PSN Top Sellers: November 2011 Edition

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PSN Top Sellers: November 2011 Edition

The numbers are in! Starting this month we’re expanding the PSN sales charts to include not only the 20 top-selling PSN and PS3 Full Games, but also the top five PS one Classics, PSP games, and Add-Ons.

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You may not be surprised to see inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood at the top of the PS3 list…but you may be interested to learn that it’s also now officially the fastest-selling PS3 digital game ever launched on PSN. Not bad, eh? Congrats, Sucker Punch Productions! On the PS one Classics front, newly released RPG classic Chrono Cross led the pack; in the PSP category, the story-driven scares of Corpse Party took the lead; and in the Add-Ons department, Batman: Arkham City’s Nightwing Bundle came out on top.

Were there any particular surprises for you this month? Did your favorite game make the cut? Thoughts on how we can make this monthly post even more valuable? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll see you with December’s Top Sellers in early January. Happy holidays!

Top 20 PSN and PS3 Full Games

1) inFAMOUS Festival of Blood – The proof is in the pudding: Sucker Punch’s standalone open-world PSN title is the fastest-selling PSN game in history. It’s also a lot of fun, with a dark new visual style and powerful vampiric abilities for Cole to use and abuse.
2) Saints Row 2
3) PAYDAY: The Heist
4) NBA JAM: On Fire Edition
6) Jurassic Park: The Game – Full Season – A strong debut for Telltale Games’ latest interactive adventure, which casts you in a follow-up story for the classic 1993 film.
8) Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
9) Resident Evil 4
10) Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
12) Pinballistik – This PSN exclusive provided intense pinball battle action at the low price of $3.99. If you haven’t already, give it a shot!
13) Castle Crashers
14) Outland
15) Crysis
16) Hasbro Family Game Night – This family-friendly title provides six classic games hosted by the inimitable Mr Potato Head.
17) Battlefield 1943
18) Midnight Club Los Angeles Complete Edition
19) Mass Effect 2
20) Castlevania Harmony of Despair

Top 5 PS3 Add-Ons

1) Batman: Arkham City – Nightwing Bundle – One of the best games of the season also has some of the best DLC, including the Nightwing Bundle.
2) Call of Duty: Black Ops – Rezurrection: Content Pack 4
3) Batman: Arkham City – Robin Bundle
4) DC Universe Online – Fight for the Light
5) Gran Turismo 5 Complete Pack


Top 5 PSone Classics

1) CHRONO CROSS – Square Enix’s time-bending PSone classic proved to be irresistible journey for PS3 and PSP owners looking for an RPG fix. unforgettable journey through parallel dimensions.


Top 5 PSP Games

1) Corpse Party – PSP gamers saw the release of one of the most uniquely horrific games of all time. Got a PSP? You need to check out Corpse Party.
2) Fate/EXTRA
5) Phantasy Star Portable 2

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10 Author Replies

  • Awesome! Glad to see Chrono Cross and Corpse Party in both category! Keep up the good work!

  • There’s something about the top PSone classics, some thing that they have in common that I can’t quite put my finger on…

    Oh, yes, none of them are underappreciated gem Vagrant Story :(

  • Infamous 2 (I have the hero edition) is great, but the franchise needs to take a look at Assassins Creed, RDR and Arkham City; and learn from those great sandbox games.

  • @1 Yeah, Vagrant Story is a pretty great game. Personally, I really like the Arc the Lad series as well. Older strategy RPGs are just too cool.

  • Lets’s see . . . None of the PSN/Full PS3 games are currently on my PS3, I don’t have a PSP, and the only game I could buy DLC for would be Arkham City but the Nightwing add-on doesn’t look very good.

    Meanwhile, I have 3 out of 5 of those PSOne Classics. Haven’t gotten Chrono Cross or Trigger, because I honestly don’t what they are or if they’re any good.

    And my prediction for new month’s top-selling PSOne Classic? Final Fantasy VI

    @xaos I appreciated it; bought day one of its U.S. PSN launch. :D

    • If you love classic RPGs (nay love video games), you can’t go wrong with Chrono Cross or Chrono Trigger. And yes, you’re probably right in FFVI being on the Top PS one Classics next month, but we’ll see!

  • You would think that with all 5 PS1 classics in the top 5 and a game in the top 5 PSP games Square Enix would want to put Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts up for us to buy.

  • @2, disagree.

    inFamous 2 is much better than RDR and blows away the boring Assassin’s Creed. inFamous 2 is the best open world game out there, other games need to be copying it!

    There is nothing better than being a superhero (or villain!) and traversing through New Marais as quickly as possible. When you get the lightning tether it’s like you’re Spiderman.

  • bought corpse party day one but havent played it yet because i’m busy with other games at the moment.nevertheless, this is good news for xseed and it fans..go go go xseed!

  • I believe many were over looked. I am just goinna throw this out there. I was once a HUGE FF fan, I’ve played all of the North American releases along with some imports. This is going far beyond ridiculous now… Why are all the FF games 9.99?. I woulda figured after buying the game 2-3 times over the price would drop a bit. 9.99 is WAY TOO MUCH for a FF game made over 10yrs ago without trophy support…

    I mean

    MGS HD collection comes with: MG, MG2, MGS3, MGS:Peace walker, MGS2 for 39.99-49.99 = 5 games (1 of which is online, and 3 which are previous gen console releases), 3 with trophy support = Avg $7.99-9.99 per game.

    FF V, VI, VII, VIII, IX all $9.99, (all old gen console releases, no online, no trophies) = Avg $9.99 per game.

    What is the better purchase?

    • Despite the titles being older gen, they have a timeless appeal; which is why the do so well. Not to mention that each title has at least 40 hours of gameplay; so the value you get for playing these titles on your big screen is pretty awesome.

  • I just started on Infamous 2 when Infamous FOB came out. I will buy FOB once I get through the pile of games that I am still working on.

    • You’ll have nothing but good things to look forward to with FoB. Takes New Marais and Cole’s powers and adds a fun punch to them that had me hooked. The new UGC features they added in there as well are great as well.

  • Surprised that the Batman DLC sold so well.. I Thought that for $7 each for basically a skin and a couple of trophies weren’t worth it. How about some concrete numbers on how well inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood did? saying it is the fastest selling PSN game doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know what the previous fastest selling game was and how well that did.

    As far as making this post more valuable maybe giving people who buy games in the top 20 a discount on upcoming PSN games or add-ons for the games in the top 20?

  • Nice to see Crysis 1 & Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection still on the list, they are doing really well.

  • I really enjoyed Festival of Blood, I couldn’t believe what it felt like I was playing a solid PS3 game under 10$. The problem I had with it, actually it was a good thing mind you, it had so much potential and the whole vampire thing deserved to be much lengthier. I would easily fork over 30$ for a more fleshed out, longer storyline.

  • Is Final Fantasy VII number 2 because that many people actually bought it in November, or is it just still high on the charts overall?

    • That many people bought it in November. These posts are only looking at downloads within that particular month.

  • Is there any chance you could give a running total of current Move games shipping?

    Maybe a listing of best selling ones?

    How about a list of upcoming Simulview games?

    It would be cool if you could work on a 1 hour gameplay option for Move games(not tied into PSN+) is really hard to decide if they are worth it using the basic(or non-existant demos for some of them)

  • @CrinsomZodiac I wouldn’t count MG and MG2 as a “GAME” as much as MGS2 , MGS3 and Peace Walker are. They are nice add-ons, but noone would pay $8 or $10 for MG 1 and MG 2 alone.

  • Oh square, you and your ps1 games always taking up the top spots.

  • Would be awesome if the list for add-ons was a bit more extensive than just top 5 since they are more relevant now than PSP and PS1 games are right now. A top 5 for themes and/or avatars would be nice and I’m assuming that there will be a top 10 for PS Vita games.

  • Hey Morgan,

    Care to tell me what this background layout for the blog pertains to?

  • look at Final Fantasy VII, still printing money after all these years. Best game ever, hell most of these are square games, Sony should’ve tried to negotiate with them for some exclusive stuff….

  • Does the list factor in people who may have gotten the game off PS+? I figure a good bunch of those sales came from the promotion with the 1 year PS+ extension. Moreover, will there be more of those offers? I’m just waiting for the right incentive to buy another 1 year subscription.

  • Any news about the PSN account management website?

  • Wow i still haven’t played inFAMOUS 2 yet, i feel ashamed!

  • @20 It’s for the “The Last of Us” PS3 exclusive, I think. Since they have a similar background on their site and something was suppose to happen today also since the website has today’s date on the site.

  • Awesome stuff!

  • Nobody told me there was pudding!

  • Infamous FoB was one of the best PSN games I’ve ever played. I also need to get a lot of stuff from this list, like FF V, VI, Chrono Cross e Chrono Trigger for example. I got my eyes on Crysis as well. Oh, Final Fantasy Tactics is on the list? Thought people wouldn’t get because of the graphic lag issues, but the PSN version is very cheap, so I think it’s a good deal after all =D

  • im having a hard time believing that first screenshot of ” The Last of Us ” is in game , i dont think the ps3 could reach that level of detail but then again i’d love to be proven wrong , i guess i will find out in a few days

  • You guys need to bring back Jak and Daxter series to Playstation 3!

  • Hey there Morgan,

    when are guys gonna start realsing Greatest Hits games on PSN?

    – Thnx

  • @30 They are already bringing it back

    @29 How could it not be possible have you seen God of War 3, Battlefield 3 or RAGE?

  • inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood was fun, I picked up Pinballistik, and Nightwing is awesome!

  • If only Pinballistik would have a demo than i would give it a chance. But i cant risk buying a game and than it turns out to be something I don’t like.

  • I’m glad to see Pinballistik and Daytona USA on the list.

    @33: If you enjoy playing pinball, then you’ll like Pinballistik.

  • @Scorpion13

    The PSN account management site is Qriocity (not sure on the wacky spelling).

    I’ve already used it to disable my account, which was activated on 3 dead PS3s. Works like a charm, and its immediate!

  • Shame there are not more ‘PS2 Classics’ on PSN because we could have a ‘PSN PS2 games Top Sellers’ erm chart;)

  • Gran Turismo 5 is my favorite game!

  • hey whats going on with psn this time.. i can not play south africa 2010 anymore.. it says services not available. why don’t you guys worry about fixing that first? instead of putting worthless topics like this one.. thanks and i would like to know what;s wrong with south africa 2010.. because i can not play it at this time? again thanks

  • A suggestion that I implore that you look into is maybe a forum in which users can discuss what monthly added ps2 classics or other content should be added revitalizing the slogan Power to the Players Personally i would like to see Ty the tasmanian tiger trilogy on the store PLEASE REPLY PLEASE REPLY

  • So wheres the data to back up these claims. You know things like real sales figures? without something to back this post up theres nothing noteworthy here. Its just a lot of irrelevent hyperbole. More importantly instead of telling us what you want us to buy and what you claim sells well listen to gamers instead. Start listening to what gamers want and if you provide it the sales will come.

  • Im glad that Final Fantasy is getting high every time. AWESOME!!!

  • @20

    It relates to the game The Last of Us, slowly but surely being revealed over this past week, cumulating at the Spike TV VGA’s (probably)

    Look at the screenshot and you will see it is the same as the background on here!

  • I agree with #39, I would love to see a forum where we can request our favourite PS2 games to be re-released as PS2 Classics! Perhaps even a “Japanese Import” section for the ones that we never got here. “Power to the Players!” FTW

  • I need some help i already purchased the Final Fantasy V and downloaded but i can’t transfer it from Media Go to my PSP telling me Error occurred during communication with the server (80048A80) Can anyone tell me what is this?? cuz i tried to figured out from the Knowledge Center but it won’t tell me what’s going on pls!!!

  • Looking at that top 5 PSOne list makes me happy… and sad at the same time.

    Sad that I’ll never see Suikoden II up there.

  • I’m glad inFAMOUS is #1, despite its short length it’s a great and fun add-on. Also glad to see Limbo and Outland, probably the best PSN games this year.

    I’d love to see some inFAMOUS numbers by the end of the year, I’m sure they’re impressive.

  • It just piss me off a little…. Look at how well FF7 has been selling on PSN over all this time! but still they dont want to do a remake for ps3! sigh…. SONY DOOOO SOMETHING!!!! U ARE GOING TO MAKE MILLIONNNNNNSSS!!!!!! WHY DONT U AND S.E. UNDERSTAND!!!! this gaming gen its almost over! ur on production of the ps4 and 360 of the new xbox…. WHY DONT U HIT Micro$oft with ur most hard punch???

    PS3 its behind 360 I believe for 2 million units…. Believe me a game of the magnitude of FF7 with ps3 graphics will change that chart in a blink of an EYE!

    apart of that… i pre-ordered I:FoB its an awesome DLC :) and I bought FF7 First day when it was release :)
    And im glad to see Cronno cross over there.. i helped them :)

  • @Morgan Haro That background above wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with the new game and engine that Hideo Kojima showed a sneek preview of in that video discussing MGS HD and Kojima Production’s plans for transfarring with their classic titles now would it? (Long-winded sentence I know, but bear with me.)

    The life-like environment that the new engine could facilitate is like none I’ve ever seen. Doubt anything less than a top-of-the-line PC could handle it, which leads me to believe the project is set to debut on the next-generation of console that Sony produces; unless of course Kojima is jumpin’ ship to PC after Metal Gear Rising wraps up. In which case, Kojima would have some splainin’ to do with long-time fans.

    Anyhow, it may have nothing to do with that. I just can’t wait to hear more about either of these super-secretive unveilings so I’m merely speculating.

  • Hey I figured out what the current wallpaper is on blog. Saw on ign, its the new game “last of us” right?

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