White Knight Chronicles II: Online Guilds Coming This Week

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White Knight Chronicles II: Online Guilds Coming This Week

White Knight Chronicles II for PS3

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers! We wanted to share first details on the Guild Update (game version 1.01) for White Knight Chronicles II. The update will radically enhance your online play options and provide more than 100 pieces of new downloadable content along with some other new features; read on for an in-depth dissection.

Guild System

One of the most exciting features is the new Guild System. By purchasing the commerce item “Guild License” at the PlayStation Store, you’ll be able to create your own Guild — a collective of GeoNet communities built by players that enables them to interact with each other online as they play. Create a Guild and you will have your own personal Guild page, which will allow you to participate in online Guild rankings, access the Guild’s exclusive HomeTown, and more. Once you create your Guild, you can pick your favorite character as a concierge (Guide) by purchasing a Concierge ticket item. Your concierge is a sort of Guild mascot that helps run day-to-day operations by managing your guild’s HomeTown, its guild tokens and GeoStones, and providind information about designated quests.

White Knight Chronicles II for PS3White Knight Chronicles II for PS3

Members of a guild are allotted three guild tokens per day. Guild masters receive four a day. You can use guild tokens when creating or joining in quests. If you do, completing the quest will earn GeoStones and prestige points for your guild. You may commit up to five guild tokens to a single quest. The more guild tokens you commit, the more GeoStones you can obtain. You can carry only up to three days’ worth of guild tokens at once, though you can purchase a Token Storage Ticket, to keep up to seven days’ worth (that’s 21 tokens, or 28 for guild masters). You’ll receive GeoStones by completing quests. GeoStones are the jewels that affect your guild’s position in the rankings. There are twelve different GeoStones, and the type you are likely to receive varies based on the Guild Rank of the quest. GeoStones enable guild members to obtain prestige points, raising the guild’s reputation and improving its position in the online rankings. If your guild builds up enough prestige, it will gain a level the next time points are tabulated in the rankings. The higher a guild’s level, the more facilities and items become available in its Guild HomeTown.

White Knight Chronicles II for PS3

Also, GeoStones can be “GeoForged” to transform them into other items. Some items may only be obtained through GeoForging, and the items you can create change on a daily basis. Boosting your guild’s level will increase the selection of items you can create through GeoForging.

Statue Factory

Statue Production has started at HomeTown’s Binding Post. Speak to Gaspard in your HomeTown to commission a statue. You can get a Statue by paying with small jewels known as Dahlia or with a Prism Ticket. Prism Tickets can be purchased either at the in-game online store or at PlayStation Store.

White Knight Chronicles II for PS3

There are more than 150 statues dividing into 10 Statue Packs. You can check your “Statue Collection” in the Travelogue of the main menu. By placing the right combination of statues in your HomeTown, you can earn statue bonuses. Gather some statues and try it out! Here are some examples of statue bonuses:

Statue Bonuses

  • Georama Stat Cap Raised (to 60)
    Place more than 1 statue. Stat cap raised to 60.
  • Farmer Stat Bonus +1
    Place more than 2 types of giant vespid, troll, or fire giant type statues.
  • Miner Stat bonus +1
    Place more than 2 types of scorpion, lizard, golem, or machine type statues.
  • Lumberjack Stat Bonus +1
    Place more than 2 types ofplant type (such as polkan) or wyvern type statues.
  • Warrior Stat Bonus +1
    Place more than 2 types of spider, assassin, or dragon type statues.
  • Mage Stat Bonus +1
    Place more than 2 types of spirit, undead, or Pyredaemos type statues.
  • Chef Stat Bonus +1
    Place more than 2 types of beast or greaver statues.

Check your Georama Stats to view the statue bonuses currently in effect! * Statue Factory is available only when you are signed in.

New Dowloadable Content

The Guild update will also bring more than 100 pieces of new downloadable content that yu can buy via the in-game store or PlayStation Store. In addition to the aforementioned Concierge Tickets, Guild License, and Prism Tickets, new downloadable content will include:

  • Incorruptus Colors: More colors are now available to customize your
  • Artifact Plans: Will earn you Incorruptus armors with unusual colors at a
    relatively low rate.*You must have access to an Incorruptus Workshop in order to bind artifacts.
  • Georama parts: 28 kinds (90 DLCs) of new Georama parts are added to
    the patch to upgrade your Georama town.

We hope you encounter more exciting White Knight Chronicles II online adventures with the software update! If you are playing White Knight Chronicles II, tell us your favorite online experience in the comments below!

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3 Author Replies

  • Great update. Makes me sort of consider giving this a second-look. I purchased and played WKC1 but found single-player experience to be not up to snuff. That being said, the online aspect was top-notch… and it would appear that it’s even better for WKC2.

  • The WKC II server will be down from 4:00PM PST on 11/21 (Mon) to 4:00AM PST on 11/22 (Tue) in order to update it for the patch 1.01. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to getting you guys the new update as soon as possible.

  • Will the EU version of WK2 also be patched at the same time? And does this patch unlock new online quests? If there are new online quests, then im sure people will flock back to this game.

  • Miki,
    Will this outage mean that the Job Parts store for the GeoRama will finally start working correctly? We have had terrible trouble with this aspect of White Knight Chronicles since the spring of this year, and so far, there has been no indication of a fix for the issue. the problem is that when attempting to purchase georama job parts, the store gives an error when trying to load the product details and breaks the connection. People have tried to get in, and after as many as 100 attempts they might finally gain access. It has been a real problem for the community, and a fix would be greatly appreciated. especially if this new Guild system uses new job parts that can be purchased. It would be a disaster for you to release this new guild system and extra parts only to find that almost no one uses them because the store functionality in-game is not working.

    • There is a bug fix where Georama job parts frequently disconnected when “Job Parts” is selected within the Papitaur. The error message “Error obtaining product information.” appeared. This bug will be fixed in this patch. We hope that this makes your White Knight gaming experience a better one.

  • Oops, forgot to ask, will this finally bring the Avatar story quests? And also I am wondering whether this will bring the skill balancing patch that has been applied to the game in Japan some time ago?

    Thanks, for your time Miki, please continue to make an excellent game better. I know that the game received underservedly harsh criticism in the western gaming media, but those gamers that stuck by WKC are amply rewarded by the game, please do not forget about us. Even though we may not number as highly as your customers in Japan, we do exist and we love the game as much as anyone.

  • So there will be new quests AND the job parts store bug gets fixed! Sweet! Can you be a part of more than one guild? I know a lot of us do not like the idea of being tied down to just one guild, one group of friends. Can we be a part of mulitple guilds or anything like that?

  • Can’t wait, I need to get back on and play more Multiplayer. Wish they would lower the amount needed to get Guild Rank up, it’s better then it was in WKC1, but it still takes awhile. Still a lot of fun. :)

  • YEA the guilds and new content i thought it would take forever since EU has said anything about them getting it also are those knight pictures DLC or binding been wanting a knight like the black knight so soon as online comes back i’m gonna play WKC2 like crazy to get all the new stuff Thank you D3

  • Do the new quests include our avatar story quests (the quests for our personalized character)?

  • About time and join my town

  • Join it

  • I think eu getting the patch also because eu servers are going down for maintence also they just havent announced it yet cause na store updates on tuesday and this patch goes with the store update and eu updates on wensday, na down time is monday to tuesday and eu starts tuesday to wensday.

  • Miki Takahashi, thanks for this great update !This will make me enjoy wkc2 even more than I dot. This game is amazing.

    However what we, WKC2 fans are annoyed with, is the fact that the hackers are not banned even though they are reported. One of them is very well known and has even posted videos on youtube showing how he can score 99,999 damage on every hit with his bow thanks to his hacked save. These guys come on the EU servers with GR41 or 100% on all skills, without any trouble since the moderators don’t seem to care.

  • I bought the game the day it released, but I have yet to play it. This update is good enough that I’ll probably be starting the game soon.

  • Can’t wait for the game. If anyone wants to party up or new players that need help online, I would be happy to help with that.

    Anyways I love the guild system and I would love to make one. Have you set a price point of how much it will cost for the Guild License?

  • Cannot wait, I’m very greatful for any and all DLC.

    Blood & Iron will be very busy soon.

    See you all soon enough.

    Brey The Iron Blood

  • looks like its underway i was just booted from geonet and cant log in funny thing is i have eu version so yeah looks like na and eu will be getting this patch hopefully

  • Very excited by this! I want some of those statues, for sure, and the new Guild features are awesome. Going to make me sink tons of hours into this. The new quests is a huge plus and really should’ve been mentioned in the post, for people who don’t read through the comments.

    Will there be any future patches/quests/dlc added?

  • Yay! Great news as always Miki. Definitely will be supporting D3 with some DLC and guild purchases.

    For those whom have not gotten into the WKC II craze, you are missing out on the best online co-op RPG on the PS3 xD

  • Longtime WKC2 Gamer just hit GR 30 and everything but regarding this update I have a few questions.

    All of this talk about “Purchasing.” Please tell me that this update is free I’ve just recently bought something with a PSN Card so please help us out and make this patch free since I intend to host a guild myself and a few friedns of ours were in discussion about this.


    Do we get anything new as in weapons added to the Binding Shop.

    Also is the level cap lifted or is this strictly Guild related stuff only.

  • Testing to make sure my previous comment went through.

  • @19 theres not much of a craze for WKC2

    it would be over shadowed if MH or PSO were on the PS3.
    and what makes it WKC2 update kinda dumb is the “DLC” is already on the disc.
    and the game isn’t worth playing after a while since there’s only Vell for most mats you’re going to need…

    WKC1>WKC2 2500+ hours on the first part and loved it, 400 hours on part 2 and I already wish I didn’t buy it

  • I have a few questions Long Time WKC gamer GR 30 and all of that jazz okay me and my friend are planning to open a new guild but I was wondering are all of the new updates regarding the Guild will be free? Because I for one just recently purchased something on PSN and I dont want to go through another $20 just to open a guild sorry about asking but its important for us to know.

  • And finally will there be any new weapons and armor with this patch or no?

  • @22 the guild ticket to open a guild costs actual money you’ll need to buy it from ps store and i believe there will be new armors and weapons you can get while being a member of a guild

  • @22 : I don’t agree. I prefer wkc2 much more than wkc1 because the fights are more dynamic. In wkc1 you can go shopping between each turn, it’s so slow ! It’s true that in wkc2 vell is the main place to find mats to bind high level weapons and armors but in wkc1 you had also to play a few quests over and over again to get skull+ which were loot-box only (remember dragon heat or azure dragon). Also playing with 6 people in the same time is more fun than playing with 4, another reason why I love wkc2 so much :-)

    I hope the new quests will be great.

    BTW the guild system is not on the disc, it’s an entirely new feature. only the “new” quests are on it.

  • @25 yes the guild ticket will b about $10 but well worth it for the armors and farmable monsters drops in your guild town CX i jizzed my pants reading this @_@ lmfao

  • aaaa horrible timing! I’m going to be playing KOF XIII with my friend , we were playing this months ago :(

  • Awesome awesome content!
    If anyone is looking for a new WKC2 friend add me up!
    Just send a msg!

  • Excuse me, but will there ever be a patch that addresses the problematic word filter in White Knight Chronicles 2? Ever since the original WKC, there has always been extremely annoying censorship of unoffensive words such as “after,” “until,” and oddly enough even “legs.” I was very disappointed to find this was not fixed when WKC2 released. I play the North American version of the game and I am very aggravated that nothing has been done about the ridiculous word filter on Geonet. Too many times have I tried typing a message only for it to come out as something like “***** ***** ****” when not a single foul word was uttered. It not only provides a hinderance in general online conversation with friends but it can also make posting in our Adventure Logs a real pain as we struggle to figure out exactly what absurd “inappropriate expression” is being detected. PLEASE FIX THIS! I know I am not the only person who feels this way. It would really improve the online experience of your game!

  • I really wanted to support Level-5, they make wonderful RPGs …. but I can not support all this micro-transaction business. Ugh, all this nickle and diming of players is really making the gaming industry as bad as the airline industry.

    Include everything in the price of the game, even if that means breaking the $60 line. I want to know the true cost of ownership for a game.

  • I havnt even been playing WKC2 that much. I’ve just gotten so bored on it. It’s the same stuff your doing from WKC1. The trophies involve doing the same things you were doing in WKC1. Making the same weapons/armor all over again, getting S ranking in all the quests from WKC1 & WKC2, and so on.

    They really shouldnt have called this game WKC2. It should have been WKC1.5, or even just a downloaded expansion pack that goes with WKC1.

  • @23From what I have seen the guild related stuff and new georama items with the Farian design theme are extra, but the new binds and other things are free. If you join someone else’s guild you will have access to a lot of the guild related content without having to purchase a guild ticket yourself.
    @24 Yes, there are new armors, weapons and quests.
    @30 Not exactly a huge complaint to make, seriously, the filter is your main complaint?
    @31 What are you talking about? The game is perfectly playable without out any purchased contant. The guilds are extra, and if you want to fancy up your knight or georama it’s extra, apart from that, everything else is included. You don’t even have to buy a guild ticket to access the guild material as long as you join a guild in game. Seems to me that you are looking for a reason to complain.
    @32 If you haven’t played much and didn’t like the game, why bother commenting at all, do you always troll comments just to whine about the game in question?

  • Thanks Miki, for all the hard work on this update. I downloaded last night and enjoyed/explored some of the new content before finally collapsing from exhaustion…Awesome work. Lots of new things in the game, skill balancing patch, guilds, new quests, Flemron 108 quest in Nordia Tunnels, more binds at the binding post, and all that is still to come from the PS Store. Not to mention some bug fixes and from the looks of things performance enhancements/improvements to the graphics engine. A great, FREE, update. Thank you.

  • I like the statue idea, that seems pretty cool, but can you give us some more examples of what they will unlock? You don’t have to give us the requirements, just a few more examples of the rewards. The ones you have up there seem a bit…uninspired.

  • I am glad the dlc came out Today. in fact, every weapon class has changed, new armors and weapons have been added the binding post, this will be a day I’ll never forget.

  • One thing i noticed there is no price quoted, so what is the price for UK & US as i have a friend in the UK wanting to start a guild.

  • @33) I realize this is not a terribly huge problem, but it is still a legitimate complaint. Don’t get me wrong, I think this update is great news for the WKC2 community and I’m happy to see Level 5 continue adding content to the game. But I also don’t believe it’s too much to ask that the word filter be fixed, or at the VERY LEAST give us an OPTION to turn it off. Non-offensive words and phrases should not be censored, and no one should have to look for ways around the filter just to communicate with their friends. So I ask again in the hope that Level 5 is reading these words to please fix the problem.

  • Great work!! I love It!!

  • Now If It’s not asking for too much, could we see Dark Cloud in the PS2 Classics before the apocalypse.. :-P

  • hi need help today i was kicked from geonet and tried to sign in to geonet and everytime i get a long load and then error code 4700 3500 3600 4502 and so on iv reset game signed out of psn reset ps3 reset wireless router im running out of ideas if anyone has got any advice or idea what’s causing this problem would be gratefully appreciated.

  • Is there any chance that D3publisher will remove the region lock that will allow R3 and R4 PSN accounts to join the R1 and R2 PSN accounts on geonet?

  • does any one know when the time for the new day start for the guild token I got my first 3 yesterday but still can’t get the today tokens yet.

  • Usually around 3-3:30pm EST is when guild coin replenishment occurs.

  • yay, that means that guilds will know that us Illumtai are here and we will be known to those who are newcomers to the game. if you need help just give me a shout out. just add me to your PSN and friend “Alundra” I will personally make sure your in good hands. :)

  • wow, I totally did a typo. The guild name is Illumintai. add me to your PSN account as you see here. Msg me in you help gr lvling or base lvling. Our guild will help anyone. Just do your part in the quest and your all good. But I’m glad the Flamron 108 is easier to get so I can master my short sword skill tree. And yes, for the people that have been complaining about the censor on alot of words being censored I fully agree it’s sad that together and other words are like this hope LVL5 fixes this. Glad I can change my Arc Knight and make it look like the Black Knight. But I’ll do my own custom look…. Well hope to see you all soon. From Tokyo, JN with love. Xoxoxoxo

  • @46 You typo’d again.. :-P

    But yeah like I said…………. Dark Cloud please!!

  • Lol yeah just read my comments…. Silly me, silly me…. My English is a little sloppy. Many apologies.

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