PlayStation Canada Lounge Opening in Downtown Toronto this Weekend

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PlayStation Canada Lounge Opening in Downtown Toronto this Weekend

We here at PlayStation Canada are excited to announce the launch of the PlayStation Lounge in EB Games’ downtown Toronto location.

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Designed from the ground up, the lounge will be located on the upper level of the EB Games’ downtown location at 267 Yonge Street in Toronto, Ontario. The goal of the PlayStation Lounge is to provide you with a one-stop shop for all your PlayStation needs.

In celebration of this journey, we’d like to invite all of our Canadian fans to attend the PlayStation Lounge Grand Opening event, details below:

Event Details
Sunday, November 13, 2011.
2-5 PM
267 Yonge Street, Toronto
Luke Schenn signing 2-3:30 PM / Naughty Dog signing 3:30-5 PM

Special guests will include Luke Schenn from the Toronto Maple Leafs and Robert Cogburn, Game Designer from Naughty Dog, the creators of the Uncharted franchise. The first 100 fans to line up will receive autographed hockey pucks from Schenn and autographed Nathan Drake scarves from Cogburn.

So come out and join us for the grand opening of the lounge, have your picture taken with Ratchet from the award-winning Insomniac franchise, and pick up some autographed swag too!

Please RSVP to the PlayStation Lounge Grand Opening by visiting our Facebook event page.

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  • We need more MOVE GAMES….plz?

  • Already RSVP!

  • I would love to have an event like this take place in Vancouver, BC! seems like PlayStation is the only one that hasn’t shown up here since there’s always events from the MS and Nintendo.

  • What about a lounge in the US, maybe in San Diego California???
    also next year will be my first time i go to Comic-Con San Diego, and i don¨t know if sony or playstation usually go there…. do you go???

  • we need that here in the states. it would kind of be like on home. no one can freeze us until the place closes lol

  • holy crap, i would looooove to go to that; plus that’s quite clever Playstation, to have that grand opening on the launch day of your 3d display! that lounge looks epic, you should buy a new building in Massena, NY for Gamestop, and build a lounge in that one too! cause the Gamestop here is in a dying mall that no one goes to for anything other then to buy something at gamestop or to eat a pretzel.
    But yeah, I’d like a lounge like that in massena please! :p

  • Nice, the space looks awesome. Let hope it comes with exclusive deals on PlayStation games:)

  • I’m with Kchow23… Us on the west coast seem to be left out of PS3 events here in the North!

  • there is already a lounge in NY. in it’s own place.

  • Damn this would have been sweet to go to for my Bday… Alas I will be in California.

    WrekGar AKA
    PS Blogstalker

  • I wish Sony built these things in every state. Put one in Phoenix, AZ please!

  • Can you guys put one of these in South Florida Please? Preferably Fort Lauderdale or Miami.

  • I wonder how this is gonna work since the vastly overpriced sony stores in canada closed down a couple years ago. Its a shame really, if they had a clue in marketing they wouldn’t be getting out sold by every other sony dealer in town. But at least going in with EBgames is a smart move, at least they have an existing crowd of gamers. Though I can’t imagine this partnership lasting long term with sony openly warring on used game sales that are a significant part of EBgames business. Oh yeah to those asking for these stores in the states, they already have a few open. Nyc opened a few months ago and theres a few others I think.

  • bulid one in the NYC thats to cool to only have in one spot….spread the joy

  • @5: Like on Home? Oh, no… that means that when you go in, three guys in blue T-shirts walk up and dance on you while repeatedly proclaiming: “Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. I have no headset. I have no headset. I have no headset…” Requirement: “Chain Swing” must play over the speakers day and night.

  • can’t wait to see this

  • I’m only a couple hours east so I might have to check this out. Can’t stand Schenn or the Leafs though :P

  • @12 +1

  • Useless to me. I’m in BC.

  • @12 we need one in south florida maybe tampa or miami

  • I might come :)

  • Looks neat, I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in TO. I’d go but leafs fans are crazy.

    Also still confused about that facebook tiff.

  • Cool! Way to compete against Xbox’s lounge!

  • Come on Sony, do something down here in Atlanta! I swear you act as if the south doesn’t exist…

  • What about Calgary???Make it happen Sony. Thanks

  • Vancouver! that’s where nintendo canada is located as well as a very large amount of talented developers! Please we want more vancouver ps events!

  • Heck yeah, I really want a place like this in Vancouver too!!! You could host Playstation events. I seriously don’t think I’ve ever seen a Playstation event anywhere in Vancouver or tri cities areas of BC, but I’ve seen Nintendo demonstrations in the malls a few times, and yeah, having them with headquarters here makes it VERY easy to do a warranty replacement without shipping anything in the mail. I wish Playstation was somewhere here!

  • what about Europe?????

  • @28: Go to the EU blog for that stuff. They would know after all.

  • freaking awsome

  • So regardless of fact that the Schenn and Cogburn are doing autographs at two different times, the first 100 people will get both right away?

  • What is this Canada you speak of and can I pre-purchase one? I’m just kidding, this is pretty cool.

  • Wowzers! Congratulations! Let’s celebrate!

  • Can you build one in Edmonton especially in West Edmonton Mall? That would be perfect!!!

  • That looks amazing. I’m jealous of my neighbors to the north. It always pays to be in a big city.

  • @35
    They all ready opened at least on in the US.

  • Build one here in Ohio :P

  • That’s all very nice. However I would be a lot more excited to get current browser support on the PS3 :)

  • lakeeriessb makes a long overdue point. PS3 does need a better browser the browser currently included is outperformed by a Commodore 64 with lunix. No not linux go look it up for yourself.

  • Thanks Sony! ALL HAIL CANADA!!!

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