Enter the Morbid, Addictive World of PS Vita’s Escape Plan

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Enter the Morbid, Addictive World of PS Vita’s Escape Plan

During this summer’s Gamescom, we invited Chris Millar to join us on the PlayStation.Blog and introduce Fun Bits Interactive and their first creation for PlayStation Vita, Escape Plan. Aside from the gorgeous black-and-white, film noir art style that pops right off the massive OLED screen, Escape Plan is truly unique game, thanks to its two memorable characters, LAARGE and LIL.

It’s time to check on their progress. Escape Plan Producer Matt Morton hopped in front of our cameras at Sony Santa Monica Studios recently, and was happy to give us this update on the art-direction, PS Vita multi-touch controls, and to show us why Escape Plan is such a harsh, but addictive puzzler.

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  • I suggest making a vita app store with games like this (so they will be cheaper). kind of like the apple apps but mostly games

  • 2nd first time!!! i love this game!

  • Looking forward to this game.
    just hope I have the funds for the PSVita on release day.

  • i’m pre ordering the vita soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Morbidly adorable, a day one purchase for me. :)

  • Retail? This game looks fantastic. I can’t wait to play it, one of the promising new IPs for PSVita.

  • Will definitely buy this. Did I miss the part whether this is an at-launch game?

  • Despite first impressions of “Limbo ripoff”, this game actually looks like it will be quite enjoyable. Can’t wait to pick it up.

  • Can´t wait for the Vita to come so i can get my hands on the games, and then i really get my hands on them ^^ this game looks like alot of fun and i like the black and white style of the game, suits it well! Was this game gonna be out with the launch of the Vita? i dont remember if it has been said.


  • So Sony. I heard that Germany let the cat outa the bag about the jak and daxter trilogy edition. SO SPILL THE BEANS!!!!

  • Game looks awesome! Day 1 purchase!!

    But please make the “transition screens” more interesting! The screens that show u how well u did after solving a particular chamber. As it is the last time I saw them, it was just a black screen that showed how many stars u earned (1-5stars). I like the rank idea but please make it more interesting!! It’s quite literally the only thing I don’t like about this game.

  • Been waiting for this since it’s announcement. Good looking, great gameplay, and a new IP.

  • Any Fat Princess news? A patch? new maps? Anything?

  • So what about that $300 bundle for the Vita (Wifi only) in the US? Or you guys not listening to your fans and want us to spend the extra $50 we don’t want to?

  • That is the kind of game that will make me want to buy a Vita.

  • Games like this are the reason why I can’t wait for the vita. the visuals of this game look amazing. can’t wait to get my hands on tis game. Keep the good work up guys. day 1 purchase.

  • Looks like limbo, but I hope the game is a success!!!!

  • i guess the touch controls could be fun

  • If sony ever makes a ps vita resistance bundle i’m sold

  • PS Vita can’t wait to get my hands on u!!! =D

  • What the top comment said, if the Vita wants to compete with Apple….you gotta have an App store. One like he said, with big games and small games here and there.

    This looks like a great handheld game btw. Another reason for me to get a Vita.

  • Looks very interesting, though I can say I won’t be purchasing this game right away… Money is a little tight, so I am mostly only buying the awesome games. :P

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