Step Right Up to Carnival Island

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Step Right Up to Carnival Island

Greetings out there in PlayStation land! I’m Mark Tsai, president and co-founder at Magic Pixel Games in Los Angeles. Our name’s new, but the team’s not – we’re industry veterans who have worked on many well-loved franchises such as Stephen Spielberg’s Boom Blox and Guitar Hero, among many other titles in our combined resume.

But enough about us – I’m really excited to introduce you to our newest production: Carnival Island, which we produced in collaboration with SCEA Santa Monica Studio. We’ve taken the physical accuracy of the PlayStation Move motion controller, Magic Pixel’s expertise in motion-controlled gaming, and the fun of the carnival…and rolled them into a truly family-friendly, instantly-accessible experience. It’s all the fun of the fair without having to find parking! Check out our launch walkthrough video to learn why PS Move’s technology enables a precise, seamless experience.

Carnival Island features more than 35 games and attractions, so there’s surely something fun for gamers of all ages and skill-levels. Play solo in Story mode, or grab your friends and family and play together (side-by-side or one-at-a-time), since the game supports up to four players with up to two motion controllers. Frogbog, Ringtoss, Shooting Gallery and Hoops are just a few of the games you’ll play as you explore the island – and the games get more and more magical as you play. The sky’s the limit!

Carnival Island also includes tons of souvenirs and friends for you to meet. Pets and adorable creatures awaken and cheer you on as you play each attraction bringing life and color back to the island. And as you succeed, the island has many secrets for you to reveal.

We’re really excited for you to try the game and feel proud that we’ve made a game that’s really unlike any other motion-controlled experience, with wonder and magic around every corner.

Carnival Island will be available at your favorite retailer today, November 15th. The demo will also be available on PlayStation Network soon.

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  • looking foward to some good move games

  • very interesting game did the company change there name?

  • I love the many great first party Move titles coming out this week. I hope there is a demo for this game.

  • The game Saints Row 3 will be available on the PSN store from when?? What time more or less? I’m very much looking forward to having it up already i put money in my account.

  • Sigh. This always happens. Happened with EyeToy then with PS Eye, now with Move.

    Never utilized where it should. Over hyped games that only use them as a secondary feature. Why do we only get mini-games or crappy add-on features. Why cant people make quality games with this technology.


    • Carnival Island is exclusively for the PlayStation®Move, and we spent a lot of time understanding some of the best ways to utilize the data that it provides. Then we built a game that translates that motion data into accurate (and fun) gameplay.

      If you’ve got a Move – check out the demo before you make a call…the controls feel fantastic.

  • This game looks fun. I will pick it up

  • I don’t have kids so this game is not for me, but it looks like you guys did the Move controller justice. I really like that Sony did not just release a motion controller but are supporting it through great software like this game. Good job guys and I hope this game finds success so we can continue to get great Move enabled games.

    • Thanks for your kind words – try the demo when it comes available – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the depth that’s available in the game, for kids and adults. The Move’s a great platform for making accessible games.

  • Ever since they added the carnival in Home I have wanted them to add Move controls.

    Home is first party and if they arent going to use Move who will?

    Its up to the first party devs to show everyone else what Move can be.

    That said it looks like these guys may have figured it out pretty well.

    If any dev uses Move it had better be 1:1, and not waggle/Wii type controls, thats not what moves about.

    Also it sucks that now Move is out no one uses the Sixaxis anymore!!! I love me some sixaxis, and it makes more sense then Move for games like bowling where you want the center of gravity in your hand like a bowling ball would be.

    Best Move game would be Demon’s souls with move support, here’s hoping for Dark Move Soul’s, coming soon?

    • Carnival Island’s Move controls are definitely not waggle-type controls. The Move’s accuracy allows us to map real-world motions right into the game.

  • This game looks like loads of fun for kids….. too bad I don’t have Move, oh well…. hope the game does well though

    • The game’s fun for kids, and adults, really. We built the game to work well for groups of people of all ages and skill levels. If you’ve got a PlayStation®Move available, try the demo when it becomes available – it’s well worth the download!

      (But I may be biased.)

  • I’ve been waiting for months on end for this release news but being in a wheelchair limits me getting to my PS3 to change out my disk, I was SOOooooo hoping this was available on PSN as well and for this reason along now I can’t get it… I’ve also been waiting for Start the Party which never showed up as a Digital Version!

    I have my Favorate game disk in PS3 which I play, I live alone and at night I like to switch up what I play but I don’t allow any1 to touch my disk (friends) so I guess like most other games I’ll wait 11 months when we think other than ambulettory.

    • Thanks for your interest! I’m pleased to say that there’s a PSN digital-download version of Carnival Island in the works so you’ll be able to add it to your library.

      Stay tuned for updates!

  • looks awesome

  • My friend won this game on House Party. I can’t wait to go over and give it a whirl. Looks like all we’ll need to do is make some funnel cake!

  • This looks like a great family friendly game! Hope they keep making great MOVE games.

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