Team Ninja Details Ninja Gaiden 3 Multiplayer, Ninja Gaiden Sigma+ for PS Vita

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Team Ninja Details Ninja Gaiden 3 Multiplayer, Ninja Gaiden Sigma+ for PS Vita


Earlier this week, Team Ninja set up a temporary dojo in San Francisco to share news and game time with Ninja Gaiden 3 and Dead or Alive 5 on the PlayStation 3. Of particular note was the first hands-on demo of Ninja Gaiden 3’s multiplayer offering in the form of 4v4 Team Deathmatch and Battle Royale modes. It’s a bold move to add a competitive multiplayer mode to a melee-based action game, and I struggled to think of a comparable product out there; it definitely stands on its own in the action genre. My favorite touch: when struck by a deathblow, you can fight off your attacker by mashing the buttons, and then choose to “die with honor” via seppuku.

After a lengthy playtest, we were granted some face-to-face time with the team’s Head Ninja, Yosuke Hayashi. Here we chat PlayStation Move support in NG3, working on the Vita, and how many actual ninja are on Team Ninja:


PlayStation.Blog: A focus at today’s event is multiplayer. The format for successful multiplayer shooters is well established, but there are strikingly few melee-based action games which incorporate 4v4 online multiplayer. What do you think is the core recipe for success?

Yosuke Hayashi, Head, Team Ninja: The Ninja Gaiden series is traditionally for a single player and there’s no multiplayer modes for action games. That is one of the reasons we decided to do so, because there isn’t any such thing in the market.

PSB: There were some cool co-op missions in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for PS3. Did that set the stage for this competitive multiplayer mode, and will we see something similar in Ninja Gaiden 3?

YH: NGS2 had a co-op mode, and we’ve always been thinking about adding a multiplayer mode into NG3. Of course, a co-op mode is less difficult to implement than a multiplayer mode. NG3 has a multiplayer competitive mode, as well as a co-op mode, so you can enjoy both.

[It was also revealed at the event that new NGS+ will feature new controls and challenge modes, as well as incorporating some styles and features from Ninja Gaiden 3.]


PSB: At Gamescom this year, you spoke to my colleague James Gallagher about how you were looking to integrate PlayStation Move into Ninja Gaiden 3. How is that coming along?

YH: Ninja Gaiden 3 has a so-called “Hero Mode”, where the system can assist you in protecting your character from attack. Making NG3, we’ve been focusing on the feeling of cutting somebody. By having the Move, that helps the player feel the action of killing someone.

PSB: Sounds like fun. [laughter]

YH: Yes.

PSB: We put out a call about talking to you, and there were a lot of questions about blood and violence in NG3. What’s your take on their importance? Are people too focused on those aspects over the gameplay?

YH: The reason why people focus on the blood on violence is maybe because the ninja has a very cruel aspect. Now we are focusing on the violence, but focusing less on the blood.

PSB: Have new games in this genre, like, say Bayonetta or God of War III, done anything that made you think, “oh, that’d be a great fit for Ryu?”

YH: Games in general have improved and changed a lot since Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, but action games haven’t changed that much. So, we are thinking about making action games, and we are trying to make the genre more updated like other games. That’s why we’re focusing on the story and the online modes.

PSB: Ryu Hayabusa is clearly the focus here in NG3, but will there be other playable characters? In the spirit of the Sigma games, i’m sure many fans would like the option at some point for a different character and the change in gameplay it brings. Personally, I was a fan of Momiji and her halberd weapon in NGS2.

YH: Sigma is kind of a sister game to the Ninja Gaiden series, and after releasing NG3, we may consider releasing a Sigma game for it.


PSB: Will Ninja Gaiden 3 feature 3D support?
YH: We aren’t thinking about supporting 3D, no.

PSB: Please talk about your experience developing Ninja Gaiden Sigma+ for PS Vita.
YH: It’s been a long time since we lauched the first Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the PS3. The new title is called Ninja Gaiden Sigma+, which means we’ll be able to add new things onto the game.

PSB: Finally, how many actual ninjas do you have on Team Ninja?
YH: We have over 200 members on Team Ninja, enough people for the production of Ninja Gaiden 3, Dead or Alive 5, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma+ for Vita — at the same time.

PSB: I think that qualifies you all as ninjas, then.
YH: We have a lot of ninjas. [laughter]

Ninja Gaiden 3 will be out for PS3 in March. Ninja Gaiden Sigma+ will become available for PS Vita in the “launch window,” and before NG3.

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  • Not to be rude, but the comment regarding NGS+ tells us absolutely nothing…

  • so they might release a Sigma version?
    I’ll probably wait for that.
    nonetheless the game looks amazing. this and bayonetta 2 is all I need for 2012.
    sorry DmC (and Capcoms dumb idea to reboot the series) but now I don’t need you. NG3 looks fantastic and got all my attention.

  • the game looks awesome!! First day buy on both consoles :D

  • @ generic123

    The PS Vita title of NGS+ is basically the same game as the first, just with new features and elements.

    I can’t wait to pick up and play NG3 and DOA 5! Both games are gonna be awesome!

  • sorry, @ gerneric123, typo

  • cool can’t wait to play it

  • @gerneric 123: I don’t think you are being rude, meaning… the answer is so empty that is almost funny “The new title is called Ninja Gaiden Sigma+, which means we’ll be able to add new things onto the game.”
    -Oh is that what the “+” means? thanks! I thought the plus was a typo! ^_^

  • “Now we are focusing on the violence, but focusing less on the blood.”

    This only makes sense if Ryu is whacking enemies over the head with a phone book or something similarly non-ninja-weapony.

    I can only assume that we are in for more purple smoke.

  • I just want to know how the Move support is going to be implemented. That’s the only question I want answered.

  • It would be very much appreciated if Team Ninja could make a Ninja Gaiden game that had an easy difficulty setting that would actually allow older (over 40+) gamers to play this game with a minimal amount of frustration.

    I tried playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma & I found it to be frustratingly difficult on the easiest difficulty setting. I vowed to NEVER purchase another Ninja Gaiden game unless it got multiple reviews that confirmed that the easiest difficulty setting would be similar to that found in most other games.

  • When will you disclose more details on Dead or Alive 5? I can’t wait for the DOA gang, especially my all-time personal favorite fighter, Kasumi, to return to a Playstation console. Infact, Why don’t you guys at Team Ninja create a DOA spinoff and put Kasumi in her own Ninja Gaiden-style action game?

  • They said there will be 3 multiplayer maps on the disc, I think that’s too few.

    Thy might consider a Sigma release after NG3? What?

  • How about trophy support for the first NGS?

  • Why do developers insist on adding multiplayer on games that don’t need it, especially when it doesn’t make sense. They better come up with something interesting and imaginative the way it was done on Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

  • wow i just lost like 70% of my games since plus expired.. way to sell the FREE games for life thing playstation.. im gonna be on the phone w/ someone on monday





  • Any chance that Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 comes out on PSN? I’ve been wanting to play it, but can’t find it anywhere! Also kinda disappointed with the “update” on the Move support since it was hardly an update. Will Ninja Gaiden Sigma + feature trophies? and I’m really skeptical about the multiplayer since Ninja Gaiden’s gameplay doesn’t really seem like it lends itself to competitive multiplayer so that will be interesting.

  • @15 You should learn to read and this is probably what they would’ve told you anyway. Things you buy with a PS+ discount you keep, but what you get for free is gone when your PS+ membership is up and returns whenever you renew it.

  • Wow… another high-end single-player franchise getting multiplayer slapped on it. And really? We’re going to pretend that Assassin’s Creed: Revelations didn’t implement the “Honorable Death” already, when you see your attacker coming and attempt to stop him?
    If I didn’t already ignore NG, I would now. Luckily for them, I wasn’t a paying customer, so they aren’t losing me. They just aren’t getting me, either.

  • Good god, why do developers insist on adding mp in this form into franchises that don’t mix right with it. It makes me worry even more about this game’s quality in the long run. Lets face it, adding mp in this form to NG is NOT going to make you sell that many more copies to justify doing it. Thats reality. So just focus on giving us a singleplayer and coop experience that we won’t forget. Thats what going to sell NG. Ive seen the mp video, its not impressive. Matter of fact, it looks pretty bad. I know its not finished but i got the “oh come on now” look on my face watching it. What game is that im watching in the mp video? Tenchu? Looks like time wasted to me in which you could have spent getting every ounce of ideas into the main sell of this game. Im trying to not sound all doom and gloom, but their are some things that don’t sit well with me about what ive seen from this game and what ive read. Seeing mp in this form only heightens that. These interviews aren’t helping either, that add to it.

  • I’m having second thoughts, but I’ll give it a chance

  • So he ignored the question of comparing GOW and Bayonetta and then he says its focused on violence and less on blood. These guys are full of a lot of garbage.

    Multiplayer. Why?
    Move support. Why?

    They need to focus on the best single player action game they can possible do. If I want multiplayer action games I’ll playing a fighter like Tekken or Street Fighter.

  • Hi jeff, why i can´t copy my psp and my psone games from my ps3 to my psp?

  • wait say what. there’s going to be a ngs after ng3 i’m really confused. (not talking about ngs+) this is really weird so pretty much they’re working on ng3, ngs, ngs+, and doa. so im guessing ngs will be optimized to ps3 standards like ngs2. what i’m thinking is don’t get ng3 but wait for ngs3 which is pretty much the same but with additions to graphics, game modes, and gameplay. this is just confusing almost like a slap in the face if you ask me.

  • So happy ninja gaiden 3 has competeive multiplayer. Tecmo please allows to use choose matchmaking or from a SERVER BROWSER LOBBIES LIST when searching for a game.

    Please give us the option to INVITE PLAYERS WHO ARE NOT ON OUR FRIENDSLIST, like xbox live and black ops on ps3 do with players met.

  • 8-16 player FREE FOR ALL DEATHMATCH (with lock on targeting or not. whatever works best. blocking and parrying, players need to be able to defend themselves)

    MAP EDITOR like Far cry 2 and Tenchu on ps1

    What you’ve shown so far on ign and gamespot is great. but if thats it, then gaiden3 online will get boring fast. Please consider the above suggestions.

  • Offline NINJA BOT TRAINING for practicing multiplayer with bots of varying difficulty and to learn the maps and combat system.

    i have a feeling that many will need this mode to have a fighting chance against good players, play when is down intenet is down or just want to fight out the campaign.

    LAN support so we can host LAN GAME TOURNAMENTS

    optional in game/match TEXT CHAT box with varying font sizes, usb keyboard or controller support, screen placements,options, colors and a bot that reads the text like unreal 2004. Some ppl refuse to get mics or are just shy. this way we can still communicate. its optional because some like text chat and some want a clear H.U.D.

  • cant wait for this game in my ps3 and also for my future handheld console, if u guys make this with 3d support it will be amazing

  • I havn’t played 2 yes but i have played 1 and i eventlly plan on getting 1 and 2 and SIgma for my ps3 also slightly off topic but is Ninja blade any good? email me corey van v at live dot come thanks someone who ever can answer

  • awesome this one has blood in it unlike the last one how can a ninja gaiden game not have blood Really hope there is a demo for this one

  • this game will be the game synonymous with “shinobi/ninjas/ninja game” for a long time with the things they are putting in there … solid hard gameplay (annoying camera though) … great graphics, action, speed, coop mode and now multiplayer …[DELETED]… that’s a lot

  • Boys love the ninja stuff

  • Disappointing there not making Sigma 3 (maybe down the road). Multi player is not what Ninja Gaiden is about. At all. Were not playing COD here people.

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