New DC Universe Online DLC: Lightning Strikes Today

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New DC Universe Online DLC: Lightning Strikes Today

Here we are, back again to talk about even more exciting things happening with DC Universe Online. Today we’re celebrating not only the launch of our second DLC Pack, Lightning Strikes, but also the amazing success that we’ve had since making the Free-to-Play transition just over a month ago. Bottom line, there are a whole lot more of you out there playing DCUO. And apparently you’re having a good time, because most of you — more than 85%, in fact — are returning again and again for adventures in Gotham City and Metropolis.

DC Universe Online: Lightning Strikes for PS3

DC Universe Online: Lightning Strikes for PS3DC Universe Online: Lightning Strikes for PS3

You may have seen a few weeks ago when we announced that more than one million new players had jumped in to DCUO since the launch of Free-to-Play. That number is definitely larger now, and growing by roughly 6% each day. We love seeing all of the new heroes and villains in game, and hope you and your friends keep coming back to experience the great new adventures we have planned for the coming year.

But enough bragging! You probably want to know what’s going on with the new DLC, which hits PlayStation Store tomorrow. Lightning Strikes has something fun for players of all levels. You can amp up with the new Electricity power set, which offers supercharged new ways to heal yourself and your allies, and also gives you some pretty devastating damage abilities. Make sure to create a new character and see how fun this new power can be. Everyone will also get a chance to chase down some new bounties. Members of the Teen Titans, such as Cyborg, Kid Flash and Starfire, and the Rogues, including Captain Cold, Heat Wave and Trickster are on the loose, and you and your friends can earn some great rewards for taking them down.

DC Universe Online: Lightning Strikes for PS3DC Universe Online: Lightning Strikes for PS3

For the high-level players, Lightning Strikes introduces a new map for you to fight in and a tough new combat duo, both of which revolve around Barry Allen, otherwise known as The Flash. The Central City map lets you get a glimpse of The Flash’s home city, which is having some problems thanks to a quickly unraveling Speed Force. In this new zone you will find a number of solo and group missions, tons of combat, and probably even some members of the opposite faction to fight. The Flashback Duo sends you and a friend on a critical mission to help save The Flash himself. Travel back in time via the Speed Force to the night Barry Allen gets struck by lightning, and stop the sinister forces trying to prevent the rise of the Scarlet Speedster. And let’s not forget that Lightning Strikes also introduces some great new gear for you to grab.

Thank you, and welcome, to all of our new players. We hope to see more of you in game soon. I mean, why not jump in and try it out? It’s free! Happy Holidays, everyone.

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  • first!

  • woo ho the first time I was first!!! (btw looks fun I might try out this game after all.)

  • I love this game, it’s so fun and addictive. Too bad Skyrim pulled me from it, but I’ll be back soon.

  • so maxpower didn’t even play the game and just rushed to be the first post? lol

    Well, I’ve been busy already building a green lantern so I think I’ll pass the flash dlc for now ! even though it sounds awesome =D

  • I love the green lantern style too, I might wait a little to get this one. But keep them coming the more the better.

  • Looks awesome! Did I miss pricing information? How much?

    I’ve seen confusing information about the three levels of membership (free, premium, and legendary). If I this add-on costs $5 or more and I buy it, do I get premium access without paying any more monthly fees? Legendary access looks awesome, but I can’t afford $15/month — but the free access is starting to get limiting as my first character levels up (around level 27 right now, I think) — the extra character/inventory slots and such for premium access look good enough for now.

  • will premium members who actually BUY the dlc (i.e pay 10 dollars to own it) as opposed to paying 15 bucks to RENT it for one month (i,e going legendary) be able to unlock the trophies for the DLC content? or is teh only way to get DLC trophies is going legendary (even if you did buuy the DL)?

  • @6 yes the addon costs 10 bucks.. and since you hav eto pay 5 bucks of more to get premium that means buying the add on will indeed make you premium and you wont have to pay any more fees

  • woohoo, more heroes to crush in the path of necrose. Death shall be your blissflul take muahahahaha… such a nerd sorry

  • LOL i bought Fight for the Light a month ago and havent done everything from that….thanks for the update and extras…now if i can just finish what i already have before this lol.

  • @DuoMaxwell007
    no buying the DLC doesnt let you earn the trophies you still need Legendary. Stupid but still whatever.

  • i have a question when are we having another update on psn because i cant get in to wwe 12 community creations online i hope its this week please reply

  • so im confused, is this thrown in with membership (legendary) or am gonna have to pay? I mean i’d pay if i had to i just want to be sure ya know… FLASH FTW

  • When one so often reads “amazing success” connected with “free-to-play transition” it’s just baffling why more publishers and shareholders don’t want that kind of success out of the gate. It begs the question of what success is, and I hope consumers shed the F2P = cheapcashgrab mentality. More games with a lower barrier to entry, and well funded development teams, is a good thing!

    I had to laugh at “high-level players” though. Gettin’ there!

  • Its really stupid that we cant earn trophies for the DLC that we bought!

    I understand why we cant get trophies for the main game, because we not paying for it monthly. But the fact that we BOUGHT the DLC we should be able to at least get the DLC trophies.

  • No trophies for Premium still means no play for me.

  • Now that this game is free to play I hope that it is successful from a business stand point so that the PlayStation may get more MMO’s on the platform. Anyone who has not at least tried this game needs to do themselves a favor and download this FREE game. It is a huge file so just download it over night.

    Thank you to everybody at SOE for not giving up on this game and giving the PlayStation another great game that no other home console could dream of.


  • i bought the game at full retail and was a subscriber up to the point it went free-to-play. However – because of this DLC for Fight for the Light would NOT show up on PSN store. i called SONY several times and they could not figure it out….but told me i needed to uninstall current client and reinstall new free-to-play client and it would fix issue. It did not. So i have since uninstalled DCUO and have not played since. i am wondering if this new DLC gets released then am i gonna run into the same issue….??

    i have posted this issue several time on this blog with no replies whatsoever….strange. Anyways – i have since bought another PS3 slim 320 GB and i still have the same issue DCUO DLC Fight for the Light will NOT show up for me on PSN store.

    Is anyone having this same issue. PLEASE reply if you are.

  • Looking forward to this addon pack I’m level 22 :) I do have premium account. I think everyone should at lease spend 5 bucks and plus you do get in much quicker with premium account then normal lol. Hardest one is with the Riddler with deathstroke very hard to beat lol.

  • i am also wondering if this issue may be account specific….because i was able to create another account and when i went to PSN store using that….there was Fight for the Light DLC. SONY stills says it is NOT though….so i am confused. Could it be related to my DLC list….?? i have approximately 350 games purchased from PSN and 50 hard copy games….and my download list is 1208 and growing….because i plan on buying today too after store updates.

  • My bad….250 PSN games.

  • @20 – CHRISRHODE2004

    have you tried buying Fight for the Light from within the game from the marketplace? thats where i bought it, not from the ps store itself. then afterwards the store said i bought it. Hope it helps.

  • I’d love to play this game on the PS3. I played it on the PC, but it was a bit laggy and the controls just feel like they’d be better on a console.

    Now, if only I could actually be patient enough to download it. :p I guess I’ll have to let it download while I’m at school tomorrow.

    I’m really excited for this DLC. I’ll definitely buy this pack just for the electricity powers.

  • @22 i looked before in in-game marketplace and could NOT seem to find it. Where is it located specifically….??

    Thank you for reply BTW.

  • yo this game sweet af. had me up all night playin it =^D

  • store isn’t updated only legendary status people should be playing im just waiting for that random time that sony updates the store to get which calculated times where way off the work days almost over will it be updated?

  • Too bad only Legendary status members get trophies, I wonder why this is the case? Otherwise, I’ve had a great time playing the game and have been looking forward to the Flash DLC! I like that I get to learn some about the Flash story and characters.

  • been waiting for this since it was first announced even though im still not done with the green lantern missions.
    i just wish i knew when exactly the store updates.

  • I want a higher maximum lvl!!!!

  • dam this is coming today? i mean thast great, but i might not have enough for this dlc.


    If it is any thing like with my account you shouldn’t need to buy the DLC as I still had access to it after they went ftp.

  • cant by it went 2 dc online add ons in ps store and it says nothing there then when i do find it it says can not access WHAT THE HELL?

  • Bought Legendary Access last night. I’m freaking loving tis game. Thanks so much!

  • @18, it shows up in the store for me but for some reason i couldnt download or buy it (i have f2p and was legendary sub at the time)

  • I was wondering why electrical superpowers were missing from Character Creation, and I guess I have my answer: so you could charge for them later.

    I mean, psh, sure, get money get money, but it’s pretty clear you withheld some kinda basic content to phone in a DLC expansion later on.

  • This Lightning Strikes DLC pack looks really good & I am a Flash fan.

    But I’m also an Aquaman fan so I’d like to see a future DLC pack feature Aquaman & underwater combat powers & maps.

    Keep up the good work, SOE!!!!

  • …Thanks SONY \o/ I would very much like a Captain Marvel DLC pack feature ( fly over Fawcett City, fighting Doctor Sivana, visit the Rock of Eternity , talk to Tawky Tawny haha )…a hug to the entire team at SONY…and pleaseeeee a Captain Marvel DLC :)

  • hey curious for this new power do we have to create another new character or can we somehow give it to our current player

  • I was just wondering if anyone can tell me how I can access this DLC. I have legendary access, but I can’t find the DLC anywhere. If it’s in the market place, how do I find it? Please help, I would really like to play the new Flash content!!

  • still need some insight because i dont want to have to create a new character to use the power i mean i will if i have to but i still wana know if theres a way you can give it to ur curent character

  • i have every add on for this game but im giving accounts away with cool stuff on it no hack.

  • add reepor123 if u need help

  • Please can anyone tell me how to get these powers on my current character. PLZ

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