Stock Up for Winter with PSN’s Fall Sale – Get 30% to 50% Off

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Stock Up for Winter with PSN’s Fall Sale – Get 30% to 50% Off

PSN: Fall Sale 2011

What better way to prepare for the start of the holiday shopping season than with the PlayStation Store’s annual Fall Sale? Starting tomorrow, you can feed your hunger for great games with discounts on exciting PS3 titles such as Limbo and Gatling Gears.

For one week only, you can catch up on some of the great titles you may have missed during the past year at a 30% discount. PlayStation Plus subscribers will get a special 50% off the regular price. There’s never been a better time to login to PlayStation Network and download Limbo, a game PlayStation: The Official Magazine is calling “one of the most impressive titles that PSN has to offer…an experience that no gamer should pass up.” Or maybe Might & Magic Clash of Heroes is more your speed. Take it from IGN, who said “this is a game to get lost in, providing hours and hours of single-player and multiplayer fun.”

Check out the full list of PS3 games and add-ons that are part of this year’s PSN Fall Sale:

Limbo (Sale price: $10.49; PS Plus price: $7.34; Regular price: $14.99)
Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes (Sale price: $10.49; PS Plus price: $7.34; Regular price: $14.99)
Outland (Sale price: $6.99; PS Plus price: $4.89; Regular price: $9.99)
Gatling Gears (Sale price: $6.99; PS Plus price: $4.89; Regular price: $9.99)
Galaga Legions DX (Sale price: $6.99; PS Plus price: $4.89; Regular price: $9.99)
The Fancy Pants Adventures (Sale price: $6.99; PS Plus price: $4.89; Regular price: $9.99)
Section 8: Prejudice (Sale price: $10.49; PS Plus price: $7.34; Regular price: $14.99)
Section 8: Prejudice – Blitz Pack (Sale price: $1.99; PS Plus price: $1.39; Regular price: $2.99)
Section 8: Prejudice – Frontier Colonies Map Pack (Sale price: $2.99; PS Plus price: $2.09; Regular price: $3.99)
Section 8: Prejudice – Overdrive Map Pack (Sale price: $2.99; PS Plus price: $2.09; Regular price: $3.99)
Akimi Village (Sale price: $6.99; PS Plus price: $4.89; Regular price: $9.99)
Dungeon Hunter Alliance (Sale price: $8.99; PS Plus price: $6.29; Regular price: $12.99)
PlayStation Move Ape Escape (Sale price: $13.99; PS Plus price: $9.79; Regular price: $19.99)

Act fast because these deals will disappear on November 29th, even before you finish your Thanksgiving leftovers!

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  • I’ll be picking up a couple games thanks to this sale. :)

  • Dam. I have 8 out of the 10 game already. How about me me me me.

  • I’m gonna get Mitgh and magic and outland… with that and KOF XIII tomorrow I can have a nice winter…

  • Some pretty sweet sales, thank you! I’m looking forward to trying out Limbo. And from the demo, Galaga is so addicting, I’ve just been waiting for it to go on sale.

    Also any word on Black Friday deals? I’m hoping that Fate/Unlimited Codes goes on sale again, I missed it this summer since I was really new to the PSN and didn’t understand how the sales worked :( I would love to see some deals keyed in with the “Winter of JRPGs” theme, that would be really cool!

    So many great deals this Fall I especially can’t get over the deal that you had on Valkyria Chronicles II for PSN+ members, it made me so happy you have no idea!

  • I E explorer 9 is so bad i had to use my android phone to log in :( anyways LIMBO here i come ohhhh yessss :)

  • @5 erase your cache/cookies. I had the same problem. anyways limbo, galaga dx, and outland will be mine tomorrow for less than $20. thats a sweet deal. PS+ just keeps on giving

  • Total weaksauce. Last years version of this sale included Minis and PSP games.


    This year it goes from 15 deals across 3 platforms, to deals 10 across 1. Now if it were 10 themed deals a day similar to what Amazon and others are doing it could be pretty cool. Oh… and last year everybody got 50% off. Not just the people paying for a glorified coupon booklet.

    But this is just the Sony sponsored sale. Hopefully 3rd parties will have some goodies (as Sega has been doing the past weeks) of their own.

  • Sony you lose. STEAM is still the best place for real discount

  • Oh wow, megamixer is complaining, what a surprise.

  • definitely picking up limbo, outland, and akimi village. would have gotten all of them all launch week but i’ve been away from my ps3 :(

  • Nice variety of offerings. Not sure what I will pick up as Dungeon Hunter Alliance is the only one I own, and I haven’t had time to play yet. With that said, I’m sure I’m pick up a couple.

  • PS+ is starting to feel like a requirement.

  • “gettinmoney662 on November 21st, 2011 at 2:20 pm said:

    Oh wow, sony is removing features and decreasing the value of a service, what a surprise.”

    Fixed that for you.

  • Please kill Playstation Plus. One of the great things (used to be) about the Playstation system, was that after spending ~400 bucks on a console, ~60 bucks on a new game, and at least 70 bucks a month on internet connectivity, was the relief in knowing that the XBox suckers… I mean owners, had to pay to play at the end of the month. I too fear that soon we will have no choice but to pay also. Soon, it will be PLxAbYoSxTlAiTvIeON. If this happens, I will go back to PC. For good.

  • They decreased the value of a free service? How’s that possible?

  • @15 To answer your question, I think it would go something like this. Initially offering A, B, C, and D, for free, then after a short time cutting C, and D and just offering A, and B for free. It’s still free, but the value has decreased.

    The real question is this; why did I stick my nose into this arguement? : )

  • might pick up limbo and might and magic with this sale , I’ve been considering both for a while

    off topic : what’s up with sign in on the blog and blog.share ? since last week they’re unavailable except on mobile browsers
    with i.e.9 you get error 404 website not found – server unavailable , check the address is valid
    with firefox you get bad request , retry the web address

    is Sony aware of this and is it getting fixed

    I’ve tried deleting my cache and cookies , deleting stored information for forms , every deleting firefox and reinstalling it
    had to use the browser on my Wii just to sign in

    @14 Huh ? plus is optional , psn is still free , plus is a subscription for bonuses and free games so how is it bad ? you can opt out and still use psn as before

  • I can’t speculate as to whether or not PSN will remain free (lets hope it does), but I wanted to chime in regarding the comments about PS+.

    Be smart shoppers. Figure out what kind of savings you’re looking for and do some math to see if PS+ is worth the cost. I wish they showed future deals (obviously this would make it much easier to weigh the odds), but all of their deals are pretty consistent and most of the discounted games are easy enough to guess based on popularity and past sales.

    I bought the 3 month PS+ in October when they did the ‘Spend $60 get $10 back’ promotion. I didn’t have $60 worth of games I wanted to buy on PSN so I spent $17.99 of the $60 on PS+. With $10 back it’s like PS+ was only $7.99. Limbo in the Fall Sale just about covers that, not to mention the PS+ savings I saw in October. (And we can hope for more savings around the upcoming Holidays.)

    If you only want a couple of games, PS+ probably isn’t worth it. But if you have some money to blow, a little patience usually earns a couple free games (in savings). Plus the games that are literally free while you’re a subscriber.

    (I don’t see any value in Avatars or Themes, but if you do, consider those too.)

  • @SpiritThief
    It will be a requirement next-generation. :3

    Running the store isn’t a free service for Sony. They have bills to pay, moneyhats to send out for their PSN Pubfund stuff. Nor is it free for us who opt to purchase things from the PS Stores. By turning users away from the service less products are sold. This in turn means less developers & publishers jump on board. Less games are released. PS Stores are deemed as less of a value in the eyes of many.

    I’ll never understand why PS+ people are gloating over getting the same discount everybody enjoyed up until this year. They should be getting a 70% discount and the rest of us the usual 50%. And yet… nary a word is said by either side. This isn’t just about PS+ by the way. As I mentioned, last year 15 games were on sale versus just 10 this year. A 33% percent drop because…? With more PSN releases than ever you would think they would up the count. Instead Sony continues to regress in more ways than one.

    That’s a good way of framing it too. Much less sensationalistic than what I dreamed up to. :p

  • Thanks for the sale PSN team! There’s a couple I’m interested in, but I’m not sure I’ll be getting anything this time. Speaking of sales…

    1. Motorstorm Pacific Rift DLC.
    2. Mirror’s Edge DLC.
    3. Blade Kitten.

    Sales or price reductions on these would be appreciated!

    And I’d like to see these on PSN aswell.

    1. The very first teaser trailer for FFXIII-2.(the teaser that showed only Lightning and mystery dude.)
    2. The TV commercial for Heavenly Sword. (Old I know, but please! You don’t even have to announce it.)
    3. The E3 2010 “debut” trailer for Rayman Origins. (Hilarious!)

    Looking forward to seeing tomorrows update. In case I don’t post again, Happy American Thanksgiving!

  • I own a majority of these, but there’s some I would definitely pick up at these prices.

  • to everyone complaining about loss of services , take 15 minutes and read the psn user agreement
    it says clearly that Sony may make changes to the terms at anytime , that psn is a free service but it’s not guaranteed to be available 24/7 , in the playstation plus agreement is says items offered are subject to change without notice — basically a lot of sections relevant to this topic
    offering one item free today and a different one next week is expected
    to those whining about loss of the 5 active systems to 2 , they never meant the 5 systems to be used to gameshare and are losing millions , blame gamesharers for the change , the majority of ‘lost’ services have been to stop theft , hackers , piracy etc.
    you’d rather have sony go bankrupt and stop selling games and consoles , or have your psn hacked ?

  • @19, 15 games last year but 5 were Minis and 5 were PSP games. I’ll take 10 PS3 games on sale over 5, even if that means Minis and PSP discounts are cast aside. And no one is gloating about a 50% discount. I don’t care that it’s the same discount we got pre-Plus because of all the other great discounts and things I get from Plus.

  • LIMBO: 9/10, 9/10, 10/10 (Jim Sterling review)
    Might and Magic COH: 9/10, 9/10.
    Section 8: 6/10, 7.5 (Jim Sterling), 8
    Dungeon Hunters Alliance: 6/10
    Akimi Villiage: 6.5, 8.5
    PS Move Ape Escape: 4/10
    Outland: 9/10, 9/10.
    Fancy Pants: 7.5, 7.5
    Galaga: 6.5, 7.5, 8.0
    Gatling Gears: 8.0, 8.5, 8.0

    Sadly I bought Outland at Launch and never played it since, it would’ve been worth $5 though. It’s a good game that gets harder, definitely worth an easy $5.

    Some games aren’t as good as others. But I might have to pick up Limbo to add it to my collection even though I found the demo frustrating.

  • Only that? Was expecting more :(

  • I will get just Outland, the collection is kinda lame, please increase it and look at steam with their amazing deals on so many games. Please increase the number of games, this is a very important season and people will want to buy alot of PSN games for killer prices of the season.

  • For those wondering, Section 8 Prejudice is worth it.

    I’ll be picking up Galaga and Outland, nice choices this year guys!

  • Yeah, I, too, was looking forward to PSN’s black friday sale / “Fall season” sale. I was slightly disappointed with this. I don’t want to buy one or two games at a discounted price. I kinda want to be influenced to buy a lot of good games on sale. But you just ugh. Limbo has my attention at the moment, but just that. But I don’t know if I should spend my $7 on that. Black Friday is supposed to have tons of good deals. I got Joe Danger last year too. I might get Limbo. Might not.

  • Finally I can posted here my first posted since network went down back in April lol Good thing I did save my ten bucks buy one good game just don’t know which :).

  • Limbo , for SURE!”

  • Argh! Plus get all the good discounts. :(

  • Limbo is GOLD!

  • Of all the times for my PS3 to break (failed HD)! Just shipped it off for repair. :( The only good news is that it had a month left on the warranty.

  • I agree with Kluzot, Steam has way better deals the Playstation network will ever have, PC is better then Playstation. Steam will always win over PSN

  • Is there any news on when Legend Of Dragoon hits PSN???????????????

  • Yikes, last 3 days was like the Outage, when only a handful of people could log in & we had to read one guy’s 100 daily rants (talking’ ’bout you, superboogerman187)

    I hope this only 2 systems policy will now lead to more & more newer good games for digital download. Like Uncharted 1&2 greatest hits, & Skyrim, & ICO/SoTC, etc. I would buy those games again, in digital format.

  • Wow, I’m finally able to sign in ! The last 3 or 4 days I’ve been getting a Bad Request error, http 400.

    My question is, are these all the sales on PSN this week ? or will there be several other offers on Black Friday ? just wondering if I should make a pick from these only, or should I wait for a few more choices….

    Anyways, keep up the good work Sony, I usually enjoy PS+, so don’t even consider killing it like #14 said – he just doesn’t know what he’s missing :P

  • not much there and nothing i really want

    2 best games are probably section8 and dungeon hunter and i already own dungeon hunter

  • wheres the next plus highlight post? dont they run like 2 a month or is hydraphobia the only real good thing we can expect for november from plus

  • LAME

    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Digital download, don’t care about discount.

    and a neat ps one classis would be Legend of Dragoon

  • @gettinmoney662
    “15 games last year but 5 were Minis and 5 were PSP games”
    That’s whats known as “variety”. PS Store supports several platforms. PSN, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, PCE, Minis, Soundtracks, DLC. Why should only 1 out of numerous platforms be spotlighted like on this, the biggest week of deals and savings in the year? You don’t see Best Buy having discounts on toasters and nothing else!

    “My question is, are these all the sales on PSN this week ?”
    NIS has announced a Game & DLC sale starting tomorrow. Hopefully others have things planned!

  • These discount are meaningless for a real PSS fan.Disappoint.╮(╯_╰)╭

  • Defiantly getting Outland tomorrow. I want to get another one of the games on sale as well, it’s between Galaga Legions DX and Might & Magic Clash of Heroes. Who knows maybe I’ll purchase all three!!!

  • Anyone else feel like non-Plus members are treated almost like second class citizens? Between the basic functionality that every PS3 user should get (cloud saves, automatic updates, etc) and the backups, it makes me wonder how long this service will truly stay free. I’d be tempted to join Plus again but I don’t think I buy that much to warrant it….certainly not in a 3 month period.

    I plan on picking up Outland for this sale and I’ll keep my eyes peeled on a sale for Joe Danger or PixelJunk SideScroller.

  • Seems to be a good moment to buy Outland, but I just bough Batman AC! God! If I buy all the games at the same time I don’t finish anyone.

  • To anyone wondering about Gatling Gears, if you like co-op fun, take advantage of this sale. It’s a great game.

  • *shudders* Sony should really give it’s consumers notice of these discounts… I JUST bought LIMBO a couple days ago for an even $15! The same thing happened with Mercury Hg! Ugh! That is $10 dollars that I could have used elsewhere… Grrr…

  • @47: That’ll never happen from ANY company or retailer EVER. Deal with it. Honestly. Then people would just keep using your complaint and they’d have to announce all the sales before the game releases to not have people whine about it. Which they’ll obviously never do.

    @Blog: I’ll pick up Ape Escape now, even if it’s not a retail release like it should have been like in Japan. I’d have rather bought it on a bluray. You put that chair game on a bluray disc ffs. D:<

    And Outland. Nothing else interests me enough.

  • I think that sounds right. Regular members should be getting 50% discounts on these types of sales and PS Plus should be getting discounts higher then 50%, upwards to 75% off. Oh well.

    A couple more questions for PSN Team.

    1. Will PSN be doing anything for “Black Friday”, and , “Cyber Monday”?

    2. Any info on MGS: Peace Walker HD being offered seperately on PSN?

    Thanks again!

  • Meh, I’ve already got Dungeon Hunter and Outland. Bought them both when they first came out, and those are the only ones on this list that interest me. I’ve also been buying a ton of stuff off PSN lately, so they’d be hard-pressed to offer discounts on things I want and don’t already have. I’ve been happier with the PS+ discounts on content that is newly released and not so much these sales on old things. Ah well, there will be new content as well to look forward to.

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