UNCHARTED 3 DLC Hits PSN Today, Fortune Hunters’ Club Benefits

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UNCHARTED 3 DLC Hits PSN Today, Fortune Hunters’ Club Benefits

We’re now two weeks into the release of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception and you’re all part of the Fortune Hunters’ Club now, right? If so, awesome because we have a gift this week for you! If you’re not, you can still sign up and it’s a terrific deal at $24.99. As a member you’ll be getting a total savings of 45% off the seven multiplayer packs (three character skin packs, four map packs) that will be released for UNCHARTED 3. This membership includes all currently available and upcoming DLC packs for UNCHARTED 3 as well as an exclusive Fortune Hunters’ Club theme that will let you know when new UNCHARTED 3 DLC hits right from the XMB of your PS3.

Uncharted 3 - Fortune Hunters' Club

Today the PlayStation Store will be loaded with a new DLC pack for your multiplayer adventures with Drake and crew. Load your AK47, grab your Para 9, equip your favorite boosters and kickbacks and get ready to take the fight to the Helghast. Killzone 3 skins are coming for UNCHARTED 3 and suddenly your buddy who liked to play multiplayer as Elena all the time might not look so friendly anymore.

This week’s pack grants you exclusive Killzone 3 skins for your in-game avatar. You’ll get the Capture Trooper multiplayer character skin:

Capture Trooper MP skin

ISA helmet for your customizable character:

ISA Helmet

and the Helghast Helmet for your customizable character:

Helghast Helmet

This pack is new bonus content on top of the three character skins packs you’ve already received if you’re a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club. And as a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club, you’ll be getting this Killzone 3 content for free. That’s right, nada. If you’re not, well, you’ll have to pony up $1.49 for these exclusive in-game Killzone 3 items.

After the Helghast invasion, what’s next? Start planning new multiplayer strategies as we are working on a collection of maps entitled “Flashback Map Pack #1” We’ll have more information for you soon, but we wanted to give you an early look at our next UNCHARTED 3 DLC project. So, if you’re a Fortune Hunters’ Club member, this will be your first map pack. Here’s a sneak peek of what some of those maps will look like…can you name the maps?

The Cave - Uncharted 3The Fort - Uncharted 3

We’ll have full details about all the coming DLC content being released right here on the PlayStation.Blog very soon. This week it’s time to get your Helghast on, Fortune Hunters. See you online!

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  • I would’ve liked to have seen more time spent on a solid single-player experience then all this time on multiplayer. After finishing this game, I didn’t have a great feeling of satisfaction that I did with the previous two. The whole single-player seemed rushed so I could get into multiplayer and spend more money on costumes.

    If there’s an Uncharted 4, I highly doubt I’ll pick it up.

  • Cool! I can’t wait. Hopefully there will be some skins of inFAMOUS 2 characters!

  • Even though I would prefer SP DLC(which I know is hard to do), I don’t feel like SP in the game was rushed. The steering needs a bit of tweaking (patch on the way), but the story was without doubt the best of the three games and the quality of the “levels” outstanding.

  • uncharted is a thrill ride imo, spaced out gameplay, almost don w xampaign

  • I have enough skins for a lifetime with this game already. Can’t wait for the maps.
    One question though, are all the skins that were released day one part of the skins that were included in initial count of Content for Fortune hunter pack? ?

    • Yes, all the day 1 skins are the 3 skins packs you’ll get for the FHC. But as a FHC member you’ll get these Killzone skins too. Maybe there will be more as well. :)

  • @1: I don’t really agree with that. I thought the Single player experience was exceptional, falling just slightly short of the 2nd title. The only thing I felt that took away from the experience is the aiming in the Single Player campaign.

  • Wow! Amazing deal! ONLY $1.49 for unlocking them from the disc(Yeah, that’s right. They’re on the disc. They were in the LAN party menus ever since the game was gold.).

    But seriously, I am EXTREMELY dissappointed with this. I thought we would be getting new skins for the (Mis)fortune Hunter’s Club, but instead it just unlocks content already on the disc (And from previous games, too!). I’m assuming this is the last skin pack…….

    Anyways, I can’t wait to until you release the Dry Docks map! You know, the one that was shown before the original beta started…

  • Question:

    The multiplayer maps are coming at a later date? And today, is the just the Killzone skins?

    Or is it all in one bundle?

    Either way, very cool stuff.

  • bt way hopefully chimera skins make their way over eventually though im still playing R3 mp as well

  • Is this the last skin pack that comes free with the FHC? If so, RIP OFF! (On the skins anyways. It probably means they’ll do this for the maps too.)

  • Patch notes for god’s sake!

    Cool looking DLC btw, but, are there only 2 maps per pack?! Please say no!

  • I would like to know if SURVIVAL mode will be added back in to multiplayer co-op. If it will, then the map packs will be an automatic buy. I still don’t understand why it was taken out. Any information from Naughty Dog about this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for an otherwise great game.

  • I like how if you click on the pictures they just tell you the name of the map :P

    The Cave looks awesome, much different when it’s not snowing.

    Though I hope we’ll get some new maps. So far the FHC has given us old skins and maps from Uncharted 2. :(

  • Can’t wait to hear more about the map packs. I’m already a Fortune Hunter Club member, so I’m obviously getting them all, but will there be trophies?

  • I really hate these skins from other games, they absolutely don’t fit into the U3 universe! It just looks rediculous…

  • Man I really wish I could get this game right now because it looks awesome. Loved the first two so I know this one is going to be great. After the holidays I will definitely pick this up, maybe on sale. Good work ND.


  • I might if I get into the multiplayer but all I like is the co-op

  • The lost city and the fort I believe. How about some new maps? If I want to play Uncharted 2, I’ll go play that.

  • This is pretty cool. I have a feeling the Capture Trooper and I will be good buddies from today on.

  • Do you guys realize how hard you’re making it for me to play Skyrim? … HARD… I have to consistantly come back to U3. Keep the ball rolling guys, very impressed (especially compared to U2)!

  • “Flashback Map Pack #1”? so im guessing there will be a “Flashback Map Pack #2”, so guessing pack 1 will be half the u2 maps, and # 2 the other half ? i mean u2 didn’t had that many maps, if added 4~5 maps per map pack, that would be pretty much all, especially when 2 which were dlc, are already on u3 lol.

  • I’d rather see more Uncharted based skin packs. I don’t care for Killzone at all.

  • That’s on disc content, not DLC.

  • I’d like to see some new maps. There are only 1 or 2 maps I actually like that aren’t recycled from the first game.

  • Maps from the previous game with different textures and weather effects? Really? On top of that, you’re selling pieces of skins from the previous game too? Not even full skins, just pieces of them? I just don’t understand anymore.

  • Free Capture Trooper you say? Well you made my day! I’m glad I “”joined” the Fortune Hunters Club. Keep up the good work

  • No ISA skin just a helmet for your hero? I don’t mean to be picky but my helghast helmet isn’t going to look right with what I have for my character now =P btw capture trooper looks sick

  • I adore KZ3..best guns in a game hands down out of all FPS on the market.

  • Nice. Even though Killzone 3 was trash, I’m a fan of the look. What are the chances we get Emmitt from Starhawk?

  • How long will the Fortune Hunters’ Club be available for purchase?

  • To be really honest, PlayStation and Naughty Dog dudes, I don’t really like having crossover skins that don’t match the Uncharted universe. It annoyed me in UC2, and I think it will annoy me now.

    If you are going to have outside skins, at least choose ones that won’t look out of place

  • Hey Eric if you are the Community Strategist what is Arne? Because didn’t he used to be it?

    Anyways I can’t wait for new maps. I’m not bored of the maps but 8-12 maps at launch is not enough for me =(. Will any of them include new modes like Uncharted 2 had Siege coop mode? That was tight

    • There can be more than one community strategist! :)

      Glad you’re looking foward to the maps. I think we put in a good number of maps on disk for launch. We’ve got more content on the way for sure. stay tuned.

  • I too have just received my copy, due to terrible delivery times, and I haven’t even started playing it so I would really need to know for how long the Fortune Hunter’s club will be available.
    Anyway, I love Killzone and the Capture trooper is defintely gorgeous…still having the Helghast Sniper would have been fantastic!
    I have hopes for future integration of Helghast/ISA skins.

  • ND, you are doing it wrong.

    I and many others didn’t get Uncharted for it’s MP mode. Far from it. Only a dedicated few will play the online mode in Uncharted 3. It isn’t fun at all. At least for me. You guys should have made a twice as long SP mode instead of wasting so much time on MP. Uncharted is an action/adventure game and there are mp games out there that totally destroy it in the MP department so why didn’t you guys build on your strength??? Why not make a HUGE campaign and finish the trilogy with a bang. Out of the 3 Uncharted games this was the shortest.

    I REFUSE to buy any of your DLC as long as it’s MP maps, skins, weapons and all things related to MP.

    As soon as you guys release a nice DLC with single player missions than I will be all over it.

    I feel kind of cheated with this single player mode. Don’t get me wrong, it was breath taking but it’s clear that you guys spent the most time with the MP mode that will not be touched by true Uncharted fans including me.

    Please if you make another Uncharted just make a long campaign because that’s what people want. Don’t listen to all these 12-14 year old’s who want’s to turn Uncharted into the next Call of Duty. Listen to the ACTUAL FANS.

  • Maps look great! Glad the (Ice) Cave and Fort are making their return. Those were both great maps! Not that excited for the Killzone 3 character skins though, probably since I’m STILL waiting for Metal Gear Solid skins. That would be amazing if ND and Kojima could make it happen. It would also be appropriate since the MGS HD Collection was just released.

  • I purchased the Hunter’s Club DLC pack more out of support than anything. I don’t play multiplayer much, so I guess my opinion is a bit less significant. But I completely understand where people are coming from for being dissapointed in KZ skins. Seeing skins from other games that I don’t have much interest in was one of the factors that almost kept me from buying the Hunter’s Club Purchase. Which again, my opinion is a bit less significant, but I was hoping to see Uncharted Skins for the Hunters’s Club DLC…not Infamous/Killzone/Resistance-I didn’t Download them for UC2, and even though their free this time, I still won’t download them. Still, keep up the great work! Hope to see some more interesting Uncharted Skins down the road.

  • True fans Ares84?

    Got a PS3 at 500 just to be able to pick up UC1 day One.

    The Multiplayer in 3 is a lot better then 2. And it will keep me playing for long to come.

    The Single player did have some issues story wise, but still was great to play overall, and better then most of what is out there.

    As for the Multiplayer I will echo some of the issues. Skins and UC2 maps are not what I really was looking forward to. I keep both of my characters on Custom. More options for them would be nice. I don’t expect new Maps a week after launch so these are fine. Just lets not keep it a trend. As someone who has bought the Club having faith, please don’t let me down.

  • Well I do agree with crXss, I would probably quite a bit more inclined to see METAL GEAR SOLID SKINS! =]…I’d even settle for Assassin’s Creed Skins.

  • it would better if you let us use the skins we payed for in uc2(as well as others) not that new ones isnt bad just would be cool to still be able to use them again

  • Heres hoping for Emmett Graves

  • @mobius006

    I got every Uncharted on day one. I got Uncharted 3 collectors editions for $100. I couldn’t sleep days before Uncharted 2 and 3 came out. I think I’m a true fan and I love Uncharted for what it was in the beginning. An action/adventure game. But I strongly feel that the MP is tacked on and was made to keep most of these 12-14 year olds quiet who want this to be the next CoD which will never be.

    I just want Uncharted to be Uncharted, a great long single player experience that I can replay 4-5 times…..but not 2x a day. At least make it 10 hours long so after I’m done I feel that I played a good long game.

    As for being a fan; I finished Uncharted 1 exactly 20 times. Uncharted 2 8 times, Uncharted 3 4 times.

  • Shut up with the true fan and single player soapbox misery speeches. How are you gonna tell the developers what their own games are meant to bee? If you don’t like multiplayer, then don’t play it. End of.

  • 2 community strategists and we’re kept in the dark on the ND forums. Why don’t you guys post rarely on there? Isn’t your job to post about stuff and update us? There is a lack of updates about the patch. Please reply Arne or Eric, why don’t you guys post more often? EvangM posts more and he’s not even a community guy! Please reply to this, don’t ignore just like every time.

    • We’ll update information about the patch as soon as it’s ready. We have to test all the issues we patch so that takes some time. Thank you for commenting here, there, anywhere and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we can relay the info. Thanks!

  • Eric, Arne, someone….

    PLEASE tell me there will be original content for FHC members, not just Uncharted 2 stuff. I technically paid for this stuff already, I want new stuff.

  • Finally my GOTY KILLZONE 3 gets in on uncharted already past the campaign but to addicted to killzone multiplayer 301 hrs online, that i dont play uc mp this will get me back to it thanks alot!

  • I’ll make this easy U3 mp is garbage i just want to thank you guys for messing up the best mp on the ps3…Wish i never picked up that stupid pack cuz ill never get in to this garbage… Should have called it uncharted 3: CoD cuz thats what it is and that is so sad.

  • Oh by the way… JAK AND DAXTER apparel please! Doesn’t have to be a skin, rather Jak’s armor or something.

  • Uncharted 3 GOTY :)

  • All I want to know is when Fortune Hunters’ Club members will receive Doughnut Lazarevic as a “free” download. EvangM has yet to update us on this since two weeks ago, and seeing how it released with the other content packs, its absence is a bit puzzling.

  • When are you guys going to patch this puppy. Bad mechanics horrible gameplay it nearly unplayable…

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