SCEA and THQ Announce Additional Content for Saints Row: The Third Owners on PlayStation 3

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SCEA and THQ Announce Additional Content for Saints Row: The Third Owners on PlayStation 3

If you’ve already redeemed your Saints Row the Third Online Pass, go to the PlayStation Store and look up Saints Row 2. A free copy will be available for you to download.


At long last, THQ and our friends at PlayStation are proud to unveil additional content for Saints Row: The Third owners on PS3. For all players that purchase Saints Row: The Third on PlayStation 3 and redeem their online pass codes within the next 90 days, they will receive a digital copy of Saints Row 2 (a $19.99 value)… absolutely free!

Go back to a simpler time, when the Saints were vying for control of Stilwater, before they were global icons, a household name, and a criminal empire. Before Professor Genki and the Syndicate, there were the Westside Rollers and the Brotherhood. Enjoy classic Saints Row activities like Septic Avenger, where you spray new homes with sewage in order to devalue property. And of course, enjoy a number of DLC packs brought to you by Volition’s favorite Saints Row 2 producer, Tera Patrick.

Saints Row 2 will be available for free starting early next week for all players who redeem their online pass in each new copy of Saints Row: The Third. The offer expires at midnight on February 13, 2012, so be sure to redeem your online pass before then. And for those of you who have already done so, keep an eye out early next week for the content. This offer applies to the United States, Canada, and Mexico only.

We hope you are as excited about this offer as we are!

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  • Nice! I already redeemed it yesterday night.

  • Good deal. Nice idea.

  • What if we have to purchase the online pass online?

  • Wow! lol I bought saints row 2 when it came to the store to see how the story plays into this one. Damnit.

  • It’s strange how two of Jack’s announcements of exclusive content (Battlefield 3 inclusion of 1943 on PS3 exclusive and exclusive MP mode in Saints Row 3) turned into something else (Battlefield 3 DLC coming one week early to PS3 owners and now Saints Row 3 buyers getting Saints Row 2 for free)… I am not complaining though, it’s a good deal.

  • Cool. I wish Sony would have announced this earlier so it would increase sales of the PS3 version

  • Very nice! Thank you!

  • Pretty sweet deal.

  • SR2 should have trophies =D

  • Sweet. Was going to hold off on buying this since I have never played any of the SR games, but a friend recommended them. You have me sold now.

  • Nice it is at least after Christmas ends

  • sweet.

  • No trophies for SR2 though.

  • So Europe gets left out again!

  • Nice! I’m Most definately getting this!

  • nice deal although i’m a little bit understandable worried when the word “NEXT” appeared does this deal affect those who bought and activated it on the Day One purchase? sorry i know a dumb question but i just want to be sure….

  • Can Some One Enplane Me What’s This For & Mean & How,Thanks XD

  • thats nice unlike the jerks at DICE and EA who said we would get BF 1943 and we got nothing because microsoft bullied them

  • Great Deal. :)

  • This is a good deal. I wish SR2 has trophies but this’ll do.

  • This is awesome. I wanted to get Saints Row The Third but felt like i should play Saints Row 2 first, so this really helps with my decision to get these 2 games right now.

  • Looks tempting…

  • What about people who all ready own Saints 2? That mean we get the shaft on the deal? Maybe deals should be made in stone first before they are announced.

  • Serious question but…

    So if you use the online code for SR3 that’s included with the game you get SR2 for free. Is this also included for those buying the online pass via PSN or only new retail copies with valid codes?

  • when is it available to get free its still 19.99

  • your little planned worked on me, ima have to pick it up in next 3 months…

  • feb 13 kizool

  • Sadface. I bought the second game digitally in anticipation for this game not too long ago. This would’ve been great news to know before the game’s release. Now soon I’ll have two digital copies apparently. Great deal, but poor timing. :(

  • So only american gamers were wronged, no Australians or Europeans were expecting something with there Playstation copies? This is absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!

  • FauxVeritas raises a good point. Will people with a European region disc get the same deal?

  • THANK YOU. I own it already on xbox but I didn’t wanna buy it again, especially since it has no trophies. But now, resolved.

  • While you’re giving out free-bees how about a TROPHY PATCH for Saints 2?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • This is getting stupid now.
    Sony, you are losing alot of loyal customers in the UK, Europe and australia because you are treating your american and canadian customers better than the rest of us.

    We understand that they are probably your bigest customer. But you can’t keep treating us customers that don’t live in the US with the contempt that you currently are.

  • @famousmortimer

    If you buy the game new, you get the code in the box. Then you get it.

    This offer dont apply to people who get the game used. So buying a new code wont work.

  • Woww that is a realy realyyy awsome deal. getting saints row 2 absolutely free instead of 19.99 , ppl should def take advantage of this well it last. i already have the hard copy of it so this dont realy apply to me but i will say saints row 2 is probly the bestt out of the series. even at 20$ its well worth it but a chance to get it freee.. now thats just GreatNessss

  • this getssss me mad as hell i got saints row 3 coming in the mail and i got saints row 2 on the psn like last week and now ur telling me its going to be free @$%%#^&%*$%^#$^^%*&^&*((&^%*&^#$%@#$%&%^&^*^(&%*^$&%#^$#%@@%#$^& thats messsed up i keep getting $@%@@% in the !@!@#$ by them

    and one more thing $@$@%@$%$#%@ you feel like buying a #@$@% xbox 360 u guys keep taking away stuff from us and i have yet to see any thing back i would like to see a big up date fix ur stuff guys come on

    im all for ps3 but not if i keep getting $%^&* as of right now u guys are 50/50 with me and i buy everything for ps3

    sorry im just mad but i love my ps3 and all i see is u guys taking stuff away

    for all u guys that wonna join a clan go to we do games likecod3 bf3 and a lot of other stuff my real gamer tag is phrozenblood

  • What?! No EU love? Makes me want to beat people with a giant purple dildo!

  • Just wanting to clear something up, do we get all the Saints Row 2 DLC as well?

  • Aaaand the rest of the world gets screwed once again. Nice going, you bunch of geniuses!
    Am I completely wrong in assuming that since Sony is a japanese corporation, it should at least pay some attention to the world outside of the americas?
    The US guys are xbox fanboys anyway. Why don’t you try pleasing the people who still like you?

  • Screw you THQ. Shame on you for leaving out out EU and AU. We buy your games aswell don’t we?!

  • i wish we can get saints row 1?????????????/

  • Gotta love the self-entitled brats on this thread…

    Guys. It’s a free game. THQ/Sony didn’t have to do this at all.

    If you bought SR2 before the deal, I can see why you would be a bit upset, but I wouldn’t be directing that anger at them. You still have the game, and you have gotten it earlier than people getting it next week. Play it now and enjoy.

    @AU/EU/CA peeps, just because it hasn’t been posted on local blogs, I would imagine this deal will probably be going global.

    FYI, for those who didn’t know, giving SR2 for free on PSN is compensation for a previously-announced exclusive Penetrator only mode being cancelled from the PS3 version. IMO, this is much better than what would have been a half-baked afterthought of a mode.

  • scratch that, just read the the region bit at the end… Sorry, it is almost 5am here, and I need sleep. Still, it isn’t that big of a deal.

  • I was interested in this game until I saw a couple things in this blog today. Firstly the online pass, thats a deal breaker. Having most of the world excluded from the bonus content just adds insult to injury. The worst part is no replies to the questions from either SCEA or THQ but instead we get these ignorant whackjobs calling fans of the game “self entitled brats”. Its all more than a little unprofessional and paints not only this game but those who made it possible in a very negative light.

  • @44 yet the people that complain about getting a free game are totally fine right? Your logic makes perfect sense. I can understand how regions outside NA may be upset, and they should talk to THQ about it. I wouldn’t be missing out on a game just because it won’t be including a game I can pick up for $20 or even less online.

    PS I am a brand new fan of the franchise myself, The Third sold me on the series, I bought SR2 before SR3, and you know what? I’m still happy to get a digital copy of it.

    Also, online passes are everywhere, and they are making boatloads of money, so I would get used to it, because they aren’t going anywhere.

  • Djryuzaki stop wasting time with the bollocks already. Nobody cares about your 1 man religious inquistion. Your rabble against anyone you percieve as a blasphemer or heretic makes you look the fool. You should have checked your facts before you came back to spout off yet again. Passes are a fail, EA who beat sony to the punch has already admitted so in a statement over a month ago their own passes have had no impact on their bottom line. This is supposedly entertainment not religous funtamentalism. Zealots and fanatics have no place and yes you fall squarely in that category.

  • What if we already have that game and dlc…? Can we get some free dlc for saints row the third?

  • How do i get it? I already activated my online-pass. Will it appear in the download section of the game or what?

  • So I activated my online pass last week and everytime I go to download sr2 it says it cost $19.99???
    When will it say free? I tried again last night and it still said $19.99.
    Early next week is too vague of a statement or am I missing something???
    Any one have an anwser?

  • yea, how do you get it? ^^^^

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