Home Weekly Update: Watch Free Full-Length Movies with Crackle

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Home Weekly Update: Watch Free Full-Length Movies with Crackle

PlayStation Home is proud to announce the release of Crackle on all LOOT EOD Screens this week. Now you can watch hundreds of full-length Hollywood movies and thousands of television shows with your friends for free. The LOOT EOD Screens can be found in the LOOT EOD Theater, Sunset Yacht, and the Hollywood Hills House. Catch up on these must-see movies available from Crackle: Step Brothers, Cruel Intentions, Snatch, Resident Evil, A Few Good Men, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, and many more! What will you watch first?

After a little movie magic, make your way to the Lockwood store in the Mall as they have brought several new and exciting items—the new Drey and the Retronaut collections. They are sure to appeal to both the fashionable and the futuristic in all of us.


Drey is about living life without limits – a life of social events and being the person who lights up the room when you enter. Drey deals in the fascinating, incredible, shocking and amazing. It’s not just about how you look; it’s about how it makes you feel… like a million dollars. Inspired by New York, London, Paris and Milan runways, Lockwood presents this exclusive high fashion collection only in PlayStation Home. It’s time to celebrate in style – say hello to the new you!

Home: The Retronaut

Also in the Lockwood store, Fool Throttle introduces more off the wall fashion with the Retronauts, a bunch of stylish space travelers who wear only the finest vintage space suits. They’re all about accessorizing, so even their space helmets and their ray guns are in colors that compliment their outfits. And what’s the point in travelling if you don’t bring back a few souvenirs to show off in your apartment? The Retronauts have lugged some attractive crystal formations back from the far corners of the galaxy – they make great ornaments.

PlayStation Home: Thanksgiving Rewards

Thanksgiving celebrations continue this week with Turkey Chase yielding another item to your collection of things to be thankful for. Head to Pier Park and pick up your second piece of tasty goodness.

Home Military Pack

PlayStation Home: Heroes and Villains

In the PlayStation Store, there are two new value pack bundles—the PlayStation Home Military Pack and the PlayStation Home Heroes and Villains Pack, each with the sweet price tag of just $4.99. Each bundle comes with over 30 indiviual items and/or outfits, making them quite a deal. To find them, on the XMB go to the PlayStation Network icon > PlayStation Store. Once in the Store, select View All by Title > H Titles > PlayStation Home. Enjoy!

Home Community Theatre

The PlayStation Home Community Theater gets its weekly update with three new, exclusive videos from Hip Hop Gamer, Replay with Doc, and Urgent Fury. Hip Hop snags a great interview covering House of the Dead with the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter, while Doc and Hippe interview Tim Cox from Brady Games, and finally Jack Dellhouse from Urgent Fury shares insight on the recently released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and its subtle changes and additional polish that enhance everything that fans of the COD franchise will love. Head to screen 1 in the Theater to enjoy the show.

Following that, there are some new sale items in the Mall. Get them while they’re hot! Also be sure to search for the 10 new free items of the week. Magnus and co. are in the generous spirit a little early!

PlayStation Home: Hammies

As you all know, the recent Fall Blowout Item Sale has ended, and though all the included items were scheduled for permanent retirement, the community has spoken. The Hamster suits that were scheduled to go with the rest of the “last chance” items will continue to be available going forward. Long live Hamster Freedom!

See you in Home!

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7 Author Replies

  • Watch free movies? No catch?

    • No catch! Full, free feature-length movies in PlayStation Home to watch with friends. Crackle is here and with it comes an ever-expanding library of entertainment to enjoy.

      But don’t thank me. Thank LOOT!

  • Yay Hamster Freedom!!! And go Loot, thats one big step forward for Home :)

  • Nice, very nice!!! 8)

  • What is going on with Playstation Home.

    I am in the Challenges Interface and says Servers could not be reached. And not just me but others in Pier are complaining about FREEZING. Many facing this issue. I have deleted the cache and even deleted everything….reset my whole PS3 to its original setting and still has the issue. Not me obviously since I don’t freeze in any other game.

    And the turkey suit. Chase the turkey mini game. I had a pop up said new reward.. I checked it and it wasn’t there. And I checked the status of the previous and I have completed the game. This is ridicules.. I have waiting for the reward I earned and still not received any! I am getting fed up.

    What about adding funds to wallet…still having issue with that and having items show pricing.

  • And other news….I appreciate the free items and well as promo items.

    Like the codes on Playstation home to get the rare exclusive limited edition shirts…More clothing better I am in Playstation Home.

  • Just curious… are these free movies going to be running in HD or SD? I’ve been to the PS Home movie theater and everything looks to be like 480p or worse quality.

    Either way however, free full length films is nothing to complain about :)

  • Will that be only available to the USA or other regions as well? Canada hey?

  • the sounds super awesome but i can’t play my PS3 sense i am busy with work & don’t have my PS3 system near my right now.

  • @ GlassWalls

    I check my inventory. It’s not there. Or is it listed on the account history….But I did in fact got a notice about new items.

    ALL I HAVE GOT was the turkey head. I done this game repetitively and yet get anything else.

    And I have followed that turkey around.

    ALSO, about the Challenges. It shows the list of challenge when you click on it it says “Server has reach an error”

    I will soon to use the forums about this. I would appreciate the items I won fair and square.

    Also. Login to this blog. Sometime the login get an error.

    • In a nutshell:

      Rewards are always listed in your Menu Pad:
      Hit Start > Options > Personal > My Rewards. Check there.

      This week, only the Turkey Head is granted just for playing (there’s another reward for success).

      As for the Challenges, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Quests in the Activity Board, perhaps? The Objective Board in RC Rally? Anyway, please drop us a note in Home Support. We’re glad to investigate.

      Since you’re getting quite a lot of issues all at the same time while few others are reporting it, I would check your connections—Home requires a solid connection, and we have a good troubleshooting FAQ just for that: http://community.us.playstation.com/message/30993763

  • Finally we can watch movies! this took awhile, but i guess its ok. i like crackle i have it on my itouch and ipad. and they have some decent movies. Good to hear about the hamster outfit not permanently leaving. it just shows that complaining works, and i know a lot of people were disappointed to see it go, but now its staying.

    • I’m glad the suit is staying too. Now I want to see a bazillion Hamsters celebrating in the streets in Home all weekend. I’d love nothing more than seeing a ton of pics of such events flood in the forums on Monday!

  • its nice crackle is in PS home why hasn’t it been added directly to the xmb sometimes Sony can do things so backwards no vidzone no play tv no updated browser Chrome no Google TV …. ps3 has been here 5 years what the hold up

  • That’s awesome that it’s finally here. It would be even better if we could use our current video apps like Netflix, Vudu, etc. in Home as well.

  • Thank you, that is all i have to say.

    Ever since i got the sunset yacht i’ve been waiting for this day to come. I knew there would be something like this when i saw the mini episodes and stuff, so thank you for actually releasing something like this. Especially for free!

    Again thank you!! Is the Crackle here to stay or is this full movie and tv thing only for a limited time?

    OH its only for the US?

    well… that sucks… Really got my hopes up :(

  • I’m all for Netflix in Home. Because the catch is you have to pay for it. Which I do. It’d be a nice bonus. I could invite one of my friends to a personal space, we could watch a movie AND chat! It would be nice actually. Like a form of crossgamechat, except with a movie. Like you’re not just sitting there and chatting, you’re occupied by the movie.

  • Hey GlassWalls, this is IMPORTANT and URGENT, I’m not getting rewards from ANY space in home? I’ve been missing free items from Halloween, the free items in the community theater, and all new spaces in home, games quests, i just got LVL 70 in Aurora space and i didn’t get may rewards, what’s happening?? man this is serious, please help


    At least that saves me the trouble of finding the HDD space to actually re-install Home.

  • @GlassWalls

    The issue with the challenge board when doing the challenge has been fixed.

    But the F. Wheel (Take It all in) is not working. I have done it several times and yet to give me the all clear. I have done what it asked. I finished the cogs already. Now stuck on F. wheel. Invite your friends on the F. wheel. I done that and they sat next to me and didn’t even accept it as clear. Getting aggravated with it. I know someone else it does that too also.

    ALSO. When login to this forums and blog. It’s giving a lot of errors after you login or when you attempt to login. Need to fix that:


    Bad Request

    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand

  • Is this the same version of crackle available on the roku, forced commercials every 5 minutes? or are they ad-free movies?

  • + Mr_Bipolar, same error here

  • Can we watch these without playstation home? I never use it…

  • i keep getting network errors too and my connection is just fine always trying to blame us rather than blam yourself. on another note, i have looked in EVERY section of EVERY store and for NO free items. what am i missing here?

  • your 10 free items is a lie. they are NOWHERE

  • @RidleysBox

    The movies have ads every 5-10 minutes in between then resumes. Rather aggravating. Seeing the same advertisements over and over interrupting the movie.

    *nods* I solved the problems. See my possible solution below.

    I think it’s only for home. This isn’t the first time they gave us free movies to watch. They did the same things around the time PSN got attacked and they brought it back up. Remember that attack on PSN. That was the time they did a free movie thing in Playstation Home.

    Same here. I am still wondering what items are free. You can however get free exclusive limited edition t-shirts by visiting the Playstation Home site and searching items that have been in world. They are giving free shirts due to the newley remodeled Playstation Home. I would check the items list on the site of what is free…

  • Solution: PlaystationHome “Take it all in” Quest (Ferris Wheel)
    If you have the Quest already in progress. Go to the pier and cancel it. Go to your space then go back to the pier. Go to the TV and re-request the request again. Obviously person must be on your friends list. (Works Best). If they are already on the list. Remove them. Have them leave the Pier. Come back to the pier. Then Re-add them to the friends list. From there. Go to the Ferris Wheel and ride. Then invite your friend to the wheel. Have Them accept it and wait for them to be beside you. Let the Ferris Wheel go around couple times. (Have patience). And look for the completion banner appear and show it on your history list. And that’s it. IT WORKED FOR ME. COMPLETED all the Quest and got my trophy reward.

  • However, NOTE TO GlassWalls & or Moderator. The error of login or trying to login to the forums and or blogs still shows this:

    Appears on Firefox, and IE. Not just me seeing this obviously. I have to refresh a whole lot times in order get the login appear. Won’t always fix the login. Sometime login will have that error and won’t let me login or stay login.

    Should look into this since only place I can log to is the blog and not the forums of Playstation Home. Rather hard.

  • Mr_Bipolar thanks! i’m done with all the quests the problem is i did’n get some rewards and i can’t repeat any quest

  • This is awesome since for some odd reason the crackle in my ps3 wed browser always screwed up the one in home seems to work so far makes me wanna always get on home now hopefully this will help crackle add more content.

  • I’ve been watching movies from crackle for weeks now directly from the XMB. Saw an ad for it in the What’s New section, and when I clocked on it it opened up the browser to that Crackle app. IS this about the same thing, only within Home?

  • And that Error is happening on FF and maybe IE, Chrome works fine.

  • How do you access this?

  • This is all great and lovely but I have to ask when will Aurora and and the new beach be fixed?
    Aurora freezes and the new beach is a massive lag pit and I rarely can type or even move there.

  • @arkard1000

    Np. I had issue with that as well. But later on a login again. I got swamped with you have received a new items. 6-7 of em in a row.

    I am willing to bet they might add more quest after the rest have expired. Not ready for that. Just an estimation guess.


    They said you can even get this for your iphone and other phone apps. I am wondering if those movies actually stick Commercials in them as well.

    I hope they add more movies as well. But they really should do the commercials every 30 minutes or so. Too many. lol

    And I wasn’t sure on the error. If it works fine on the Chrome. Then still it should be looked into.


    Not sure what you mean by activating this? The quest can be activated in the tv screens in the main spaces.

    The free movies can be access in the theater at LOOT EOD Theater.


    Same. Some spaces carry a huge lag with the users of the space. Al ot people cause me to have stalls in Aurora. I did get some nice rewards on return.

  • OTHER: I am looking for people who have spaces with special rewards in them. Or mini-games to earn special rewards. If anyone could help me. I would appreciate the invitation of spaces. If you could add me and invite me to your space that has mini games or rewards in private space would be great. I like to collect all the spaces rewards. Example: The mansion (All), etc. So on and so fourth.

    Also collecting the Gifting machine items . All male items. Wearable. There are some nice ones. I am able to send gifts back equal value since I have bunch of tokens for machine.

  • The PS3 needs a Crackle App!!!!!

  • There is a catch on the crackle movies on home. Really theres two catches: the movies are only viewable in the USA and they also have commercials as some of my american friends have said. Another problem I’ve encountered is the places where these loot screens are located have been buggy lately. Problems like seating or other items dissapearing and screens not working at all. What I’d suggest is spending more time on QA and less on hyperbole.

  • Oh my goodness!!! This is what I’ve been asking for for years. Now we have a reason to invite a group of people to our house. Now all we need is music, and PS Home will be the great social network it was always suppose to be. Wow… I’m almost speechless… This is great news!!! Now I did want to be able to stream our blu-ray collection to our TV’s, and stream our music to our houses, but this will do for now. Pass that information along Glasswalls, because I’ve been saying for a long time in the forums. LOL

  • Another dissapointment and failure from Sony regarding Crakles movies. the only reason I purchased Hollywood was to gain access to those movies however being canadian is a draw back i guess. How about fair warning to those who are affected before we pin some hopes on what is promised?

  • So wait, do we actually have to buy the theatre that we’ll be watching the movies on Crackle in? Cause that would be a severe drawback for me… Can someone tell me what I have to do to access Crackle…?

  • to number 38 you dont have to buy anything just go to theater number 3 sit now press x choose crackle x again then pick your movie and hit play.

  • Dear GlassWalls, Do you know if this coming update we get a part of the Turkey suit becuase i thought that this last update would have given you a part.

  • Yeah i bought Hollywood space in my other account. I thought I could watch some movies in home, but guess what, I can’t watch any movies or anything. I want my money back :\

  • NOT RECEIVING REWARDS: When properly completing actions to earn rewards:

    Thanksgiving Mission Missing Items: Gravy Bowl, Mash Potato Bowl, Turkey, Fruit Basket, Pumpkin Pie

    All I have received: Bowl Of Cranberries, Pie

    Missing Items: LittleBigPodcast’s 3rd birthday (@PlayStation Home Community Theater) No Rewards Reviewed! (NOTE: Watched all the video’s all the way through until it went back to the first video). Cleared Cache Files and repeated and still not got rewarded.

    Crackle Rewards Missing: Watch 6+ video all the way through. Missing 4 items: Male & Female) remote hand item. Missing crackle hoodie (Male & Female)

    Have received bunch of posters. But mail items should had been received, To received these items. You have to watch a full movie all the way through.

    Watched: Resident Evil. Short Circuit 1 & 2. Ghost Busters, A Few Good Men, Girl Interrupted, Vampire The Turning.

    Refreshing and clearing cache and repeating DID NOT receive the reward.

    Received the following: Crackle Cap. Popcorn Hand Items.

  • I can’t see the movies!!! Please can someone tell me how to watch them!! I can only see commercials…

  • When i saw the pshome crackle advertisement it says available to ALL ps3 owners i jumped right onto my ps3 to download pshome, and i find out its only available to the US…

  • how come crackle still doesnt work, it kicks me out every time i try to watch something it just resets. i can try for like 20 minutes but it doesnt do anything. i can watch other stuff like nasa. oh and on another thing, i think we should be able to pause the movies instead of them buffing and then watching 2 seconds of video before it has to buff again.

  • I think Crackle is great idea but of course US gets to use it first us Canadians have to sit back and watch or US friends brag about it. I have both the Yacht and Theater apt on home and Do not see any reason why I can’t get Crackle US or not I paid for both Apts I have the right to use Crackle as much and any American. Just as bad as Canadians can’t be Home Guides. I can tell our Country Is loved!!

  • Only update I want is my OtherOS feature back!! >:(

  • How do I watch movies with friends it says I can watch crackle right from my apartment but how do I do it?

  • I love Crackle. I think it’s one of the best things out there! There are a lot of decent movies on there, not just the b-movies you’d expect for free. Good Work, Crackle!

  • How do the full movies work? I went to the Loot EOD Theater, & all I could see was movie trailers, episode clips, & ads.

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