo derby modes are.. i’d prefer a game in the vein of Test Drive : Eve of Destruction honestly.. several different types of events, figure 8 race tracks, school buses, etc… the Dirt team thats in charge of this title needs to sit down and play that one from the PS2 days and go from there…

  • Where’s Grid 2?!

  • Done with the Dirt series after the cash grab of DLC that came out right after the release of Dirt 3. Should’ve been in the game for $60. Hardly anyone plays 3 compared the 2. Can’t get a good team game going due to lack of people online. Just isn’t the same draw as 2 was obviously. Doesn’t help that garbage Gymkhana is there….and how is this racing again, let alone have to do with rally and rallycross. THAT junk should’ve been DLC and the Monto track pack should be in the game. Do donuts and spin in a circle for pts…seriously, what a joke.

  • dirt showdown can’t wait for its release on ps3….i hope its epic destruction much

  • This sounds excellent! You guys did a good job of isolating the key elements in a good racing game. I’m very much looking forward to this, but I second “DaxMontana”; split-screen is very important for a title like this, ideally four-player. Too many games these days do without it in favor of online multiplayer only. I, for one, do not find it anywhere near as entertaining to play with random people instead of my friends in the same room.

  • Not buying another dirt series until it is about dirt again.

    This Gymkhana Showdown 2012 should be named:

    – Drift
    – Gymkhana Showdown
    – Not Dirt
    – Crash And Burn
    – destruction derby
    – we Love ken Block
    – fireworks and pointless all stunt-y events
    – MTV Owns us.
    – Ken Blocks Drifting/GymkhanaFest Shore Reality TV Show

    I was done with the Gymkhanas (annoying enough) and the DLC that cluttered my interface (keep it out unless I explicitly buy it, learn from rocksteady)

    Not getting this travesty. You are suddenly beginning to sound like Ubisoft, EA and Activision.

    God Forbid you do the annual grinding down or next year we will see 4 “Sucios”.

    dirt Gymkhana ultra mega showdownfestthingamagig
    Dirt Wild Pony Adventure
    Dirt Ken Block Goes to Hollywood and
    Dirt (grand theft Dirt)
    Dont forget “Super Dirt 4 Extreme Utimate Arcade Sim Edition” that would be a fighting/RPG/Music/Rythm game.

    I am not amused and not supporting this nonsense.

  • Love anything that had to do with cars, hell yesssss. Question, how many camera modes for driving like inside, outside, low to ground? Thanks guys & gals ;)

  • I never played a Dirt game but reviews say its good so I’m gonna look for dirt 3. I just wanted to say to the developers don’t certain people bring you down (some of who are on this blog) go all the way with this game as your always gonna have people against you but know I cant wait to see some gameplay and to pick it up in may.

  • Dirt 3 IMO sucked compared to Dirt 2 . Dirt 3 the cars are so hard to control. I traded mine in and got NFS:The Run which is much better.

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