PlayStation’s 3D Display Hits This Weekend, Watch the Full Tour

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PlayStation’s 3D Display Hits This Weekend, Watch the Full Tour

Hi everyone! It’s officially dark at 6pm and the crisp, woodsy smell in the air lets me know that the holidays are just around the corner. With so many great 3D-compatible titles, such as UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, Batman Arkham City, and Assassin’s Creed Revelations, recently launched and coming, there’s no shortage of 3D entertainment on the PS3 system this holiday season. That being said, the 3D Display is sure to be a hit under the tree, so we thought we’d give you all a personalized tour of the product.

Featuring a luminous 24” LCD screen with full HD 1080p 3D presentation, the 3D Display delivers an incredible high-definition stereoscopic 3D experience, offering best-in-class visuals in both 2D and 3D for all of you gamers. As our first official gaming display, the 3D Display is enhanced for gaming with SimulView, a special feature that allows you to view individual, unique, full-screen images of gameplay in two-player mode.

We’re very excited to be able to deliver a comprehensive 3D package at an affordable price. We firmly believe that 3D games will lead the charge into 3D adoption and this bundle arrives when great 3D games are launching. The 3D Display bundle is available at a retailer near you for $499.99 (MSRP). It includes the 3D Display, a copy of MotorStorm Apocalypse, one pair of PlayStation 3D Glasses, and an HDMI cable. The 3D Glasses will also be available separately for $69.99 MSRP.

What 3D titles have you played? Are you excited about SimulView? Let us know!

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  • Can’t wait till tomorrow when it’s at my doorstep.

    Ha I’m first suckers.

  • I was wondering if SimulView split-screen mode is supported by Uncharted 3?

  • ahhh i cant afford it and i got many 3D compatible games, will this be sold at reatilers after release or was it just pre order to get it cause i might get it for christmas!!oh and your hot BTW!

  • I’ll be excited about SimulView if a firmware update bring it to my $3,800 XBR-52HX909.

  • Already ordered and picking it up this Sunday Abby! It’s going everywhere with me.

  • I was just looking up to see if I can find a Black Friday Deal, my birthday is tomorrow and I’d like this but not do-able this week. it’s a good deal though.

  • lol WalMart has a 42″ Vizio 3DTV for $598 on black friday, that comes with 4 glasses. And you want people to spend $500 for a 24″? What a joke.

  • Will you sell just the monitor without the glasses, game and hdmi cable?

  • We need 32″ minimum.

  • @ Chase…That Vizio TV is like the movie 3D..Cheap and hard on the eyes.

  • I wonder if the SimulView support is the cause of the excessive ghosting in Uncharted 3.

  • Introducing: THE ONLINE PASS! and other such features! it a revoloutionary way to mess with people who dont have the money to buy every single game brand new! how it works is, all the average joes buy a game used, and then… THEY DONT GET THE FULL CONTENT! woo! how epic is that! only… it isnt… its just a way to spong more money off of people who dont have it… i recently got all 4 one and was excited to play online with my friends, beat it on singleplayer to find…. i couldnt go online… WHAT?! the biggest and only feature of the game, locked because i didnt buy new.

  • Wait What happened to Resistance 3? I totally pre-ordered this because I was under the impression that I would be able to get that game as a bonus? This is total BS, Yes, I am still going to purchase the TV. Seems to me there was some false advertising here. _I’m Not Happy Sony_

  • I don’t know about the Vizio, but LG’s Cinama 3D looks fantastic in person. I thought it would look bad like in theaters, too, until I looked at one at Best Buy. No way am I going for a set up with shutter glasses after sampling that. The effects looked great.

    And, yeah, this display is far too small for a console.


  • @angel78556 It is not a developers fault that companies like Gamestop, and bestbuy are taking advantage of game developers by not shareing the profits they recoup from selling their used games. There are two major arguments here.

    1. Developers need to create games with continues content releases in order to insure consumers will continue to enjoy a game they shell out $60 big ones for. (more in other countries)

    2. Developers need to come up with a contract with games distributes like Gamestop and Best buy that holds them accountable to sharing their profits on used games with the developers. When you see articles on how Gamestop is stating revenue growth of 30% YoY its because of all the used games they sell to you guys without having to pay a dime other than their own employees who restock the game.

    It’s a hard subject because eventually if a contract is reached that mean Gamestop will most likely start giving us less for the games we give them back.

  • I already have an LG 65′ inch 3D 60Hz 1080p tv, I will probably get this Sony on for my Jacuzzi Room (i game in there while soaking after working out).

  • Abby, I had to go whole hog & get the best, the Bravia Hx929. I played some ICO & U3 on it, & really, so beautiful, so popping off the screen. I am looking forward to more games, such as next week’s AC:Rev. I haven’t watched a 3d movie on it, yet.

    • Wow, sounds like you have it all and I’m glad you’re enjoying your 3D games. The beauty of the PS3 is that it supports 3D movies too so be sure to check it out soon!

  • i bought a 46″ Sony Bravia tv NX711 series (full 1080p 3D) last year. It came with two 2 glasses, sync, playstation 3 160gb, controller, 3 games and 2 movies.. I spent a little over $2,000 with the insurance. It was a pretty sweet bundle but they didnt offer the simulview yet which I think is pretty cool considering the fact that playing two player split screen on the same tv always sucked lol.
    My only regret was not getting a 50″ =)

  • Hey @16, Shockwave: gaming from your Jacuzzi? You win.

  • i would get this tv if it was atleast a 32 inch or bigger and also abby do you come with the tv :-p ur so beautiful

  • If it was 32″ I would be sold.

  • im getting mine this Sunday after work!! : ) why does sat have to be in the way : /

  • Sony, can you put Skyrim as a full downloadable title on PSN ? Thanks.

  • abby is hot they should make her lead character in a video game

  • I’ll wait for a bundle with two pairs of glasses. Instead of one with a game I already own.

  • as mentioned by Enforcer_X I’ll be excited about SimulView if a firmware update bring it to my $3,800 XBR-52HX909.

    thats the most dissapointing thing ive heard yet in 3d… my XBR cant support something a $500 display can….

  • Hey Abby, is there any news to distribute this outside of EEUU?
    I’m currently living outside of the country and I was planing to get a Bravia 3D soon to replace my current LCD, but with this, I can focus this monitor to gaming only and the other to watch movies with my fiancee (she plays too also, lucky me).

    Hope you can answer me.

    Thanks for the news.

  • Now that is a true work of art I can’t even look at the 3D Tv because of you Abby @_@

  • Abby needs to be the new host of Qore! Seriously…

  • ^^^^THIS^^^^

    I vote Abby Reyes for new host of Qore! Who else is with me?

  • Hey abby, will there be any larger PS 3D tv’s in the future. 24 inch is rather small for my room

  • The size doesn’t bug me at all. It’s ideal for gaming. Just look at the tv’s they use for tournaments. With that being said, what’s the lag time on this display? I’m currently looking for a 2ms lag (maximum) for games like Battlefield, SSF4 and Ultimate MvC 3. Anyone know if this is a good set for that kind of gaming, or should I just go with an Asus monitor?

  • this would be nice but id rather have bigger come out with at least a 40 inch with simulview and ill be happy and will buy

  • Will there a larger model out in the near future. I currently have a 32″ HD (not 3D), that I want to upgrade but a 24″ seems like a downgrade. I would totally purchase if it will be 40″ or above. Also is the HDMI cable different than the HDMI cable I use currently? How do I know which HDMI is the best fit for when I upgrade to 3D?

  • @34 Asus sucks.. they should stick to MOBOs and thats all. You sound like you should be a pc gamer if you care about minute junk like that. There’s not any real latency in a tv…. it’s not like a wireless mouse were it will affect the gameplay. Just get a tv with a good picture and keep the nerd core stuff for the pc gamers… i beg you. (PC gaming is the worst community for gaming hands down.)

  • Wha? No beautiful smile with a twinkle at the end Abby? Or is that just a Rey thing?

  • As great as this is… any word on when a LARGER model will be out?

  • This almost had me sold… Until i realised that it’s the same size as my desktop monitor. I’ll wait for a bigger model.

  • Simple beautiful….Oh & the 3D Display is nice :D

  • no remote? will i be able to use a universal remote to turn it on and off and adjust the volume ? if i cant i probably wont get it:(

  • someday i will own a 3d tv, someday..

  • I hope this sells well, I would like to see a 50″ or maybe even 55″ that takes advantage of SimulView.

    Sony should look into making it a feature for their future 3D Bravia TV’s. It could be a nice perk and used as a way to market the Sony and PlayStation family brand and whatnot.

  • @12 You didn’t know that All 4 One needed Online Pass? You should search for more info before “buying” your games. And what’s the difference between a brand new game and a used one like, for example, Uncharted 3, that just got released? 15-20 dollars? I mean, it’s not a big deal. If you have the $$$ then support the developers and buy a new copy. Maybe you should stop subscribing the Playstation Plus service for some time and save money to buy new games.

  • Will this 3D display support different models of 3D glasses? I have a Samsung 2011 3DTV in my living room and I have 2 pairs of glasses for it, will I be able to use those on this display or does it have to be a specific type of glasses?

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh 3D bring it on

  • if only it was bigger than yeah. If you release a package that cost like 100 or 200 dollar more with 32 inch or bigger than i would get it however my tv stand is too far away from my bed to even see the 3d on the tv.

  • Has anyone else heard of an additional pre-order bonus through Gamestop, where you get Uncharted 3 as well as Resistance 3 & Motorstorm Apocalypse with the 3D Display pre-order?

  • Does this TV not come with a remote? ” It includes the 3D Display, a copy of MotorStorm Apocalypse, one pair of PlayStation 3D Glasses, and an HDMI cable. ” I also did not see the remote in the video.

  • any way we can get a complete list of games that will support the simulview mode upon launch? and possibly also get a list of the ones that will be adding it through a future patch?

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