Master Your Medieval Moves in Deadmund’s Quest

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Master Your Medieval Moves in Deadmund’s Quest

With Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest launching tomorrow for PlayStation Move, Senior Producer Jeremy Ray highlights the game’s weapon arsenal in a new dev diary. The game team worked hard to build a game where the combat feels as intuitive as possible. Holding a PlayStation Move motion controller in front of you as a shield or swinging your sword feels natural for a player of almost any age, and the one-to-one precision goes a long way to keep you immersed in the experience. That’s paired with seamless, almost unnoticeable transition between your weapons: with the sword and shield at the ready in your hands, you can reach over your shoulder for your bow and arrow or grab those throwing stars from your belt. The result is a game that rewards all ages and levels of gaming skill without the need for a ton of abstract button presses.

Whether it’s the fun single-player campaign or online co-op battles, we hope you will have as much fun playing it as we did making it! Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest is available this Tuesday, November 15th for $39.99 (requires PlayStation Move motion controller and PS3 Eye camera) or in a specially priced Move Bundle including controller, camera, Medieval Moves and the hugely successful Sports Champions for only $99.99!

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  • Is this going to be on PSN also?

  • Congrats on having one of the first full games built specifically for the MOVE. The demo was a ton of fun. Fluid and responsive; the best of the most fun events in Sports Champions integrated into a full game. You guys really have development down on this. I’m looking forward to playing this one all the way through.

    • Thanks for the very kind words. “Fluid and responsive” were among the top keywords in the design. Hope you enjoy the full game and don’t forget the online co-op. VERY fun!

  • U kno i saw this and thought to myself “Hmm Skyrim could’ve worked really well with move functionality”

  • I was really looking forward to this until we played the demo and realized you need 2 Moves to fully enjoy the game, not the Move and Nav controller combo that we have. Maybe someday we’ll get a 2nd Move and get this, but until then thanks for putting out the demo and saving us $40 and from being PO’d.

    PS – I know it’s Sony’s fault for the Nav. not having a gyro like the Wii nunchuck has, even though the nunchuck is $10 cheaper. What good is it though for the Nav. to be wireless if game developers aren’t going to implement it in their games?

    • Hi,

      Sorry to hear that. To be honest most around the office here and even my 8yr old play with just one Move controller and don’t feel like we are missing anything. Yes, it is a different experience with two but I wouldn’t say it’s better, just different. Thats one of the best features of the game, it’s a great experience either way. We tried to be very intentional about that. We hope you’ll give us another shot!


  • It looks really cool! The best PS Move game I’ve seen.

  • @rjejr

    I would actually recommend playing this game with only one Move controller. I played the demo with two, and it actually made the game harder and less fun. It’s like in Sports Champions where you don’t need two controllers to have fun. The second controller actually makes the controls harder and more gimmicky.

  • This and Carnival Island will be mine tomorrow! Had a blast playing both of these earlier this year at E3 and have been eagerly anticipating their release. Tomorrow will be a fun day of play with my wife and daughter!

  • FlamingBlur




    were threatening to hack people on Battlefield 3….. i dont know where to report them so i wrote it here :)

  • Looks very cool this game, a new experience for PS Move controller, I’m sure i have to play it ;)

    • We hope you will agree how well the game and the controls work together. when you try it. We may be a little bias but we think its a premier Move experience!

  • great idea and loved Champions but the demo was horrible. Thats just what i think. Also i would like to say that using one controller is way better. Its dumb that you cant move on your own.

  • @8 I reported them for you DICE doesnt take well to cheaters or hackers on the battlefield

  • i would have loved to see skyrim with these same mechanics i think it would have worked well and really got people into the ps move

  • @8, I think you can reported people on game because their names appear under “people you’ve met” on the XMB. Those names stay there forever unless you delete so you can triangle their PSN IDs and select report. If I’m wrong about this, someone will correct.

    For those who are so crazy about Skyrim they’ve mentioned it here, well, I sure know how you feel. Optional Move support would have been great but too exhausting for all of the 300 hour game for me.

    Just playing the first 5 minutes of the Medieval Moves demo nearly threw my wrist out but I’m going to take @6’s advice & only use 1 controller. When I catch up in my backlog.

  • huh, Interesting shirt Jeremy’s got on there. Even more interesting are the mock-ups on the wall behind him…

    anyways, I’m really looking forward to this title. I’m glad to see that the game is actually getting some really good reviews, especially from those who aren’t fans of the Move to begin with. And the fact that it’s not a $49.99/$59.99 title is rather refreshing!

    Good job, Jeremy…And all of Zindagi!

    • We are thrilled with the great reviews! We feel like they really played the game and took the game in as a whole and judged it on what it is.FUN!

      I am passing on your kudos to Jeremy as we speak and yes, Zindagi rocked it too! Thank you for saying that.

  • You guys do great work.

    I got Sport champions and was blown away by the accuracy you guys were able to achieve.
    It is unrivalled to this day, 2moro? we will see.

    Seriously playing Move games by others is just sad and most if not all simply attempt Wii level control, this is not why Move was created.

    I’m glad you guys know this and use it at full power captain!!!

  • great job! I have this preordered btw


  • Was your camera being controlled my a Move controller as well? It was so shaky, whoever was recording needs to be taught how to hold a camera.

  • damn man i thought this game was Move and Navi controllers…. sigh…. still waiting for an adventure game so i can use both…. well…. lets wait for sorcery :)

    good job none the less for ur on rails game… :)

  • i dont like the move really much except for killzone 3,resistance 3,because those are very responsive but since i really enjoyed the demo i will gladly buy this not on release though cause im broke but hopefully for christmas!

  • The demo was really fun, while I would have liked to be able to move, I understand the benefits of using two PSMove controllers (especially for archery and sword/shield combos). If the end product is great, then I’m okay with having no movement “control” and I think the inclusion of secret/alternate paths give a nice trade off to no manual movement. :3

    I look forward to playing it, hopefully I can find it tomorrow in Canada. Otherwise I’ll have to wait. ):

  • Great Job Jeremy!

    Just had to say it…

  • Is this game downloadable?

    From some screen shots it looks like there is two player split screen, is that right?
    If so, what kind of game modes can we play split screen?
    Coop campaign??

    If no, Can I play online coop or only vs?

    Thing is with the 18th looming over us soon I will not make any PSN purchases after the 18th, so hopefully you guys have taken that into “account”. (See what i did there, LOL?)

    So if it comes to PSN before the 18th I’ll prob buy it that way to be able to play with my family members across multiple PS3’s, if only disc based I’ll probably ask for it for Christmas, or get it for my kids for Christmas.

    I been waiting for this since Move was announced and we saw tech demos of these baddies being hit with arrows, throwing stars, and sword& shield. I knew then this day would come.

  • I wish these guys were working with other studios who obviously dont know how to utilize the Move’s precision.

    Hey how about you guys collaberate on the next demon’s souls type Hardcore Dungeon crawler, Leave the option for DS3 or Move based or a mix of the two for Move/Navi control.

    Or even the next God of War in first person with 1:1 Move controls!!!! Imagine the blood dripping from your weapon in your hand, and guts spraying in your face in 3D!!! Oh yeah.

  • I say, sell it!

    Sell it to studios who want to use the PS Move technology but can’t invest time and energy making their own codes.
    Make it usefull by having it already compatible with engins like Havok engine and easy to install for other engins.

    If a studio wants to use the Sharp Shooter, sell them the tools, if another wants the sword techology, sell them that part.

    Sony, when you make R&D, don’t just make a product, complete it with a polished software.

    Like the, it’s quite confusing to use for an amator who never used codes b4, why not make it simpler like LBP2? but in a way that everyone could make games directly from the PS3 that isn’t a kids game like LBP.

  • i played this at the roadshow it was great fun

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