Sodium2 Payback Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

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Sodium2 Payback Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

Attn: Sodium 2 racers! PlayStation Home’s exclusive hyper-speed futuristic racing game will receive a huge update this week with new rewards, rivalries and explosive launch boosts. Beginning on Thursday, November 24th, players will be able to unlock up to 28 unique rewards by reaching new XP levels in Sodium 2 (those of you’ve who’ve already made it to the top of the game will also be rewarded these items upon entering the Sodium 2 launch grid). We’re also excited to introduce the new Rivals system, which expands your multiplayer experience by allowing you to go head-to-head against any other player in the scene as well as the last 20 players you’ve challenged in multiplayer mode – no friends list required. Finally, we’ve added another way for you to gain an advantage over your opponents with the Sodium 2 Launch Boost system. Time things right and you’ll receive an explosive boost off the starting grid allowing you to surge ahead of your competitors and seize the lead!

The final phase of the Turkey Chase game will be released in Pier Park this week. This classic game pits players against a horde of wily turkeys in a cat and mouse chase complete with brand new rewards. Catch them all, you will unlock Thanksgiving-themed rewards that are sure to make you an object of envy amongst your peers. Celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in true PlayStation Home style with this ridiculous(ly fun) game!


Become the star quarterback with the Lockwood Lions Football uniform (or get the crowd fired up by shaking those pompoms in a bright Lions Cheerleaders outfit). Think of it this way – it’s a great way to burn off that Thanksgiving dinner you collect by playing the Turkey Chase game in Pier Park! You can also show your team allegiance by picking up the Milton the Lion mascot portable item, which will follow you wherever you go. These items (and more, including the new clothing packs from the high fashion Drey collection) will be available from the Lockwood Store in the PlayStation Home Mall on Thursday, November 24th.


Those of you that visit the new PlayStation Home Mall this week will find some excellent deals with the Konami Holiday bundles and the 100 Item Super Bundle (available at a discount for Exclusives collectors). That’s not all – VEEMEE releases their latest line of TOVS clothing and furniture items, and we even have a new boom box for all you metalheads with tracks from one of the underground’s finest labels, Prosthetic Records.


The PlayStation Home Community Theater is celebrating LittleBigPodcast’s 3rd birthday with a special episode and an even more special reward courtesy of the LBPodcast crew and the PlayStation Home Community Management team. Afterwards, be sure to check out Luge Control, where the Tester star returns with a tour of the newest PlayStation Home spaces and tears into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition.”


See you in Home!

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  • Sodium 2 is getting better and better. The food looks delicious. The Holiday Season is looking good already.

    Regarding the food, it would be nice if a dinner table was available with food already on it and count as one item. This would allow us to make better use of our 50 item limit.

    Thanks for the update. See you in Home.

    • We wanted to create a sense of accomplishment for those who sought out all the dishes for the Thanksgiving feast. That also gives more creativity and utility for how you present your meal.

  • How much will the 100 item bundle cost? (gotta make sure I get the funds if I don’t have em already)

  • along with Conrad’s statement it would also be nice if we can get a dinner table that isn’t the same size as a coffie table or that can seat 4 instead of 2.

  • SODIUM2 UPDATE!! YAY!! Only 2 weeks late, but YAY!! And FINALLY!! a boombox for the rest of us!! Nice update, y’all!!

  • Also, not sure if you’re aware Locust, but the video for Sodium2 is doing the ol’ “THIS VIDEO IS PRIVATE.” dance with us…

  • @stardeth did u check out the boombox that was released last week? If not check it out, if you like this one you should like that one!

  • @chelada I bought it, but UC3 is occupying the majority of my free time lately… LOL

  • lol! much like Batman Arkham city is doing for me.

  • Locust:

    I have two questions about the update this cool update.

    1. Is there any new quests to do this week?
    2. When will we see the real Adventure district? not the UC3 game


  • Turkey, Turkey, Turkey….

  • i have a problems with the ps home theather community,, i can recived the reward from ps home talent :,( ,, help yessss

  • I could care less about the BOOMBOX , 2 weeks ago i purchased the so call PHANTOM 5000 , which has 20 hip hop beats , well, noone bothered to mention that each beat last for 10 SECONDS, as for the lockwood cheerleader, i`ll pass.
    Its nice and im all for the FREE and Discount items when it comes to New people , and for other Home members who dont have some of those items on sale , but WHAT ABOUT US , what about those of us that made HOME MALL what it is today, with our constant purchases week after week since Home Mall had like 4 stores and some said, (store empty) I remember Costumes was 1 of them . When do we get something Special
    when do we get an Appreciation Home Member V.I.P space or something very few people will have .

  • i just hope the theater rewards bug is fixed

  • any news about a new Personal space in which noone has to leave in order to change clothes , how about the 50 ITEMS OR LESS per personal space , and 2 Active items going up .
    last monday i went to the Southern Getaway Beach (Seaside replacement ) and there were 2 people only …LMAO Epic Fail , that Beach should be taken out and be redone again, is too SMALL , a lot of people that used to go to Seaside all the time , DO NOT LIKE this place. it is awful
    Is there a way some of the creative team can make a PARK for us , you Grass, Trees , Benches, Water Fountains , although the “New ” Hub is nice, it feels all stelizided, feels like im in some Airport , instead of somewhere that combines nature and high tech Hub ………….

  • Sodium 2 finally gets a much cooler update! I need to check this out… :P

  • SODIUM 2 ROCKS!! Everything LKWD is simply… KILLERRRRR!!! :D

  • when will the abstergo lab ever get updated or the star wars canteina and magic the gathering space. im surprise d diesel hasnt closed its doors do to the economy lol

  • Is it true? LOOT: Crackle Rewards are coming to Home? Tell us more!

    • That’s a good question.

      YES! There’s a bunch of rewards, so get in there and enjoy some movies. The more you use it, the more rewards you will discover. I suggest heading into the LOOT Theater with a bunch of friends this holiday weekend and enjoying the great shows.

  • @Jersquall indeed rewards :) with greetings from Sara ;)

    @GlassWalls i hope you liked the video, hamster partying in home :) thank you again!

  • People say that the turkey outfit can be won again. Well ive been playing tons of times and i havent got anything but the head. Any info regarding this?

  • Is it possible to get a list of what’s in the 100 item bundle? Pretty please?

  • Are we going to see the Sackboy Playmat finally show up, hopefully?

  • WAIT: Loot Crackle Rewards? Are these only available in the Loot Theater or can we get them in the Hollywwod hills apt and Yacht?

    By: DCS

  • Crackle Rewards? But Crackle Movies are NOT available for Puerto Rico or Canada….How are we gonna get the rewadrds? :”(

  • Hey glasswalls any word on getting nfl jerseys with players on back ? I know bunch of ppl who would love them this time of the yr since football is rolling :) can u try and bring them back.

  • and btw happy thanksgiving (:

  • I wonder will the rewards actually work this time or will we have to wait until next year to get them

  • Will the missing items from the Drey Ultimate bundle be fixed this Thursday? And, same with the Retronauts bundle?

  • have you fixed Sodium 2 i never see anyone mention this so i will since i can’t play or look at anything in sodium 2, i waited 2 to 3 hours for the game an everything else in sodium 2 to download but there never do, everything else works in home but the sodium 2 room

  • looking forward to a few things in this update.

    not looking forward to “THE UPDATE BUGS” that magically disappears after a few hours after updates each week (can’t believe this hasn’t been corrected yet), but still, looking forward to it.

    still wishing Home, well PS3 for that matter would allow us to use customized music with every game the way Xbox 360 does. would be nice to listen to Deftones, Public Enemy, Mudvayne, some jungle music (drum and bass) while speeding through courses on Sodium 2.

    but alas, we can’t always have what we want.

  • @ Phantom_Outlaws we will nvr get to play our own music do to copyrights man

  • Locust_Star, i’ve been missing rewards, home just don’t give them to me

  • + arkard1000 on November 23rd, 2011 at 10:02 pm said:
    “Locust_Star, i’ve been missing rewards, home just don’t give them to me.”

    Other people have reported the same issues. Problems like this, and any others, can be reported in the Home Support Forum.

  • all i got was ham no thanksgiving bird

  • You know what, Home is getting worse, not better. You guys got rid of the map that everyone looked forward to seeing the special holiday theme every year. Without Central Plaza, PS Home isnt PS Home, and those Killzone 3 and Dead Island Plazas aren’t the same. Now the rewards are sucking big time. I got just the ham as well. I’ve spent almost $700 on PS Home, and i think you guys could do a lot better when it comes to quality of a product. I’m not happy at all. GlassWalls and Locust_Star, i think you guys have some serious work to do. And if i don’t get my Thanksgiving rewards, and i mean all of them, i’m calling Sony and i’m going off. I’ve tried all the tricks to try to fix this issue. This stuff is getting old. Very disappointed with Home right now.

  • comment for GlassWalls & Locust_Star i have the Hollywood hillz one 2 acc’s and im Canadian im just wondering since some how none of the movies or tv shows are available in my region yet were on same server just wondergin was it a waste of time wit my money or am i gona b able to watch movies too if so i’d like to know so i can shut down netflix for good :)

  • You have created a sense of hunger in me, after gathering all the Turkey Chase food items.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to out Home team and all Sony employess!!.

    PS..A little Bird,well A Turkey that is, told me If your having trouble getting the Holiday Food Gift Items,please head to the Hub.

  • I meant OUR…lol
    Tryptophanic have overdosed on Turkey..

  • Oh yeah I’m really looking forward to trying out the Sodium 2 Update and racking up those prizes. *Slurps* I love prizes.

  • i dont rlly care for rewards atm im more mad at the fact i cannot watch movies that im spose to the rewards are free i payed money for sumin that dont even work

  • + Dustman50-baned on November 24th, 2011 at 8:35 am said:

    “comment for GlassWalls & Locust_Star i have the Hollywood hillz one 2 acc’s and im Canadian im just wondering since some how none of the movies or tv shows are available in my region…”

    From last week’s Blog:

    + RaymondBel on November 18th, 2011 at 3:29 pm said:

    “Will that be only available to the USA or other regions as well? Canada hey?”

    + GlassWalls on November 18th, 2011 at 5:11 pm said:

    “This first phase is US only for now.”

  • Someone tell me, PLEASE, is the Turkey Outfit still available to win???? Nobody will tell me, please someone tell me. Thanks.

  • + Conrad_Max on November 24th, 2011 at 1:05 pm said:
    + Dustman50-baned on November 24th, 2011 at 8:35 am said:
    “comment for GlassWalls & Locust_Star i have the Hollywood hillz one 2 acc’s and im Canadian im just wondering since some how none of the movies or tv shows are available in my region…”
    From last week’s Blog:
    + RaymondBel on November 18th, 2011 at 3:29 pm said:
    “Will that be only available to the USA or other regions as well? Canada hey?”
    + GlassWalls on November 18th, 2011 at 5:11 pm said:
    “This first phase is US only for now.”

    but this is dumb why do they get it first were in the same server if ur gona putt sumin in and say EVERYONE can watch might wana put it in when EVERYBODY can or ur gona have very mad ppl like me i mean soon could b a year from now bad enough i posted on forums they dont speak id like at least a time date to when its being released shouldnt b that hard this is such a epic fail n im done buyin anything loot anymore very un satisfied

  • I am also very dissatisfied with the Home service. Canadians getting excluded even though we`re on the same server. Rewards only being given to certain people. Showing favoritism to those who buy the ridiculously overpriced items, like the 100 item bundle being a $1 for those who bought the mansion, etc. You’re smacking those of us who`s been giving you money for years. And then there’s changing items after you sell them, so we don`t get what we paid for, like the now broken Scream costume. It`s run is broken. The female mummy`s extra dance is STILL broken, I paid 2.99 for that!

    Instead of the stupid bikinis every week, how about fixing these nasty flaws before we start suing you. It will be in your best interests to stop ripping off your customers.

  • *Gives Feral_Dragon a tissue.

  • NOT RECEIVING REWARDS: When properly completing actions to earn rewards:

    Thanksgiving Mission Missing Items: Gravy Bowl, Mash Potato Bowl, Turkey, Fruit Basket, Pumpkin Pie

    All I have received: Bowl Of Cranberries, Pie

    Missing Items: LittleBigPodcast’s 3rd birthday (@PlayStation Home Community Theater) No Rewards Reviewed! (NOTE: Watched all the video’s all the way through until it went back to the first video). Cleared Cache Files and repeated and still not got rewarded.

    Crackle Rewards Missing: Watch 6+ video all the way through. Missing 4 items: Male & Female) remote hand item. Missing crackle hoodie (Male & Female)

    Have received bunch of posters. But mail items should had been received, To received these items. You have to watch a full movie all the way through.

    Watched: Resident Evil. Short Circuit 1 & 2. Ghost Busters, A Few Good Men, Girl Interrupted, Vampire The Turning.

    Refreshing and clearing cache and repeating DID NOT receive the reward.

    Received the following: Crackle Cap. Popcorn Hand Items.

  • Can’t somebody fix the bugs? I went to a friends hollywood hills place and the theatre room seating had dissapeared and the movies still don’t work for those outside the usa. The lag and frequent crashes are nothing to look forward to either. Even when you go near the exit at the bowling space it still shows central plaza. I know you guys are still using beta as an excuse but thats more than a bit excessive years later.

  • I can’t get my free stuff from the mall. I am always getting error please exit the store and come back,but everything works fine with the stuff you have to pay for. I am missing rewords as well like the picture frame from watching that pshome talent thing i am also missing the reward for watching a movie on crackle.

  • AWESOME!!!!

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