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I hope you remembered to set your clocks back an hour this morning. Rather than banking the extra hour for sleep, I invested it in a bonus hour of Batman: Arkham City. If you’ve played it, you already know how incredible a game it is, but I’d still like to finish it off before the next 9 days bring us Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, and Modern Warfare 3.

It’s been a great launch for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, and more Drake-centric stories came through this week. You’ll also find pieces on Need for Speed: The Run, Battlefied 3 and Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the reading list below.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of October 31, 2011)

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  • I’ve been reading about how sony is going to screw us over on our dlc thank you very much [DELETED] :)

  • First!!always wanted to do that.

  • Psxextreme has free home shirts too if anyone’s interested.

  • stop trying to censor me sony!!!!!!!
    whats the point of “deactivating on pc” if it says a “ps3 can only be deactivated on a ps3” i wanted to deactivate my account since my friends ps3 wont turn on and im stuck with an account slot that i cant use on that system. your company is just begging to lose money which is sad considering my uncle just started working for sony pictures. can you at least let us know now the date you’re planning on making us pay to go online?

    • We will be introducing the ability to deactivate systems via PC, but you’re right – it’s not possible today.

  • I have one thing to say……MW3 MIDNIGHT LAUNCH! Can’t wait.

    Oh and one more thing, don’t hate on me for liking a good game. I understand you think it’s a cookie cutter experience, but let me say this, why would you change something that is already great? All CoD needs is a graphics upgrade, but graphics don’t make a game.

    See you early Tuesday morning! =D

    • There are a lot of haters here on the CoD series – and then it sells millions upon millions. You’re hardly alone in loving it!

  • The ff13 save date feature looks to be useless. Anyway, I’m impressed there aren’t any ff13 on the store.

    Speaking of which, I wonder if we will get avatars for MGS3? I mean, X360 is getting costumes for their own avatars system.

  • you guys run out of stuff to post about over the weekend

  • Some great reads here.


  • actually the xiii-2 news is wrong! its a different site but same topic. so far no bonuses have been announced for having a xiii save file.

  • the 2nd to last link. the MW3 trophies link. that’s an Awesome PS3 gamers trophy Community. y’all should visit, check it out and join up. :).

  • hey Jeff!
    do me a favor, can you give each and everyone at Naught Dog a kiss in the four-head for their awesome game.

  • @3 stop your crying, if you would just scroll down to the comments in the article where they said there would be changes to console activation, you would see that the question has been answered already. You can deactivate your account for a ps3 on a PC, so just go online and deactivate your friends ps3, easy as that.

  • While many people are gonna be getting MW3 this Tuesday, I won’t! haha. I will be getting MGS HD Collection! Gonna enjoy the series once again, but this time in HD, wish they supported 3D as well though, but oh well, still a must buy. I’m getting the Collector’s edition too with the Art book! That art book looks amazingly awesome. My brother will be getting MW3 anyways later this month, so there’s no need for me to get it, not that I would have anyway, hahaha :P

  • @angelspawn77
    so if now activation/deactivation work like this, that mean that “friend” if he never play online he’ll be able to continue to use all games and dlc 4 ever.
    since there is in now way to deactivate a device that has no internet connection.
    that mean peoples will start too ABUSE of OFFLINE sharing gaming & THAT is going to be a REAL MESS!

  • @13 Being able to deactivate a console through a PC is nothing new, it was already possible, the only thing that was added was that now instead of 5 consoles that could be activated at once, they changed it to a measly 2. Also I don’t get what you mean that it will be abused? How will it be abused exactly? Also his friend’s ps3 broke, so no, he will not be able to play it forever because he will not have any of it when he gets another ps3.

  • <3 Modern Wafare 3 and Assassin"s Creed Revelations :D

  • Hey Jeff, speaking of Final Fantasy XIII-2, any word on when we could possibly see it on the Blog again?

  • I just got platinum trophy for Uncharted 3 today. Truly an epic action adventure game. Besides Golden Abyss, I can’t wait for another Nathan Drake’s epic adventure. Just as long the series has that epic storyline, great characters, and compelling gameplay, then I’m all up for the next installment.

  • @angelspawn77
    heres my point;

    suppose i have 5 PS3
    and one of theses 5 is full of my PSN games & activated BUT i ONLY play offline.
    now suppose we can deactivate a PS3 VIA PC website
    if i deactivate THAT “offline” PS3 on the website,
    that mean i can free a slot, so i can install all my stuff again on a new PS3.
    but since there is NOWAY to DEACTIVATE AN OFFLINE PS3
    i’ll be able to continue playing on my OFFLINE PS3 + all my 5 activated PS3
    THAT MEAN u can give your account to everyones on earth, if they never play online…
    WT F!?!?

  • Hey Jeff, do you think PSN will get Guardian Heroes? I hope so because I really want to get that game.

  • @Poocdog – I am glad I am not alone in that. I hope we do get it. If we do it will be a wait…like castlevania: hod. Its a great game, even more so if it has online co-op

  • I find it strange that skyrim comes out this friday yet there isn’t a single gameplay video for the ps3 version. all we have is word of mouth and if that’s to go by then the ps3 version will suck. look at all the bethesda games that have came out on ps3 and there inferior to the other platforms (with the exception of the original oblivion and that’s cause 2k made it) personally i believe if bethesda could they would only make it for the other platform cause they are sure making it seem like its only available for the other platform only.

  • @Cyb3rfr34k-iso

    You do know that you are just giving Sony more ideas on limiting you right? I will completely laugh if they change the website to a limited activation or even change the activation limit to 1.

  • Can’t wait for GTAV I Love the series and I hope they make one for the PSvita someday when it comes out :)

  • Thanks Jeff. Hope there’s a avatar bundle as well :)

  • when will there be a release Date for “Ni No Kuni Wrath of The White Witch” & “Dragon’s Crown” for PS3. I want these & will be pre-ordering those 2 as well as “TWISTED METAL & TALES OF GRACES F”.

    So yeah 4 games i’m getting for early next year by pre-order
    Ni No Kuni Wrath of The White Witch
    Tales of Graces F
    Twisted Metal
    Dragon’s Crown.

    sigh!! still waiting for Worldwide PS3 only release of “Final Fantasy Versus XIII’. I have no care for FFXIII-2.

    • I’ve been in talks with both Namco Bandai and Level-5, and when there are announcements for Ni No Kuni, you’ll see them here. I’ve got my eye on Dragon’s Crown as well, but don’t have any new info.

  • I used the “bonus” hour for some more Uncharted 3 time, lol.

  • @Cyb3rfr34k-iso

    I think your ps3 NEEDS to be activated or else you can have all the content, but it wont let you play it. Happened to me with my videos, I had them, but could not play them on my new ps3 after my old one broke.

  • I had to call customer service to deactivate my old one.

  • Can someone tell the Naughty Dog guys to include the option to flip the camera/aim Y-axis on Uncharted 3? It was there in the first two games and, I don’t know why, it’s missing in this one. I spend more time remembering how to aim corretly than shooting enemies. Sometimes for me it’s easier to simply go full melee than bothering actually aiming with the wrong Y-axis controls :(.

  • Shame on me, I have seem the option to flip the sticks (so that I move around with the right stick and aims with the left stick), but missed completely the camera controls. BTW, we’re not inverters, the others are. The head movement to look up is to pull the head back, and to push it forward to look down ;).

  • PSN needs more My Little Pony avatars.

  • Something I wrote has been linked to on the PlayStation Blog! That’s awesome :D

    Loving the Uncharted 3 multiplayer but Skyrim is looming, and I can feel my wallet burning a hole in my pocket…

  • @BZKlint
    You read my mind.

    Please add My Little Pony Friendship is Magic PSN avatars!

  • Thanks, Jeff, but since I’m still stuck at the beginning of chapter 13, I’m still observing a total media blackout on all things U3. No spoilers!!!!!

  • @ Jeff it felt pretty cool but I wish people would call me a troll like they do in other sites.

  • Good round up this week!

    On a personal note, when are people going to stop giving Tim and Eric jobs? THEY ARE NOT FUNNY!!!!

  • modern warfare 3’s trophies will be easy

  • Just one question…

    What happened to the “Spend $60 in the PSN in October and get $10 back in November” program?

    I’m waiting for my $10, but I don’t know when or how I’m getting them…

  • @24:

    I have played the Xbox version of Skyrim and i can assure you that there’s nothing exceptional about the graphics in this game, so it will be more or less the same thing on PS3. Hopefully better.

    Talking of an inferior version, I suggest to take a look at lensoftruth comparaison of COD MW3 on PS3 and Xbox, i can hardly believe that Sony get played like that and doesn’t do anything to prevent this. Sounds like they know they will sell the games anyway, they should start questioning themselves why it sells more on Xbox. No one should buy the PS3 version of MW3 or another console for that matters.

  • Cool roundup. Maybe one day my articles will show up in that list. Now, back to Dark Souls

  • Am I the only person who noticed how Jeff Rubenstein refuses to reply to those with legitimate complaints but lets the ignorant trolls do it instead. Cowards.

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