Deploying at Vita Launch: Zipper’s Unit 13

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Deploying at Vita Launch: Zipper’s Unit 13

On behalf of the entire team at Zipper Interactive, I am proud to announce a new shooter, Unit 13, designed from the ground up for the new PlayStation Vita. It’s been very exciting developing a game for the first portable console with precision dual analog sticks, the perfect platform for a fast action, hard-hitting, third-person shooter like Unit 13. In addition, Vita’s front and back touch interface provided a unique and fun way to interact quickly with in-the-world elements of the game.

Deploying at Vita Launch: Zipper’s Unit 13

Fast action, on-the-go gameplay was a key goal for the Unit 13 team. The game is designed for players to move quickly into the action, choosing from one of six Operatives with unique abilities to tackle 36 action-packed missions across nine unique locales. Missions come in a variety of sizes and difficulty. Some are smaller bite-sized battles; others are longer, more challenging, multi-objective missions that are a good test for any skilled shooter fan. As you make your way through the variety of missions, you unlock the right to take on the tougher High Value Target (HVT) enemy battles. After completing an HVT mission, you can share them with friends and nearby players through PlayStation Vita’s “NEAR” feature.

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The Zipper team put considerable effort into leveraging Vita’s WIFI and 3G functionality to provide exceptional social gaming and competition with friends and opponents from around the world. Unit 13’s live notification interface, enabled through 3G, keeps players up to date on leaderboard positions, new “Daily Challenge” content, new unlocks, shared High Value Target missions, and challenges from friends as they move past you on the leaderboards.


In Co-op, you can play Unit 13 with a friend all with high quality voice chat enabled through the PlayStation Vita. Coop teams compete for top positions on the global, regional, and friend mission leaderboards.

We’re super excited for all of you to give Unit 13 a try. We believe it’s the perfect portable shooter on the best portable gaming platform, the PlayStation Vita. And it’s available right around Vita launch!

See you on the leaderboards!

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  • So, is the live notification interface exclusive to the 3G model? I have the First Edition Vita bundle on pre order, but because I’m in Canada it’s wifi only. Will I still be able to use the interface?

    • The notification bar works over either 3G or WiFi, though obviously with 3G you’ll continue to receive updates wherever you play and not just when connected to a WiFi hotspot. A big goal with this feature was to keep you informed whenever and wherever you play, be it at home or on the bus, and the 3G model allows for that.

  • Interesting launch title. Is there a current listing of other Vita launch titles?

  • Cool. Another shooter for the Vita.

    Can’t wait to see some gameplay.

  • why oh why does zipper keep doing this. Give the fans what they want and make a socom 1 & 2 remake for either vita for PS3. Create a poll or ask around the biggest gaming forums. The gamers want socom 1 & 2 HD remakes.

  • Incoming flop after MAG and Socom IV. You guys should finally start working on Socom II HD. Instead of dropping mediocre shooter games.

  • If you click on the images there are more in Flickr. The game is looking pretty nice actually. I’m grabbing a Vita at launch so I’ll check this out.

    I like that you’re moving into new franchises but I’m always crossing my fingers for a SOCOM 1/2 online HD!

  • No more SOCOM for the portable?

  • Screw this, give us SOCOM 2 HD or a classic style SOCOM for PS3.

  • Will this be available ON launch day, or just shortly after?
    P.s. looks like a good game!

    • We haven’t announced a date yet, but it’ll be available right around then if not on launch day. You won’t be waiting long, regardless.

  • Does this mean the Zipper team will finally start working more on SOCOM 4? Patches & DLC are all welcome, or maybe even starting up the next SOCOM project? SOCOM 4 was a poor game, from someone who’s played every since game.

    I am excited for Unit 13 though, looks pretty ambitious for an early Vita title. Like the the use of those two thumbsticks. Now get COD on board and this thing will sell a ton

  • posted by Brian himself, booyaaa!

  • Looks like S4 ported to the Vita…


  • Hmmmm.Yet another Zipper fail??

  • This looks cool I guess, I just don’t want to spend 300 or more on a hand held console that will be phased out in 6 months, which we all know the Vita will sell like crap.

    What gets me about Zipper,, If you can make this game from the ground up why not give us Socom 1 or 2 in HD for the PS3. Sounds like a bunch of bull to me.

  • @10+mugoldeneagle03 watch that video, if you still do not realize COD has already been announced for Ps Vita.

    if you think nothing has been said again watch the video. all is in that video.

  • wow! an actually hardcore shooter! I’m really glad those dual analogue sticks are being put to good use.

  • Yet another tactical 3rd person shooter….

    Hopefully this does something to set itself apart from the rest.

  • Another Zipper title using the same no-where-close-to authentic MAG art style.

    I suppose it would be too much to ask for them to also ditch the PS2 era animations for a portable game when they couldn’t even do that for their past two full console ones, but hey you do get to chose which character you play as here that’s more customization than “Socom” 4 offered so maybe there is hope for the game..?

  • So will this game have a grenade arc or will you go lazy on the Vita with that feature aswell?

    P.S. Thanks for ruining the SOCOM series. Slant Six too!

  • We want SOCOM I, II, 3 re-released in HD for the Playstation 3 just like sony is doing with every other popular sony first-party ps2 exclusives.

  • What a joke, way to port Socom FLOP over to handheld.

    Do you guys( ZIPPER ) Have any Shame?

  • I hope your “Broader Audience” Worked out for ya, because none of the customers you guys took a crap on,are gonna buy this.

  • Here come the “WE WANT SOCOM HD” people and at the same time saying “WE WANT SOMETHING NEW!!” -____________- siiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhh when will they stop bitching.

    Unit 13 looks pretty cool. deff will be looking at it when i get a Vita

  • Oh look, another OTS shooter.

    The capabilities of the Vita look impressive.

    OTS shooters…not so much.

  • Oh and the name “Unit 13” Not to seem obvious but are you guys at Zipper begging for bad karma now???

  • The game looks great! will it be strictly multiplayer or does it have singleplayer?

  • The game looks great! will it have singleplayer or coop?

  • Any info on a zombie DLC pack ??

    Soon ?

  • jeez you people will never let socom 4 or mag go sure they wern’t great they wern’t as good as previouse games but they were fun, we should make a clean slate and start over with this game and not judge on there past mess ups. Please make socom hd thingy so they shut up about it.

  • will there online multiplayer ?

  • @David2Crazy

    You mean like the one with him walking up the stairs and the OTS head is blocking your whole view? It looks to me like all the same issues we have always had with the “too close” OTS camera view. It looks like a repeat of all that has gone wrong with the “classic” TPS shooter we used to enjoy.

    Failed OTS, rinse, repeat, port to handheld.

  • Holy cow, so you just ported Socom 4 to the Vita. You guys don’t learn a thing do you. Sigh.

  • If it’s anything like Socom 4, its definitely a buy.

  • Not to sound skeptical, but how will touch screens help a shooter? A video would be much appreciated!

  • Will there be multiplayer components other than cooperation (like Team Deathmatch) ?

  • OMG, It is new franchises and games that are making the VITA exiting.
    Although Resistance, Little Big Planet, Uncharted, Modnation Racers, and definitely more to come, make the VITA exciting.

    But, it is when you put these 2 things together that you get the MEGA excitement.

    P.S. Stop hating on them for their past mistakes. I LOVED SOCOM 4! Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. Just look at the Nintendo 3ds, at first they made mistakes, but with great games coming, they have moved on. Just like you guys. Keep Up The Good Work!

  • Will there be competitive online multiplayer?

  • Is it a retail game? If so definitely picking this up.

  • Co-Op? Vita Launch?

    Consider me a potential customer. Looks cool!

  • Thanks Zipper! Will be picking this game up. I hope it makes the launch date. I wish you luck with your sales and development. I will have this game the first hour it comes out lol. Big fan of the whole socom series. PSP and PS3.

  • Looks pretty sweet!! Thanks for the Roper Report :) BEYOND!!

  • I don’t mind playing a handheld at home if there are games like these and thus I have wifi at home so I don’t need the 3g.

  • Not buying this half assed port of SOCOM 4 to the Vita. How about you remake SOCOM 1 or 2 in HD instead? Yeah that’s not happening either your company’s a joke, I hope you guys get canned after this game flops to.

  • I still need socom 4. However this may be a title I buy for my vita down the line.

  • Zipper , when are you guys gonna get it thru your head.



  • I am sure Seth Luisi will be able to make sure this is casual friendly.

  • I think we’ve found the first bomb on the Vita.

    Dear Zipper,

    I really wish you hadn’t bumbled MAG so bad. It was glorious. It was different than everything else. Then you put out patch v1.03 and nerfed every gun in the game instead of just fixing the light machine guns. I really wish you’d had a better DLC marketing model that would have sustained your interest in MAG, but you kept giving things away for free and then released new game modes into a game where maps are tied to game modes, then didn’t fix them when there were design issues with the flow of action.

    I really wish you hadn’t abandoned MAG to push out SOCOM4 faster than it was ready to come out. I wish you’d stuck with the new idea and actually treated the first FPS MMO like an MMO and not just another game. You have no dedication.

    So, I have none for you.

    Hibbity jibbity,
    -Hoobity Doobity

  • No multiplayer, no thank you.

    Make a hardcore third person shooter for the PS3. Emphasis on the HARDCORE.

  • Interesting looking title, there are 36 missions which is great, but will there be a fleshed out story over these 36 missions or will the structure be different? I hope there is a solid story with interesting and engaging characters!

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