The Future of War: DUST 514’s Rapid Deployment Vehicles

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The Future of War: DUST 514’s Rapid Deployment Vehicles

DUST 514 is an MMOFPS coming to PS3 with large-scale vehicle and infantry combat taking place in – and with a real time connection to – the EVE Online universe on PC. Players are able to band up into corporations (e.g. guilds) and wage territorial conquest on thousands of planets. Following is a thematic description of Rapid Deployment Vehicles, or RDVs. The RDVs deliver vehicles to players on the battlefield, provided that they own the vehicle’s blueprint, and are skilled for its operation. The RDVs are AI driven, with a robust pathfinding system that allows them to deploy anywhere on even the largest battlefields. (We will give more insight into the game’s vehicle mechanics in a blog post soon.)

Rapid Deployment Vehicle (RDV) for DUST 514 for PS3 (PSN)
A Sky Lift-class RDV delivering a vehicle.

Shrouded in advanced optical stealth and guided by automated networked navigation systems, the J42 “Sky Lift” RDV (Rapid Deployment Vehicle) drone is able to deliver even the heaviest armor, with pinpoint accuracy, anywhere on the battlefield. The proliferation of this invaluable tech has changed the face of ground warfare in the EVE universe, giving front-line commanders the ability to strike enemy positions with little warning or reinforce vulnerable points at a moment’s notice.

Originally designed for industrial transportation by Outer Ring Excavations (ORE), the Sky Lift was repurposed for combat missions with a few key alterations. Firstly, the engines underwent a massive upgrade, from aftermarket conventional jet turbines to the latest F/4 Ionized Plasma Forges. The extra thrust they provide compensates for the increased weight of the fuselage, which is augmented with 25mm radar absorbing armor plates. Without crew, the cockpit area has been redesigned with Tech 2 drone hardware, a multi-spectrum geospatial avionics system, and a state-of-the-art Phantom-65 stealth field controller.

One key feature that was completely unchanged, however, is the “Magnetar” lift system. This retractable electromagnetic crane is powered by the Sky Lift’s main reactor but also has an integrated backup capacitor for especially heavy loads. It generates a magnetic field so powerful that most of the vehicle’s EM shielding is in place to protect against the side effects of the lift system, rather than enemy electronic attacks.

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  • 1st!

    Terrible memes aside, I for one hail our new stealth tank drop overlords. Looking forward to surprising enemies with surprise tank drops from behind!

  • is it just us does the EVE info seem to be coming at a faster rate now? the RDV is certainly a welcome addition. check out our dust 514 blog at for details on more elements the community would like to see.

  • Every announcement about this gets me even more excited and looking forward to its release date. I would like to know when are they looking at beta testing and how do I sign up?

  • I sooo cant wait for this….

  • alright, can we get some new VIDEO of the game in action please?

  • These little bits and pieces are driving me nuts. So much curiosity but so little to none information. Stop teasing us please and let us see it in action, watch it play, or give us an in-depth interview.

  • Love to see something new from this great looking titel! looking forward to play this and me the EvE overlords slave ^^ anyhow, this looks really nice and another great Ps3 exclusive! keep em coming! and as #6 said, a new video would make my day ^^ please, make my day!

  • Will there be a beta? And if so when can we expect to see it?

  • So can we shoot down these drones while they are in transit and ruin someone’s backup?

  • Thanks for the update CCP Remnant! Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a game. Not just because of the integration into the amazing EVE universe or the unique gameplay mechanics, but because of the ‘story’. Something as simple as the beta being explained as testers for the new mercenary technology adds such a deep amount of immersion for players. I hope to be a part of that introduction. (EVE – Archos DeTotus)

    Question the first: Will the RDV’s be limited by fuel or any other resources? Or are they only limited by the amount of blueprints available for the vehicles a merc has?

    Can the RDVs deploy ANYwhere or will there be something like anti-air turrets to defend from enemy RDVs dropping behind my territory? Relates to the first question in that if there is a specific amount of RDVs and they are constantly shot down then the one side cannot call in any more vehicles.

    • The RDV is not limited by fuel, but the number of vehicles that can be active at any given time is limited so sometimes an RDV request made by the player will be declined.

      RDVs can deploy anywhere, but obviously doing so near the enemy will probably result in the RDV or your delivered vehicle being destroyed before you get a chance to use it.

  • I’m glad to see new DUST 514 post even if it’s just small bits, it’s still something

  • im not big on buying games from psn store. when this hits the store (game on)

  • That game looks better and better with each new post. Way to go CCP.

  • 4 words…When is the beta?

  • Really looking forwad to Dust 514 since Sony and Zipper dropped the ball on MAG.

  • CCP,I am your trial man.

  • Can’t wait

  • WOW, you guys are releasing a lot of info lately. Development must be going well.

    Can’t wait to give this game a go.

    Any chance we can get an extended EVE Online trial (maybe 30 days or more) with the purchase of DUST 514?

    And if I decide to play both, will there be an account sync like Valve did with PSN?

    • I’m not aware of an EVE/DUST promotion like what you described, but I do know things of this nature have been discussed.

  • How about you scratch this and give us a World of Darkness game? FPS are in a tough situation now with COD eating everything up. I’ll give it a chance, but need to see more of it.

  • This game does look pretty cool but I can agree they stole some ideas from Halo oh well at least it’s not COD!

  • Y’all need to stop teasing and just release all the info on this game, I didn’t buy Modern warfare 3 for a reason.
    So hurry up.

  • Will there be an initial purchase, or will the entire game be free?

  • @darhelghast They have said that it will be a one time purchase of $20-$30. Since the game is microtransaction based this amount of money will give you the equivalent exchange of isk (the currency of eve and I am assuming the same currency for dust 514).

    @CCP I gotta say I am rediculously excited for this game. I am a long time Eve player and I cannot wait to not only be FCing guys amongst the stars but to also lead the guys on the ground. I am curious however about Players and objects getting to the ground.

    Some people have expressed concerns about spawn camping will the commander be able to control their spawn locations similar to dropping in vehicles?

    Will it be possible to shoot down these tank carrying drones, so that you cannot just drop vehicles however you want?

    How will Eve players be a part of this system? Will their logistics be necessary to drop these vehicles or can they disrupt the ability of dust players to drop in their assault vehicles.

    • Players can control their own spawn locations by training skills to use and equipping a limited-use Drop Uplink (this is something CCP will talk more about later on). This, in effect, allows players to define their own spawn point locations.

      And as to shooting down the RDVs, yes, it’s possible but not very easy.

  • @CCP Bleh I clicked post comment then realized I wanted to add one more thing about the last question and well there is no edit button that I notice at a quick glance. Just a note that it would be very cool for something like Star Wars ep 1 (Jar Jar Binks was my hero… DONT JUDGE ME!!!) where the trade federation put a blockade on naboo. Think if it took dedicated runners to break through the blockades to get needed supplies to our Dust mercenaries. In Eve shutting down systems with camps is already a common occurance and breaking those blockades is done with big fleets at necessary moments (say a planet is under attack).

    Anyways yet again I am rediculously excited for this game (literally bought a PS3 in the past week solely for this game (ok maybe I bought a few more games but they were just lagniappe).

  • I’d like to watch some video gameplay

  • I need mooore!!! i need it into my veins!!!

    Always pleased to read any news on Dust.

  • reminds me of MAG

  • DUST 514 seems to be shaping up as an incredible game! Any plans for beta testing?

  • Hey everyone, CCP Shadow here, DUST 514’s Community Manager. We’re reading your comments on this blog and I’ll speak to what I’m able to.

  • i like this

  • This game is looking better every day!

  • Very nice. Can’t wait to see how personnel get delivered to the battlefield. Dropships ftw.

  • Do we have to buy EVE Online to play DUST?

  • I’ve been playing EVE-Online since 2004. (Name: Grim Starwind) and I was wondering if when it comes to Beta time, will EVE players who are also bad ass FPS games *cough* mysefl *cough* be more likely to be chosen as these testers of the new technology. Because let’s be honest.. when it comes to testing new tech, you don’t want just ANY old dude getting their hands on it ;P right? Right?

  • as a long time eveonline player, the wait for dust is killing me. but i need to ask this…….
    will there be any type of planetary defense that can be launched and the eve players in orbit of the planets?
    this will clear up a big debate between our alliance members.

  • (dame no edit button) As for this looking like others games, you lot havent played or seen eve before, have you…….

  • And Bungie stole the idea of Halo from Larry Niven and his Ringworld series. Your points being?

    As for the game, like some have said, since Zipper and Sony failed to support and expand MAG the way people wanted, we’ve been wanting a complete, dynamic game for a while. That the maps in Dust will be around 5 times as large as any Domination map alone excites me. It tells me that snipers may actually finally have their use, if sniper rifles are in the game.

  • Two words… AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!! Thanks for the info I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

  • @CCP. I’ve never played Eve, but being a player of mmo’s such as RuneScape, and conscious of the existence of games like WoW, I still have at least *heard* of Eve Online. Eve seems like a fantastic product, had I the time for it. The concept of helping out Eve Players from my PS3 in a FPS seems very cool. Count me in for the Beta. I’ve already shared the Dust 514 Video to all my pals on FB, I hope there’s another exciting trailer when Dust 514 is ready so I can hook my gaming friends to an exciting new game. Well done CCP, I look forward to it.

  • Are eve players going to be able to interact with dust players via the playstation home and captains quaters on eve?

  • The Best, most awaited game of 2012. But please, untill then, push an advice to the PS team to open the PSN for Romania too. It would pe a pitty to leave a lot of people out becouse of that. Thanx.

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