ModNation Racers: Road Trip Track Studio – Your Wish is Our Command!

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ModNation Racers: Road Trip Track Studio – Your Wish is Our Command!

One of the keys to designing ModNation Racers: Road Trip was listening carefully to our current community’s input. They gave us their wish list and like a genie in a bottle we are ecstatic to reveal these great new additions to track your creating arsenal.

1. Multiple Themes: With the power of Vita, San Diego Studio was able to give the user access to up to five times more “goodies” to create with than on PS3. In ModNation Racers: Road Trip the creator has access to over 20 different prop themes and can now mix-n-match up to fifteen of those into their track’s creation.

This means ModNation Racers: Road Trip players can now look forward to experience whole new un-seen worlds. Now THAT is cool! I can’t wait to see them!

2. Fully Rotatable Props: Now track creators have the ability to manipulate all of their track props in full 360 degrees on all axis points (big words for AWESOME!) along with complete scalability of items. Now that alien invaded scenario you have wanted to create with its buildings, buses, parked cars, tanks and park fountains turned on their heads is as easy as rotating two fingers on the front touch screen on the Vita.


3. Draw Track / Trace Track Modes: One of the first features most players will notice and enjoy right off the bat is the two track draw modes. You have previously seen how with MNR: Road Trip you can draw your track in only seconds using just one finger via the front touch screen. What you may not know is now with Vita’s built in camera you can snap photos of anything from your little brother’s face, a fire hydrant, a bus route map of your town or maybe even your cat. Import it and trace the image as the outline of your track. We can’t wait to see what the ModNation comes up with!

4. Estimated Track Times: When you have the whole world in your hands time can seem to fly by so we created a meter that estimates the lap time of your track.

These are only a few of the many cool new features introduced in ModNation Racers: Road Trip. Stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks.

Creations of the Week: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and RACE!

ModNation Racers prides itself on these environmentally friendly issues:

  • Zero tolerance Kart exhaust emission policy
  • Modspot maintenance EVERY night from 2am-4am (in case you didn’t know)
  • All Mod and Kart paints are lead free
  • Flowers not only look nice but do indeed smell nice (preparation for smello-vision)
  • No night racing saves on electrical bills
  • Biff and Gary carpool. They actually do like each other!

This Week’s Top Tracks: One Man’s Trash…


Creations of the Week: Paper or Plastic?


Hot Lap Tracks Of The Week: Didjerama and Big Thunder Mountain by statickey_660 (this week’s Hot Lap tracks were chosen by the community so it goes without saying that having two of your tracks chosen as track of the week is quite an accomplishment and a first in the vaulted annals of ModNation history. Congrats!)


Monday: Didjerama by statickey_660
Tuesday: Big Thunder Mountain by statickey_660
Wednesday: Ruins of Karzha v1.3 by Iop330
Thursday: Ski resort by yISK8TLZPqQ
Friday: WHALE old resort by tadaryou
Saturday: Port Islander by atheistsw
Sunday: Grab Some Pine by PH1LThy31

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8 Author Replies

  • Vita version looks pretty good! Shame some of those new features couldn’t be patched in to the PS3 version.

    Some nice lookin’ creations this week!

  • Glad to see statickey_660’s Big Thunder Mountain got onto the Hot Lap list, but I’m surprised Battleship Frigate Epsilon wasn’t on there as well, I thought that one was really creative! Oh, well great picks though!

    Modnation Racers: Road Trip is looking better and better especially with the 360 degree rotating axis support (really been wanting something like that). Is there any chance that we’ll be seeing an update for PS3 with this kind of multiple axis support?

  • Are their any new themes for Modnation:Road Trip?

  • Road trip track editing features 1 and 2 are amazing and definitely 2 things we should of had in the PS3 version – should expand what we can do alot. As a request can you guys also tweak the height limit for props and track to be about double what it is for PS3? – would make these downhill courses more epic.

    Have a couple questions though:
    – Tracks that we build with the PS3 version and publish will automatically show up on the VITA version for downloading correct? does this include after launch or is it a one time copy everything from the PS3 version over the the VITA version?
    – Are tracks that I build with the VITA version playable on the PS3 Version?
    – Does fully scalable props include dynamic props and interactive road props?
    – Are the 20 different prop themes all the ones we have on the PS3 version+DLC or are there some new ones in the mix too?

    Now hurry up and get me Modnation 2 for PS3 so I can have these features on my console version as well (or a Patch for Modnation to add these in) :)

    • – If I read your first question correctly the answer is all of the user generated PS3 tracks will be available for download made pre-release and after release of ModNation Racers: Road Trip
      – No. Only PS3 to Vita
      – Good question. Let me find out
      – The themes include all of the PS3 + DLC but no new Vita specific themes

  • No night racing in Road Trip? :(

    What if I put a ton of wind turbines in my track. Wouldn’t that offset the electricity cost?

  • Are the DLC track packs ever going to go on sale? 9.99 a piece is a bit steep imo. Maybe buy 2 get the 3rd free?

  • Isn’t Big Thunder Mountain, Disney IP? Oh well

  • WHALE and Grab Some Pine, BOOYAH, meow.
    Even if i will not be able to log due to connection.
    Anyway, i’m glad :>
    Go Road Trip, dood :3

  • any plans of patching in 3d for modation ps3 version?

  • Yay, a hot lap place, thanks community! Just wondering is the placing of the day in the week is relative to the popularity or just random aprt from TOTW(s).

    Anyway about Vita, all those things are EPIC with the themes and rotation sorely needed! My only gripe is that i cant create my tracks on the vita and play them on the PS3 on my new massive TV…
    Maybe a new patch or MNR2 (Is one planned or are you keeping your lips sealed?)

    Another question is when we start creating a track on the Vita can we still lay it out like on the PS3 or can you only use the touch screen as i feel that it might be might harder to do more complex stuff?

    Anyway all that said.. EPIC!

  • Scrap my thing about hot lap, just saw your post, lol

  • You guys should make it so you can make the wheels bigger and smaller on the karts :P

  • It looks like progress is being made with the Vita version!

    Also, congrats to all who got their tracks chosen for Hot Lap because of the judging event! I’m kind of sad that mine didn’t get chosen…

  • Hmmmmmmm…. I must say I’m a little bit annoyed at the Vita version’s ‘new’ features, titled props has been a request since practically the PS3 version came out and we continue to have to make do with our DIY workarounds, also the theme limit is 15 on Vita which is amazing but I’m VERY sad that neither of these features will make it into the current version on PS3.

    It does kinda seem like UFG are putting all their eggs in one basket with the Vita version, I understand that it’s going to be a launch title to encourage people to get the VIta in the first place and the cross platform compatibility is a very welcome edition, but I can’t help feel that this will only lead to the eventual demise of the PS3 community as those that do not wish to jump onto the handheld bandwagon (myself included) will find their options severely limited and their audience severely dwindle too as time goes on.

    Kudos for listening to the community with regards to what to implement into the Vita version, but it does kinda suck that the platform that started it all in the first place is now getting shelved for the younger, prettier model…

    • I do honestly think both communities will be strong yet I understand the PS3 community wanting the same feature sets. Remember that ModNation Racers for the PS3 was by the great dev team at UFG and ModNation Racers: Road Trip is by the San Diego Studio dev team (great too!) so there will be differences. Of course it has many similarities but is not a port of the PS3 game. Wait until you see all the features of ModNation Racers: Road Trip! I think it will win you over!

      btw… Thanks to community members like you that make the ModNation community so great and contribute to making this franchise the continued success that it is!


  • is there still no user generated tracks in xp races? the only thing i NEED is to race on different tracks. it got too repetitive on the UFG tracks so i stopped playing. will this be in road trip?

  • oh and 2 more things
    will we be able to race against our own creations?
    when we are in create mode, will racers be driving on the track so far to see how it will ride?

  • Wow. So basically how I’m seeing it here is, not only is the new Vita game coming with about $100 of DLC free from the PS3 version, but Road Trip is getting the features that we’ve wanted since day one for PS3 version to boot? If someone buys the PS3 version of MNR today, and want to get all the DLC for it, they are going to be spending more than DOUBLE what the Vita Modnation game will sell for? Double also for missing features that are present on the Vita game.

    I understand that Vita is being pushed and having a title like this will be huge for it but honestly. Myself and many others aren’t going to get a Vita just to get this game no matter how much we love MNR. For starters, a MAJOR price drop is needed for the PS3 Modnation DLC, well over half off for all of it I’d say. And I really don’t see why there can’t be a 2.0 patch like in other games to, not only add a few of the features that Vita is getting, but also to fix some of the issues for the PS3 game.

    You’d think with these Modnation posts on the Blog every Monday that, the new things for this great game will be supported, but that the PS3 version that came out a year and a half later would still be supported strong also. Guess that’s not the case.

  • @14 & 17

    Its a bit of a catch-22 deal….

    These Vita features that all of us that supported the PS3 version from day one want in the PS3 version won’t get patched in because its not worth the dev’s time because they feel there is no commercial benefit in doing so. Yet if they did do it maybe some more copies of the game would sell and new buyers and current owners would buy more DLC which would lead to some more $$$.

    I’m really liking the look of MNR on the Vita but i’m not that bothered by the Vita itself tbh. If there is going to be MNR2 on the PS3 maybe, just maybe, it’ll be what all the MNR fans want MNR1 to be.

  • @18 Yeah. It’s just too bad that Modnation 2 probably won’t be around for at least 2 more years. I have no doubt that they will make another game for the PS3. As you said, Road Trip looks good and it will be a hit for the Vita for sure, but it really stinks that Modnation PS3 fans are going to be getting the short end of the stick for the time being.

    @7 I was thinking the same thing. Looks like someone (Mark) has never been to Disney World lol wut? :)

  • I agree with other dissenters here. No matter what, I see the Vita version as what they should have done to the PS3 version. The sheer fact that it’s a handheld game will ensure it doesn’t outsell a console. I has no intention of ever buying a Vita, as I don’t want a handheld system. When I’m out and about, I’m usually exercising, and if I need entertainment on the go, I have a library of books to read.

    This stuff should have been patched in to the PS3 version. If UFG won’t do it, then someone else should! If San Diego Studios has access to MNR then they should do it. It would get more people back and buying DLC if we didn’t have to do insane work arounds to get what we want.

  • when its double exp weekend coming again! I feel like im never gonna get that goddamn lvl 30 trophy.
    and When its a DLC for more Power ups! WE NEED MORE POWER UPS in the game! only 4 types of powers get really boring pretty fast! c,mon make it happen.

  • There is and never will be a patch to get what we want out of modnation 1 – If there is a modnation 2 in the making!! due to the fact that it would be silly of them to do so..

    if this game was perfect there would be no reason to buy MNR 2..

    also Vita isnt perfect.. – there is no night time.. rain/snow Etc (on purpose)

    so.. we should all be glad. My guess is that there is a modnation 2 being created. hopefully with everything the vita has plus alot more!!

    If there is no MNR 2 being created!! ILL BE ANNOYED!! <—-(angry shout)

  • WOW! The Track Creation in ModNation Racers Road Trip looks awesome!

    My Creations from the PS3 version of ModNation Racers can be used in the Vita.

    Really looking forward for the Playstation Vita, thanks for the info Mark!

  • Hey! I’m on top track!? Sweet. ! Also, my ideal experience would be if I could build on the hand held and upload it onto my playstation. That way, every second of free time could be dedicated to modnation if I felt like it. Yeah.. so.. um, get to it. :-p

    And I am all for modnation 2! <3

  • Cool, my track got up there! I made construction chaos for BaibiBunnie as a thank you for making me the Raven mod that is in my creations.

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