Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest – Now This is FUN

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Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest – Now This is FUN

Medievil Moves: Deadmund's Quest for PS3

As a life-long gamer (four plus decades) I’ve seen many, many games. Some great and some…well, not-so-great. The first and foremost question that I ask for ANY game is simply “is it any fun?” If all the technical aspects of a game do not add to a sense of immersion or fun then I consider that game a missed opportunity.

I recently sat in for the first time with the game team on Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest while they were putting the finishing touches on the game, coming Tuesday, November 15th. Not to my surprise, the game not only met my expectations but far surpassed them.

The first comment I will make to anyone who asks me to best describe Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest will simply be “try it.” I know that statement won’t win any literary awards for video game commentary, but it is my honest answer. Those that have tried Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest agree that the gameplay speaks volumes.

Medievil Moves: Deadmund's Quest for PS3

In one scenario, a hoard of skeletons charged straight at me. I knew I was in trouble…out-numbered, and more than a little frightened. Then I thought of my supply of dynamite. Instead of having to recall the button preses needed to access and launch my stick of dynamite, I simply held the PlayStation Move motion controller in front of me, shielding its light from the camera in order to keep the fuse lit. At just the right time I chucked that bad boy into the hoard and actually snickered at the thought of my devious efforts. That was so much more fun and rewarding than a combination of button presses. In fact, I couldn’t wait to do it over and over and over again. Simple. Immersive. Intuitive. And very fun!

During another scenario in the game’s online competitive mode called “Cauldron of Chaos,” my online opponent and I were fending off waves of attackers. The goal is not to kill the attackers, but release their essence. This essence then fills the one of four cauldrons that can be tipped over to summon more attackers onto your opponent. The last one standing wins! I found this competitive concept refreshing and surprisingly rewarding, making for a genuinely rich game that the whole family can play. Features such as a simple in-game invite system, updated online play series, leaderboard challenges, unlockables, and customizable soundtracks really add to the fun. Imagine the possibilities!

Medievil Moves: Deadmund's Quest for PS3

I found myself experiencing these type of moments again and again and I knew I was experiencing much, much, more than a great follow-up to Sports Champions for the PS3.

I could tell the team at Zindagi Games, San Diego Studio and the PlayStation family are VERY proud of this game. The demo is available right now in the PlayStation Store for you to try today. Go get it, what are you waiting for?

Just remember: file it under F.U.N.!

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