The Quantizing Sounds of Lumines: Electronic Symphony for PS Vita

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The Quantizing Sounds of Lumines: Electronic Symphony for PS Vita

Flying through the vector digital utopia of Rez was a defining moment for me when I played it on the PS2. And when Q Entertainment released Lumines for the PSP soon after, Tetsuya Mizuguchi and his team easily became one of my favorite developers.

Now the team comes full circle with Lumines: Electronic Symphony, a launch window title for PS Vita. Producer James Mielke joins me on camera and introduces the next generation of Lumines, an addictive musical puzzle journey. Lumines: Electronic Symphony was built from the ground up to take advantage of the PS Vita’s potent graphical capabilities and unique touch mechanics on both the rear and front OLED screen, giving you immersive control on over three dozen tracks with every quantized musical note at your finger tips.

Have questions about Lumines: Electronic Symphony? Hit me up in the comments and I’ll do my best to shed some light.

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  • I knew it would happen. I’m picking this up.

  • This game looks really fun! The vita has so many games that I don’t know which ones to get at launch. One question. I live in Canada, I’m wondering if AT&T will be providing 3g service for Canada or is it a different company?

  • @2 AT&T doesn’t operate in Canada, so it would be a different provider assuming we even get the 3G unit in Canada.

  • Looks so good.

  • The video mentions 36 licensed DJ songs, is there more songs in the game then that?

    Will there be downloadable content?

    The Lumines games are one of the best series of all-time in my opinion. I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing all the games. Still play the PSP games…

    Lumines: Electronic Symphony is my most wanted game for Vita. It is the reason I am buying one, especially on launch day.

    Lumines catapulted the PSP when it first launched, I’m really happy that Lumines is back again for Vita’s launch.

    I’m surprised there’s not many comments. More people should play these games.

    I guess most people just don’t understand how awesome this game is : )

  • Yes this looks awesome! I hope it’s priced right in this day and age tho, for a puzzler. Not saying it’s not worth the full $40, but for most, that might be too much.

    Looking forward to the vita launch!

  • My only concern with the Vita is the cost of the memory cards. They look extremely pricey. I really want a Vita but if I am paying 250 for a system, 40 for a game, I don’t want to pay 50-100 dollars for a decent sized memory card. Hopefully you guys can get the price down on them.

  • Hey Rey, just curious if this is going to be a digital-only title or if it will be sold at retail.

    Looks fun though, and just reminded me that I still have to pick up Child of Eden…

  • Memory cards cost too much. One profile per memory card. AT&T only. Mang yah really killed this thing before it even came out. I’m not buyin it anymore. Can’t afford it.

  • wow i just lost like 70% of my games since plus expired.. way to sell the FREE games for life thing playstation.. im gonna be on the phone w/ someone on monday

  • Ahhh, I love lumines. Have the 2 for PSP and the download ones for PS3 and 360. Can’t get enuff. Gonna love the hell out of it on my Vita.

  • I love puzzle games, I love lumines.

    I hope my request is heard but could you add some sort of colorblind mode?

    I have red/green, where everything blends and it is very hard to play color based games, shooters are bad too ;)

    If you could this would be such a huge +, I’m going to still pick this up but my love for the game and enjoyment would be tenfold if there was a colorblind option!

    Thanks & Hope ya’ll read this.


  • I’ve tried Lumines in the PS3 and it was a blast so I am definitely looking forward to this one would love to know how they maybe using some of PS Vita’s features aside from the touchscreen if they are. What he was doing with the rear-touch looked interesting!

  • LOVE Lumines. Definitely one of my favorite puzzle series of all time. I was reading some past interviews about the game and heard that they sped up the way the back pad on the Vita was used in gaining meter for your Avatar so people could try it. I was wondering if using the back pad rhythmically with the current song playing will net you more meter gain or will I just have to go crazy and tap the hell out of the back to get meter in between blocks falling? Thanks again!

  • Underworld and Chemical Brothers?! Im so going to buy this! I aways dreamed with a game with Underworld musics! lol Really!
    Lumines is aways fun. I remember playing it for the first time in an cellphone. A very basic version. Its was really fun. This version will be bilion times more amazing for sure!

  • Hi Ray, why i can´t copy my psp and my psone games from my ps3 to my psp?

  • @ John Shooter:
    Who ever said it was free games for life? They never claim that and when you dl them it even makes you agree to the terms that the free games are only for the duration of the subscription.

  • The vita lineup is absolutely insane. The system isn’t even out yet and I struggle to think of what games are left to be put on the vita. The only games I could think of that aren’t on the vita are ratchet and clank, gta, elder scrolls, and skate. PAIN would be cool too.

  • y cant we get a wifi bundle with uncharted or umvc3 with a 8gb memory card like they have in the Asian release on 23rd of Dec not fair.. sony always give us girly freaking bundles check out the psp first bundles go ahead ill wait……. my point your major day one sells are going to be hardcore gamers give us the goods you said long live play well make it happen i thought this was sony not nintendo if i want to play a kiddy game ill buy a 3DS tighten up . heres another thought how about a sports bundle with fifa soccer that would so push units do a poll on the 3 come on give the hardcore gamers some excitement

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