Sack it to me: Happy December!

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Sack it to me: Happy December!

First off, welcome to the 400,000+ new LittleBigPlanet fans we’ve gained since Black Friday (for some of you, expect a big surprise from Santa in a few weeks)

New on the PlayStation Store

We hope you all saw Disney’s The Muppets Movie! We loved it so much we wanted you to continue with your own Muppets adventure with our new costumes, newly available on the PS Store refresh. Check these out!

Sack it to me: Happy December!

…and be on the lookout for more costumes from The Muppets in upcoming weeks.


For all you Oddworld fans, be sure to check out the latest Munch costume on the PlayStation Store, now!

Sack it to me: Happy December!

Must-See Creations

This week’s must sees are some amazing examples of machinima in LBP2. Great job guys!

Ghostbusters Intro by r2d2111

Losing Things by MuddledMuppet

Hands on LittleBigPlanet (PS Vita)

RocketCheetah has a recent hands on report from a recent PlayStation Event. Read on for the breakdown of every playable level, including:

Puppet Circus [watch the video] was perhaps the most ‘traditional’ level I played (if that word even has any meaning in LBP anymore!). A cute, fairground-themed platformer which serves to introduce you to all of the the Vita’s controls. Tilt we’ve experienced in LBP before but what impressed me was how natural the touch interactions felt. Everything seemed instantly familiar and always like it was enhancing my experience rather than getting in the way.

’Tis the Season

If you’re in the festive mood, go enter LittleBigLand’s Christmas Pod Decorating Contest and show the world your holiday spirit!

Christmas Pod Decorating: LittleBigPlanet 2

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