PlayStation Plus December Preview: Free Tomb Raider: Underworld and Marvel Pinball, More

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PlayStation Plus December Preview: Free Tomb Raider: Underworld and Marvel Pinball, More

PlayStation Plus: December 2011

With the holiday season in full effect, we’re giving PlayStation Plus subscribers extra discounts and free games. The total value of all this month’s offers total over $250 with about $50 being free games.

This month’s free content includes the PS3 full game Tomb Raider: Underworld and PSN game Marvel Pinball. The free PSone Classic of the month will be Spyro Year of the Dragon. If anyone is keeping track this is the third PSone Classic from the Spyro franchise offered in Plus and since it’s the holiday, we’ll bring back the first two again to offer the full collection in December. To finish out the free games, take your pick from free early access to minis like Orbit, or mini favorites like A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks! or Mad Blocker Alpha.

We always look to give Plus subscribers extra discounts on top of existing PlayStation Store sales and promotions and this month is no exception. The Holiday Collection Sale will feature some great deals on PS3 full game bundles, with Plus subscribers getting an extra discount on top of these deals. With PlayStation Store promotions happening throughout the year, a Plus subscription always comes in handy. Check out the full list of discounts on titles like Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Renegade Ops, Darksiders and more; and watch for more details on the Holiday Collection sale soon.

New PS3 full games releasing on PlayStation Store also means new Full Game Trials for Plus subscribers. Your access to sample this ever-growing library of titles gets even better with titles like Dragon Age II, Motorstorm: Apocalypse, and Alice: Madness Returns hitting this month.

Check the full list below and remember these are expected games and discounts for Plus. Some content and/or release dates outlined may change. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or continue the discussion on the PlayStation Community forums in the Official PlayStation Plus Update thread.

PlayStation Plus: December 2011

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PS3 Full Game: Tomb Raider: Underworld (PS3 Full Game) – 12/6
Free PSN Game: Marvel Pinball (PSN Game) – 12/13
Free minis: Orbit (Early Access, Exclusive) – 12/6
Mad Blocker Alpha (mini) – 12/6
A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks! (mini) – 12/20
Free PS one Classics: Spyro the Dragon – 12/6
Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage – 12/6
Spyro Year of the Dragon – 12/6
Full Game Trials: Dragon Age II – 12/6
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit – 12/6
Alice: Madness Returns – 12/13
Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood – 12/13
Red Faction: Armageddon – 12/13
Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway – 12/20
Carnival Island – 12/20
Motorstorm Apocalypse – 12/20
NCAA Football 12 – 12/20
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands – 12/20
Sports Champions – 12/20
Media: Qore Episode 43 – December – 12/6
Discounted PSN Games: Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 1 and 2 (Bundle) – 80% off – 12/6
Beat Hazard Ultra – 50% off – 12/13
Renegade Ops – 25% off – 12/20
SEGA Bass Fishing – 30% off – 12/20
Sonic Adventure (Game + Add-On) – 30% off – 12/20
Sonic 4: Episode 1 – 30% off – 12/20
SONIC’S HOLIDAY BUNDLE– 25% off – 12/20
Space Channel 5 Part 2 – 30% off – 12/20
Tales of Monkey Island Bundle – 75% off – 12/20
Discounted PS3 Full Games: Assassins Creed 2 Bundle – 30% off – 12/13
Assassins Creed Brotherhood Bundle – 30% off – 12/13
Borderlands Bundle– 25% off – 12/13
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Bundle – 25% off – 12/13
Homefront Bundle – 30% off – 12/13
Red Dead Redemption Bundle – 30% off – 12/13
Red Faction Armageddon Bundle – 30% off – 12/13
Split Second Bundle – 30% off – 12/13
Warhawk Bundle – 25% off – 12/13
LA NOIRE Bundle/Complete Edition – 30% off – 12/20
Discounted minis: Snowy – 75% off – 12/6
Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road – 20% off – 12/13
Psycho Soldier – 20% off – 12/13
Prehistoric Isle – 20% off – 12/20
P.O.W. – Prisoners Of War- 20% off – 12/20
Discounted Add-Ons: Marvel Pinball: Captain America (Add-on) – 50% off – 12/13
Marvel Pinball: Fantastic Four (Add-on) – 50% off – 12/13
Exclusive Themes and Avatars: I am Alive Dynamic Theme – 12/6
Exclusive Games: Orbit (Early Access, Exclusive) – 12/6

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  • All this AND FF6. =D Whootness

  • Wow, great update guys! I never got a chance to play Year of the Dragon as a kid (but I probably played through Ripto’s Rage countless times) so thanks for making that free one.

  • Awesome! When I first joined PS+ I ended up with the third Spyro, but missed the first two. Now I can catch up.

  • WOW, so is this full PS3 game (not PSN) a new deal or just for the holidays because I love it! You seriously are pushing me to buy a new HDD though. Just have to wait for the HDD drought to be over with.

    • Yeah there’s nothing stating that we’ll always include a PS3 Full Game free in Plus; but it’s now not outside the realm of possibility. We just look for the best content to get into Plus that we can arrange.

  • Excellent update.

  • Also, you guys should have a Motorstom Apocolypse discount. I would buy it in a heartbeat for less than $30.

  • hi, i keep track of the games and, you allready give those psn clasics games…. even the thrid spyro… so “where” are the free psn clasics games of this month?? cause for the people who have plus before we allready HAVE those games..

  • Nice freebies, esp. Marvel Pinball. Thanks for all the great content!

  • Awesome! i love PS plus and i am always recommending it to all ps3 friends! i cant wait to try out marvel pinball i used to always sit on my computer playing those pinball games.

  • You mentioned Darksiders in the post but I dont see it on the list of things. Just forget to mention it or was it an oops?

  • Just want to point out an error “Space Challenge 5 Part 2” doesn’t exist. Should be “Space Channel 5 Part 2”.

  • Wow i just looked up the HDD and they are way up in price, i bout a 750 gig on newegg for about $60 now a 500 gig is over $100

  • Glad I didn’t bite on TR:U when the price dropped, nad have heard nothing but good things about the Marvel Pinball game… Win win.

  • so that’ll bring LA Noire to what, 35$? Damn I just ordered a copy of the complete edition on Amazon for 50!! Damn my luck!

  • Good month for PS+.

    I guess we are going to find out who the new host of Qore is soon? Not sure if it was announced yet or not…

  • .PS Plus: The equivalent of my neighborhood thrift store but I think your proud of that.You are moving games that could not be moved otherwise so I commend you on that.

    I gave you so much benefit of the doubt since it was a new program when i started plus.I am really unhappy to see Plus has stayed and become complacent in being a discount store.

    So where is the stuff.for us PS3 users who are starving for Sony goodies and are not interested in this?

    • It’s tricky since ‘goodies’ differs from person to person. We always work to get a great variety of free content, discounts, and exclusive content. I believe there are 8 free titles this month; so it’s more than just discounts.

  • Oh wow I was about to a game since I needed a new one but I got Tomb Raider to look for :)

  • Being a Playstation Plus member is by far the best move iv done in gaming! i mean this week alone classics like Spyro (The good ones)! bringing back so many good memories! Can’t wait to play them again! Thank you Sony for making my week just abit more awesome! <3

  • hmm this is the second time i will be owning underworld lol. got it from the tr hd pack lol

  • how much will Motorstorm: Apocalypse be???

  • i own underworld, but never played it. i caught it on sale in the ps store for 14.99 i it good? @19

  • I was hoping for some type of renewal deal. I figured with everyone’s original 15 month subscriptions from the launch of PS+ expiring there would have been a little more incentive to renew, like Jurassic Park from last month.

    Kind of disappointed with this month overall. I’ve had Tomb Raider for years, and got the Spyro games via PS+ a couple months ago. It’s nice that there are so many new trials, but the fact that they install trophies whether you end up buying the game or not makes a trial a little more permanent than it should be, and prevents me from using them.

    And more add-on content for full games please. Either free or discounted would be good.

  • Didn’t you guys already give the Spyro to Plus people?

    Since I already bought the series on PSN, it kinda sucks that this is what you’re offering and I’m pretty sure you guys gave them away a while ago.

    TombRaider is nice, I might give it a try.


  • sony should got off their asses a gave us an update for a new redesign to get rid of the XMB once and for something more up to date and relevant, XMB is 5-6 years old it’s time for a major change to it.

    if they don’t change soon i’m switching to an xbox 360 cause at least microsoft can change it once a year there is no reason sony cant do the same.

  • PS plus is awesome. I’m glad i joined last year. My sub doesn’t expire until end of 2013!!!!! I’m also glad I upgraded my HD to 500gigs. With all the great content on PSN I’m down to 25gigs left. I gotta start deleting game soon.

  • ahh i feel the love. makes sense for you guys to release stuff again for new or returning subscribers that missed stuff. I was w/o ps+ for like 5mnths before resubscribing

  • wow more re-published content?

    i could have sworn the spyro games were free a while back because i bought 1 and i got the others in my download list and i never bought them.. and wasnt TR:U digital released way back at the begining?

    would be nice if it was a free game tomorrow but it probably isnt.. yep! so long playstation plus im no longer under your wing after the 9th! and i cant see re-subbing just for a stupid marvel pinball game

  • not really an impressive update at all.. you guys really gotta do somethin crazy now that i can only use new content on 2 ps3’s

    must be hard now though

  • Wow, a FULL ps3 game for free! Great stuff. I hope this is isn’t just a one time thing.

  • This update is not NEARLY as good as Europe’s update, what gives?

  • day 1 purchaser of underworld here and it is good.. highly under-rated title i think

  • Can i start downloading the Tom Raider Trial right now and unlock the full game on 12/6??…i’m just asking because it’s really annoying waiting for a game to release just to find a 5gb++ file

  • yall complain over @ 25 28. @25 crying over a new xmb, really? you that salty where you wanna a new UI or your leaving the ps3..good bye! and @28, the discounts alone make the ps plus worth anything else you have to pay a subscription for on a console. i love the discounts, and the free rentals if i was on the fence about certain games, and the cloud saves alone make it worth the money too, well if you have multiple systems, like myself.

  • TR:U and Marvel Pinball…nice!

    Glad the discounts are weak. Kinda broke after Black Friday…lol

  • @35 yea no kidding, black friday i bought AC;Revelations, God of war 3, infamous 2 and Skyrim :/

  • Can’t wait to try out Tomb Raider.
    And… uhm.. Marvel Pinball?

    Ah well its Free. In return a bad Christmas tree

    / .\
    / . .\

  • I just joined PS+ at the end of last month for 2 years for less then 29 dollars due to target’s misprinted add. We got the Crash games, now the spyro games, hydrophobia and tomb Raider Underworld.

    Borderlands is worth it, but I own it on PC and am even able to use my PS3 controller with that. Great game though.

  • I already own Tomb Raider twice and I’ll probably still download it on the off chance I want to replay the game that way I won’t have to grab one of my Bluray disks because I’m lazy like that.

  • its great for ppl who dont own alot of content already and people who dont really pay attention to the updates

    i just dont like the fact that 90% of the FREE content is mainly ps mini games.. i just honestly think the support for that type of software should have remained on the psp go

    and the re-published content really isnt the best thing to do either.. i mean i started buying games and content way back at launch and i own alot of playstation classics and alot of the psn’s older better titles that they’ve given us.. and your gonna waste what could be a great update and give out a title that 90% of the owners probably already own?

    granted i did get into maybe 4 beta’s out of the whole 15 months or so and i did get maybe 5 good games that are actually worth paying but it just needs to be re-thinked a bit more for me to drop another $50 on it again

  • Marvel Pinball is one of my favorite games of all time!

    The physics are awesome and the themes are dead on!!!

    I’ve played that so much, and I own over 150+ download games and almost 100 disc games…still I end up playing Marvel Pinball a lot. I also bought it when it came out, and still find it fun and exciting.

    Wait, I’m going to play it right now!

    Thanks Sony :)

  • Thank you for posting the whole months calendar early. I can now see what I need to get when.

  • #40

    I saved way over $50 in just the 8 months I’ve been with playstation plus…I mean Resident Evil 5 Gold and Red Dead packs were worth the savings alone (almost). I’m just saying the free isn’t all I add up when I count up the savings or value of PS+.

    Free Game
    Savings on games and DLC
    Beta access
    Online storage for save
    Auto Updates and stuff
    Early access to content for download
    Warm fuzzing feeling for having a plus icon next to my name.
    Not having to shell out $15 per month to Microsoft!!!

    I count all that into my saving and values…so it’s priceless to me…but if they raise the price I’m outta here ;)

  • Space Challenge 5 *facepalm*

  • happy i dint renew my sub

  • As long as you guys keep the Full PS3 game prices in range of what the retail version is then ill be more tempted to buy only digital for now on. I said it before & ill say it again i wish there was a way for some kind of blu-ray passport program or something where you could install your blu ray game like it was a downloadable version ,and play without the blu ray.

    On another note im glad i stopped buying PSone games ,and just started waiting for them on PSplus because the past 2 months you guys keep making the psone games i wanted for free lol making it well worth what im spending on plus.

    Any chance of the rest of the tomb raider collection coming to psn? and is full ps3 titles for free going to become a normal thing for psplus members ? btw what about ps2 games for free…my wife should love the idea of pinball & marvel for free she loves xmen ,and she loves pinball

  • ancient looking menu system and no music unlimited or video unlimited availabe in canada. good bye sony and hello microsoft

  • Can’t please everyone. But it is Christmas, you could have at least tried.

    Thanks for the Lump of Coal.
    4.0 firmware (removing a way to store psp games)
    And this great pop-up (what a waste)

  • I wish there is a PS Reward program like Club Nintendo. I remember there was a beta way back but I heard it’s cancelled.

    =/ With the amount of games I’ve own and bought, I could have gotten some decent rewards.

  • @34

    Don’t bother man. Some people just love to complain.

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