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Good afternoon! We’re all still reeling from last night’s [best Geoff Keighley voice] World Premieres at the VGAs. One of the cooler moments was the mixing of PS Vita’s Soundshapes and masked dj Deadmau5. Which reminds me…

If you haven’t already, swing by our Everybody Dance Facebook tab to enter the ‘Everybody Dance with deadmau5’ contest. If you upload a video showing us your best Everybody Dance moves to deadmau5’s “Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff,” you could win an official deadmau5 head or even a trip to London. Deadmau5 will be judging the finalists himself, so try to impress!

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  • The Last of Us, the next GOTY!!! I can’t wait!!! Thank God for Naughty Dog! What would make it even sweeter is that if it was an open world game but that might be asking a bit too much. And Ellie is like young Drake in girl form! lol


  • LOVED The Last of Us reveal. I just wish that Naughty Dog won Studio of the year and UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception won Game of the Year. At least we still have the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Awards to get things right.

  • The Last of Us looks fantastic! I hope that Naughty Dog does something truly outstanding with this title.
    Also… did Deadmau5 ever end up finding his lost Vita?

  • As soon as I saw Naughty Dog on my TV screen when The Last of Us was making its premiere I started jumping for about 8 seconds and sat down so i could actually watch the trailer. As soon as the trailer ended I started jumping around for about 2 minutes!!!! Barely 3 minutes of the game and I’m already sold. Don’t know if you can answer me Jeff but I wanna ask, when are we gonna get more news from Naughty Dog/Sony about The Last of Us? thank you for your time and I appreciate it :)

  • @ Butters360:


  • The VGA’s are getting worst every year in my opinion. I think im not gonna watch them next year. But glad to see that uncharted got some awards. @3 no I just read on Kotaku that they said they didnt find it. looks like that taxi drivers kids are getting a sweet Vita for xmas. lol.

  • Looking forward to seeing more of – ‘The Last of Us’ :P Looks cool;) + I didn’t like the look of ‘Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’ at all. Oh well i hope one day Kojima makes another PS3 or PS4 only real MGS game for his loyal PlayStation fans like me;) (yes i know MGR:R is not really a Kojima game, you can tell already) LoL

  • i heard deadmau5 was going to be judging this, but he left the details in a taxi cab so he won’t be now.

  • Will you guys in the near future give a list of PSP games upgraded for the Vita to make use of the 2 thumbsticks and such?

  • Also will PS2 Classics become playable on Vita or u can’t say anything about that?

  • I watched the video of the Japanese Vita UI…………….I HATED IT! The U.S. will probably get a very similar UI with small changes; and that disappoints me. It looks annoying and is geared way to much towards touch.

    I want the XMB back. I will still buy a Vita, but not having an XMB really turns me away from it.

    Please update it in the future to have the choice of using he original UI or the AWESOME XMB.

  • Wait what Soundshapes was at the show at all? Didn’t see that at all. Could see from a mile away that Skyrim was going away with the GOTY though I thought that Uncharted 3 would’ve won Best action game. Regardless, the show was a slight improvement over previous VGAs and I really enjoyed the reveal of the Last of Us, Metal Gear Rising and the trailer for ME3. I’m assuming that we will get some info on at least Metal Gear Rising and ME3 for PS3 owners since so far both have tended to be on the 360 side of things.

  • Did anyone see the Giants game?!!?!?! Easy E and JPP is all you need baby!! Woooooowwwwwww!!!

  • hey can u sony guys respond why cant vita support UMDS BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO DOWNLOAD GAMES THAT TAKES TWO HOURS LONG TO DOWNLOAD -_-

  • Hey Jeff, I’ve seen you reply to this question before and I was wondering if you had any news on if we will be able to change our PSN usernames? I’ve been wanting to change mine for a while now and I have too much stuff on this account to simply start a new one. I’m sure others want this too. I would appreciate a reply even if it’s just a “sorry no information.” Thanks.

  • Blossom92, it’s not going to happen…I think for security purposes. I knew how it worked in the past pertaining to web accounts…but for whatever reason, once you set your name, you have to just delete and make a new one…no matter how much we’d love to be able to change our fluke choices.

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