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Quick question for you readers out there – do you use Google+?

Like a lot of companies, we set up an official PlayStation presence there once that became possible last week. The question we’re facing right now is – for those of you on G+, what do you want to see there? Right now, G+ seems like a stripped down Facebook – not unlike when Facebook first started. One of the big differences is Hangouts, a sort of livestreaming app that’s native to Google+, so we’re sort of looking in that direction. Of course, all that matters is what you all want to see – let us know in the comments, please.

PlayStation on Google+

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of November 14, 2011)

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  • I’m not sure if u can answer this but any chance for PS2 Classics:
    -The Simpsons Hit and Run
    -Virtua Fighter 4/Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution

    I would be really thankful if u reply, if u don’t, that’s ok.

  • I read from some newspaper weekly advertisements that some stores are selling PSP-3000s for $100 this week.
    Is this an unannounced price drop by Sony or just a special sale from the stores for Thanksgiving week?

    Also thanks to whoever added the option to deactivate PSN accounts through online account management on Sony Entertainment Network. I had an account activated on a broken down PS3 and there was no way to bring it back to life.

    • There are a lot of limited time Black Friday deals out there. We haven’t permanently changed any prices, so if you see a great deal – go for it.

      Glad the console deactivate is working for you.

  • Hah, IGN still hasn’t revised its 3 out of 10 score of GODHAND. I’m be embarrassed to be seen flaunting that thing.

  • When can we deactivate our old systems? I just went to the website, but still can’t yet. Also what is up with the login? Had to just keep deleting my cookies and try again.

    Well back to Skyrim.

  • The Simpsons E3 parody was the greatest thing ever. And I cannot WAIT to see Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil, Viewtiful Joe, and hopefully Kya: Dark Linage show up in the PS2 Classics!

  • I’m a giant Google plus fan and I currently use Google reader to subscribe to the PlayStation blog to keep up to date with the latest PlayStation news. it would be awesome if all mainstream PlayStation excluxives were also announced on G+ and link the post to the PlayStation blog webpage with more information about the new release or what not. also if live hangouts were done in YouTube of major release have them also done in Hangnouts or at least post a link about it.

  • @4

    Specifically, after you log in to the site Jeff linked, click on the Account tab at the top, then click on Media and Devices on the left, then click on the big gray square labeled Game. Click Deactivate All, then Yes.

    You can only clear all activated devices linked to your account, and this can only be done once every 6 months.

  • I went back to the site. Only thing I could do was deactivate all systems. If I tried one at a time It would just give directions how to do it on the console.

    Also it was only for games. I was not able to deactivate Music, Video, or comics on a old PSP system.

  • Just read

    So I guess all you can do is all systems for games. It is a start I guess.
    Now I must activate and get back to Skyrim


  • Good stuff!

  • Yeah, the new account management website needs some work. Can only deactivate all systems, not one individually (always tells you to go to the system and deactivate it). The content management is really vague in list form instead of listing what you bought and then give you specific once you click on an specific item.

  • Jeff will playstation vita have a google + app?

  • I’m very much a fan of G+ and as a matter of fact am mutually circled with the Playstation page. As for what I would like to see from the page I’d echo #6’s comments about game updates and maybe the live hangouts with select members from time to time. Also I think a game round up would be a nice feature. Similar to the weekly ‘Around the Web’ round-up but for the hottest new games or exclusives coming out that week. For example if I were to be anxiously anticipating a big game like Uncharted or Call of Duty, either before or within a week after the game’s release there would be a round up of information and/or reviews solely dedicated to that game with the option for an open discussion below among fans.

  • I’m on google plus and I love it. One of my favorite features on Google plus is how well it handles media so having videos and especially photos (right now I have to go to you guys’ Flickr account to see hi-res versions of any screens posted on here) so getting the major media releases, videos and screens onto your profile instead of linking us to another site would be amazing.

    I’d love to do handouts with developers if we could rotate people through to ask questions that way instead of having Jeff read them twitter questions (love your work Jeff but we can hang out with you on your own Google+ profile…. right?

    Lastly as far as updates I’d really like to see you guys use G+ Circles. I know a lot of people would just love to be able to easily check if the PS Store updated and see big sales, maybe another circle for people like that care more about how their games are made and the process behind that, and big announcements (preferably by KB himself) or PSN maintenance updates for all.

    I’m sure would like an app similar to the current PSN Facebook app whenever google let’s you guys do that.

    Keep up the good work guys

  • I love using Google+ too.

    Firstly, and I’m being serious here, I think KEVIN BUTLER needs an official page. Google+ is just better at handling video and messages than, say, Twitter. Even if KB’s G+ page was just a combination of ‘his’ Twitter posts and YouTube uploads, it would still be a cool page to follow.

    I think we don’t need PlayStation on Google+ to be a carbon copy of the Blog, but important announcements should definitely go there.

  • You might also want to take a leaf out of Sony Ericsson’s social media book. They run small competitions and ask questions to their users on Facebook all the time. Their strategy is to engage followers and to create an image of a company that listens and cares. Discussion board posts are answered by staff who use their own names, making it more personal than “Sony Ericsson says:…”. Thanks to this simple strategy, SE – who are not exactly the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world – have a Facebook following that consistently beats HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, and pretty much every other player in the mobile phone space.

    I can’t see any reason why this strategy wouldn’t work for PlayStation on Google+ too. Also, seeing as G+ is quite new, users are desperate for brands who are not just copy/pasting their Twitter or Facebook feeds :)

    So, keep engaging readers, have some simple competitions regularly, and have recognisable members of the PlayStation Team or Sony-owned developers coming to join conversations.

  • Even though Google+ brand pages only launched a week ago, Sony Ericsson already have 4 times the number of followers as PlayStation. They must be doing something right :)

  • I do use google+ and love it this is prolly not your area but how about a google+ app for vita and as far as the playstation page goes i agree it should be something awesome that you cant do else where like with hangouts

  • Can sony bring in the PS2 classics the 6 DBZ games?

    -Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1, 2 & 3
    -Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 1, 2 & 3

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