Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand hits PSN Tuesday with New Guns, Vehicles, Assignments

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Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand hits PSN Tuesday with New Guns, Vehicles, Assignments

Hi guys! I’ve back with the latest Battlefield 3 news straight from the studio. I hope you are ready to go Back to Karkand, as we are releasing our first Battlefield 3 expansion pack Tuesday, December 6th on PlayStation 3 in America and Europe – a week early for PlayStation customers!

To recap, Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand is a massive themed expansion pack featuring four legendary Battlefield maps reimagined in the Frostbite 2 engine. You also get three vehicles (the VSTOL fighter jet, Desert Buggy, and an APC), ten new weapons that you can bring back to the base game, a new layer of persistence with our all-new Assignments, plus five shiny Trophies.

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand for PS3

The maps we chose for this expansion pack are all classic fan favorites: Wake Island, Sharqi Peninsula, Gulf of Oman, and Strike at Karkand (from where the expansion pack got its name). These maps are about all-out warfare in a variety of settings and have collectedly been played literally billions of times by our players. Now, they are due for a reimagining with the power of the Frostbite 2 engine. This allows us do things like take the level of destruction to ridiculous heights. You can basically turn these entire maps into rubble (with the exception of Wake Island, which has a lot less buildings and is more of an open landscape).

The design idea for Back to Karkand is that these legendary maps have aged since you last saw them. If you are a returning veteran, you will feel instantly at home, but there will also be a sense of exciting rediscovery about them. If you have not played on the before, they are simply a great addition to the nine available multiplayer maps in Battlefield 3, building on all the strengths of the series.

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand for PS3

Now, let’s turn our eye to take a closer look at Assignments, specifically the “Let it Rain” Assignment. To complete this assignment, players must score 20 kills with Light Machine Guns and two mortar kills. The game will keep track of how far along you have come fulfilling this assignment. When you have met the requirements, you will unlock a new Back to Karkand weapon (with a matching set of dog tags) to use on any map including the base game. You will also unlock the next Assignment in the series, the new Creeping Death Assignment.

As with all of the Assignments introduced in Back to Karkand, you can keep building towards these no matter if you play on regular maps or maps from the new expansion pack itself. Your regular persistence will also be intact and keep building up no matter what map you play. In this way Back to Karkand is completely integrated into the base game, including the ability to have a map rotation mixing base game maps with Back to Karkand maps.

And before we go, here are the five new Trophies you can hunt in Back to Karkand:

Complete Warrior (Silver)
Get a kill with the following weapons in a single life: Rifle, Jet, Tank

Third Tour (Bronze)
Get a kill with the new APC, Desert Buggy, and STOVL fighter jet

Gunslinger (Bronze)Get 10 kills with all B2K weapons

Like a Boss! (Silver)
Get a kill with the skid loader

Jaws (Bronze)
Take a swim in the pool at the Oman hotel

We will keep supporting Battlefield 3 on PS3 for a long time, so we hope to see you online Tuesday and beyond. Let us know what you think about Back to Karkand in the Battlelog forums.

If you are a Battlefield 3 Limited Edition owner, you are entitled to this entire expansion pack at no extra charge and you can get it from the in-game store or the PlayStation Store, just make sure to activate your Online Pass if you have not done so. Otherwise, you can buy it for $14.99 from the game’s in-game store or from the PlayStation Store. Future expansion packs for Battlefield 3 will also be available one week early exclusively on PlayStation 3 like Back to Karkand.”

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  • Hi sony im a big Fan

  • sweet im going to get it FREE :D

  • So the assignments have to be done in a specific order? Meaning I can’t work towards a specific weapon that I want without completing prior assignments?


    Other than that I can’t wait! Keep up the good work!

  • Sounds good, can’t wait. :)

  • Wooohooo!!! see you in the pool next week then guys? anyone fancy a party?

  • Who cares about this when your games voice chat is so horribly broken?

    Honestly, the most core aspect of the game gets ignored in lieu of wanting more sales, and yet you say DICE cares?

    I’m sick of all your canned responses, and making it a point to have people I know who are interested in this game not to buy it.


    No one waste money on this game till the get their act together, If anyone buys it now it will be a waste of money


    A disgruntled BF3 fan

  • Who would pay $15 for 4 retro maps with better looking graphics, vehicle skins, and 10 weapons? Make future map packs $10 if they are only going to have 4 maps and I will buy a copy of BF3 right now. I know it’s difficult shelling out $15 for each MW2 and Black Ops map pack and $50 for COD Elite per year considering that each map pack contains only 5 maps, in MW2, 3 new maps, 2 old with upgraded graphics and we get them a month late, but this is taking greed through map packs too far. Who knows, Activision may follow EA’s lead by cutting a map from each map pack to make a 5th with 4 maps each for $15 but the BF3 fanbots are coming to defend themselves by saying you get 10 weapons and all that usual stuff but mics are still broken in BF3 which defeats working with your teammates and friends to achieve victory. At least IW can properly patch MW3. At least those with a copy of BF3’s limited edition gets this map pack free but I’m getting fed up with EA’s poor QA track record.

  • Next thing we know, DICE will be forced to work on a Medal of Honor and Battlefield:Bad Company 3 in 2012 and 2013 respectfully. If this situation occurs, then Battlefield and Medal of Honor will see their quality slip faster that COD which still hasn’t hit its peak yet. Campaign is mediocre at best and draws too many comparisons to Black Ops. Co-op doesn’t come close to MW3’s Special Ops and survival mode. Multiplayer is great, but mics are broken which takes the fun of BF3 online away. I know I’m more of a COD diehard but these are legitimate concerns about BF3 and DICE’s future I have as a gamer if EA attempts to kill the COD series which is still going strong today. I’ll buy BF3 when I can get a copy for $40 if they can fix some of the outstanding issues. Until then, I’ll stick with the COD series for the next 2 years at least.


    Unless it was fixed with that patch, don’t know cause I kept getiing kicked so I left.
    Fixing that one thing can make things much better.

    Get to it you Lazy *#@s


  • finally ive been waiting for it ive played your game for 30 hrs sorry but killzone is my top fps but these new maps might earn you another 30+hrs from me!

  • FIX THE IRNV! it was just fine, why change something that works really well?

  • Traded it in 2 weeks ago .

  • Nice. I can’t wait for Tuesday. That is my day to play all morning and can’t wait to do those Assignments. Saw that today in the game and was wondering what it was. Love the fact I get it for free cause of the Limited Edition pre-order. BF3 is awesome and beyond the call lol

  • Love BF3. Veteran status is 7. I am looking forward to these maps to bring me back. Been playing Skyrim.

    Here is some advice for your crap SP campain. Just make it like online, little story then epic battle with bots. Conquest and rush attacker. Let me pick my class for each level and go to town.
    Star wars battlefront 2 had it right.

  • Time to go to war. Preparation for the tournament next year.

  • w00t w00t i cant wait !!!

  • It’s sad that DICE cares so little about the gamers who want to support them…

    No reason to care about maps when the core aspect of the game is still so horribly broken, This is spitting in everyone’s face who wants the voice chat fixed.

    I don’t give a damn about anything DICE has to offer till the voice chat is fixed, the game is going to stay in it’s case along with this feeling of regret for buying the game.


    No one waste money on this game till the get their act together, If anyone buys it now it will be a waste of money


    A disgruntled BF3 fan

  • I agree. Voice chat does suck. How can you play Battlefield without being able to coordinate with your teammates.

  • Ohhh yessss, BRING IT ON BABY!! LOL

  • Just picked this game up on sale and so far I am impressed. Now that I beat Uncharted I will be able to put more time in on Battlefield 3. As much content as you get I might have to get this expansion. A Plus discount would help.

  • Heh, DICE is all… ” damn they found us here ”

    Funny on how we’re not going to get a response from them now due to so many people calling them out over this.


    No one waste money on this game till the get their act together, If anyone buys it now it will be a waste of money


    A disgruntled BF3 fan

  • How about you guys fix the freaking VOIP? That should be the first priority and shouldn’t have been messed up in the first place.

  • I just noticed a really funny yet very sad line…

    “We will keep supporting Battlefield 3 on PS3 for a long time, so we hope to see you online Tuesday and beyond. Let us know what you think about Back to Karkand in the Battlelog forums.”

    This guy should be taken to court for lying.

  • And fix the input lag too!

  • Despite what a couple of ‘paid naysayers’ say here, I can’t wait to mess with these maps. I hope they are the start of a series of great map packs. If the level of destruction is as huge as you guys say, I’m gonna kick serious ass!

  • hey here is an idea..if you dont like the voice chat, dont turn on your mic..only 2 people at the most have a mic per game anyways and its not like they say anything decent so just learn to deal with it..its not the end of the world..atleast dice is nice enough to give us free stuff and so that should be enough to just bottle up whatever annoying rant you have and say “thank you”

  • wow, all this voice chat complaining is shocking to me(the fact that there is a problem, not the complaining =P) i never have a problem in my squad. the only complaint i have is the 14.99 price tag. Damn. what is this activision? although i am getting this one for free, the future installments won’t be free. “/

  • While I have not been happy with the gameplay of BF3 I would play it more if the stupid comms worked. Most the people I play along side online are players from MAG and its already bad enough that we cannot get all of us in a single squad but we can’t hear each other… are more than just play time it’s social. Many of us have already dropped Bf3 and gone back to other games….but fix the comms and we might come on back more often.

    Lets hope Dust has all this worked out in advance

  • Yay i get to play bfbc2 maps, i just got into the battlefield series so this is real good for me plus i got the limited edition so its free and it would be nice if they tuned the voice chat a bit


    How can you play Battlefield without being able to coordinate with your teammates.

    A disgruntled BF3 fan
    Platinum Trophy on BC2 and BF3
    Veteran Status 6

  • Fix the voice chat, then I will drop my 14.99. I refuse to put anything else into this game untill VOIP is fixed.

  • I’m glad there are alot of smart people who are calling DICE out on their poor performance.

    @26 and 27

    My anger comes from the fact they are trying to ignore this problem with all their might and still are trying to sell this broken game to fellow gamers. I’m not going to stand by and let this happen.


    No one waste money on this game till the get their act together, If anyone buys it now it will be a waste of money


    A disgruntled BF3 fan

  • Hey Call of duty Fanboys stop complaining about an voice chat you wont even use .Go back to you expansion pack of 60$ broken piece of sh*t every year same thing copy and paste .

  • I filed a BBB report on this issue…

  • So many bugs remaining on the game like the sound disappearing bug.

  • Wait voice chat is bad right now? Lucky me I’m not having any problems regarding voice chat ^.^

  • I have not touched BF3 in a month and won’t until CHAT actually works. What kind of company releases a major shooter and tries to compete with crap of doody and cannot even get VC working? Every other game chat works great on PS3 except NHL and NF3, whats the common denominator? EA. Get your act together thats embarassing. COD as much as it sucks chat works great, BF3 squads were broken for over a month…………


  • I head that BF3 has a lot of bugs. Why doesn’t DICE work on a patch for that before releasing DLC?

  • I have the BF3 already but i have yet to play!!!

  • Are these maps gonna get the BF3 treatment? As in close all the objectives in really close and add tons of choke-points and hidey holes? Or will they actually do the original maps some justice?

    I hope they aren’t butchered beyond belief put I won’t get my hopes up…

    Also you guys always hype up the destruction in Frostbite 2 yet it is literally miles behind the destruction in BC. What’s up with that?

  • sweet free um you here that cod haha

  • The next time you put out an update for this game can we get the option to access the menu between games. It is stupid to have to wait for the next game to start to be able to quit to the menu.

  • Wow all this hate over the voice chat problem which will be fixed soon DICE does hear you guys cries for this and I trust it will be fixed I just hope all you complainers and BBB threateners give COD as much hell for releasing a $50 elite service that is just now becoming stable

  • For Old School BF1942 players like me Wake Island is going to bring back a lot of good memories. Yeah sure the BF2 maps are great too, Karkand ecspecially but Wake is a Classic! I hope to see more old School BF maps on the Frostbite 2 in the near future!

  • For you people complaining about voice chat. IT’S BEING WORKED ON. DICE cares about their games and community (unlike everyone that makes CoD), and if you want voice chat so much get some of your friends on skype and talk that way.

  • I can’t STAND people who accuse DICE of not caring about it’s consumers. You know, if you were ever active on their Social Networking sites and even their Forums, you might realize that they really DO care about us. They actually reply to all sorts of constructive criticism and praise. (Just try be mature enough to not swear at them)

    Voice Chat is being worked on, Input Lag… might be fixed if you actually make sure you are playing in your region (go to Server Browser). Fixing games isn’t as simple as “change 1 line of code,” anyone with any sort of coding experience could probably explain that to you. Then it has to go through (in our case) Sony to make sure whatever patch they are rolling out doesn’t brick your console or something.

    To each his/her own, but I believe Battlefield 3 is in no way shape or form a broken game. It is a game that requires skill, teamwork, and a bit of dedication. With each game, requires the ability to adapt to it.

  • @Vortuminius I couldn’t have agreed more and you worded it perfectly (imo)

    Back to the matter at hand: I’m extremely excited for this DLC and am even more looking forward to fighting alongside my brothers as well on these new maps. I personally believe the most recent patch was a hefty but good one and they were able to eliminate a good chunk of problems, thus far I’m satisfied.

    I’m not a BF “vet” I came into the series during BFBC:2 and very much so enjoyed battlefield 1943. Keep up the amazing work and dedication SONY & DICE. I’m a proud PLAYSTATION Owner :)

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