Wipeout 2048 Q&A: Speed Thrills

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Wipeout 2048 Q&A: Speed Thrills

Wipeout 2048 for PS Vita

If there’s any game series that’s synonymous with PlayStation, it’s Wipeout. This fast-paced combat racer has appeared on every single PlayStation console, and now it’s preparing to make the jump to PS Vita with Wipeout 2048. We recently interviewed producer Michael Pulst, who gave us a tour of the new control options (front and rear touchscreen as well as motion controls), gameplay refinements, and multiplayer support between PS Vita and PS3. Read on for highlights from our interview.

PlayStation.Blog: What are longtime fans likely to notice first about Wipeout 2048 on PS Vita?
Michael Pulst, Assistant Producer: We’ve made the tracks a little bit wider. Wipeout has always been known for its intense, hardcore racing; in the past games, you were not only fighting the other players but you’re also fighting the track. It was so hardcore that it actually turned some people off. It was a barrier to entry, and the team recognized this. By making the tracks a bit wider, you’re able to concentrate more on the race and fighting off the other players.

But because Studio Liverpool has been making Wipeout for years and years, they understand its core gameplay extremely well. So even though it’s a little bit easier in terms of its difficulty curve, this is very much Wipeout to its core.

PSB: Tell me about the tiered racetracks. How many paths are there on the tracks in Wipeout 2048?
MP: Not only do we have multiple vertical levels on some tracks, we have multiple track paths. In one of tracks, Sol, you’re racing down a skyscraper — it’s extremely fun. At one junction, you can either break to the left or the right; if you go left, you’ll get six speed pads before you reconnect with the main path. If you go to the right, you pick up items and weapons that might let you take out the racers who took the left path. So it adds a bigger strategy because you can choose your approach. If you suck at taking tight, twisty turns, you’ll learn to take alternate routes that tend to be less direct but offer speed pads or item pickups.

PSB: Have there been any tweaks to item pickups or weapon functionality?
MP: In previous Wipeout games, there was one item pickup pad that offered both offensive and defensive items. In 2048, the item pads are split up between offensive and defensive, so you can be a bit more strategic. If you’re in first place, you can focus on picking up items that are useful to you.

Wipeout 2048 for PS Vita

PSB: Wipeout 2048 uses almost all of PS Vita’s hardware functions. Tell us how 2048 taps into PS Vita’s hardware.
MP: For starters, we support the motion controls — you can tilt to the left or right to steer. I like steering this way at times, particularly in the cockpit camera view. The thing with motion controls is that they’re extremely accurate, which can be a double-edged sword at times. But I guarantee that by the time you take the third lap in the game, it’ll click.

We also support the rear touchscreen for acceleration, while the front touchscreen is used for firing and regaining ship energy. What’s great is that we support hybrid control schemes, so if you’d rather use the X button for acceleration, you can. You can use any combination of tilting, buttons, and touch to control the game. We don’t force you into one specific control scheme.

PSB: And how does PS Vita’s camera tie into the multiplayer mode?
MP: We support up to eight players online. When you begin the race on PS Vita, the game takes a photo of your face. At the end of the race, your face gets beamed to all the other players — kind of a glory moment!

Wipeout 2048 for PS Vita

PSB: Perhaps the most technically impressive feature is the crossplay support with the PS3 version of Wipeout HD Fury. What are my options in terms of crossplay?
MP: Not only will PS Vita players be able to play 2048 with other PS Vita players, they will be able to play Wipeout HD against PS3 players using Wipeout HD tracks and ships. And the number of PS Vitas and PS3s doesn’t matter for crossplay. It can be seven PS3s and one PS Vita, seven PS Vitas and one PS3, or any number in between.

There are so many people who own Wipeout HD, so you get immediate access to that community and you can experience tracks and a gameplay style that’s unique. When you’re playing Wipeout HD cross-play on PS Vita, you are able to use motion controls and touchscreen features as well, if you like.

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7 Author Replies

  • LOVE me some wipeout. Have played every game in the franchise, and eagerly await the Vita version.

    • I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. The graphics are surprisingly close to the PS3 version — better, in some ways!

  • I am excited about cross play in general, that is a very exciting technological advance.

  • I just kind skimmed before I decided to ask my question… but is there any kind of plans for a discount on the Vita 2048 for owners of HD Fury on the PS3? I don’t expect it… but I’m curious. The game looks superb btw.

  • Excited for the crossplay. but i’m guessing nothing extra for wipeout hd which is a shame since it could be nice to have some of 2048’s tracks (or even sol, just to have sol and sol 2 in one game) as a new challenge. also won’t wipeout hd need a 2.3 patch to let it crossplay or is it ready by itself. like to add a V icon saying the player is using 2048 on PSvita ?

  • Crossplay with PS3 Wipeout…so that means they share tracks. How many new tracks are on this game and how many have been, for lack of a better term, ported over to this Vita title? Have you nailed down the # yet?

    • 2048 on the PS Vita is a totally new, different game with its own unique tracks (no word yet on the number), and the HD Fury gameplay and tracks are a separate feature.

  • More importantly will anyone actually buy it or a vita now that sony has illegally removed even more of rights on what we legally pay for. You won’t see that on sonys faq cause the answer is a very loud NO. Its time everyone stood up to sony and tell them to shove their fascist restrictions back where they came from.

  • I’m not really a handheld player. Please tell me 2048 will be a DLC pack for Wipeout HD Fury.

  • And really be surprised if anyone buys this or a vita after the vast majority finds out their legal rights are once again ripped away in the name of greed. take a look a page back on this blog and see what sony is planning on starting Nov.18

  • I am excited about this release it will be great to hop from console to handheld and back again.

    Off topic can someone please fix the store this week so that the “New Add-ons” advertising box takes you to New add-ons and NOT new games… It would be nice to have a tab to view new add-ons!

  • What? Nobody asked about cross-chat yet?

  • You guys are really gonna buy a device which is much more highly restricted then the PSP ever was?

    Well I hope no one buys three of these things due to the whole 2 activations maximum.

    This means if you own 3 VITA’s you need to purchase all your gaming content twice!!!!

    Who can afford to double purchase all their content from now ? Lets see a show of hands… I thought so.

    Sony you are dumn, deaf and blind if you think I’m gonna get VITA now that you have chopped its potential into 5 pieces and we only get 2!!!

    I have three kids, I would have ended up with at least 4 VITA’s, but now due to your highly reduced value system I will pass.

    Sony is showing us now how bad of an idea the cloud could be under the wrong management, and how truely valuable real physical content is.

    Thanks for the leason Sony, although it was very costly, it was probably the most valuable lesson we could learn for the coming years when this will be pushed even harder.

  • @11
    tyhere are a few flaws in your argument / rant
    if you have 4 vita’s and they want to play together then each needs their own copy of a game anyway , because if you want to share them then they will all use the same psn account
    psn accounts can never sign in on two devices at once you know , let alone 4 so shared games cannot be used on a vita by signing into the owners account
    its not like a ps3 where you can put several account on it , so if you play together , then you each sign into a separate account , if you had a shared account and one person signs in then the second does it signs ouit the first ( same would happen on a ps3 )
    on a ps3 you sign in on a different account but access content from all accounts on that system

  • @Phillyblunz
    shut up man….

  • flaw number 2
    you have money to buy for $250 consoles but complain about buying two games < assuming they are never played together using the same account ) . if you have 4 psp's now , other than the go , you buy 4 copies of a game on umd , so are buying less games by buying two copies on different accounts
    sony is protecting themselves and the developers from the rampant theft from game sharing , nothing more
    blame those people who steal games by sharing , not Sony for having to change the terms of service yet again , it's game piracy , hackers , and scammers that cause this issue not Sony , who is losing millions to theft

  • btw , you also rant that nobody should buy a vita , but then right away say you would buy 4 ?
    make up your mind , either boycott or buy n, you can’t have both

  • when the question said “how does it tap into the hardware functions”, I was hoping for some detail on how the 3 available CPU cores are used (and if it was easy to port their SPU-oriented code as a result) and if the shared-memory model of the VIta afforded them any interesting advantages over the PS3’s split-memory model.

    Can we get those details, please?

  • I want the version of Wipeout that was in the guilty-pleasure movie “Hackers.”

  • Can we use our own mp3s for background music just like in Wipeout HD?

  • Didn’t anyone else think that some people might abuse the PS Vita camera feature of this game?

  • Why the bloody hell would you have more than one PSVITA? Or even 2???? What so you are going to play on one and look at the other ones while you play?

  • Comment is refering to 11#

  • Damn wish you could edit your postes…. Didn’t read the whole text but then again 2 should really be enougt.

  • @Phillyblunz here are the reasons for this change

    1. stop people from pirating

    2. this is mainly do to the fact that there are bigger titles on the network and they want to have a bigger selection of games and it isn’t tempting for a game developer to put a game like Black Ops on the network and allowing people to have the option to give it to 5 friends.

    3. it is also because it is mandatory for Vita Games to be on the store and… (Read: 2)

  • @6: Hush you. They took nothing away from anyone. They’re changing terms, that DO NOT AFFECT anything you ALREADY BOUGHT. It only affects FUTURE content that you purchase, AFTER the date you posted. Thus, if you don’t agree with the new terms of use, then simply don’t buy anything off of PSN anymore. You still have 5 for everything you already purchased.

    You lose nothing. They took nothing away, they’re just changing how things work for the -future-. Again, don’t like it, don’t buy it.

    And I’m buying physical media for my PSVita.

  • On to Wipeout 2048. It looks fantastic, I can’t wait <3 are there going to be options to turn off the camera function? I can't imagine wanting to share my face with the world all the time. I can't even stand to Skype with family, let alone have strangers look at a random picture I don't have time to improve to make sure it's good enough for people to see =P

  • @12, FJ1100-rider, you make very good points. Digital rights are handled completely differently on a handheld vs. the console & that you can’t be signed onto the same PSN ID anyway. I have 2 PS3’s and a Go so I know you are right. Well argued, sir or madam.

    While I do have empathy for parents under this policy change, in no way am I going to join any alleged boycott or limit my gaming enjoyment. My Vita pre-order stands.

  • Nice to see amazon.com says it’s coming out Vita launch day. As we approach that date, I will continue to look out for information on the game’s framerate, though I anticipate no reason to not buy it Day 1 along with the Vita.

  • Day one purchase, pure and simple.

  • Hopefully theres a demo. I like the one on PS3 but for some reason it didn’t work when my PS PLUS ended even though I got it from the free thing whenever Sony got back online from the outage. Other than that, it’s a solid racing series.

  • You guys havent tried it obviously.

    Sub accounts accounts can play too you know!!!

    I have one account which is a master, all sub accounts on all PS3’s can use the master accounts content.

    I know math is hard, but get a calculator and you will see, 3 games can be played on 3 accounts on 3 PS3’s, all under the same master account.

    ask your teacher to work it out for you if you dont believe me.

  • The vita will play digital content, not only chip based games.

    But you may be right and they may not support sub accounts, one more reason not to buy the VITA I guess.

    And no, because I have aquired 3 PS3’s over the last 4 years doesnt mean I can afford to buy all content multiple times.

    You guys are having your privligages taken away and you are sayin thank you for it.

    Anyone who wants to pay more and get less is a fool, Ask yourself does this apply to you?

    I know it applies to a couple of you obviously.

  • You need to read, i would have boughten several, had planned to purchase one day one, then the news of limited use dropped that number to less then 1.

    I would have ended up with probably one for each child thats 3, and one for me..

    1 + 3 = 4

    Did you get it that time?

    I cant believe you guys back Sony’s unethical behavior like this.

    Its true that love is blind, and you will see this once a feature you use is taken, its only a matter of time.

    You cant stop it.

  • Oh yeah, my first PS3 cost way more then $250, try $880 with 3 yr warrenty.

  • How could someone pirate a game from within my house??

    The funny thing is people will be forced to find a way after the 18th.

    To stop pirating do the following.

    Upon boot up check the IP address, done.

    If 2 ps3’s are at 2 ip addresses that means you pay twice, get it?

    If 5 ps3’s at one ip adress, pay once. There that was easy hey?

    If not IP’s then any other of the number of internet identifying techniques to prove the ps3’s in one house.

  • Man, really wish they’d update the PS3 version with some of that new track goodness.

  • @phillybunz
    If u really hate Sony over this issue, how bout u sell their items and get a 3-6-0… Oh wait i forgot, forget 2 accounts, they never had content-sharing, ever. Oh wait it’s because they actually want to make money, and not allow for piracy. And honestly Sony doesn’t care that YOU don’t pirate, but there are enough people that do, causing possible millions of dollars lost. This is your only option so i say stop complaining and live with this fact. Cause really Sony is and was the only company that allowed content-sharing in this manner. So if there is anything that you should be doing, it’s appreciating them.

  • @philly
    and if u really want ur content sharing then why are u sharing your schemes with sony? Giving them a warning whilst complaining about it, some people are just hilarious.

  • I just hope that the inevitable (and much anticipated!) DLC isn’t exclusive to Europe for the third time in a row. I remember the PS Blog blog about WipEout Pulse, and the dude flat out lied when he said that the DLC is coming to the US.

    I understand some people have done things they’re not exactly proud of just to get a glimpse of the DLC tracks…

  • @ 35 Phillyblunz, roommates often share the same internet connection via wifi/lan which means illegal game-sharing. Come on, it’s been done to deaths in college dorms & Sony is simply “correcting” a mistake. If you’re a multinational corporate entity, then you’ll understand. Besides all downloads before 11/08 are not regulated to 2x activated systems, as many users here have informed you. If you own more than 2x PS3s, just remember to DL future content to the “correct” system from here on.

  • Erm, back on topic. Wipeout is the Gran Turismo of future racing in terms of difficulty/learning curve. I admire those gamers that excel in beating the AI & hitting new course records. Wipeout is often heralded as having one of the most hardest Plats. in any gaming console. This will make a great Vita title!

  • @triple_lei: What DLC is this? For Pulse on PSP?

  • Those screens are clean! Wow cannot wait….

  • Yeah, siriusbee, there was actually DLC for Pulse that was exclusive to Europe for no good reason at all.

    Europe got some pretty sweet (and exclusive) DLC tracks for WipEout Pure, but since the PSP itself wasn’t released till later, I guess it made up for it. But Europe got WipEout Pulse almost two months earlier than the US and they’re the only ones who are able to purchase the DLC from their own store! The European DLC works with a US UMD too, so you really have to wonder why they’re playing favorites…

  • Are there any plans for DLC tracks and karts?
    Are the PS3’s HD tracks and karts included on PSV version or they are accessible only in multiplayer?

  • Great news, cant wait to get it, but i have a question regarding the 3d functionality on the disc version of Wipeout Fury, when is that update rolling?

  • wait a minute .. i’ll be able to play this game on my ps3 as an add-on to Wipeout HD/Fury? I’m confused …

  • @Phillyblunz the way it sounds from your crying about this you are a 10 year old kid that is upset that he can’t do game sharing
    all my friend that have kids and have at least 3 ps3s they all think it isn’t a big deal the only people that I see who thinks it is a big deal are the ones who game shares btw there is a simple easy way around it but I’m not going to tell you it because if you were an adult you would have already figure it out

    anyways I can’t wait until the vita gets release and I also can’t wait to play this game

  • referring to #19’s comment; i hope there’s a report feature in the game.
    if somebody does some lewd gesture with the camera, we can report the person and have him/her warned or banned.

  • Sid, I previously asked about a replay option for Wipeout 2048 because let’s face it — any racing game, no matter how detailed, will find its niche among those that want to push the game further and faster than the majority of the global population is able to. I am one of those people.

    Replays are needed because in the very competitive world of racing game hotlapping, we need the option of video proof. There’s a whole subculture of elite Wipeout players out there – the world’s fastest — who would basically sell themselves to have a true replay option.

    Now, are you able to say whether Wipeout 2048 has an authentic replay option and not merely the ability to save race ghosts?

    Also, has drafting been included in 2048? It’s enough that there are weapons to even the field up somewhat, but at the elite level, one weapon generally means the difference between winning and outright losing. Yes, it is a problem in Wipeout that us veteran players continually debate about. I’m not referring to a “rubberbanding” race engine, but merely a slight benefit in thrust when one is in the contrails of another ship. That alone would help greatly toward balancing the game, particularly when weapons are disabled.


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