Coming Next Week: New PlayStation Move Bundles

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Coming Next Week: New PlayStation Move Bundles

Just in time for the holidays, we’re introducing a brand new PlayStation Move bundle that includes two of our favorite Move games, Sports Champions and Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest. Coming to retailers nationwide next week, this bundle contains everything you need for a fun game night with friends and family including a PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye camera and a copy of the greatest-selling PlayStation Move title Sports Champions and Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest for $99.99 (MSRP).

PlayStation Move bundle: Sports Champions and Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest bundle

Medieval Moves is a new playful action-adventure game designed specifically for PlayStation Move. Help Prince Edmund protect his kingdom against the evil sorcerer Morgrimm and his army of skeletons. Use your PS Move motion controller to sword fight, shoot arrows, and fling throwing stars in your epic battles. And for you 3D fans out there, this game offers full stereoscopic 3D support, so make sure you have your 3D glasses close at hand.

After you’ve grown weary from battle, test out your athletic skills with Sports Champions a classic fan-favorite Move title that will have you competing with your friends in the ultimate sports showdown. Crush, spike and smoke the competition in six challenging events including Disc Golf, Gladiator Duel, Beach Volleyball, Archery, Table Tennis and Bocce.

PlayStation 3 Everybody Dance bundle

The holiday fun doesn’t stop there. We’re also excited to announce the availability of the PlayStation 3 Everybody Dance bundle, the perfect party-starter for this season’s festivities. Now available exclusively at Target at an amazing price of only $299.99, the PlayStation 3 Everybody Dance bundle includes everything that you need to entertain your friends and family including a copy of the ultimate Move party game Everybody Dance, a 320GB PlayStation 3, a PS Move motion controller, a PS Eye camera and a DualShock 3 wireless controller.

What new PlayStation Move games are you looking forward to this holiday? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • since the dance ps3 bundle is 299 does that mean the other ps3 system move bundles are dropping to 299 ? wouldnt make sense for them to stay 349.99 while this one is 299 when ps3 drop price was hopen for 199 160 gb 249 320 gb and 299 for the move bundle but i already got a ps3 but hey to anyone who is looking for a ps3 bestbuy and walmart will have ps3s for 199 with 2 games on black friday and bestbuy comes with 3 months of playstation plus

  • Wow! With this and the Black Friday bundles you all are sending to retailers, I foresee a great holiday season for Playstation! Seriously too… If people don’t know about these Black Friday bundles and deals coming, get informed! Walmart has already listed their Black Friday ad on their website. ;)

    Now, let’s talk about a Move price drop. If you all just dropped the price a little, I think these things could sell even more. How about looking to make the Move controllers themselves either $34.99 or $39.99 then the Navs $14.99 or $19.99? Again, I think if you do this more people will pick up a Move and current owners may even pick up extras.

  • To bad there is no good games for Move. There was so much cool tech demos before Move came out and now all we get some half baked Move controls games that are tacked on to 1st person shooters.

  • I would have probably gotten the first bundle if it included the new hi res playstation eye camera you are supposedly releasing. we’ve been holding of on buying Move specifically for that reason.

  • Add me people.
    I’d say the ones with the sports champion.Like come on now.
    Dance Dance Revoulution 3 is out with like 100+ songs.

  • 30+ years of video games have evolved the gaming controller (either console) into the decidedly excellent input device it is today. Why on earth would I want an awkward, gesture-based system when I can just sit on my couch and use my SIXAXIS?

    Of course, I don’t even like controllers to vibrate, so maybe I’m an old fuddy-duddy.


  • I really wish the Everybody Dance bundle could come without the PS3 also. Where’s the love for the guys who already have a PS3 without PS Move?

  • I gotta say: That Move bundle with Medieval Moves & Sports Champions is a pretty darn good deal! Two games, one of which is totally new, both of which are pretty fun, plus a camera & Move controller for just under $100? If I haven’t already owned one, I’d be all over that!

    Though, I do find the Everybody Dance bundle a bit strange: I think Sports Champions included seems more appealing to many, including myself, but Everybody Dance is a fun game in itself. And the price is just swell too, considering that you do get Move and a game!
    Will this replace the Sports Champions PS3 bundle, or will both be available? Will the Sports Champions PS3 bundle be at the same $299.99 this holiday season?

    Hope Move really gets moving this season!

  • I prefer LBP2 bundle. Hopefully i can get that one.

  • Everybody Dance is incredibly fun, but I’m also looking forward to Medieval Moves.

  • Could you please PLEASE create a bundle for people who supported you back when the PSeye came out? I got one and only had 2 games that used it, one being Burnout Paradise. Every bundle comes with a PSeye which I don’t need. I would appreciate if you would acknowledge our commitment to Playstation by putting out a bundle that gives a price break for early adopters.

  • Hey, what happened to the Heavy Rain: Move Edition Director’s Cut? It was supposed to be available on Novv. 8th but none of my local stores like GameStop know anything about it. Not even Amazon has it.

  • Sorcery sony , where is Sorcery ?????

  • The price for that Everybody Dance bundle is just insance: that’s like getting the 320GB console for $200! Not even the 360 has sku’s that are as good as this.

  • +1 remanutd5, we all want to know what happened to sorcery

  • Yeah, whatever did happen to Heavy Rain?!
    I can’t find it anywhere either…
    I was looking forward to playing through that one again with the Move..

  • i played deadmunds quest demo. very fun, despite the “on rails” portion of it. if you’re thinking about picking up the move, go for this bundle. both games are excellent fun. sports champs if you have friends coming over, deadmunds if you want to bash through. great deal.

  • i still wonder why you dont include the navigation controller in these bundles…. lol

  • I tried the demo for Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest a few days ago, and I must say that I enjoyed it! Great work from the guys who were responsible for Sports Champions. I agree with sciteach in comment #17 above, the Move bundle package with both of those games should be very enticing for newcomers to Move.

    I also agree with TheUndertaker85 (#2) above, if the standalone Move motion controllers and navigation controllers could get just a few dollars shaved off their respective prices, then that would be a great way to boost Move sales.

    To answer Ami’s question, I would really like to try a demo for Carnival Island! I’d also like Ubisoft to post up a demo of Child of Eden–I’ve already played the game on the “other” system that it was released for, but would relish the opportunity to see what Move can bring to the game.

  • To the various comments above:

    A). Walmart ad not that great. 160 gig not enough for me
    B). There are good Move games. I enjoy the dance games, Killzone 3, inFamous 2 & FOB, and….
    C). Yes, where the H is Sorcery, dagnabbit!

  • sorcery plzzzzzzzzzzzz i [DELETED] want sorcery , its been more than 1 year since i heard any news about sorcery .. tell us some thing .. anything plz sony

  • sony plzzzzzzzzzzzz i soo want sorcery , its been more than 1 year since i heard any news about sorcery .. tell us some thing .. anything plz sony

  • Great bundle Jeremy! ;)

  • Sony,how can you delete an account from the laptop?

  • @ Ami, why does Sony hate its American customers? I want to buy a 3rd PS3 in those colors you’re offering in your home land, or even in Europe. No more boring blah black.

  • *Completely agrees with KITTEN* I don’t need another eye, but I would like more move controllers and games…

  • Ehhh… I’ve already got the PSeye, 2 motion controllers, a nav controller the sharp shooter and a number of move games… I think I’m good.

  • Could you guys pull together an expansion bundle for those who already own an eyetoy or have an interest in another move controller?

    Even a Black Friday deal would be great.

    I already picked up the original move bundle, but am interested in saving a few bucks while picking up another title.

  • Well… sports champions is great… so probably that one (although I already have all of those things, so I don’t need it).

    To be honest, I think the best Move-enabled game out there… DEFINITELY LittleBigPlanet 2. Why that isn’t in one of the bundles, I do NOT understand.

  • There needs to be more PSmove games on PSN. I have a hardrive I would like to fill up. How about ports of old eyetoy ps2 era games?

  • Who cares bout bundles, make games that we really want with move support. Wheres all the new hardcore games? Please don’t bring up the tiny sony list and bioshock. Wheres the others that the mass market of the hardcore would buy? You guys need to bug ea and dice to make move support for bf3.

  • shinspikes…make sense….you say not to bring up the sony losy, then you ask where the hardcore games are lol idiioy.

    Anyways, I’d so buy my dad’s kid the everybody dance bundle if he didn’t already own a ps3. in my opinion the best move game available…lets be honest…heavy rain and R3 arent move games…though they work great w move…im sure other shooters do to. Btw I still play the pool game as well as beat sketcher. move is quite fun, more fun than i thought it’d be. I just wish some move games had online…today i was thinking that while playing house of the dead…i wouldnt mind online co op there

  • That’s a great deal! $99 gets you a controller and camera, and 2 games? Sony should have offered these months ago. Better late than never I suppose.

    How about a Killzone 3 bundle? PS Move Heroes bundle?

  • iim getting ps3 bundle 200$ for 2 games

  • @playapus

    You call me a idiioy, when you think there are hardcore games from sony, yet you type no proof, whos the idiioy and dumba$$ troll? One game doesn’t give a selection, and there are no hardcore games on the list so far. Check who the idiot is before callin people out.

  • Drop the price of the old bundle! I want a move but don’t necessarily care about the games packed with it. Or make a better package deal. But ideally drop the price of the original Sports Champion bundle.

  • For those who haven’t played Medieval Moves, I highly recommend getting that.

  • when or where can i get the bundle with medieval moves? i keep watching but it isn’t coming up! anybody know????

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