Assassin’s Creed Revelations Multiplayer: Meet The Sentinel

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Assassin’s Creed Revelations Multiplayer: Meet The Sentinel

Hey there PlayStation Assassins! We’ve got something really special for you today… and it’s exclusive to this fine PlayStation.Blog you are reading right now!

In Assassin’s Creed Revelations, we’re linking our multiplayer and single-player experiences by including our multiplayer characters in the single-player campaign. What we want to show you today is a profile of one of these characters, specifically The Sentinel: a former Assassin who betrayed the Brotherhood to join the Templars. Watch our new video to discover how this vile turncoat will cross paths with Ezio!

Assassin’s Creed Revelations Multiplayer: Meet The Sentinel

You can see from the video that The Sentinel uses techniques in multiplayer that you might expect of an Assassin, killing quickly and quietly. He favors the discreet use of knives and his trusty Hidden Blade to eliminate his targets without alerting any nearby assailants. Of course, he’s not above the occasional flourish of brutality, crushing the life from his targets with a precisely placed stomp… which is always a useful tool for intimidating one’s opponents!

Tomorrow, you’ll all get the chance to step into the role of The Sentinel when Assassin’s Creed Revelations launches. You’ll also be introduced to the new modes and maps that we have added that nobody has ever seen before (even if you were fortunate enough to get into our exclusive PS3 Beta!). Corruption is an all-new mode in which “uncorrupted” players attempt to survive as long as they can against the opposing “corrupted” players looking to kill and thusly corrupt you! This mode is best played on the Souk map, which is a veritable warren of overhangs and tented areas especially designed to obscure predator and prey alike!

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  • Looking forward to Ezio’s final chapter, should be a brilliant game.

  • Assassin’s Creed is one, if not the best video game franchise this generation! Ubisoft Montréal vous êtes les meilleurs! :)

  • Hey Gabe, Can’t wait to play this and finish Ezio’s journey and whats coming in the future for Assassin’s Creed

  • Oh woops i mean i can’t wait to see whats to come after Revelations lol. in reply to ME #3

  • cannot wait to see this in 3D..i always thought AC 2 would of looked nice in 3D, but ill take AC:R in 3D gladly

  • “Error #2036” … Cool video! :P

    Either way, I can’t wait to play. Going to be picking up the Signature Edition, I’m pumped!

  • i pre-ordered the signature edition, but I’ll be able to play until Nov 29th.

    I CANT WAIT!!!!!!! too bad I work abroad! T.T

  • i wonder if they will host a midnight release

  • Picking this baby up tonight!!! 8)

  • Ubisoft did an amazing job with assassins creed they should make a movie out of it

  • I have one question if anyone can answer it. Does PS users get the first AC with ACR or no? Im picking this one up tommorow even if not >:)

  • Pre-ordered the special bonus edition from GameStop. I hope it’s a fitting end to Ezio’s story. I’m also looking forward to your next character arc. A really great series, Ubi.

  • Pre-ordered Ac-Rev and I can’t wait to play it with all the extra stuff I get from gamestop and play the original assassins creed because I have never played it (I’m kinda ashamed of it because I’m a huge AC fan)

  • @ wolfman they said it does while

  • Picking up my pre order tomorrow after work and then calling in sick for the rest of the month! :D

  • @Wolfman-11 Pre-orders and 1st day copies include the first game on the blu-ray disc not download. The european copies also have discount vouchers for AC 2 and brotherhood on PS store. Can’t wait to pick up my signature edition tomorrow.

  • ›krazy_kraker there is one, its a prequel to ac2 and its live action. cant wait for acr, my friend played ac2 for 2 weeks straight, got bored, and gave up on ac forever. i would never be so blasphemous towards the best storylined series ever.

  • sorry bout the misspell crazy_kracker1

  • Skyrim makes this game sound boring….

  • @ 19 so go play with your dragon then. I’m gonna kill a few kingdoms worth of people first, then maybe I’ll go kick in a dragon’s head or two ;p

  • I got Revelations, Region3(asian version) on the first day. It didn’t have the original Assassin’s Creed. Apparently it is only included in the Region 1 versions. Ubisoft that just sucks!

  • oh I pre-ordered collectors edition…..can´t wait any minute ´til pick it up….:(..:D

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