PULSE 11/22 Edition featuring Assassin’s Creed Revelations and Super 8

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PULSE 11/22 Edition featuring Assassin’s Creed Revelations and Super 8

This pre-Thanksgiving edition of PULSE jumps right into Assassin’s Creed Revelations and includes some insight from the PlayStation.Blog’s Jeff Rubenstein as he shares some smooth moves to power up Ezio’s earnings. There are also previews of the upcoming Wanted Corp. (for those looking to pursue alien criminals), and the NBA 2K12 Legends Showcase (for basketball fans needing something to cheer about) featuring over 150 of the greatest players competing in playground pick-up games set in New York City.

The Top 10 is all about favorite Thanksgiving-themed movies this week, while the new video releases Super 8 and Larry Crowne are ready for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Also, keep a lookout for the Invisimals: Shadow Zone character unlock shown at the end of this edition. Remember to watch PULSE right from the “What’s New” section on your PS3 later today with the PlayStation Store.

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  • how about making a pulse app available on the ps3 so we dont have to be downloading videos every 2 weeks ? i hope you guys think about it and the vita actually comes with a pulse app pre installed when the system launch in NA , thanks , oh by the way a playstation blog vita app would be so kool too

  • any news on a firmware update for the ps3??? I think its time for the ps3 to have a good ol fashion update with
    new features… FOR EVERYONE not just ps +
    …..how about an integration of PS HOME with the XMB so we can see our avatars next to our PSN name??? and when u click ur friends PSN name their avatar its shown??
    How about XGC??? (LOL! I know ps3 only does everything except for XGC) but anything else…. i dont know… HOW about a sound for when a friend or someone sends u a message??? sigh….

  • omg Jeff where can i get that Tshirt ? you guys should seriously think about selling merchandize over psn , come on , how come nobody have thought about doing that ? or at least have a place where we can buy all those playstation accessories like target , sears , wallmart or macys

  • @remanutd5 They all ready have a pulse app its called PS HOME They show it in the theater or what ever they call it now every two week with out having to download any thing. LOL if you call PS home an APP. Then well good luck with that. :)

  • Ok Pulse 11/22 came out but how about Pulse 11/15 why did it not come out on 11-15-2011 for the PSN.
    if it did some reply on this comment because i can find it.
    Also does any body know when does PES 12 (pro evolution soccer 12) come out for the PSN. ;p

  • It’s very sad saw at PSblog an announcement about new PULSE episode, turn on my PS3, discover that there they are playing the old episode and with a so poor quality that almost make me cry. Back to the PC to watch a simple video that PS3 can’t play with acceptable quality.

    Just sad…

  • Gotta Luv PULSE & Christina Lee! Woot! Woot! :P

  • @ 3 i want that shirt they been wearing in the latest sony commercial’s

  • @5 & 6 They didn’t have a Pulse ep last week because of the special holiday one this week, and they always show it on the blog first, then have it downloadable when the store is updated later.

  • Thanks for that update… Now how about updating the PS store in a timely fashion…
    Really annoying how PS treats their customers with irregular store updates after they roll out of bed at 3 in the afternoon, and take a leisurely drive to work….

    Friggin update the store you blowhards!

  • PULSE this B==D lee

  • Christina Lee looking sexy. ♥

  • This is showing under HOME post…Thought I would let you know..

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