ModNation Racers: Road Trip Track Studio – Part Two

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ModNation Racers: Road Trip Track Studio – Part Two

This week we follow up with even more great features of the ModNation Racers: Road Trip Track Studio. Last week we revealed these exciting brand new features… Multiple Themes, Fully Rotatable Props, Draw / Trace Track, and Estimated Track Times (read about them HERE). Here are a few more great features in ModNation Racers: Road Trip for Vita that will help you to become the ultimate track designer:

1. Mod Terrain
The most talked-about feature in ModNation Racers: Road Trip is the use of the front screen and rear touch panel to sculpt your track’s terrain. In Finger Sculpt simply touching a finger to the front touch screen will immediately begin to lower that section of terrain. Continuing to press or rub the area will result in lowering the terrain or create lakes, valleys, or rivers. Conversely the rear touch panel allows you to raise your terrain to create mountains, peaks, plateaus, vistas, etc… with just you fingertip(s). Try making a mountain range with all your fingers… kinda awesome! That’s what Multi-Touch Functionality is all about!


2. Edit Track
Probably the most powerful tool in the new track creation studio is the Edit Track feature. To put it simply, using the corresponding points on the Edit Track Bar you can raise, lower, bank, widen or narrow your track with super simple intuitive touches. Want to raise a section of the track?… press and hold the middle point of the track edit bar and simply slide your finger up. Too high?…slide you finger back down. It is very natural and very intuitive. It’s guaranteed to bring back those childhood memories of building that dirt track in your back yard for your toy cars and trucks. All other adjustments are equally as simple. This feature takes track creating to a new level and it’s a lot of fun!


3. Alternate Route
This feature allows you to easily create branching routes or shortcuts (depending on your desired outcome) by simply touching a beginning and end point on your existing track. An alternate route is instantly generated for you. You can of course undo and try again from a different spot on the track until you achieve your perfect route. The Alternate Route feature does all the heavy lifting for you.


4. Offroad Path
Want to take your racers a little off the beaten path?… Show them some of the hidden beauties of your track?… Reward them with a shortcut of hidden item pods?… or just lead them on a wild goose chase?… Simply use your finger to draw your path off and back onto your track and voila!… you’re offroadin’!
As you can see we’ve not only given the players more power to create but all this can be done in a fun, intuitive, and immersive nature. This is just the beginning. Hang on to your hats as we will be bringing you more details in the upcoming weeks!


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This Week’s Top Tracks: “Best By The Best” prob_alex
While we are on the subject of track creating what better example of the “art” of track design can we offer than prob_alex? He is one the of the game’s most prolific and creative track designers to date. He shares his personal favorite tracks here as well as a nice tutorial on his unique and often “replicated” track creation style. TUTORIAL HERE
Take a look at his MNR Player Profile HERE.

Hopefully you can take away some great tips to become a more creative track designer. I know I did!


Creations of the Week: Happy Turducken Day!


Hot Lap Tracks Of The Week: prob_alex’s Favorite Tracks
Take a look…

Monday: Elephants Graveyard by Laidbackcat (“My fav track of the game.. this inspired me to create what I create today. Truly inspirational”)
Tuesday: Sanctuary by O-jaga (“A truly unique track. vvery simple idea but extremely well executed”)
Wednesday: Another World by BongSoldier (“One of the most creative tracks I’ve played. It really feels like another world”)
Thursday: Gravija Wilds by IvoYaridovich (“Very fast flowing track with perfect curves for fast cornering”)
Friday: Arctic Heaven by marusarusa (“Beautiful looking track and fun to whizz around and a few sneaky shortcuts to find”)
Saturday: Tatroi by Big-village_920_ (“Visual stunning and a great track in every aspect.”)
Sunday: Rumble Rally by WilsonPhillips-x (“Golden oldie in my eyes. For me the creator could not create a better hillside track. Feels so real.”)

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