The PlayStation Recap — The UNCHARTED Scrolls 3: Call of Skyrim Edition

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These days, you’ll most often find me hunched on the carpet in front of my PS3 surrounded by maps, game guides, and empty Diet Coke cans as I struggle (mostly in vain) to keep up with this fall’s imposing software lineup. I’ve been punctuating my lengthy Skyrim sessions with Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer matches (nice to see it supports splitscreen MP) and chapters from UNCHARTED 3‘s well-paced narrative. In my 20-year history of game playing, I can’t remember a fall game lineup that tops what we’re seeing on the PS3 right now. Inspiring!

What are you playing this weekend? What’s your all-time favorite fall lineup?

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  • Hey, what happened to Heavy Rain Director’s Cut?

    I tried to look it up at GameStop, Amazon, Walmart. but nothing. THey knew nothing about it. Wasn’t supposed to be on sale last Tuesday?

  • Is anyone at Sony looking at the trophy syncing issue with Dungeon Defenders? I just noticed the problem today, and searching online many other people are having the same issue.

    Not only are the trophies earned on that game not getting synced properly to the servers (ie; they are not showing up), if you have the game on your list, it forces you to resync every time you check your trophies (no matter if you earned any new trophies or not). It’s annoying, and I;m scared that the trophies will never show up, so I think I might stop playing it until it is fixed.

  • Thanks for the note, you can hit up the developer at

  • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 :D

  • I’m Playing: Uncharted 3,Modern Warfare 3,and Battlefield I’m liking the campaign on all three but for my online play I think Battlefield will have most of my time

    I’m Watching:College Football GO Cocks(USC) Please Sid tell some one to get University of South Carolina Themes or Avatars on the store I wanna rep my team.I beg of you

    I’m Surfing the web checking out all the black friday deals trying to decide if I want to buy another PS3 just for the heck of it I need to find a 320 GB since that’s the only one bigger than the one I have

    P.S. Sid I’ve never played Elder Scrolls would you suggest Skyrim to a newbie of the series?

    • Yes! Skyrim fixes many of the time-consuming issues that made the older games harder to play. I recommend being a fighter magic user with a one-handed weapon and a spell in the other hand.

  • I’m pretty sure you guys took quite some time to come up with this title.
    That’s it! I want more release title mashups for the Recaps.

  • Oh, thanks Sid.

  • took me 13 hours to beat mw3 on veteran. it was well worth it

  • Sid, I have two questions:

    1. will rayman origins have a digital release on PSN? (I don’t care about the price)
    2. where’s sorcery?

    • No word on Rayman’s digital plan but I know a demo just came out. As for Sorcery, no updates to share yet — sorry!

  • Hi, Sid:

    This week, I’ve finished U3 (freakin’ fantastic!), played a bit of Festival of Blood (love the Move support) & scratched the surface of Skyrim. I’m currently stuck on the puzzle wheel in Barrow Fell or something like that. Fell to my death several times trying to scale an icy mountain, drat!

    Thanks for the link to the UK magazine. Will definitely read that. I’ll be living another life in Skyrim for months.

  • I’m playing : Skyrim, Uncharted 3, and Burnout Crash! (but mostly Skyrim)

    Skyrim is hands down beautiful. Uncharted 3’s multiplayer is very addicting and I’m proud to be a part of the the Fortune Hunter’s Club.

    I’ll be picking up Batman and Battlefield 3 at Best Buy for $30 on Black Friday. Heads up, Uncharted 3 is also $30 at best buy during the Black Friday sales event.

    I’m looking forward to the Black Friday deals on PSN, especially considering I’m a PS+ member =)

  • @Lisatsunami I was stuck on that part for awhile too, you just have to examine the claw in your inventory and it will show you the solution to the puzzle. Amazing game!

  • Hey Sid. With so many games to play do you feel like you have to rush through them to get to the next one? If so, does it lessen your enjoyment of those games? Just curious…

    • It depends. I prefer to play each game for a bit to determine how much I want to finish it in the near future, then I basically work through them in the order I most want to play them. But I do play them all (I won’t necessarily finish *ALL* of them, but with this batch…I probably will)

  • Hey Sid, any way we could get a list of all of the Simulview enabled games that will be available for the new display?! because i’ve been asking, and no one wants to answer.

  • this is my all time favorite fall lineup, i swear i havent bought this many games in such a short time period ever! and i consider myself a serious gamer/collector.

    all this week i’ve been going back and forth between U3, Arkham Cty, BF3, and SOTC. not to mention R3 HAS 5X XP ALL THIS WEEKND!

  • my brother just got the call of duty modern warfare 3 hardened edition and he has both the founders code and the one for psn if he use the the code for psn to get call of duty elite can i use the founders code to get call of duty elite for my own system…. i really need to know this asap

    • I dunno…? Hit up @OneofSwords on Twitter or check out the forums on, they’ll know for sure. Happy hunting!

  • I love that title

  • HEY guys yakuza 4 for 10$,heavy rain for 15$,batman arkham city 28$ on walmart that im picking up!! also battlefield 3,infamous 2,fifa 12,and please people give killzone 3 a chance we need more players online all of them priced 28$ each on black friday!assasins creed revelations 35.99$ on best buy so if you can wait a week to get it youll save 25 bucks on it! KILLZONE 3 GOTY pick it up!

  • I am playing: RAGE, Battlefield 3 and SuperStardust HD. (RAGE has the best campaign of the year)
    I am watching: Driving Miss Daisy via netfix on PS3
    I am reading: The list of ingredients on just about every piece of food in my house. ( never realized there was so little food in my food)

    I can’t wait for the PSVita. I plan on getting it just for Super Stardust Portable. HousMarque is my favorite Dev of all time. I just cant get enough Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation or Outland. These guys know how to make a smooth game :)

  • I am playing: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    Platinum’ed: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
    Waiting on: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest

    Uncharted 3 was amazing, even if the SP was really glitchy and not as polished as UC2. And Skyrim is downright beautiful. The combat has been improved immensely, the environments are varied and basic puzzles thrown in for good measure. This game will own me for so long.

  • Im Playing: MGS HD Collection (great games got even greater in HD and with trophies :D), Uncharted 3 MP and a bit of DC Universe Online here and there.

    Im watching: Well more like I was watching, UFC on FOX and the Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 fight, Marquez won and everyone who isn’t a biased Pac fan knows it, that was a complete robbery, but what do you expect when boxing is as corrupt as it is nowadays.

    I’m Reading: Nothing really atm.

    • Can’t wait to play MGS HD Collection. Actually, I can. I’ll likely play it in 2012 once i have a bit of free time… :)

  • You should be reading “Inheritance” by Christopher Paolini!

  • I’m playing: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

    I’m reading: PlayStation Blog (Of course!), Uncharted 3 forums, and All info about that “Grab the ring” promotion (which I still haven’t gotten my codes yet!!!).

    I’m watching: Uncharted 3 best plays of the week videos on YouTube.

    I know, I know, I am addicted two Uncharted 3! :D

  • Can you add Skyrim on PSN for purchase?

  • I’m playing Skyrim exclusively. I beat Uncharted 3 and earned platinum, and it is with a friend right now :P

    Reading nothing, watching nothing. Just Skyrim.

  • This has been a supremely expensive Fall, albeit an entertaining one. I’ve been struggling to keep up! I beat barely got to play the Ico/Shadow collection before I bought Rage, which I then struggled to beat before Batman came out. Batman took some time, but I was able to get through it just a few hours before picking up Battlefield 3. This game took me a bit longer than I thought it would, but juggling the story and multiplayer with my roommates was the main culprit. Having finally finished the story, I was able to comfortably sit down and play the multiplayer of it for a few hours before going out to drink away the last 3 hours before the midnight release of the crowning jewel; Skyrim was on the horizon. At around 11:45, I stumbled into the bar, cash in hand and girl in arm. It was about half past when I had the game and the impressive book in my hand. We went back to the bar, as anyone else would’ve. I awoke the next morning with a vicious hangover, but was determined to play the latest Elder Scrolls masterpiece. So between the vomit, water chugging, attempts at eating and a few phone calls, I finally tasted it. This roll playing nerd has never been more confused and satisfied in his life.

    • Thanks for the story. I feel like I was looking forward to Skyrim the least and now I’m enjoying it the most. Such a massive improvement over Oblivion (which I loved but couldn’t finish).

  • I’m playing: Dark Souls, Skyrim on other system and Fight Night on the new PS3 3D TV
    Watching: UFC on Fox (Yeah couldn’t go to the bathroom it ended quickly) and Pacquiao vs Marquez 3
    Reading: This blog, and other random blogs.

    Let’s make a Digital Revolution Band Who’s with me?

    I rather have PS3 games as FULL Downloads its bound to happen anyway since music CD are ending soon.
    Movies jump the bandwagon too. Why can’t gaming systems can too?

    • Well, more and more full Blu-ray games are available as digital downloads on PSN these days — check the Store post every Tuesday afternoon to see the latest batch. The pace has been picking up: Dead Space 2 and Fight Night Champion just hit the store for low prices.

  • I’m actually playing the same games too xD Trying not to get too bogged down with Skyrim, ranking up on MW3 multiplayer, and trying to get through the amazing, unending story of Uncharted 3.

  • Skyrim just doesn’t look like my bag. Although it looks awesome, RPGs just aren’t my thing, and I’m not a huge fantasy fan other than LOTR. Like what you did there with the name of the post though.

    Playing: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer, Assassin’s Creed II, God of War, Red Dead Redemption

    Reading: IGN, PS Blog, Joystiq, PSX Extreme, Push Square, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    Watching: Atlanta Falcons Football, Parks and Rec, Boardwalk Empire, King of the Hill on Netflix via my PS3, Bob’s Burgers, Community, New Girl, The Simpsons, Allen Gregory (which is terrible by the way).

    • Fair enough. If you get a chance, though, give Skyrim a shot. I think you’ll like it — it’s quite different from other RPGs.

  • One of the BEST fall line ups in recent memory. I think this year takes the cake for me.

    I’m Playing: Resistance 3, UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, and UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception :)

    I’m Watching: Nikita season 2 (It just keeps getting better and better!), ThunderCats, The Walking Dead season 2, and Breaking In.

    I’m Reading: The Walking Dead Compendium 1. Anxiously awaiting Compendium 2.

    I’m Listening to: Angels & Airwaves “LOVE” Album Parts 1 and 2.

    P.S. Just picked up my PlayStation 3D Display. Works like a charm :)

    • Glad to hear you’re liking the 3D Display! There’s a small bug affecting UNCHARTED 3, so make sure to download the new patch if you’re playing it on the 3D Display.

  • I’m Playing: Uncharted 3 (Being a trophy Whore and trying to get all trophies), Battlefield 3, Resistance 3, Rock band 3, R&C All 4 One.

    I’m watching: Anime, Big Gang Theory, How I met Your Mother, and Family Guy

    I’m Reading: The Collector’s Edition to Uncharted 3 :P

    I’m Listening to: The GAG Quartet- Le Internet Medley >.<

  • Because you’re the man, Sid, I’ll give Skyrim a shot. Going to rent it at Red Box after school wraps up and if I like it, I’ll buy it.

  • Here is my tips for playing Big Bethesda RPGs like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout:
    -Your first character is just to get the hang of the game, do not get too attatched.
    -There are more playstyles then anything, it is cool to have multiple characters, just remember your options settings.

  • Playing : Skyrim

    Watching : Skyrim ( to play you have to watch too :P)

    Reading : Skyrim (So much text to read in Skyrim i think this can be considerated as reading something :P )

  • Playing: Uncharted 3, Killzone 3 (with the sharpshooter), and Batman Arkham City.

    Watching: The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Tron Evolution in 3D.

    Reading: Game of Thrones (absolutely amazing)

    Love this fall! My wallet and my fiance hate it though..

  • Well with the dissapointing removal of online coop mode in Resistance I started playing Payday out of spite.

    Just to find out it really is a sweet game that is right up my alley.

    I love challenging games where you are best to cooperate to succeed. This is Payday to a Tee.
    I love it when we all die and must start again, weeding out the week to make room for the strong.(In the lobby, LOL)

    Besides that my friend borrowed my R3 so I’m tryin to beat the campaign on hard so I can replay it on superhuman, but I’m kinda really hooked on Payday.

    Cant remember that last game that had me up until 4-5am, LOL.

    Hope to get BF3 for christmas, and the next games i will personally purchase will be Starhawk and Twisted Metal!!! Cant wait for those gems.

    I really disliked Oblivion, to slow for me. I like RPG’s to be action like Demon’s Souls.
    That said do you think Skyrim is more like Oblivion or Demon’s Souls?

  • Would Sony like to say anything about the severe lag issues affecting PS3 owners of Skyrim, since Bethesda won’t?

  • hello i am deployed to the desert no access to new games does anyone know if skyrim will be a down loadable game like infamus2 was a week after it came out or black ops so i can just download it if i order it by mail it will take over a month to get here any help will be appreciated

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