BurgerTime World Tour Serves up Retro Evolution Tomorrow

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BurgerTime World Tour Serves up Retro Evolution Tomorrow

It’s been 29 years since BurgerTime hit arcades, but there’s still there’s a legion of fans waiting for a modern revival of one of the tastiest puzzle games ever. BurgerTime World Tour isn’t just BurgerTime with HD graphics; it’s a maturation of the arcade classic with evolved elements and platform features that make for a whole new game. BurgerTime World Tour has been re-built from the ground up on a rotating cylindrical 3D world upon which you build your burgers from top to bottom.

Follow famed burger chef Peter Pepper as he traverses four different culinary destinations (New York, Paris, Mexico, and Tokyo) and creates giant burgers while dodging zany condiments and frenetic foods like Frank Furter, the splenetic sausage or Sonny, the indelible edible egg. Peter Pepper will have his way with these ingredients as he drops burger pieces onto them to include them in the burger (bonus points and custom burgers!), flips them off the screen with a tornado spatula attack, or engulfs them with flames from the new hot sauce powerup, just to name a few. With over 50 levels, BurgerTime World Tour’s a meaty package.

BurgerTime World Tour for PSN

The recipe has been enhanced with intense boss battles in which you build burgers as fast as possible to force-feed each boss towards its food-coma doom. BurgerTime World Tour also brings to the table tons of new platforming and puzzle elements such as the new rocket packs, a new power-up that allows you to scale large buildings faster and earn more points for your ranked level score. Of course, the game’s signature power-up, the pepper shaker, is still used as a great method for dazing enemies and allow for easy bonus points for combining these ingredients onto your finished burger.

BurgerTime World Tour for PSN

The multitude of new elements and items also allow for more efficient burger-making, important for one of the series’ most requested features, four-player local splitscreen and online multiplayer! BurgerTime World Tour includes fast and furious multiplayer modes: Burger Battle and Rocket Race. Both competitive modes, which can be played by up to four players via local splitscreen or online, are fresh additions to the menu this time around. Burger Battle is an all-out burger making competition that has chefs creating as many burgers as they can and eliminating nearby enemies within a specific time limit. The chef with the most points when time expires wins the battle. Rocket Race is another competitive mode that uses the game’s new rocket packs as players must navigate their way through tall, challenging levels using the rocket pack powerups littered throughout the map. The first player to complete the final burger at the finish line wins the race. Adding to the game’s replay value is the online arcade leaderboard, which tracks single-level scores and multiplayer victories against the world’s top scores. BurgerTime World Tour gives everyone the chance to be the best burger chef in the world.

This isn’t the BurgerTime your Dad grew up on; BurgerTime World Tour is a re-invention of the retro classic. Follow our retro-evolution and pick up BurgerTime World Tour as it arrives on the PlayStation Network this Tuesday, November 15th for the low price of $9.99. Then challenge your Dad to a hamburger fight!

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  • Niiiiiice, no discount for PSN+? or demo?

    Or more info for the extra characters? (like Mr Dtoid)

    • Mr. Destructoid is in the game of course! He is an unlockable character that can be used in multiplayer after you beat the single-player game.

  • will there be trophies

  • Any discount for PS+? If you don’t know, just say yes. ;)

    And why is this out two weeks after….you know….the “other” version….?

    • No discount for PS+. The PlayStation version is releasing after the Xbox Live Arcade version because of release date opportunities. We try to choose the best release dates based on QA testing and competitive release titles.

      Go buy the game on PSN tomorrow and vy for those high scores will a fresh online leaderboard!

  • Nice. This was a favorite of mine on the Intellivision!!! Sweet!!!! Im old lol!!

  • I loved this game on the Colecovision growing up! New one looks pretty good too. :)

  • Burger Time was my favorite game on my TI 99/4a computer many, many moons ago.

    Is there an emulated version of the original arcade version included? Hearing the original music always takes me back :) What’s the audio codec (and bitrate, if lossy) of the music assets?

    It looks like it’s 720p from the screenshots? And no AA, given the aliasing artifacts in said screenshots?

    I’m really psyched to get this, but after the awful looking and laggy Elevator Action Deluxe, I’ll wait until a demo.

  • not really my cup of tea but thanks anyway.

  • this is what Mcdonalds is like when your on LSD..

  • @2 – Why on earth wouldn’t there be???

  • Been lookin forward to this game…It would look awesome in 3d…..

  • I didn’t know that New York, Paris and Tokyo were countries =P

  • re-inventions are usually always a disappointment. why couldn’t you guys include the original (like Digger)? that’s what we really want. but you’ll still be getting my $9.99.

  • Hi Stacked, Thanks for your support! We didn’t include the original because of licensing. Its complicated but we hope you still enjoy what we’ve done with the game. Please play with your friends…multiplayer is a blast!

  • @2: Trophies are a requirement have been for years. -facepalm-

    People visiting the Playstation Blog should be invested enough in gaming to know that kind of basic information. May as well be asking if you need the internet to download it.

  • I still got Burger Time On Original NES.

    This is great. Brings back old times. I will get this. Gonna be awesome!

  • Finally! I’ve been waiting a long time for this one! So many delays, but finally it is here…

    • Thanks for your patience. We made multiplayer a must for the game because it works so well. But it also took an inordinate amount of testing, especially online. But it was worth it. Multiplayer is too fun. Check it out!

  • I want to know when we”ll receive those $10 bonus from the last month promotion??

  • Including the original would have made this a definite purchase. Without it, I’m not so sure, especially after reading some reviews…

    • We think you’ll like it. Reviews stretch from 30 to 90s so don’t take too much into that. Some don’t want us to touch their classic. See the user reviews for a true picture of the game.

  • How do we get this game ? Do we need the internet to download it ?
    LOL @ 14

  • @ 14 and 19 theres games that should have trophies but there not supported like vegas 2 splinter cell conviction and the list can go on. so no what

  • I do appreciate the response, Ray.
    And one more thing… Any chance for some BurgerTime PSN Avatars?

  • All dem boigahs! Here’s another who first played it in Intellivision (II, specifically; wish I hadn’t lost those controller inserts!). Born 1988, though; it was my dad’s. So, this very well may be my last PS Store purchase before the policy change, just so I could leave it with them whenever I move out.


  • I still got the original Burger Time Game On NES!

    This is so epic. I bought it. I hope to see the original Burger time on PS3. That would be awesome. I know it was first on NES.

    Good job. Another great game to collect.

  • I would ROFL if they made BURGER Time Avatars and exclusive wallpaper and or backgrounds.

    I would so buy it for the lol factor.

    Burger Time is such a great old game!

  • Hmmm, Mr Bipolar is pretty good at reading our minds! Nice premonitions!

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