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Forget the Grammys, Tonys, and Oscars – videogames have their own award season, and we’re in it. We’ll be attending both the Inside Gaming Awards and the VGAs this week (vote for your Most Anticipated Game here), and you should find both worth watching.

Actually, if you live near LA (or can get there next weekend), you can watch in person (did I mention that the Black Keys will be playing live?)! TV’s own Geoff Keighley sent me info this morning on a section of “Preferred PlayStation fan seats.” Click here and enter the code PS2011 for a chance to see the show live. Note the deadline to apply is tomorrow, (Monday, Dec 5) so you will need to act fast. Such a nice guy, that Geoff Keighley. Follow him on Twitter or something.

Also, I wanted to take the chance to thank all of you who have listened to our new podcast (or better yet, subscribed). Thanks!

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of November 28, 2011)


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  • Awesome as always!

    Just a heads up: The IGN preview of Motorstorm RC is on there twice.

  • Europe is getting THREE awesome holiday sales (12 deals of Xmas, 12 bonus free games during december for PS+, and a sweet Ubisoft sale) Any word if we can get in on any of this here in the states?

  • @PS Blog
    I like the Vita additions to the PS3 firmware. However I hate that now when I download something that install bubble does not go away. It seems like you guys removed the install or COPY option from the game installations for the PSP… I use my PS3 as a repository for my PSP/PS1/Minis games for my PSP and this is annoying.

    Also PLEASE GET RID OF THAT ANNOYING HEALTH AND SAFETY WARNING ON BOOT UP. Either put it at the bottom of the screen whent he PS3 logo first appears or don’t have it at all after its first showing. it takes longer for my system to boot up now with it there and is kind of a downer to have my PS3 act like a mother warning their kid against shooting their eye out. I get why it is there, but seeing it over and over again is annoying when it keeps me from getting to PS3 games, Netflix, Hulu, Bluray Movies, photos, etc.

  • The Vita looks like an awesome piece of technology. My only concern is the price of the memory cards. I will be paying the price of the 3G version just to get a suitable memory card for the system. Whereas I would prefer to spend that money on a game (which will actually cost less than a decent sized memory card so explain that one). Just a concern that really affects a broke person like me and probably some others.

  • Could you please tell us what the US is getting in terms of December PSPlus deals? If you say, the same as EU, you will have made my Christmas

  • I didn’t think Motorstorm Apocalypse was that bad. Not one of the favorite games I’ve bought this generation but its middle of the pack.

    Also, I have to laugh at the “improved” FFXIII-2 battle system. Aside from the addition of QTE’s its the same boring system. Call me old school but I miss the days of random encounter/turn based FF’s. I was able to platinum FFXIII but it was a real hassle. Never in my life have I needed to push myself so hard to play a game, especially in a franchise that used to be one of my all-time favorites.

  • 4.0 Firmware, ignore it and hope we forget? How about some complete release notes!!!!

    What about the December Plus list? That is obviously something that should have already been planned(since it is December already), if some one dropped the ball they should be getting their butt in gear and working during the weekend to release it.

    Then this new pop up is the worst thing ever. It won’t go away!

  • Will the PS Vita be playable at the playstation lounge in toronto?

  • I played some Jak and Dax yesterday to celebrate the anniversary. It really is stunning how well the visuals still hold up to this day. A lot of people look at today’s games and instantly think anything older sucks. But I’m here to tell you, Jak and Daxter’s visual design is clearly unparalleled. Plus, the game is still damn fun. And it still feels just as satisfactory as it did back in the day seeing the message that I collected all the Precursor Orbs in the area.

    Those were the days.

  • you guys really need to get rid of those pop ups on the side of the page. those are reasons i don’t go to a lot of other sites your destroying the blog with crap that’s not needed……………..

  • Uncharted 4 is in the works! Sweet!

  • AWESOME!!!

  • Jeff, when is the Sony Holiday Event in new york city? From what I read over at IGN your suppose to have Sorcery fully playable. And maybe some other surpise’s like the rumored smash brothers type gamer aka Tiltle Fight. I’ll be watching the VGA’s next weekend, I hope Batman: Arkham City wins game of the year.

  • Im playing modern warfare 3 Killzone 3 and loodrayne ps2 classic

  • woops typing mistake

  • Wat the hell my comment about 4.0 killin my psp ps3 integration got deleted tryin to censor those of us who angry sony IF U DONT FIX THIS YOU ARE GOIN TO LOSE ME AS A CUSTOMER… hell id actually be happy with a comment explaining it complete silence is really pi##ing me off

  • Will there be a VGAs viewing party this year? This may sound weird but i would actually rather be in a room with friends and other PlayStation fans than be live at the VGAs. Last years party was a blast! We need more Playstation events in L.A.


    Also, check this.
    It’s a full list of Vita games as launch titles and confirmed games.

  • the reason for the health and safety concerns comes with the release of the ps 3d hd tv.
    If you are a third player without any 3d glasses and both of your friends are playing in splitscreen simulview
    and, again, without glasses, then you should not be watching the screen. but that goes without saying, its pretty obvious.

    If you are wearing 3d glasses at any time playing with the ps tv, you dont need to be conserned.

    the message is annoying, especially with regular hd enthousiast.

  • The “Motorstorm RC is Gloriously Retro” article is mentioned twice.

  • black ops all day best game of 2011

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