This Week in PlayStation Home: Novus Prime 1-Year Anniversary Event, Holiday Specials, New Movies

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This Week in PlayStation Home: Novus Prime 1-Year Anniversary Event, Holiday Specials, New Movies

This Thursday, November 30th, join the PlayStation Home community as we celebrate the one-year anniversary of PlayStation Home’s exclusive multiplayer space combat shooter Novus Prime. To kick start this special event, Nebulon and Experience boosters will be absolutely free for all players (available for a limited time only)! Each booster lasts for 24 hours and increases gains by 150%. To top things off, select Novus Prime items will be on sale for 50% off. This deal won’t last forever, so report to the Novus Prime space station this Thursday and join the fight!

NovusPrime 1st Anniversary

Snow has begun to fall in the Lockwood Publishing Showcase, transforming it into a magical winter scene. Visit the Lockwood Publishing Showcase this Thursday to dance with Timmy the Gingerbread Man, marvel at the new festive Stitchkins and get a sneak peak at what Figment and Iron Fusion have in store for the future. And if that’s not enough, there’s a fantastic winter spa area where you can have chill out in a hot tub with your friends… not to mention a new batch of limited time rewards! Pro tip: pay attention to what Locky says, as he’ll give hints on how to unlock the rewards. Some of his clues may help, some may confuse, but one way or another, they will eventually lead you to the prizes – just be sure to keep checking back in order to collect all the Holiday rewards.

In other Lockwood news: Vintage and Athletic clothing packs are being released as part of the Drey collection. Give the gift of impeccable style with Drey items available this week exclusively from the Lockwood Gift Machine!

The newest additions to the LOOT EOD screens (available in the LOOT EOD Theater public space, Sunset Yacht personal space, and the Hollywood Hills House personal space) will arrive this week as part of Crackle’s monthly catalog update, which brings new movies to you free-of-charge (and some excellent movie poster rewards) . Don’t miss out on your last chance to catch Cruel Intentions, Rudy, Bat*21, Krull, Loser, Silent Hill, Starship Troopers, Striking Distance, Tekkonkinkreet and Universal Soldier: The Return before the new batch arrives. December brings you awesome titles like: The International, Quarantine, Fright Night and Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo!

The PlayStation Home Mall will host a Community Appreciation event this week with prices on select items being slashed and a variety of free items being hidden within the stores, so be sure to log in this Thursday and start the treasure hunt. This is just the first of many special Community Appreciation events scheduled for the Holiday season in PlayStation Home – keep your eyes on this blog for more details!

Konami expands their popular B’Loons line this week with the new Breakdancer, Pirate, Hula Dancer, and Martial Artist costumes —each with custom animations. Also available this week from Konami is the new Urban Camo line. With these outfits you will be able to hide in plain sight. Grab your friends and change the look of your environment or pull a prank on the unsuspecting with these hilarious new costumes!


Konami UrbanCamo

While the cooler days here in San Francisco make me bust out my winter hoodies in real life (yes, I arrange them according to season), we have some new virtual hoodies hitting the shelves of the PlayStation Home Mall that will help keep you warm in the winter months. Choose from among the Glowing Star, the Checkered, and the Atomic designs in our new line of animated hoodies (available for both men and women).

Glow HoodiesCommunityTheatreNav_Thurs_120111

To help kick off the Winter Holidays in PlayStation Home, some classic holiday outfits are being brought back to the shelves of the PlayStation Home Mall- including the Elf outfit, the Christmas Tree outfit, the Ms Claus outfit, Reindeer Horns, tons of statues and ornaments, [cue singing] and a Partridge in a Pear Tree [/singing]. Log in this Thursday to stock up and deck your halls (and yourself) out with these festive fashions.

Finally, be sure to head to the PlayStation Home Community Theater this Thursday to check out the latest episodes from HomeCast Rewind and SOCAST. This week HomeCast Rewind covers what’s new in PlayStation Home, while SOCAST returns with a discussion of the new SOCOM 4 Demolition DLC!

See you in Home!

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15 Author Replies

  • Holidays in Home are always special, can’t wait to see whats in store.

    • We’re always glad to hear that, and yes, besides the fun Lockwood and Konami are bringing, there’s some more surprises in store for December.

  • Lockwood space looks really cool!!!

    Are there only going to be 10 free items as always or more thats spread out un many stores for this week? Are they Christmas themed items or regular clothes items like the past few weeks?


    • There are exactly 10 new freebies, though they are not holiday themed. That said, the sale items starting tomorrow are holiday themed.

  • Free gift this year?

  • Are we going to get the Winterwonderland public space this year? Last year was awesome and really looking forward to it this year.

  • Oh and will there be new movie rewards from loot movies with the update tomorrow?

  • What about the Little Big Podcast reward that was supposed to be in the theater last week? To the best of my knowledge nobody got it. What happened to it?

    • They will be in the Community Theater for sure, starting tomorrow. We apologize for the delay. Once you get in there, don your antennas with as many friends as possible and truly take over the theater with zany LittleBigPodcast excitement.

  • I want to have different rewards besides posters and tshirts….how about some costumes or figures

    • The variety of rewards in Home is quite diverse these days, including Picture Frames (recently released for PSTALENT.COM), head gear (spiffy, animated antennas for LittleBigPodcast), tons of Thanksgiving feast items, companions, and more. If you’re not finding them, jump in there and get them!

  • hoping sum of the new Drey stuff is decent & the hoodies look ok. gonna have to see em in action in-world tho

  • Firstable i want to start by saying , where is the LBP Antennae, not 1 member has gotten it, it is sooo frustrating to go to places where rewards are given, spend HOURS waiting for it and they just never pop , this has been happening for months and you people havent fix this problem , i also went to Crackle (loot theater ) and no rewards either
    i did all the b.s you told us to do, Clear the cache, restart the system , delete Home , nothing works,
    You keep announcing FREE REWARDS , that dont even show ,so whats the point ?
    You think you doing us a favor by giving us FREE ugly items , well, you dont, might be nice to new home members but for veterans like me and many other its a joke , specially when some things are not working as they should .

  • Hello Glasswalls, im sorry , im just P.O about the non working rewards, you would be too if you spend hours waiting for it and they never pop .

    • I know, and we apologize. There was a hang-up with the antennas last week that we could not foresee. That said, they should be in there tomorrow!

  • Please add Crackle app to the tv/video section in the xmb…many of us have no interest in Home section.

    Also crackle in the browser is weak,we need a stable app.There are many classic tv shows on crackle that are worth viewing….again please consider adding an app to the tv/video section….THX…

    • I will gladly pass on your suggestion to the Sony Pictures folks and LOOT. That said, there’s no other social media watching experience on the PlayStation except in PlayStation Home.

  • GW, will the missing Drey White Motorcycle Shirt from the Drey Ulltimate bundle be fixed? It’s going on 2 weeks now… And same for the Retronauts Helmet missing from the bundle… If anything refund us the money to our wallet so we can just re-purchase the missing items…

    • It was fixed, and for those who bought it the first day, we’re working on deploying a fix for you as fast as we can.

  • Crackle doesn`t even work on mine, and neither does the Loot Theater. The videos always freeze so it`s impossible for me to watch any movies, let alone get any of the rewards. Plus, I got the popcorn but can`t keep the hoodie. I`m passing on ever going to the Loot theater again and glad I don`t own any of the apartments that have it.

    How about fixing all the bugs we keep telling you guys about every week? It`s the same ones and yet you completely ignore us. Maybe if everyone stopped going on Home the issues will get fixed, they won`t do anything if we keep using this service and giving them money. Please fix Home so it will be great again.

  • I’m guessing Pier Park is going to be the new Plaza? I mean the place where you put a special theme for the holidays?

    • Nope! We can design and deploy fun anywhere with the new core spaces—and we plan to for each of them in the coming year. Stay tuned!

  • + GlassWalls on November 30th, 2011 at 2:14 pm said:

    The variety of rewards in Home is quite diverse these days, including Picture Frames (recently released for PSTALENT.COM), head gear (spiffy, animated antennas for LittleBigPodcast), tons of Thanksgiving feast items, companions, and more. If you’re not finding them, jump in there and get them!

    Sooo i finally i getting my frame? its fixed?

    Looking forward to Home-cast Hearitwow is awesome!

    Home is getting me really into the Christmas spirit. *sings* jingle bells jingle bells

    • The next PSTALENT video that arrives will give everyone another shot at picking it up. HomeCast’s next video is great, as usual. HearItWow really does a spectacular job each and every time.

      Ho ho ho!

  • Any news on the Sackboy Playmat? (and please don’t ignore me again here, I’ve had money set aside specifically for it since 20 days ago…)

  • I can’t wait for the Christmas activities and new items to be released in Home.This is when Home shines the best.Keep up the great work and patience is a virtue with free reward items.Missing items from purchases on the other hand shouldn’t still be happening.

  • is there any news on the adventure district or will it stay uncharted? please explain… anyways i love crackle with my hollywood hillls house and happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the rewards for LBP AND CRACKLE are not working , i have both the Loot Yatch and the Hollywood Hills apartment and all i got was some picture, thats it , i went to the loot theater stayed for 2 hours and got nothing , are you ever gonna fix this or should i just give up on Home entirely ?
    Many Home Users do a lot of shopping every week , including myself and it seems like ALL OF YOU ignore what we have to say .

  • Can’t wait for more of the Drey collection! But won’t there be more stuff from Figment? I haven’t seen anything new from them since earlier this year… :/

  • thats good we get more points on novus and happy anniversary novus prime and on another note i was going to ask you know the kings field games on ps1 and ps2 if possilbe you could make another kings field for the ps3 that would be so awesome i love those type games and one more thing to ask the start of nov i went to playstation store on the right screen it said sometime in nov that we all get 10 dollars in our account that it would be in our messages and i havent received anything about that are you still doing that tommorrow is dec 1 thanks

  • No updates? Seriously? I mean, every other region got it on the 10th along with the companion, yet we got JUST the companion… it just makes no sense whatsoever… especially when AZ4 has a price listed for it and…. okay I’m rambling.

    Urban Camo looks neat, though.

  • Crackle Available to Puerto Rico? I hope I don’t miss my rewards on old movies :(

  • @nathan37692: Have you played Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls? They are the spiritual successors to King’s Field, made by the same developer. Their mechanics are quite solid, but be warned that they are notoriously difficult games.

  • I’ve been in Home for some years now and I must say it has change like alot of you guys would never know! I have a halloween party picture with old closed beta testers where we basically all had just the same items on and there was only one screening theater.

    Flash to today and there’s no wag to keep up whereas one time I could say I have every apt and every clothing article! NOT ANYMORE! lol

    I’m loving Crackle’s movies by Sony and CANNOT wait for the Internet Radio portion & UStream to land as well!

    You guys are getting it done and trust me I’m there as well as some friends too! Happy Open Beta Birthday I guess too!

    Please see if AP can update Sports Area Daily, can that be done via their back door I think called the sandbox to the space where Dev’s can change it themselves.. Loving it all!

  • Hey i just realized that Home is short one district. Where is the adventure district?

  • Super update

  • WOW! Gingerbread man!
    I love Lockwood too much lol

  • I’m really liking the Konami Urban Camo so far, lol. And there’s plenty of other great things to go around, especially from Lockwood. Thanks, everyone!

    And GW, I’d hate to be the one to point this out, but isn’t it supposed to be Thursday, December 1? I had to double-check my calendar, haha.

  • o.o *Faints* Arg! I’m loving this update! I love penguins… so when the second I saw it I freaked out and screamed “YES! IT’S SO FREAKING EPIC!” finally a pet worth buying! -^/////^-im going to be spending !ALOT! of money on HOME tomorrow! :D

  • Bahaha! I think the Urban Camo outfits are my new favorite items in Home! Now I can virtually be like the Bushman on Fisherman’s Wharf! Definitely going to pick some of those, as well as a B’Loons outfit or two. Konami’s really delivering some great content this week!

  • still waiting for my free PStalent frame and Crackle hoodie. but i won’t cry about, just get this crap fixed among other things that needs fixing.

    but i am definitely looking forward to this update. but will have to wait to log in as it seems the bugs fix themselves after a few hours or couple of days or never…regardless, update seems awesome this week.

  • Looks like a good update.
    Any news on when the crackle might come to Canada? I’m missing out on some rewards that will be gone by the time we get it.
    Also i could care less about the novas prime event, i beat that thing a long time ago.

  • Can we get any special animal costumes soon? Like ones with different animations?

  • Seriously,

    I am so over-whelmed over the new firmware update to NEW updates on store to new items and updates in home. SO EXCITED.

    I can’t express thanks for the options of who can mail you and send friends request. That update was fool proof. I love it so much. New firmware was good timing. Turning on my system and being alerted of new firmware gets me pumped.

    Not only that but new rewards for HOME.

    Can I ask, when the PlayStation Home Quest are all done are you gonna make new quest. I so would like that. That last quest was difficult. But I hope it will be easier. Like a quest to visit the theater and watch a movie. THAT WOULD BE EPIC!

    Nevertheless, I have been so involved in home each day!

    See you at home! WOOT!

  • The music for the Lockwood commercial really ushers in that busy Christmas spirit all around.
    Pretty amazing Sony.

    YOU have been labeled:

  • Figment, Not just a part of your imagination.

  • Look at my avatar ughhhh

  • It’s killer bro ughhh!!!


  • since this an update for HOME post I have to ask is there a fix coming for the Alisa Rocket Punch costume from the Tekken /hybrid limited edition items because the costumes description says “dress your avatar up as Alisa from the Tekken franchise with her signature Rocket Punch attack animation.” Which is missing meaning it must not have been encoded to the costume and others noticed this too so I know I’m not the only one.

  • ok hi. this is my first comment ever on the blog. i dont care if it is not related but i bought cod4 on the psn store and its not letting me go online. it gets stuck on the “downloading game settings” this is B.S. and i want my money back now!! ive tried everything! yes even unplugging routers and all that garbage.. i need help or $$ back!!

  • oh and i see on the side of the comment box it tells me not to be a jerk… well SONY YOU are a jerk!!! stop being rude to your customers and answer them when they have questions to real problems!

  • crackle is best thing ive heard come to home but still hasnt been enough to make me redownload sorry i think home is complete waste of time and money .

  • Hello GlassWalls, its 11:25 am eastern Time, i went to the Community Theater to get my LBP antennae , remember ? you said it would be there today, well , i saw the whole video, all the way to the beginning again, and i got nothing but Hot air, i also went to the Lockwood public place and LOCKY is not where to be found,
    rewards? nooone knows where they are , WHAT IS GOING ON ? How long the miss communication between your people and Home users is gonna go for? i mean you dont keep us up to date, you just throw stuff at us and leave us to figure things out . if your people knew we werent gonna get the antenna last week why wasnt there a community message saying, Im sorry, the antenna reward wont happen til next week , thats why a lot of members get mad cause your people seem like they just dont give a S…t and leave us wasting our time for a reward that wont happen , cmon dude .

  • 40
    + The_4th_Hokage_X on December 1st, 2011 at 2:08 am said:

    “ok hi. this is my first comment ever on the blog. i dont care if it is not related but i bought cod4 on the psn store and its not letting me go online”

    I don’t know if you will come back to see this, but hopefully you will.

    In the game manual that comes with our games, and maybe even on the case, there should be contact information if you are having issues. Either a website and/or a phone number. Usually the call is free. Take a peek and make contact.

    If the issue is on SCEA’s side of the street, call SCEA at 1-800-345-7669. This call is also free.

    Good luck.

  • #48

    thanx dude.. the things is i bought the game from psn!! not the store like best buy or whatever so i got no manual or phone numbers.. point is i got screwed by psn..and ive kept quiet on all their b.s. like.. taking away my ps2 backwards compatibility from the ps3 i paid $600 dollars for.. and like putiing a little time bomb on my 60gb system… but its gotten to the point where ive even joined this blog to let em know how upset i am….

  • worst part is…..they dont give a ****

  • Hello GW, you know i just had about enough, i seen some people with the antennae, most of them are new members or so they look ,and ME , still nothing, i already clear the cache 2 times, today alone , went in and out of the theater, but not before watching the entire thing for about and hour and a half and still nothing .
    Can you Please move the Antennae to the HUB , im about to have a nervous Breakdown .

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