Jurassic Park: The Game Hits PSN Today, Preview its Thunder Lizards

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Jurassic Park: The Game Hits PSN Today, Preview its Thunder Lizards

Jurassic Park: The Game launches today on PSN and will be available for free to all new PlayStation Plus subscribers who purchased a one-year Plus subscription between 11/1 and 11/8. In honor of today’s PSN launch, we wanted to give players a sneak peek of the dinosaurs that roam the park and menace the player. Many new prehistoric creatures await you in the full game, but below are five of the big-league thunder lizards that you will face later today.


Tyrannosaurus Rex

The frightening Tyrannosaurus Rex, often known as the king of the dinosaurs, stands over 13 feet tall and is 40 feet from its snout to the tip of its tail. With Jurassic Park’s T-Rex having been clocked at 32 miles per hour, this carnivore is not one you’d want to come face-to-face with. Especially not while searching for a lost can of Barbasol shaving cream filled with stolen embryos! This deadly dino is never more than a few colossal footsteps away from the heroes of Jurassic Park: The Game. Park veterinarian, Gerry Harding, and his young daughter Jess have the first run-in with the T-Rex as they attempt to coax a Triceratops out of the road. This meeting results in an epic battle between two of the most famous dinosaurs known to man.



The Velociraptor, gifted with uncanny intelligence, razor-sharp talons, and cheetah-like speed, is a fatal addition to Jurassic Park. These creatures proved so difficult to contain that they had to be moved to a remote pen. With the raptors roaming free due to Dennis Nedry’s meddling with the park’s security systems, the heroes of Jurassic Park: The Game are never out of danger’s grasp. Normal escape tactics like bunkering down inside a building are futile while avoiding a pack of Velociraptors, so try to stay safe from these lethal dinosaurs. However, their smarts and ability to open doors renders anything less than a securely locked entrance ineffectual!

Jurassic Park - Clearing


Dilophosaurus, easily identifiable by the crests atop their heads, are a beautiful but deadly addition to Jurassic Park. It was discovered that the “Dilos” hunt in packs, spitting venom at their prey’s eyes to cause blindness and disorientation before feasting on their incapacitated prey. In Jurassic Park: The Game, Nima Cruz and Miles Chadwick are sent to Jurassic Park to recover stolen dinosaur embryos, returning to the location where Dennis Nedry met his demise in the film. They encounter a pack of Dilophosaurs that are none-too-happy about their visit.



The Pteranodon glides high above Isla Nublar. John Hammond originally planned an aviary containing the dinosaurs of the sky to be part of a tourist’s Jurassic Park experience. While these majestic animals are a wonder to see, an aircraft flying into a Pteranodon’s airspace would face certain peril. An InGen rescue team in a helicopter searching for Gerry Harding, his daughter, and other survivors of the Isla Nublar incident runs into a flock of Pteranodons. The high-flying reptiles cause their helicopter to spin out of control and make an emergency landing on the island.



The Mosasaur, not on any of the official InGen dinosaur lists, calls the Jurassic Park Marine Facility its home. Fed to its satisfaction by an in-house fish farm, the Mosasaur is a terrifying beast best viewed from behind the reinforced glass of the Marine Facility. As the group of survivors, including Gerry Harding and his daughter, attempt to make their escape from Isla Nublar by heading north, they find themselves head-to-head with danger. As Ian Malcom’s Chaos Theory would dictate, ‘life finds a way’ – in this case, to drop the survivors right into the Mosasaur’s underwater enclosure!

Jurassic Park: The Game launches today on PS3 via PSN. If you pick up the game this afternoon on the PlayStation Store, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • Nice work on that Jeep, guys.

  • Game looks pretty cool

  • will we get a demo?

  • got another PS+ subcription on the 4th.
    just got the download link in my message box. downloading now.
    I loved the Jurassic Park books, movies, and now I look forward to the game.

  • Any chance for a demo? looks really cool though!

    • Thanks! We’re working on the demo, but it won’t be available at launch. Stay tuned, we’ll have more news on that soon.

  • However, some other Telltale games don’t seem to work efficiently on PS3 and thats why I’d like to see a demo.

  • Can’t wait to play this!

    For those who are on the fence, I hope there is a demo.

  • Come on guys, I am a yearly subscriber to PlayStation Plus, but you’re only giving it to people who purchase a PS+ One Year Subscription between certain dates? To be blatantly honest, that’s not right. All yearlies should get it free, not just newbies.

  • @8, tell me about it.
    i just resubscribed to plus on Oct 31-2011.

    the next day we find out about this and the removal of three of our accounts on the 18th!!

    I kinda wanna refund seeings how 60% of the value is leaving with my three accounts.

    Plus feels like a minus this week.

  • I’m excited for Jurassic Park. I really enjoyed what Telltale games did with the Back to the Future game, so when I found out they were making Jurassic Park, I knew I had to have it. I also see they are making a Walking Dead game based on the comics/tv show! I can’t wait for that one now either!

  • Just finished the first episode and I find myself somewhat torn. The story, voice acting, and music are brilliant, but the gameplay is extremely slow (and this is coming from a huge Sam and Max fan). That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind. I’m hoping to get through episode 2 tonight as well.

  • @Blade133

    Have to agree with ya. The game play is slow at times but everything else makes up for it. Finished episode 1 myself and gonna have to go through it again then later to get some of the trophies esp World’s Best Dad. Would have loved to have know about before I was halfway through ep 1 but shrugs getting it will just make it all the more fun again… And again this by far for me has to be the best Telltale Game for me. I loved the Sam and Max ones they’ve done and the Wallace and Gromit one but this has pushed them down with the amount of work they did to make sure it stayed true to the movies.

  • I keep seeing posts on the webs indicating that the Jurassic park codes went out today, but I didn’t get mine even though I signed up form PSN Plus on 11/8. Anyone else not get theirs yet?

  • @RKDynamic
    I am having the same problem… :/
    I really hope this gets sorted out.. I love Jurassic Park, and I want to play! :D I spent all my other money on Batman, Assassin’s Creed, and Uncharted! :P

  • Wait, where are all the feathers?!

  • This game looks amazing! I really want to play a demo first, since I don’t know a lot about this game.

  • @8 yeah i agree so much, i was looing on getting it for free but nooo w/e

  • Thank you Telltale! You are one of my favorite game companies. Right up there with Double Fine, Quantic Dream, thatgamecompany, and Rockstar! :D Your games are awesome! Can’t wait to play this! Can’t wait to see what you will make next! Yippee! :)

  • looks Goood

  • Read the blog before I started playing, that’s the reason for my critic. Love the intro #1.
    Right now I notice that the audio and video seem to skip through #2 – Welcome to Jurassic Park. Also the jeep disappears in the middle of it from being behind Sally.

  • It could also use more smoothing in #3

  • These are all critics for Episode 1

  • I am a yearly member, AND I even did a stack renew (instead of waiting and letting it auto add, like any normal sub style plan works) on Nov 2nd, 2011, at 7:49pm. Ever since that day, I’ve been waiting for my download code for my copy of Jurassic Park. WHERE THE HELL IS IT?

    Not only did I manually re-new a plan I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO, since it is a sub style planning system that auto renews unless I cancel, BUT I also didn’t even get my code for the free game, I SHOULD (as well as any + member) get it because I am still locked into a sub plan for months to come!

    Now, where is my code? Where is my game? Don’t give your fans that have been a part of your sub style planning system the work around. Everyone that has a sub membership on or before November the 8th, 2011 should get this game for free. You want to put a date limit for new comers, fine, but putting it for current members, and then saying because we were already sub’d, or because our renewing dates aren’t in your promo time frame that the best you can do for us is a discount…….?

  • I have not received my code as well. Would have been nice to get these codes sent out before you released the game.

  • Hey guys, I’ve bought PSN PLAY … even pre ordered every single one of the game but until now I still did not get Free PAY DAY HEIST voucher on my XMB ….

    Please any1 help me find out why !?! Did Sony skipped my account ? cos this ain’t fair !!!Hey guys, I’ve bought PSN PLAY … even pre ordered every single one of the game but until now I still did not get Free PAY DAY HEIST voucher on my XMB ….

    Please any1 help me find out why !?! Did Sony skipped my account ? cos this ain’t fair !!!

  • I have not seen enough game play to make this an immediate purchase for me. I certainly like the premise and I absolutely loved Back to the Future. I will be waiting for a demo before I by this though.

  • The scenario “Jungle Hack” has no problems, but I can’t access to “Nedry’s Clearing” no matter what… nobody has the same problem???

  • Congrats to the Telltale team. The love and respect for the IP is evident throughout Episode 1.

    Sure, I love a good twitch fest every once and awhile but, I usually play games that have a good story to tell me. So, this is perfect. I didn’t want to stop my time with it, until it was over. I played straight through Episode 1 and, if it weren’t 1:30am.. I’d probably jump right into Episode 2, now.

    I don’t see huge replay value, beyond cleaning up trophies. However, that’s okay. Although, there are some books that I’ve re-read through the years (Shogun – James Clavell, Tolkien’s books) there are many more, that I love but, have never read twice.

    I did get the game free via the PS+ deal but, I would have just as easily been happy had I paid full price.

    Back to the Future, Jurassic Park…. These prove to me, you can take a well established world and weave in believable, new story lines. It makes me excited about what you guys will do with the, “Walking Dead” franchise. Keep up the good work.

  • love the moives now i get to go to the park can wait to see a trex my dream come true

  • Just wanted to log in to say, this is a pretty good game.

    It’s a lot like Heavy Rain, which I loved, and I think the story for this game, is what should have been the sequel to the original Jurassic Park.

    Overall, great story and great game. You have convinced me to look into other TellTale games.

  • I finished the first episode last night. This game is really amazing and you guys did an amazing job. I can’t wait to start on episode 2!

  • @papolatte

    Yeah…my friend and I deemed it “Jurassic Rain”.

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