ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Mod Studio Preview

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ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Mod Studio Preview

1,102,202 Mods to date and counting! That’s the current number of user-created Mods in the ModNation database. This works out to an average of 1,971 Mods created per day since the franchise was born in May 2010. We might be going out on a limb here but we suspect you kinda enjoy creating those cute, colorful, frightening, bizarre, silly, awkward, and many times artistic “alter egos”.

Now with ModNation Racers: Road Trip and Vita in hand (or pocket) you can create and tote your favorite Mods along with you while “on the road”. Anything that catches your eye from a statue in a garden courtyard to the gigantic inflatable mascot at a high school football game can instantly be preserved in time with your portable Mod Studio.

Here are a few of the new features…

1. Mod Parts
Creating a Mod has always been a fairly straightforward, simple, yet powerful process. Mod Parts now streamlines the process even more with instant access to your Mods parts and features. Touch your finger to your creations head and all parts and props groups for the head pop up (eyes, ears, nose, etc…). Touch his body and all parts and props for his torso appear (pants, shoes, shirts, etc…). Sounds simple because it is.


2. Drag and Drop
Once you have chosen your selected area it’s again as simple as drag and drop the features and props right onto your Mod. With parts like eyes, ears, stickers, etc., you can stretch, pinch, move and rotate to your heart’s desire. You can also do things like change the color of most anything by simply touching the color picker tab at the top right. There is just something that makes the “modding” experience a lot more fun when the items are “at your fingertips”.


Whether you are working on your Mod for minutes or hours you will appreciate the ease and feel of these new features.

PS3 ModNation Racers News

This Week’s Top Tracks:


Medieval Mini-Theme is available in the PlayStation Store now for $6.99

ModNation Player Profile: PSN ID: Assyrion
Assyrion is one of the more well-known ModNation members from France who has made a name for himself as not only a great racer but a great (underrated) track creator. Take a look at his player profile HERE.

Creations of the Week: Going All Medieval Up In Here


Hot Lap Tracks Of The Week: Granada by marusarusa


Each week’s submissions bring with them a new challenge to the question “what exactly qualifies a creation as the Track of the Week”? We’ve mentioned assets like environment, track flow, item placement, lightning and more which USUALLY add up to one track standing out amongst the other great tracks. This week’s TOTW has us a little baffled. jefferzone created an amazing tribute track with elements used together in a way that we have not seen before in his tracked title “Smokin’ Joe”. prob_alex added to his astonishing portfolio of track creation elements in his “Mammy Mammoth” track and all other qualifiers presented Five-Star tracks. Yet something stood out with Granada by marusarusa that kept us coming back. Maybe we should add Mojo to the elements we are looking for?

Monday: Granada by marusarusa
Tuesday: Smokin’ Joe by jefferzone
Wednesday: City Underwater Fiasco by atheistsw
Thursday: Hydropark by RADMANROB
Friday: Planet Ravaia by John31269
Saturday: Mammy Mammoth by prob_alex
Sunday: Solar Ice Cap UV Grid by IndustrialSavior

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6 Author Replies

  • And… bummer, didn’t make it onto Hot Lap at all. :(

    What is up with Hot Lap though? I’ve been getting within the top ten and well within the top 10%, but haven’t been receiving any xp for it.

  • hmmm 1,102,202 mods created…. whatta curious number! eeh… did you understand? eeh.. 102… 202.. Oh… whatever…

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on a vita and try this out!

    Definitely one of the most useful applications of the touchscreen I’ve seen yet!

  • The words you are looking for Mark, about marusarusa track is – Architecturally beautiful… that is why it is t.o.t.w great great track!! good choice.

  • Any chance that the DLC track packs for ps3 will ever go on sale?

  • Is Modnation racer:Road trip even releasing in Europe? Because sometimes it dosen’t feel like that because you never share any of the new things with us europein players. You know we do exist over here too…..

    • You should see us back on the SCEE PlayStation blog very soon with all things ModNation Racers and ModNation Racers: Road Trip for Vita!

      Thanks for asking!

  • Oh wow, didn’t expect to see one of my mods in creations of the week. This was a pleasant surprise. :)

    I know you guys are focusing on Road Trip right now, but is there any word on anymore DLC coming to MNR in the near future?

  • hi mark you will be able to play psvita tracks on ps3 and the new weapons will be for ps3 too? I have this questions for a few monts ago
    saludos desde mexico amigo!

  • Hey Mark, I have the same concerns as dsaBOSS.

    Is there going to be more DLC coming to PS3 ModNation Racers ever? It would be very very sad if my favorite PS3 game gets “discontinued”…

  • Now I know that this has nothing to due with the article but could Jeff confirm that what gamestop prices for accessories are legit? (more specifically the memory cards) anyway I’m extremly excited about the Vita version of Modnation can’t wait.

  • I guess MnR for PS3 won’t have anything new like DLC’s while Vita’s version of the game it’s in progress…

    I miss new stuff for the game, although I guess it won’t be more until MnR2 or something :S

  • Thanks for the Hot Lap spot for Friday! I think people will have a little fun with my custom alien homeworld!

    Granada is very fun to race on as well! I’m glad it got a Track Of The Week mention!

  • Hi any news on Double Exp. week??? PLS!!!

    And off topic, Theres a rumor around about the Super smash brothers version of Sony!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!
    but pls SOMEONE!!! TELL SONY TO NOT! PUT THAT NAME!!! “Title Fight”? Horrible! pls other name will be good. maybe “Super Clash Brothers” < AWESOME! too obvious but awesome!

    What do u think about this Mark???

  • Any discount for DLC of ModNation racer on ps3 coming soon?

  • Yeah, some bundles or big discounts on DLC are really needed. Right now, there is almost $100 worth of dlc out, and because there is so much so pricey, we always end up just passing on it.

    Track and theme DLC as released way late in the life of the game, and we got tired of waiting for it to ever materialize.

    Maybe if you added snow tracks or night, and created some killer dlc holiday deals we would be more inclined to tinker with it more again.

    Its really a shame how things went down after release.

  • This is a Day one buy for me.

    Presuming I get a PSV on day one, but you get the idea. :P

  • I need this game..only 85 days :P

  • I think to celebrate the upcoming release you should put the original Modnation on sale on the PSN. I’ve been wanting to rebuy it, digitally, and have been waiting for a sale forever and you guys never have done it! I get so sad inside. Is that what you want? My sadness!?!?

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