inFAMOUS 2: How to Create Your Own UGC Graphic Novel Cutscenes

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inFAMOUS 2: How to Create Your Own UGC Graphic Novel Cutscenes

It’s been a great month for inFAMOUS! inFAMOUS 2 user-generated content continues to grow at a tremendous rate: we are seeing missions that use UGC in ways we never could have imagined and the community continues to amaze us with some truly creative missions. Second, we want to thank everyone for making inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood the fastest-selling PSN game in history!

A couple of weeks ago we released an update for inFAMOUS 2 that included the 2D Cut Scene tool that was in packaged inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood. This update allows you to create your own comic book-inspired cut scenes for your missions, giving you tons of control over the types of stories you tell. To guide you through the creation process, we created a new video tutorial explaining the basics of the 2D Cut Scene tool — you can watch it below.

If you are new to UGC, be sure to watch all of our tutorials which will explain all the basics on creating a great UGC mission.

Stay tuned to and join our forums on for future updates on inFAMOUS 2 and inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood. Also follow us on Twitter, @SuckerPunchProd, and check out our Facebook Page.

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  • That looks sick!!

    Need to try this out!! and still need to beat this game!!

  • Really liked FOB, but I feel like I cant play Infamous 2 until I have replayed Infamous 1 with bad Karma.

    What do you guys think?

    Its hard to find time to complete these pervious games before the new ones come out due to my online gaming addiction.

    It all started with GOW, awesome game that I could never finish on Spartan hard(my first play through), thenI couldnt play GOW 2, or 3.

    Since then it seems the game log has been stacked against me, I wonder if I’ll ever have enough time to play all my games to completion?

    And new games just keep coming out!!

    Come on guys, lets have a break for a couple years so i can catch up already!!

    Oh yeah can I please have the flying ability back from FOB when i play Infamous 2? Pretty please??

  • Still haven’t got the time to play FoB. :(

  • Nice! I pre-ordered Infamous FOB, so its pretty cool to see that I contributed to “making inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood the fastest-selling PSN game in history!”

    Haven’t played it yet though, but I know it will be good since I enjoyed Infamous 1 & 2.
    Please make some more of these awesome games, I love throwing lightning around!!

  • Ahhhh ddddaaayyyymmmm. I love you guys/girls at SP :) You rawk lots.

  • What happened to the UGC contest? Any winners announced yet?

  • Wait, what! I bought FOB, played all the way through it, and I had no idea the UGC tools were included. What did that cost me, like $10? Are you guys insane? What a crazy amount of content you have provided, for so little cost. Bravo, Sucker Punch!

  • Are there going to be any new powers DLC for infamous2 its been really quiet in that section.

  • How long is Festival of blood DLC? I have heard it is very short.

  • Since the updates were released in FOB will we at least recieve the vampire skin and the FOB amp as a DLC because in forums that’s a very common question , thank you PLEASE REPLY

  • I mean the DLC skin and amp for those who have Infamous 2.

  • sorry to bother but is there a programming reason?
    becasue i know the reason you cant combine the amps with the skin

  • never really touched that feature, but at least i know how to make cut-scenes now.

  • So will we be able to actually play any of the UGC content in Festival of Blood? I get an error nine times out of ten whenever I try to play a mission. It’s been a while but I think it said something online the lines of “unable to load file”.

  • this looks so cool 

  • Will Sucker Punch add additional stuff to UGC like the CHOPPER or Nix/Kuo?Or 2d cutscene is the last update?Please reply guys…By the way, the last cutscenes shown were too awesome,could someone create something SIMILIAR to them with Infamous 2?Infamous 2 OWNS!!I love being evil

  • only used the ugc to get the few trophys otherwise in my opinion game would probably be better off without this feature an resources reallocated to make fob longer an more dlc for infamous 2.

  • Ha Collin Moore…I could swear you are woman…I always check infamous posts…and by your photo and name I really thought you are woman.

  • @Colin moor great work on the Sly Games as well as the Infamous games I was wondering i could add u on fb if u have a personal one i would love to interview on skype or i/e messages my names Corey btw and I love gaming ever since i was 7 13 yrs later and I’m still a proud gamer. also feel free to add my psn if u want it would mean alot to me

  • Dear Colin moor: im thinking that you guys should make a skin transfer update to FoB because the gamers keep saying the same thing because the full vampire and infected skins are so awesome that you should put them in infamous 2 for the peapole that have FoB and every one knows that you guys are so kool but if you do this you could get to the rate of greatest please Sucker Punch make this wish happen for us gamers please i beg u make this happen there is no reason to not make this happen so please PLEASE!

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