Capcom 2012 PS3 Preview: Street Fighter X Tekken, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and More

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Capcom 2012 PS3 Preview: Street Fighter X Tekken, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and More

Last week, Jeff and I had a chance to preview Capcom’s 2012 lineup for PS3, which currently consists of Asura’s Wrath, Dragon’s Dogma, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Read on to learn more about this eclectic mix of games, and leave your questions in the comments so we can provide more details!

Street Fighter X Tekken
First, we sat down with Capcom’s resident fighting expert Seth Killian to discuss the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken, which blends the fluid 2D elegance of Street Fighter with the rough-and-tumble brawling of Tekken. We were particularly curious to learn about Gems, which work as customizable loadouts for your fighters, and how inFAMOUS 2’s Cole McGrath will stack up in battle. Watch the video for more on this eagerly anticipated PS3 and PS Vita fighter.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
SID: With Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Capcom and Slant Six seek to unite the suspense of the genre-defining Resident Evil series with contemporary squad-based military shooting and a healthy dose of online co-op for up to four players. The narrative fills in the story gaps between the first three Resident Evil titles, so you’ll explore settings and sequences from an entirely different perspective while guiding USS Delta Team “Wolfpack” on its grim mission to destroy all evidence of Umbrella’s nefarious deeds — up to and including the assassination of Resident Evil 2 protagonists Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. As you carve through zombies, clueless security guards, and the odd Super Tyrant, you’ll collect VHS tapes and Zip drives (how quaint!) to fill in the backstory and accumulate XP towards unlocking new weapons and special abilities.

JEFF: It’s amazing how a change of setting can completely alter the otherwise familiar feel of a tactical third-person shooter. However, if you thought RE5 messed with the Resident Evil formula, Raccoon City throws it out completely – not a criticism, but know what you’re getting into here. You’ll be controlling the bad guys (Umbrella) and they’re much better funded than S.T.A.R.S. You won’t be scraping by with puny 9mm bullets, but rather blowing apart anything that moves with a wealth of weapons at your disposal. The most interesting thing to me was the unusual variety of character types. I demoed “Four Eyes,” a scientist with the ability to manipulate the infected. Using the Triangle button, I switched to the control dart, fired into a crowd of zombies, then used R3 to send my now highly suggestible friend off to fight my battles for me. When it finished off the room, I repaid my minion with a face full of shotgun scatter. Sometimes, life just isn’t fair.

A shame we weren’t able to demo the game with full four-player co-op – I think that’s where Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will reach its full potential.

Asura’s Wrath
JEFF: Do you find the wrathful, rage-filled Kratos to be a bit too… mellow? Or perhaps you wonder why boss characters aren’t bigger. Like… bigger than the Earth. Asura’s Wrath was made with you in mind. The four chapters we experienced were filled with incredible hyperbole; punching missiles back at a giant starship, fighting a demigod equipped with a 30,000 mile long katana… on the moon. And then there’s Wyzen, the boss demigod who eventually dwarfs you by such a massive scale that you can only attack his thumb. Asura’s Wrath makes even over-the-top games like God of War and Bayonetta seem restrained by comparison.

SID: Asura’s Wrath is an intriguing blend of sweet and savory tastes, not unlike hot and sour soup or kombucha. It’s got bombastic beat ‘em up sequences, massive boss encounters, and quick time events reminiscent of God of War, but the action is coupled with a hyperkinetic visual style inspired by anime bruisers Dragonball Z and Fist of the North Star. The action evolves rapidly and seamlessly, and one battle may shift from an on-rails shooting sequence to a chase scene to a conversation to a crowd beatdown before it finally ends in an over-the-top boss battle. The pace is blistering, the scale is sprawling, and the villains long-winded. What’s not to like? Asura’s Wrath lands on PS3 this February 21st. Hey, that’s one day before PS Vita!

Dragon’s Dogma
SID: The very first point on my notepad reads “the character creator is scarily in-depth.” Dragon’s Dogma has the most extensive character creator I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot. In this open-world fantasy RPG, you can forge a hero of almost any size, shape, and color and then festoon him or her with all manner of scars, wrinkles, and physical attributes. I appreciated how the physical size of your hero defines their combat prowess. Creating a huge, musclebound character will automatically bestow him with the ability to wield oversized swords and hammers, while a smaller character will receive bonuses in agility and speed. As for me, I’ll be creating a seven foot-tall lady barbarian with a pendulous gut and embark on a fantastic quest. It’s been my lifelong dream!

JEFF: No, your lifelong dream was eating the world’s biggest hoagie. What’s interesting is that you don’t just create your own character, but that you put an equal amount of effort into your NPC companion, the “Main Pawn.” There’s a story behind all that which has yet to come to light, and some of it is hinted at in the new trailer seen here. Consider my interest piqued.

The concept of an open-world RPG with prominent dragons immediately had me thinking of Skyrim, but after seeing Dragon’s Dogma in action, I don’t think the comparison is apt. In our demo, we encountered a golem, which became an optional sidequest. The stone creature was quite large, and with his super-long life bar, I was reminded more of Monster Hunter than anything. Our character at this point was in command of three NPC pawns which filled various roles during the battle. For instance, we were able to request a healing spell with a tap on the d-pad. While the golem was engaged with our teammates, our player was able to traverse the environment, climbing up a rock formation to an arrow turret, which greatly weakened the creature. We were also able to clamber up onto the golem itself, Shadow of the Colossus-style, to wail on a weak point and finish it off. The whole encounter lasted over 10 minutes – now I know why the game made that quest optional.

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8 Author Replies

  • PS3 owners are still missing Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Case West….hurry up and put those out plz

  • What does the Asura’s Wrath gameplay compare to? DMC/Bayonetta or more like God of War (aside from the fact that it appears to be QTE heavy). Also will we be able to select the language for the game? English voice acting isn’t as good as the native Japanese.

  • I’m pretty sure I have all of these pre-ordered… damn you Capcom, taking all of my money

  • soon “Street Fighter X Tekken mix martial arts” ooooohhhh that sounds good :)
    … in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City did i see some kind of transformation? (1:10)

  • Does Dragon’s Dogma have multiplayer? looks very similar to Monster Hunter and would be awesome to play with friends. Moreover, any info on UMvC3 and SF X Tekken Vita versions?

  • Resident Evil is long dead, no pun intended.

  • I stopped buying capcom games since hey screwed us with SSF4 and RE5GE, and they keep doing it with their abusive DRM on PSN games like Final Fight and Bionic Commando 2. So until they change their policies…

  • Dragon’s dogma should be left as a single player game. God why does every game have to have multiplayer now…. kids are so codependent anymore.

  • Asura’s Wrath!

  • honestly none of these games strike any interest for me. fighting games have gotten dull, and whats the point in buying this when its pretty obvious with capcom releasing another edition of the game within the next couple of months after the release of the game?

    Resident Evil seems alright, but i am kinda hoping it plays like Outbreak series. i really enjoyed that game, and its sad that capcom doesnt make more games like that.

    The rest i probably need to find more info on the game.

  • Street Fighter X Tekken – I hope Capcom reconsider a Normal/No Gem mode. My hype meter went down after the announcement of Gems.

  • Dragon’s Dogma looks really good. Like a mix of Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, and Shadow of the Colossus.

    • Not a bad way to describe it at all. I was thinking of it as an Eastern-influenced RPG inspired by the Bethesda RPGs, but you can’t discount the Monster Hunter influences either.

  • Street Fighter X Tekken and Resident Evil : ORC are on my MUST HAVE DAY ONE LIST! All the other games that were mentioned are RENTABLES :p I also want to applaud the people who are responsible for adding Cole into SFxT..his moves are AMAZING!

  • Hey Capcom, where is my Devil May Cry 5?
    No. I’m not talking about that abomination you are doing with Ninja Theory. I want my true Devil May Cry 5 with Dante, Nero and Vergil.
    I like these games and all but I don’t like your attitude Capcom. I’ll probably skip them until you show some love/respect to fans.

  • Where’s Monster Hunter for the Vita?

  • Dear Capcom PLEASE Get rid of Devil May Cry 2 out HD Collection Devil May Cry and put in Devil May Cry 4 with throphies!!! Also I want a HD Collection of Onimushia(Hope i Spell it right)

  • Crapcom

    Go crawl in a ditch and die.

  • im looking forward to play street fighter x tekken and resident evil:operation raccoon city,but im not willing to get it during release day,because i know later on they will release a update version for cheaper.By the way im hoping for a snk vs capcom 2 hd online edition,make it happens capcom.

  • The only problem I see with the Resident Evil game is it was done by Slant Six and they overly love Over the Shoulder for their games. They just don’t get it the fans hate that crap view for games.

  • I’m definitely getting Dragon Dogma. The fact that the Devil May Cry team is working on it shows a lot in all the nice footage with battles with giant creatures. Can’t wait for this one. Asura’s Wrath I’m probably going to pick up since I usually love CC2’s work. Plus the complete over-top nature of the game sings to me ^,^

  • So pumped for RE: ORC, Asura’s Wrath, and Dragon’s Dogma! BYIAH!

  • Well. You guys appear to have no idea what you’re doing with the Resident Evil franchise at this point. Dragon’s Dogma looks like a desperate (and going by the video footage I’ve seen, shoddy) effort to break into the western style RPG market. Aaaand you guys have gone to great lengths to kill your company’s mascot character.

    I hope the rest of the company follows poor Mega Man into his grave. Street Fighter is the only thing you guys are good for anymore.

  • I can’t wait I love Teeken 6 my favorite as well as Street fighter I been playing both since I was a little girl:) that collabo it going to be FIRE!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, I’m pretty stoked. We played SF X Tekken and had a lot of fun, but being a bit more of a Tekken player, I’m excited to play Tekken X SF.

  • Capcom was my favorite developer in the PS2 days……. but now straight garbage.I miss the 2-d sprites beautiful animation in Street fighter and other capcom fighters,I miss classic resident evil now its a action game,Devil may cry-no comment you know.

    I wish capcom USA/Japan/EU read this blog!

  • After pretty much shooting Mega Man in the back, im done with Capcom. May he R.I.P.
    Dr. Wily got the last laugh after all.

  • After Socom Confrontation, id recommend staying away from Slant Six lol. Good game, but with the false advertisements and game data not implemented till almost a year later and the lack of support and promises of fixing etc. etc. I know it was the first ps3 title and all. No thank you! Big fan of Resident Evil, but Slant Six killed it for me.

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

  • @1 We are not geting Case Zero or Case West. Capcom already said they will stay 360 exclusive and that they were gifts to the xbox players who helped make Dead Rising a success. If there ever was a chance to get them it would of been with Off the Record and they weren’t so we are not getting them end of the story.

  • Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City looks and sounds like it’s gonna be great! Is it Move compatible? I hope Slant Six leaned from SOCOM: Confrontation and makes a bug-free game this time though. And if they don’t have friendly fire by default, nor vote to kick it’ll be even better!

  • Operation Racoon City is a Socom-style team based shooter? No thanks. Good thing the 3DS is getting Resident Evil: Revelations, it focuses solely on SURVIVAL HORROR and returns to the series’ roots.

  • Isn’t Dragon’s Dogma a re-imagining of the Breath of Fire series?

  • cant wait for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon

  • Capcom Lineup for 2012 looks awesome. I can wait to play them…. especially Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

  • Capcom can f right off. Their games suck and most of them are better on the competition anyways. Actually, Monster Hunter is now exclusive to Nintendo.

  • Asura’s Wrath looks pretty good. Can’t wait to see and hear more about this game!

  • Oh and one more thing Capcom i was really disappointed Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Code Veronica HD ports on PS3 you guys didn’t do anything to justify labeling them as true HD Collection. So make sure Devil May Cry HD Collection is good just like the god of war collection’s and ICO Collection because those are true HD collection.

    • RE4 HD was definitely a pretty straight port, but the graphics were muuuuch better than the PS2 version being based on the PC textures. It does look good.

  • This is really off topic but would you guys ever think of releasing Sonic 2 Adventure Battle on PSN? I saw you released Sonic Adventure but i love 2 so much!

  • We’ve got the return of the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise and the introduction of Street Fighter X Tekken, so I guess crossover games are making a comeback. So could we possibly see a Capcom vs. SNK 3 soon in the near future? Also, will there ever be an original Resident Evil game on PSP or PS Vita soon? (The PSone games from PSN don’t count). Or HDversions of Resident Evil (Gamecube version) and Resident Evil Zero for the PS3 in the future?

  • Cmon crapcom, rival schools hd remix online (evo disc is cooh, but better have arcade perfect port as well). Project justice HD remix online, capcom vs snk 2 hd remix online. You guys can do it, and we will pay dammit!!!!

  • Let me be the first to say i couldn’t stand the RE franchise before 4 and 5 so I can;t wait for this new one. Hopefully this one sticks with good controls where you can move left right forward and back by pushing that direction only. If thats true im in.

  • street fighter x tekken is the only game that I’m looking forward…but anyway I’m a tekken fan so I expect more tekken version….BTW RE:Operation Racoon City is a shame for RE series…asura’s wrath I was looking forward too but My God is so copied from GOW and no one can be like go even more like kratos…just a simple game….and RPG is the only kind of game that I dont like…thats why I’m not interested in Dragon’s Dogma but looks like a great game.Capcom I have a huge question:Why did you allow they spoil the awesome series Operation Racoon City is the same mistake you guys allowed with the new DMC.Please dont hurt me more than this…I hate see my fav series falling down.

  • I wise all FPS & games like ‘Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City’ & ‘Uncharted 3’ had 4 player split-screen with online & offline modes with bots & co-op etc etc :( That would be amazing. No one seems to do it this gen. I was hoping this gen games like that would come out. Oh well. (Anyway Uncharted 3 is amazing) :P

  • I mean GOW….no one can be like GOW

  • Come on capcom. Bring out Lost Planet 3!!!


  • Interested in Dragon’s Dogma and Asura Wrath… though Asura’s Wrath could use a better localization.

    Street Fighter X Tekken is looking good, group of my friends at FIEA are already looking into setting up a SFXT night for our Cohort.

  • Out of all of these games I’m looking forward to Operation Raccoon City the most, but I may very well get all four games.

  • Actually looking forward to RE: ORC. I know current RE’s aren’t what they used to be, but one of the reasons I loved the older ones better was because of the settings. That’s what I see in this ‘new’ outing. And as for Slant Six, they messed up with Socom: Confrontation, but in my opinion, they did good with Socom: FTB 3.

  • meh i’m still waiting for RE6

  • keep up the good work capcom! UMvC3, SFxT, asura”s wrath, and raccoon city! capcom puts in work!

  • Resident Evil: ORC looks great!! Just around my birthday. Thanks, Capcom.

    Haters: go jump off a cliff

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