Patapon 3 DLC Hits Today for Free

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Patapon 3 DLC Hits Today for Free


Hello Uberhero fans! Get your thumbs ready for a brand new foot-tappin’, song-hummin’, eyeball-stabbin’ adventure! Today, Patapon 3 fans will be able to partake in a slew of new multiplayer adventures. Take on Stone Golems, Salamanders, Deth squads and prove your Patapon-greatness.

If this isn’t enough, there are also two new missions against the giant eye-sore (ha!) Darantula – – this evil life-sucking nemesis will challenge even the best of rhythm-keepers with its deadly poison attacks. Once you survive (make that if you survive) this deadly monster, rile up a squad-o-four to take on the dreaded sandworm Dokakanel — he’s back, and he’s angry!


There you have it folks: Deth squads, check; poison spewing evil monsters, check; earth-shaking fire breathing sandworms, check. All this eye-watering greatness will be coming to you today! It’s what your thumbs have been craving…

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  • On nov.18th sony is illegally removing rights to use the software we buy on the hardware we buy. Therefore I and the majority of others will NOT be buying this game or its dlc. Congratulations sony, instead of screwing your customers that you value so little instead your screwing yourselves. Its not our loss as gamers its yours. All of have choices, we can and will take our money elsewhere. No amount of harassment, coercion or cowardly trolling can change the facts. You got way to greedy, started a war with your customers, now you’re losing. It’s your own fault so tough luck.

  • @1
    Illegally? Read the ToS buddy. Get over it, its there in part so people don’t take advantage of game sharing.

    Come on -_-

  • PirateHarlock, you need to reread the original post and understand what it meant.

    I will take this DLC, thanks. If im not mistaken there’s a total of 15 of these missions to be made available in the future. Let me know, thanks.

    • Please check it out!
      We don’t have an exact number yet, but we sure plan to have more missions available!!

  • Also… they aren’t removing the rights… they are simply limiting the amount of consoles 1 purchase can be used on from 5 to 2. And all DLC bought prior to that date still works on 5 consoles.

  • @1

    The terms and conditions of all content purchased before Nov 18th remain the same. It only changes for content purchased after that date. Stop over reacting and deal with it…Just like Sony has to deal with people who might not buy a game now or an extra console.

    p.s. at least you get to use this free dlc across as many PS3s as you want.

  • @1
    Get over it, DLC looks great.

  • @1 Having “Pirate” in your username makes your argument all the more amusing. Ironically, you’re letting Sony know that they did the right thing by limiting pirating by users such as yourself.

  • I bet IGN’s Greg Miller is flipping out with joy over more Patapon 3 content. Looks great for those who own it.

    BTW, just ignore PirateHarlock’s comment. He’s either an internet troll just trying to make people mad or is just trying to look bold in front of the whole PS Blog. Just quit the angry comments and enjoy the news that Patapon 3 is getting more DLC.

  • Wow. It seems to me that the first person to comment got Patapwned. On an unrelated note, please bring the Patapon series to PS3!

  • @1
    Dude… If you have enough money to have more than 2 PS3’s and PSP’s (because im sure you dont game share, I mean if you did that you would have no right to complain) you must have more than enough money to buy your dlc twice.

  • “the majority of others will NOT be buying this game or its dlc”

    LOL, self entitled children today make me laugh. You, and those who you THINK you speak for are the people who ruined this in the first place. The only people I feel sorry for are those that had 3 Playstation or more (3!) and have been using the service legitimately. Children like yourself believe you are OWED everything, when in fact your are NOT.

    You don’t like it? Here’s an idea, go sell your PS3 to someone who will enjoy it, and get yourself a 360, and try to share your games.

  • Note to the trolls defending sonys outrageous greed. I have read Eric Lempels post where you clearly have not. Answer me this: why are you so blindly defending this when everyone else, yes quite literally EVERYONE is calling BS which is exactly what it is. Nice try trolls but you sony trolls lost this battle before you even started. At this point NOBODY cares what you say or do to defend this scam, it has no defense. So go ahead and scream your stupid insults all you like. The real gamers know you for the liars you are. get over yourselves, nobody believes you. And btw as you’ve insuated I stole my dlc content I challenge you to prove it. Better yet try telling it to my face. I can prove I paid for all of my games & dlc, and the 3 ps3 systems I use it on not to mention the 3 PS2’s I’ve had (only 1 still works) and the 2 PS1’s I started with (1 failed early on). Anybody who thinks I’m hating on playstation is nothing but a Grade A lunatic. Anyone who doesn’t like it don’t let the door hit you on the butt while your leaving.

  • Reson8r, get a clue before you run your foul moth. And read eric lempels post and the nearly 900 comments, less than 10 support your line of BS. Simply put you’re a shill, a really obvious 1 at that. You are taking part of sonys latest in their long line of unethical cash grabs. Yet you call me “self entitled” LOL. Take your shills with you when you go. Nobody believes two faced hypocrites hiding behind a keyboard spewing childish insults. To put even more bluntly if you cant say anything coherent either shutup or just get lost. You’re childish trolling isn’t needed crybaby.

  • @1

    Seriously shut up and quit your trolling.

  • @1 GoshDarn! I Hope That Wolverine And Cyclops Aren’t FIGHTING Over YOU Again!!! ANYWAYS…

    Thank You Sony For The DLC… I Hope That I Can Level Up My PataHero PAST Lvl 32 With THIS CONTENT… Is AnyBody ELSE Finding It Hard To LVL Up In This Game? I Was Really Hopeing For The Add-On Content To Help Level Me To 40… But I Have Not Had Any BreakThroughs As Of Late.

    I Hope That The New Stuff Will Lvl Me To 40!!! THANK YOU SONY!!
    (Or I Will Just Go Back To My Phantasy Star Portable 2 Multi-Player Grind As Usual..!)

  • @PirateHarlock… Get over it will u!? Its funny how u add the word TROLLING in ur stupid comment when all u do is TROLL about the same crap in every post… I too at first was angry with this decision SONY had made but now im over it… I dont care anymore it is what it is and thats the way its ganna be PERIOD. Stop ur stupid TROLLING here and take it to Sh*tbox and get urself a Sh*tbox while ur add it cuz THEY only give u ONE account PER SYSTEM :P STUPID TROLLERS

  • Quick, everyone respond to the first comment!!! I haven’t bought Patapon 3 yet, but all of this free dlc may just push me over the edge.

  • I dont have a PSP and probably never will, that said I want Patapon so badly and Im sure there are a lot of people that would like to play it on their PS3 as PSN game or on a glorious BD HD Collection!

  • Seriously people, should you be arguing with someone with ‘pirate’ in their name? And before he/she responds, yes, I know you are referencing the great character from the anime. I’ve never seen so much complaining over being able to give your friends free games. Or what I assume, your older sibling unable to share his games with you for free. Listen hon, you don’t like it, go tell your parents to sue and be laughed out of court. Be thankful Sony didn’t implement that policy sooner.

  • Sad troller, upset he can’t gameshare anymore.

  • Wow, thats some hardcore trolling PirateHarlock is doing. You must be a child. Or you must get your feelings hurt easy. Point is, NOONE believes you. Over three-fourths of the people commenting on said blog post are the same people over and over again that troll and complain about many other things (just like you). Anyone can say they have more than 1 PS3 but over the internet, no one can confirm if you do or not. Same with you stealling anything, which you probably gameshare, it’s the only reason you could even be upset. You don’t play enough games to even have a reason to own 3 of them.

  • Wow, thats some hardcore trolling he/she/it is doing. You must be a child. Or you must get your feelings hurt easy. Point is, NOONE believes you. Over three-fourths of the people commenting on said blog post are the same people over and over again that troll and complain about many other things (just like you). Anyone can say they have more than 1 PS3 but over the internet, no one can confirm if you do or not. Same with you stealling anything, which you probably gameshare, it’s the only reason you could even be upset. You don’t play enough games to even have a reason to own 3 of them..

    Not only that, you are complaining on a PSP post. Even more so, you are whining and complaining about FREE DLC. You’ve proved time and time again that you are the biggest troller on this blog.

  • I’m not quite sure why someone is complaining about FREE DLC… anyway, I’m looking forward to it.

  • @1

    You sound like someone that’s mad that bumming free games off your friends just got a bit harder.

    Get your facts straight, they aren’t taking game sharing away. They just cut the number from 5 systems to 2 systems.

    Why should they and their partners continue to let people like YOU rip them off? Not many people have more than 2 ps3 systems, which is why they cut the number to 2. You’re just mad Sony made it harder for you to be a bum. Get a job and BUY the games instead of thinking you’re entitled to everything and leaching off other people.

  • Ah man all the more incentive for me to get started on Patapon 2 and 3 >.<

  • As long as we’re off topic anyway:

    Hey, Dais, is that your dog? Super cute!

  • LOL at PirateHarlock !! As you said it “we can and will take our money elsewhere” so do exactly that and go buy patapon for your xbox !! OH sorry you CANT !

    Seriously just go away of this community, I dont think Sony or any of us want or gonna miss people like you on this place, so get over it and get a life !

  • i agree with pirate she is right if u think about it ther is people that have more than 2 systems n stuff like me i have 4 systems n its very dumb that means i got to buy the game twice i dont think so so all tards that is for this is dumb n pi i agree with you hun ther is some tard that will rwmain kissing sonys but thats ther problem it shows how low ther iq is i bet half of these idiots get disabilty checks so they dont care anyways im off

  • Hey I did notice the clown Dilbig5 is back. Did you enjoy your ban by the way? I see your still using the same tired old tactics of accusing your critics of doing exactly what you just did. In the end your just like the rest of these petty trolls spending all day behind a computer screen insulting as many as you can. Get a real job if you can.


    Telling everyone else on here they have low IQ’s but can’t spell or use any punctuation at all.

  • @CaptainJames

    What are you talking about and who are you? And what am did I do and accuse someone else of doing the exact same thing? I’m not the one complaining. And you are the one to talk about sitting behind a computer screen. Funny how people complain about something when it’s free.

  • I am now interested in buying Patapon 3. The DLC is enticing. Asto the foolish comments about game sharing… You guys need to understand you are insane to think its your right to share content. If you have 3PSP’s you should not buy PSN Content. Buy the disk so you can swap between them.

  • first of all, its pretty stupid to complain about buying the patapon DLC when its already free -_-. If instead you used the point of using it in more than 2 PSP it woud fit better, and even then its until 18 the effing new rule goes live. So if you download it now it wont be affected.

    As again. i could care less for big console games if its 2 or 1, 3 would be perfect for some, idk i just have one PS3. but for PSP its just bad, many people have children, in my case my 2 small brothers, and loved to buy games in PSN thanks to the game share feature, especially for multiplayer games, I agree many poeple took advantage of this, and its very bad but really at least you should lower the number to 3, its the best pick. Most families have that as minimal number, be it counting parents or just the sons

    But whatever. also here in mexico physical games cost a lot more than digital ones…

  • While we’re at it, can you patch it or make it less impossible to obtain the purple jeweled chests. I’ve beat DOJ over 100 times on my own and i’ve received about 7 purple chests with nothing but junk in them. I swear that thing trolls me.

  • This very cool, but are we going to get any PSN Avatars?

  • i wish if this game was playable on PS3.

  • Lots of stuff to do when I get the PS Vita and getting Patapon 3 is among them!

  • P.S Would love to see a brand new Patapon game on PS Vita.

  • @dilbig5 you are with no doubt a prize idiot. Couple of months ago you were here reciting your small minded diatribe. When you got pwned you resorted to accusing your critics of doing exactly what you’d just done. Then when that failed you resorted to making physical threats. That earned you a ban showing that even for a company like sony your fanaticism went too far. Of course you were exposed as being an Xbot troll which contributed to it.

  • Then theres rest of the trolls, I can’t fail to noticed they all scurried away like frightend mice when confronted by a group. Like all bullies they are above all cowards. It’s really no shock they act this way. Their hero Eric Lempel acts exactly the same way. Announces the latest unethical cash grab and leaves work early leaving his excecutive assistant to field a few half a**ed excuses. I cannot be the only one who noticed. In well over 800 comments from hundreds of gamers all of them calling this move exactly what it is theres not one reply from sony. At least not out in the open. I also noticed something else. Not one of the trolls defending sony here actually made an appearance in the orignal announcement. Not under these same usernames. Nor did any of them appear after 5pm pst meaning any of them who actually have jobs were mouthing off from the office. Any person who’s been in the working world more than a week will see right through that.

    So Congratulations sony, way to fail. Not only highly unetical actions but total cowardice.

  • @CaptainJames

    You must not be able to understand thing clearly. And why you feel the need to make multiple accounts to try and get your point across is beyond me. You and few others are complaining for nothing while I am not. You and few others troll on posts, commenting about things not having to do with it. Not only that, you complain about something that is free. And when did I threaten anyone? You obviously won’t answer that because you can’t. Exposed? When did I ever say I had an Xbox? I got one in 2006 and then gave it to my friend shortly after I got my PS3. You obviously must have an Xbox if you are the one complaining, even though you already admitted to having one.

    Funny you say the other “trolls” scurried away when most of them only commented once. Bullies? Seriously? If you honestly feel like you are being bullied, then I feel so sorry for you. Poor troll got his feelings hurt and complaining about something he doesn’t even do, even when it’s free. About the original announcement, there were probably about the same number of people on each side. Kinda sad when there are over 800 comments but nearly 700 of them are from the same group of people complaining.

  • My only complaint it that the stupid online pass. Then again, hard to agrgue with a monthly $10 bill, compared to my Xbox account, which is like $69 a month, plus all the DLC. Other than that, keep those DLCs coming. Just keep it free please.

  • Dilbig5, don’t you have anything better to do. Now your accusing me of the same things you’ve just done. Have you no idea how your stupidity fools nobody? was back in september you bragged how your “army of friends was coming to backup”. Well where are they? All anyone saw was the one fake account you made, yes you alone. You posted once under that before being banned. I know your mad because you got made as an xbot troll. Your still mad because you keep getting ripped a new one. I personally blame the moderators of this blog for not making your ban permanent as much as I blame you. One thing you’ve been told before is if you want to prove yourself then make your wild claims in public. Say it to my face, or anyone else you railed against in the past. I know several have challenged you to do the same. You haven’t done so for two reasons – you are a liar and you know it. You are also deathly afraid of the consequences you will face if you ever did pull your lunacy in public. Put up or shut up – Pick one. And that goes for any of the other chickens who hide behind their monitor.

  • iS33theTruth – nobody likes the online pass besides a few inside Sony and EA. And EA was quoted as saying over a month ago the revunues their passes have generated has been minimal. A few hundred thousand since they started thats combined across all their games with the pass fyi.

  • CaptainJames

    Now who is the one accussing of others doing the same thing? You sir.

    Army of friends??????? You gotta be kidding right? LOL. Kid, when did I ever say that? I don’t need others or “fake” accounts to get a point across but it seems like you and many others NEED them. Your stupidity knows no bounds, not to mention I don’t even remember talking to you then. There is no need for “fake” accounts. They are pointless and a waste of time to make if someone is never going to use it outside to “try” to get points across, something you and others obviously have to do to make excess complaints.

    Me defending Playstation only proves that I don’t care for Xbox. For you and others, on the other hand; it only shows that you love Xbox. Wild claims you say, everything I have said regarding anything Playstation has been true, while you and your “groupies” spew out nonsense and acting childish with insults and thats all you can do. All you have ever done. To talk about hiding behind a computer you seem to do it alot.

  • In public, hmm? I have no desire to meet you or anyone on this blog in person. Like I said before, I don’t know what kind of person you are hiding behind. Tell me what I lied about. You can’t because you don’t know. Apparently you are the liar. And there is no consequence in telling you anything in public. 1st Amendment: FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    Now I know you the same coward behind another account. It’s time for all you trolls to “put up or shut up”. Give reasons, that none of you have. It’s called DEBATE. You are pretty much one-sided in this and that goes to just about everyone who complains with you. Because of people like you this happening. Sorry your feelings have been hurt but thats how the world turns my friend.

  • Attention: Dilbig5 is indeed a coward and not even a playstation gamer at all. His own lies have proven this. FYI: he is not debating as he claims when he hides behind “freedom of speach” He’s using the constitution a document he has not read and does not understand as a shield for his limp attempts at inciting mob mentality. Now Dilbig5 should go back and re read his own posts defending the Failed release of Resistance 3. He clearly states he was bringing his friends in to help him then made one fake account. As its now known he tried to use the name of another troll which got him banned. It is one more piece of circumstantial proof that he ins indeed an xbot. The other playstation fanatics avoid him and his friends he previously claimed back in early september do not exist. That is the sole reason he denies it now. If this fuming fanatic had an argument he would have used it by now instead of screaming random trash like a lunatic.

  • Anyone still reading feel free to go back a few pages to early september. Ample proof showing Dilbig5 as a liar is there in the open for all to view. Here’s another FYI for you: there are few examples of those claiming “freedom of speech” to incite hatred or mob mentality by the same means as this Dilbig5 those would be organized hate groups and religous cults. So Dilbig5 which are you?

    I know exactly what his next response will be – he will turn around and attempt to accuse me of being a member of either of those two groups. Unlike playstation fanatics he has not even tried to come up with new material. Do not get me wrong I will not defend fanaticism of any kind but this guy is the dim bulb in a crowd that was not bright to begin with. Impersonating what he hates most is just….well there is no word for it. Most of the adjectives applicable to him have been used and all pale to the surreal imputance that is Dilbig5.

  • Wow, are you really that dumb? I have a level 16 in trophies and you are calling me the “non-playstation” gamer. You are the one who isn’t debating at all. I have read the Constitution, something you have clearly not. Yea, I’m starting a mob (sarcasm if you can’t tell). You need to get something better if you think anything video game wise is going to start a mob.

    Failed release is debateable. I got it and liked it. I still have it. You, on the other hand, are doing exactly what you say I’m doing. You are complaining, with very few others, trying to start something that won’t happen. Look at my trophies kid, I have no need for a fake account, not to mention, the said “fake” account commented on a different Playstation site a whole year and a half before I even started commenting on this blog. That throws your obscure “theory” out the window. Not to mention, the trophies of said “fake” account and mine don’t match. The lone wolf is on my friends list, shortly after Resistance. Over half of his trophies are games I haven’t even played. More than you can say with your other account.

  • I was never banned. I just played more games, as you can tell from my trophy level. As stated before, why would I defend Playstation if I love Xbox? Apparently you are the one who loves it since you even brought it up. And even if I still had a Xbox, how would that matter to the current “arguement”? Answer is, I wouldn’t. Look up my Gamertag from when I had a Xbox (same as my PSN). I even had to look it up because I don’t have one. It has a gamerscore of 25. How does that compare to a PSN trophy level of 16 and over 50%??

    YOU STILL FAIL TO TELL ME HOW I LIED. You continue to beat around the bush and not tell me how I lied. That is because you can’t. You are the liar. The pathetic troll complaining over nothing. You don’t play games enough to complain about anything. And how can you even compare a change in the ToS to a religious cult? That comparison just proves you are here to troll with nothing to back it up.

    You have nothing. Nothing but childish acts to complain for the sake of complaining. Grow up and get over it. Change is always going to happen. You people complaining is not going to change it.

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