Official PlayStation Blogcast Episode 003: Where Is My Skyrim?

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This thing is officially a trilogy! On this week’s Official PlayStation Blogcast, we’ve declared a Skyrim moratorium as we share the PSN releases for December 13th and go over some huge PlayStation Plus discounts for the month, describe PlayStation Vita’s “Welcome Park,” and launch a new segment we’re calling “Origin Story.” We’re often asked how we got jobs in the game industry, so this week I share my journey from cleaning shelves at a videogame store in the mall to working at PlayStation. Prepare your sound holes!

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Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Jeff Rubenstein

Official PlayStation.Blogcast: Nick SuttnerOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Rey Gutierrez

The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Jeff Rubenstein – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Manager
  • Rey Gutierrez – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Nick Suttner – PlayStation Product Evaluator
  • Finally our continuing thanks to Cory Schmitz for our beautiful logo, and Dormilón for our rad theme song and show music. Special thanks to Astro Gaming headsets for providing audio gear.
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    2 Author Replies

    • Just got done listening to this . . . another fine, fine episode. Finally a tip I didn’t already know! I try to know every feature of my tech whether I use it or not, and even I totally didn’t know that about the mutli-audio out on the PS3; gonna have to play with that just because it exists.

      Also, Tumble and Where Is My Heart are definitely must-haves. WIMH is just too cute for words (got it free with PS+, but I would’ve easily paid cash money for it). And I remember when Tumble came out, reviewers weren’t very happy with it (anti-Move bias, perhaps? Naaaaaah. lol), but I took a chance, and it is THE game that makes me go, “This is why Move really is awesome . . . there just, y’know, needs to more game like this.”

    • I have a design question: What’s the name of the font you guys have been using on the logo? I love it!

    • Listening now Keep up the great work! Im putting all these on my PSP Go and listen to in my car! :) Rey you the man! Im looking foward to listening to every one of these, especially the origin stories as I plan on moving to California and making PlayStation my home away from home! :) Keep it up!

    • It’d be cool if you guys would talk about Arkham City. Skyrim isn’t the only popular game that came out this year.

      • We’re talking about what we’re actually playing. I think all of us have already played (and finished) Arkham City (I loved it), so that’s why it hasn’t come up much. If we existed in October, that’s all we would’ve been talking about!

      • I’ve only played about 4 hours of Arkham and I’ll be catching up on it soon. When I do, I can practically guarantee we’ll talk about it a bunch

    • Keep them coming!

    • I hope for the next Blogcast that you guys give your top 10 games of the year as well as what got you excited about this weekend’s VGA’s. Also what you are all looking forward to see happening concerning PS3 firmware updates, PS3 exclusives of your favorite genre, and where do you see the PlayStation brand going from here. Thanks!

    • @ anyone

      My PS3 got YLOD and I had inside a 320g hard drive. I removed it to send in the PS3 for service so was wondering if it will have to be re-formatted when I get my replacement console. If it is the same exact PS3 they send back to me or if it is a different refurbished.

      • From what I understand, that team tries to avoid needing a HDD formatting but it is sometimes inevitable due to repair needs, so in those cases you may need to reformat and redownload your games and restore any files you backed up. My advice would be to see if it works when the unit comes back, and being sure to back up your critical files like you would on any computer or device…if you do have any issues when it comes back you can go here:

    • Also.. have you guys ever thought of putting a like button on the comments section of the playstation blog? Not a vote button.. Just a like button.. Thanks. I hope this gets answered.. I submitted an idea for it. :)

      • Wouldn’t that be a little bit overkill, you think? Why do you think it would be useful? Thanks for sharing your idea!

    • @ 7 if you have your receipt, match the serial numbers.. If they are different its a refurb unit. You WILL have to reformat it to work on the refurb console.. Might I recommend to everyone to at least back up your phat systems often for a just in case matter. :)

    • Wow, I just realized Jeff’s photo is very trollfacey ha ha.

      Hope Nick recommends Gripshift this week.

    • Will Vita ‘Welcome Park’ have a Platinum trophy? No Platinum, no Vita purchase. Okay I’m kidding. No, seriously, Platinum trophy?

    • @#7 even if you do get the same system back you might still have to reformat. Depends on what needs fixing. When my Launch PS3 YLOD’d my backups didn’t work because the Motherboard got replaced and that’s enough for the restore utility to think you are restoring to a different PS3.

      I lost 5 years worth of game saves and it’s going to take me 4-5 months to redownload everything and stay under my data cap.

      At least Sony gave me a free first party game for my troubles.

    • WTH, the Skyrim discussion was what I liked best about last week’s cast!

      I’ll listen tonight. I’m @ our annual holiday luncheon & am ignoring my boring co-workers anyway, but it’s too noisy in the restaurant.

      • It was in danger of becoming an Elder Scrolls podcast ^_^ Don’t worry, we’ll keep checking back in with our characters.

    • Hahaha prepare your sound holes!

    • Can you guys please spend some time to discuss future fw for the ps3. I don’t speak for everyone but the last few system updates were pretty lame!

      • Tough for us to discuss in any meaningful way at the moment — we don’t have any special insight into future firmware

    • Not much to say about Skyrim other than how broken it is, especially on PS3; how Bethesda got away with shipping it, and how Sony allowed Bethesda to sell it in such condition.

    • Favorite theme: Before switching to the PixelJunk Medley, I was using the Shark Week theme. It has 3 different types of sharks that swim around, which makes it totally awesome.

    • You guys had BETTER talk about THE LAST OF US since you changed the Blog’s background.

    • The shows ending is the theme song to twisted metal 1, and one of you guys was talking about The Pub, I live 5 minutes from it and it still has arcade games in there. Last I checked it had Cabelos big game hunter or something like that and Blitz 2000, and then they had an old Namco machine with ms pacman and galaga I believe but it’s been a few years since I’ve last been there. Good job on the show

    • Hey guys, good episode. Um… I just really want to know more on vita and what PSN will provide for it. I think there are a lot of good PSN games that people would like to go mobile with like castle crashers or limbo. Beat Hazard would also be a perfect mobile game because I know that a lot of people will store songs on their vita and Beat Hazard goes right in that area. Thanks.

      • Good question, there will definitely be some upcoming games like Ruin (working title), MotorStorm RC and more that will let you play cross-platform, but we’ll keep you in the know on any new games that get announced.

    • Great podcast, wish you guys started this longer ago.

      FYI, as much as I liked PS Plus, I don’t think I’ll resubscribe until they reinstate my favorite feature. Automatic installation of all downloaded items during the scheduled ‘automatic update’ process. Can you confirm if this is temporary or if it will ever make a return? I am not the only person reporting that this feature was removed.

      • Favian — can you give us any more details? I’m not having any issues and the folks we checked in with on our side aren’t, either.

    • ignored again!!!

    • At one point you guys were talking about using the multi-audio out for a headset. I was doing this same thing till I picked up the new Playstation Headset, its so much easier. Now I use the multi-audio out to run the stereo sound to speakers in the kitchen.

      Can’t wait to get my Vita. “Welcome Park” sounds fun.

      • Great idea on the kitchen speakers. And yep, Welcome Park is awesome — surprisingly it’s one of my favorite “games” so far. Very simple but a super fun primer

    • The guy that answered TM as the ending is correct yet, he ain’t a true Playstation Gamer. I been there since 97 when I had my first PSone. Creator Dave Jaffe is legend for making Twisted Metal and 2 Black, and the TMPS3 not to mention the God of War game. Twisted Metal was one of my favorite car combat game along side with Crash Bandicoot, Wipeout ,Warhawk, Tekken, and Jet Moto. I listened today’s podcast using my PSP Go I am probably the only listener that probably uses their PSP to stream off not to mention Beyond Podcast. Anyway you guys are great I hope that you can actually bring in the CEO Jack Tretton or SCEI Kaz Hirai to the Blogcast. Those guys are legends from the Godfather of Playstation Ken Kuriagi(don’t know if I spelled his last name right) to now. Playstatoin Forever.

    • Where is your Skyrim? Probably broken, as the PS3 version’s framerate drops to near zero and the game has horrendous stuttering once the save file reaches a certain size. Bethseda, fix the broken PS3 version of Skyrim.

      • It’s clear that some folks are having issues here, but after 80 hours in, I’m not (and Jeff/Rey haven’t said anything either). I have gotten some extended segments with a choppy framerate, but resetting the PS3 has solved it.

    • Thanks for reading my question guys, I’m Matt from Ontario that asked about your favourite themes. Another great podcast. While I’m not getting into the industry I like hearing stories about how people got in. Jeff’s story was very interesting and can apply to any career you want. As long as you work hard and have passion you can go places.

    • Love the show! every week i cant wait for a new episode. im sooo excited for the Playstation Vita! by the way can you guys turn up the volume i have to put on my headphones to hear you and i can still barely here you. thanks, cant wait for next episode!

    • BEYOND!

    • The lack of NES/SNES talk in this podcast made that whole section really weird. Is it really against the rules to talk about systems that came out before Sony entered the market?

      • Oh certainly not, but speaking for myself I just didn’t have those systems at home (though played plenty at friends’ houses), but more importantly they weren’t the experiences that really made gaming something special beyond entertainment. Well, that’s a bad way to say it, but hopefully I explained it better on the show. It was really more my early Mac gaming that established it as something more substantial for me.

        As for your earlier comments, Gripshift in an inevitable topic of discussion, I promise. :-)

    • Sid Shuman. Why is it whenever I see your name on this blog I think of a Chinese guy?

    • I hope Shane appears at some point on this podcast!

    • Hey can anyone inform me about the December post about the discount on Darksiders. What was it referring to, is Darksiders coming to psn or something?

    • You guys are really doing a great job. Pat yourselves on the back. I was wondering if the PSV game Ruin (working title) was also going to incorporate the buy once get a copy for both PS3 and PSV like the newly announced Motor Storm RC game? Nick you must have one of the best jobs around. Being able to get your hands on pretty much everything before it comes (like the PSV) sounds awesome. I should of come to the last meet up so I could of got my hands on the PSV.


    • Good evening gentlemen,

      Congratulations on another successful and informative blogcast! Just two quick questions for ya.

      1) Do you have any advice for a Marketing student looking to get my foot in the door of the gaming industry? I’m a huge PlayStation advocate and would like nothing more than to gain more insight in the industry

      2) Will there be any more launch titles revealed for the Vita? I know there is a bunch of 1st party Sony IPs, but I was wondering if there would be more 3rd party titles revealed?

      Thanks, can’t wait for next week’s episode!

    • @Sid Shuman My favorite segment is the PS3 tip of the show. Also on the idea of a like button.. Yeah as with looking at it from all degrees I could see why it would be an overkill too the comments. Comments are for everyone to follow along and comment and read so having a like button would kind of defeat the purpose of all of us reading every comment. I think the reason it came to mind.. Is if a question is asked ( I know y’all can only answer what you can) if more like that comment, it will be feasible enough to be answered.. if it can be answered. Thanks for your time. Happy Gaming! Opinion wise I see it everywhere and think.. why not the blog? again thanks for the reply! :)

    • Hi Guys Love the Show.

      I have downloaded many podcast’s but this one is definitely my favorite. I would love to work at Sony (PlayStation) But I live all the way in Australia. Pretty Hard to find Jobs at PlayStation here. Listening to this show while playing BF3 or MW2 etc. has become my favorite thing to do.

      PS: Nick I find you absolutely hilarious your sense of humor is almost identical to mine.

    • where is the home town for playstation

    • Hey guys I love the PS Blogcast. The intro and the little breaks in between are awesome! I love the sounds of the XMB tinkering in the intro.. Really clever there… I’ve been spreading the word. I follow Jeff and Sid on Twitter but how do I follow Kyle? Anyway, keep up the good work and.. I am freezola75 on Twitter… #HMU

    • Nice “the last of us” screenshot in the background XD

    • I tried listening to it on my cellphone. I turned up my phone to the max, and had headphones on. I couldn’t hear the blogcast. I had to jam the headphones as deep into my eardrum as possible just to listen to it barely. Can the blogcast overall volume be turned up?

    • Fair enough Nick, the impression you gave is that all four of you were exclusively PC and Arcade gamers until the PS1 comes out. It might be entirely due to your employer but that came off across as disingenuous.

      So what I’m trying to say is…More 3DO and Atari Jaguar talk!

      The sooner the better for Gripshift talk. Mario needs to be convinced to make a sequel:p

    • Dominion is a fun card/board game! I just recently started playing it with some guys from work.

    • will we be seeing any of the kingdom hearts games coming to ps2 classics?

    • I like my tower of Power too Sid. I bought Tempo not that long ago for it, just couldn’t get into the game though for some reason even though I love platformers.

    • Will there be themes for the Vita ? And will The Studios themes make it over to the US if you don’t know who they are check here!

    • is The Legend of Dragoon ever coming to the ps store if it is when will it be

      and fwi Sony publish it and maybe even made it

      btw I don’t have a ps3 right now since the one that I had broke so if you are going to answer my question on the next show please send a voucher code fore something on the psp since since right now that is all that I have

    • Hey guys, show is getting good. I really appreciate the insider info you guys can get. I also saw a previous commenter mention the show was too quite, I have to agree. I had everything cranked to 11 and it wasnt loud enough for my taste.

      I did also have a question. I am not a big fan of handhelds so I feel like I have been missing out on a lot of games. Is there any chance that psp games will be available for download to play on my ps3?

      Hear ya next week!

      Beyond! (lololol)

    • i just joined plus and i will get marvel pinball for free:)

    • Love the new podcast! Keep it up.

    • Hey u guys, luv da new blogcast. Im a huge gaming fan, ive bin gaming since the super mario bro. days. Ive always had a big passion 4 gaming. and i really want 2 start my own Game Developing company, cuz i have a lot of great ideas for games. i was wondering if u could give me some advice on how to make it happen.

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