The Sly Collection Heads to PSN Tuesday

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The Sly Collection Heads to PSN Tuesday

Soooo I kinda let the cat out of the bag in one of my replies to a recent Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time blog post, but I thought I would make it more official here: The Sly Collection is heading to PSN as a PlayStation Store download! Look for all three full games to be available for download in the US on Tuesday, November 29th.

The Sly series is such a PS2 classic; they are still as much fun to play today as the day they came out. And in their new, remastered form, all three titles feature Trophies, wide screen HD running at a smooth frame rate (60 frames per second!) and they are all playable in stereoscopic 3D. You can purchase the Sly Collection for $29.99 or you can buy the individual titles for $9.99 each. Speaking from personal experience, Once you play one, I know you will want to play them all!

Sly Collection for PS3

So if you have not had a chance to play the new Sly Collection on Blu-ray, or you just want to revisit your favorite boss battle in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus or finally complete all those Master Thief Challenges in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, then check them out on PSN on the 29th. But no stealing!!

BTW: If you are way ahead of the curve and picked up The Sly Collection on Blu-ray, don’t feel left out — the PlayStation Move-enhanced minigames are still exclusive to that version, so enjoy!

The Sly Collection 10The Sly Collection 2

There is no better way to get in some excellent thieving practice in advance of next year’s launch of the fourth installment in the series – Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (short of breaking and entering your local mob run private art collection). You can learn more about Sly’s next, new for the PS3 adventure in my recent blog post, which shows off Rioichi Cooper, Sly’s playable ancestor in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Rioichi’s ninja mastey will make for some great sneaking techniques, so give him a look and let us know what you think!

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  • Hey look my childhood is downloadable.

    You guys did an amazing job on the Collection, and I can’t wait to see more info on Sly 4. I wish best of luck to you guys!

  • Appreciated but about a year late. I’d have rather bought these from PSN but instead got the blu-ray release day one since no PSN release was in sight. :( Great pricing on these by the way.

    You know what would be great? If Sony took that PSP App they’re making to allow UMD owners to buy PSN versions of their games at a discount, and made a similiar App for PS3 games. But they won’t. At least I’ll always have my exclusive Sly mini-games lol.

  • This is only $20 at Best Buy (Canada). Why would I pay ten bucks more for the digital copy?

  • I’m glad this series is getting the attention it deserves. It truly is one of my favorite game series of all time.

    Can’t wait for Sly 4: Thieves in Time.

  • So I guess we should be them individually and save $0.02.

  • oops (be = buy)

  • I hope this means the pricing of the Prince of Persia PS2 games on the PSN will drop to $9.99/each as well. I’ll finally have to bite on one or two of them.

  • i’ve owned the Sly collection on Disc & I must say they are great games, I only owned Sly 2 back on the PS2 but i’m glad I was able to play & enjoy the 1st & 3rd game in the series in this collection

  • I got this on blu-ray the other week & so far it is BRILLIANT!!! :P (nearly finished the 1st game + i missed it last gen)

    + CAN ANY ONE DO A –

    ‘TIMESPLITTERS HD COLLECTION’ PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P (sorry i had to shout that out) :D

  • Making all these HD remakes separately downloadable is a really savvy choice, and I appreciate it, because eventually I’ll want to do just that.
    I wonder what the odds are of the same thing happening to the Metal Gear Solid compilation. Probably slim since it’s not a Sony studio…

  • Amazing games people. You’d be foolish to let these slip on by. Some of my best memories this past year are playing these titles over the winter months.

  • + Any chance of taking off the ‘Copy Protect’ on the ‘SLY’ game saves please? ;)

    (i like to back up my game saves(to memory card)so that if my PS3 dies then i will still have the saves that i lost on my memory card and i won’t lose all my hard work ;-D i did in the games)

  • Will it be downloadable for the VITA?

  • Hey Glen. Lisen, uh. This is all great news and I can’t wait do buy this, but when is it going to be downloadable in Europe? BTW, will you release a demo of Thieves in Time on PSN?

  • Never played any Sly games, this looks like a good way 2 start until the 4th installment.

  • cool. now is my chance catch up on the series

  • I love this game! got the bluray version, would have loved to get it off PSN if it was out back then….but 3 platniums, and bonus move mini games, its a great value! and this game never gets old! this game will do for now untill Sly 4 next year!

  • This is a really nice bit of news. This is why they limited console activations to just 2: so we can start seeing more, and better full games for digital download. Yay!

  • This is good stuff.
    Hopefully this means that an Ace Combat Collection is around the corner.

  • o yea what is up with that Console limt? i have 3 PS3 in my house so this might sux for me but not that big a deal..what if one breaks? then this will sux since i wont be able to activate another ps3..

  • Missed out on Sly the first time around on the PS2, so I got the collection day 1. Good decision. Some of best games I’ve played. Hoping for a R&C collection soon so I can jump into the series and get caught up.

  • REMEMBER if you have more than 2 ps3’s this is not the way to go even if all of them have 500+GB hdd your 3rd,4th and 5th ps3 can only play the disc collection because sony decided to give ALL the GOOD boys n girls COAL in their STOCKINGS for doing NOTHING WRONG well EXCEPT supporting sony’s CONNECTED HOME INFINITIVE-IF THEIR WERE A TROPHY REWARD IS WOULD BE A GIANT SUCKER with a symbolic GIANT SUCKER as reinforcement.

    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED…………………………

  • I’ll be looking for this to be on sale on Black Friday last year I got GOW HD collection for 10bux hopefully I can buy for same price :)

  • Hey, Glen Egan! When can we expect more Sly 4 news? The wait is killing me!

  • As soon as I’m able to, I will be getting this!

  • Great games & great news! Thank you Sony!

  • lol.. I can buy a NEW blu ray copy of this for $15 ONLY. Buying a IMAGINARY copy? No thanks..

  • I wish this game be also on the vita. Oh well PS3 is good enough for me!

  • Dear Mr Glean Egan.

    1-I just wanted to say thank you VERY MURCH all of Sanzaru Games.

    & 2-is that I think that what I would like to see happen in the New game a kinda new twist on the beginning cutscene of the game.

    So instead of the normal cutscene with a Montage by Kevin just like in the last 3 titles.

    Have a very stylish animated cutscene showing off all of Sly’s past adventures from game’s 1 to 3.

    So basically kinda like in God of War III
    I just think that it would be appropriate considering the 5 year gap from the third game.

    BUT what about you-2??

  • If you buy separately it comes out to 29.97. The bundle should be 25 or should include some kind of bonus for those 2 extra cents. :3 Doesn’t really matter to me since I already have this on blu ray.

  • Thanks for this launch . . . but please give us more info. I really want to buy the games on the PSN, more than the retail store. So please give us all the titles on the PSN. Don´t matter if they are so simple like Cars 2 or bigger than Battlefield 3 or Uncharted 3, but please give us everything.

    I really want Team Ico Collection on the PSN, and many other games. Please!!!

  • Will there be trophies?? And is there a discount for Plus users?? HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

  • i still got all of them on the ps2

    cant wait till sly 4;)

  • Ratchet and Clank Collection please!!!!

  • Great games, shame about the pricing. It doesn’t even make sense for a couple reasons. For one you can find this game for $19.99 in stores now, yet $29.99 on PSN? Late release and more expensive. Secondly you can buy each game individually for cheaper than the bundled price.

    Sony and MS both have a lot to learn yet when it comes to digital pricing. Steam is embarrassing both platform holders.

  • I played Sly as i grew up :) $30.00 though :(( ill have to start saving or wait till christmas….wanted more trophies too, now that i have 1567 of them :)

  • No discount for ps plus user???

  • Even though i already have ratchet,sly,jack,dmc,mgs etc series games on ps2 they were not made for the HDTV era displays as widescreen was a luxury and the textures,resolution etc were the best SDTV was going to see but with the collections you get,if properly done, HD graphics,trophies,upgraded controls where needed (ratchet before dual analog to all ratchet games receiving it) and up to date online play.

    I really wish more obscure less widespread games like ps2’s rouge galaxy and dragon quest would be offered.

    How about taking ps one classics and HDing them up to current standards.

  • 9,99 seems like a good deal for each game, i think i might pick up one of them

  • hahahaha ive played n beat this all three of these games for my ps2

  • Swell. I will now need to sell the hard-copy I bought off Amazon for $20 as my 2nd PS3 within the past 2 months has broken down.

  • I don’t see it on PSN !! Help ?? o.o

  • Im buying a PS3 after Christmas just to get the Sly Cooper games 1-4

  • i hope they remake the series for the psp or psvita that would be awesome

  • Thats Great To Know…. But I Have Sly 3 on ps3 i got it for 99 cents at a flea market

  • how do i join ps reward program anyone ????

  • hi glen,
    you know, i want to become a game-designer, and i would love to be one by sanzaru games.
    But i’m still at school and the next university that teaches this kind of design in germany is in stuttgart (i live nearby cologne) and it’s a private university, so it’s really REALLY expensive.
    My family and my friends told me that i’m nuts, because “that kind of job isn’t for a girl like me”.
    Even if i’m still 14 years old and i still don’t have much experience in those kind of jobs, i love how a simple idea becomes to a sketch and a sketch becomes to a great piece of art later in the game.
    I hope you understand me…

    oh and by the way, sorry for my mistakes. I’m still working on my English… :)

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