Warp Teleports to PSN This Winter

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Warp Teleports to PSN This Winter

When someone plays Warp for the first time, they generally have one reaction: laugh at the volume of blood, then turn to me and say, “I didn’t expect that.” This is what happens when a cuddly alien makes a scientist explode from the inside out. With its sci-fi world, unique mechanics, and combination of adorable character meets extreme gore, Warp is the kind of game you might not expect to see – if it weren’t for the digital space, that is.

Warp Teleports to PSN This Winter

So what’s the game about, other than pulverizing scientists? Warp is a puzzle-based stealth action game where you play as Zero, an adorable alien trapped in a human testing facility. You’ve been captured and experimented on, and wake up from your ordeal with one ultimate goal: escape. Easier said than done but, lucky for us, cute little Zero isn’t really that helpless.

Warp is all about your alien powers, and the entire game was designed as a showcase for their many applications. We put a lot of work into making sure that, not only are these powers really fun, but players can combine them in many different ways for a completely unique play experience. The powers (we’ve revealed so far) are:

Warp: The game’s titular ability, warp is a short-distance teleport that lets Zero move through walls and into objects. Handy for ducking through walls and hiding inside objects, from barrels to human bodies.

Frag: Once inside an object, you can vigorously move the left stick to explode or “frag” your way out, often in a shower of blood and viscera.

Echo: Allows you to create a ghostly decoy of yourself or any object you’re currently warped into. Useful if you want to lure soldiers away from you, or just spook some scientists.

Swap: Acquiring swap allows you to place your echo over an object and instantly trade places with it. This power essentially gives you a much longer warping distance, and is a good way to move objects around. You can also swap objects inside of other objects … as seen in the trailer above.

Warp for PS3 (PSN)

Of course, though these abilities have some violent applications the game never has to turn into a bloodbath. As much as it’s a game about cool alien powers, Warp is also about rewarding individual playing styles. You can employ stealth and not kill a soul, or warp inside every human you see and turn them inside out: The choice is up to you. Throughout the campaign you can also purchase upgrades with the grubs you’ve collected. These powerful upgrades combine with your existing powers, making Zero a real force to be reckoned with. But choose wisely! Some grubs may be harder to spot than others, and to fully upgrade Zero you’ll need to nab them all.

While we’re big fans of a compelling single-player experience, we’re equally excited about are the social elements in Warp. Our programmers built an incredibly detailed stats-tracking system into the game, so obsessive gamers beware. With in-game stats popups comparing your scores with your friends or the global leaderboards in real time, you’ll always know how your Warp skills stack up.

Warp for PS3 (PSN)Warp for PS3 (PSN)

For the perfectionists out there we have also included challenge rooms, accessible from the main menu if you want to hone your skills. Challenge rooms have online leaderboards for fastest time, but your competitive nature isn’t the only reason to play – the better you do in the challenge rooms the more grubs you get, allowing you to purchase more upgrades for Zero. The gold medal times, set by our development team, are no easy feat – we didn’t call them challenge rooms for nothing!

PlayStation has been a strong supporter of quirky, unique, and innovative games, and it is a great pleasure for us to bring Warp to the PlayStation Network this winter. If you want to keep on top of what’s happening with Warp, visit us on our website, Twitter, and Facebook. And don’t forget – if you have any questions for the team, post away in the comments below!

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  • Wow, this looks like a really fun/creative game!

    Any idea on a release window?

  • Any news on price or possible demo? This looks like it’d be a fun one to get and play with someone. Is the social aspect just leader boards, or is there a co-op mode?

    • We’re in the tail-end of development (i.e. mega crunchtime), and don’t have price point or demo figured out just yet. As soon as we know the details we’ll spread the word!
      Ah, co-op! We had some long conversations about co-op around the office, and in the end we decided that the game just worked better as a single-player campaign. That being said, we’re really happy with what the social elements we included (leaderboards and comparative in-game stats) add to the experience – and hope you do, too!

  • I watched the trailer first and I had the same reaction like what you mentioned in the first sentence, I laught because I didn’t expect that haha! The game looks very creative! I will for sure keep this on my watch list.

    • Awesome! I’ve demoed the game hundreds of times, I but never get tired of the “oh it’s so cute OMG THAT DUDE EXPLODED” reaction ;)

  • @ comment one, if you had read the story entirely, instead of jumping to comment, maybe you would have seen the release window as “this winter”.

  • This game looks really interesting.

    Will there be a day one demo?

    how many levels and powers are planned?

    • 1)Thank you :)

      2)Demo hasn’t been sorted out yet, but it’s certainly interesting to see people request it.

      3)That’s a tough question! Since the game takes place in a huge underwater facility Warp doesn’t really have ‘levels,’ but there will be lots of nooks and crannies to explore.
      In the game Zero gets 5 powers, each with its own special upgrades. You’ll be a one-alien arsenal by game’s end!

  • Seen gameplay of this and it looks pretty unique. Props to the team behind this, I’ll support you.

  • now that sony is shafting PS3 owners with excessively draconian measures against gamers I won’t be buyng this or anything else off PSN. Note to developers and publishers doing business with sony: Your in the middle of an ugly situation. Best thing you can do is either apply pressure on sony to stop abusing their customers and yours or take your games elsewhere. gamers are already taking their business elsewhere. Any developers supporting sonys troublesome activities will only have themselves to blame when their games don’t sell. If you’ve not read it yet go a few pages back in the blog to a post by Eric Lempel about changes to system activations and you’ll see what this is about. You’ll also see he didn’t even have the courage to reply himself but sent in his executive assistant and let a few spite filled trolls do the rest.

  • Challenge rooms? Sweet, is there anything like hidden items/trophies/medals to find within the levels? It’s always great to use combat/traveling abilities to get access to new creative level design areas even if it is to get an item (not necessarily an upgrade). There are games that contain items that do nothing that changes things visually, something like how in Ms Splosion man, when you grab a new pair of shoes her shoes change, or grabbing an item that changes your characters shape or color, those things are cool!

    Looking forward to this game and more games from you!

    • We’re not getting into much detail about rewards just yet, but the grubs you can find throughout the game are both a collectible and a currency. The more you have, the more upgrades you can buy – and trust us,some of these little fellas are not so easy to find! The challenge rooms also have bronze, silver, and gold metal times – the better you do, the more grubs you get!

  • @CaptainJames99

    are you talking about the whole game sharing thing? you do realize this should of been fixed ages ago right? nobody were buying anything since you can share up to 5 friends. so how is this bad for devs? more people will actually buy their games?

  • @EXO-Grey-Fox & DEV’s
    you see all thoses little games, i was buying them every week to please my family,
    and even to please DEV’s to SUPPORT THEM!
    i spend over 100$ every month on the PS Store.
    but this new theft policy measures by SONY is complete BS!
    i was supporting you guyz EVERYTIMES i could, but now seem like impossible for me to continue that.

    one of your best supporter, CYB3RFR34K-ISO

  • It looks like a really fun game. Will it be available for the PSVita?

  • I’m intrigued by this game but will not even touch it unless there is a demo.

    Also, a discount for PS Plus subscribers off the normal purchase price is advisable too.

  • @EXO-Grey-Fox
    ugh please stop yelling…. 100 bucks a month? hah I doubt it. after reading all your comments.. please just go

  • @Cyb3rfr34k-iso *

  • I once bought innovative fun downloadable games like this, but with the Sony changing their policys left and right and taking away their customers rights, I’m going to pass.

  • looks really cool! any details on if it’s 1080p native, using MLAA? the screenshots are in a weird resolution and show a lot of aliasing artifacts. jaggies are really distracting to me :(

    are the “splat” sound effects (and/or music) losslessly-compressed and/or using surround sound?

    while I love local co-op games, I’m a smart enough gamer to know when it’s bad to shoe-horn it into an already fun mechanic. when my husband and I play single-player games like this, we often just hand the controller over every few deaths or when its time for a bathroom break :)

  • It isn’t real experimentation unless the lab is filled with scientist chunks.

    Looks fun.

  • @ EXO-Grey-Fox
    yeah talk to yourself,
    wait im gonna see your game trophies list to see how many PSN games titles you have, compared to me.

  • looks great cant wait for it!

  • looks like a pretty fun game

  • @exo-grey-fox: tell me this, why are you supporting an obviously illegal move that sony is making? your not speaking for anybody who’s really a gamer that much is clear. Nor can you make the false claim that everyone with more than one PS3 is a thief. I myself have 3 and they are used by 3 different people in my house. So who the hell are you to tell me I can’t use software I paid for? You don’t have that right, neither does anyone else representing sony. I am not a thief nor are the majority of gamers sony is treating like trash and I’m not taking it sitting down. If you dont like that feel free shut your mouth and keep your arrogant snide comments to yourself from now on.

  • Impressive, simply wow!! Looking like a really nice game. I’ll buy it if it’s under 15$ =D (free for PS+? lol, we can always hope, or at least a rebate would be nice!)

    • Glad you like how it’s shaping up! We haven’t figured out price point or any specific release details yet, but we’ll keep everyone’s opinions in mind.

  • exo-grey is a troll nothing but. He / she simply comes on spouting idiocy to get pleasure from others problems. No surprise there. Buffoons like that have no clue that PS3 is an entertainment device designed to play games, movies, & music not as a tool used by other tools to harass. On that topic has anyone noticed the most of the regular trolls have started falling away lately? even they are running out of excuses for sonys inept scams. but then nobody really misses pretenders so why worry.

  • This is disturbing… in a good way. Sort of like Splosion Man combined with Zelda. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Give this a platinum trophy it will broaden the appeal of the game to a lot more users.

    • Unfortunately it seems like Platinum trophies aren’t available for games in our category. Still, we included a lot in the game to ensure that it’s a rewarding experience.

  • Taking away 60% of the value of your account!!! Keep that money comin in anyway.(18th of this month!!)

    – Oh yeah, we now decided that to continue to have access to your well over $1000 library of purchased content, we are gonna need about $20 a month. (This hasnt happened just yet, but mark my words the streak of removals from the PS3 will be never ending!!)

    – We know that the PS3 could use improvemnets here and there, but we insist on using all our resources to create new broken things that will never be made to operate correctly.

    I’m getting so fed up, I spend, spend , spend on PS3 and all they do is take, take, take.

    Anyone else notice this or just me?

    I have 3 PS3’s, now I either sell one, or buy all content twice from the 18th of this month onward!!!!
    I wont do it, Sony just lost 99% of their virtual customer they had in me.

    It’ll be disc based content from here on out, and you can forget pretty much any DLC purchases until you allow me to use the content on my personally owned devices!!!!!

    You hear DVD makers charge for each machine in the house?!?!?!?!?!? I didnt think so. You’ve gone to far!!!!

  • I’m getting this for sure. It would be even sweeter if avatars were also added to the game when purchased.

  • @ philly blunz Don’t blame Sony, blame the kids who have been abusing the system. It’s not fair to the developers when someone gives their game away to 4 of their friends. Man why is everyone so selfish these days? It’s really sad. This game is a single player game, why do you need 3 copies anyway? How about actually spending time with your family and taking turns playing?

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