Hitman: Absolution Video Shows Stealth, Combat

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Hitman: Absolution Video Shows Stealth, Combat
Hitman: Absolution Video Shows Stealth, Combat

IO Interactive has been on quite a ride with the first demo of Hitman: Absolution – touring the world with the code, showing it off to hundreds of thousands of excited people. The response was so overwhelming, we decided to release the full playthrough a few weeks ago. And now, after having captured two of the most busy gentlemen on the team, we are following up with a new video to ensure everyone gets the full experience.

Join Game Director Tore Blystad and Gameplay Director Christian Elverdam as they take us all behind-the-scenes of the award-winning Hitman: Absolution, with a full 17-minute commentary version of the “Run For Your Life” playthrough. The commentary will let you learn first-hand what it takes to create a living and breathing world. The aim is for the fans to gain new insight into the creation and ambition for the game and get a taste of what players can expect when they enter the mindset of the original assassin: Agent 47. We hope you will enjoy it!

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  • Great post guys

  • awesome guys. any estimate on a release date?

  • I’ve been looking for a great stealth game since Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, I’ve never given the Hitman series a chance, but this game may be worth picking up. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the demo.

  • This is in my top 5 of games releasing next year. I can’t wait for this game. Never played any Hitman games before (sorry) but I can’t wait to purchase this one Day 1.

    Any news on a date??? Spring, summer, or holiday?

  • is it me or is the sound not working after 3:22 mins ?

  • ThoRuGer: I was just about to ask the same thing. There seems to be several seconds where it looks paused too. Hope this is a YouTube error and not a problem with the game. I have SO been waiting Agent 47 to arrive on the PS3!

  • Nice you need something like detective mode to make it look like arkham city…woops…nevermind

  • when is the release date we want it know and can i hire agent 17. lol

  • Error when trying to play the video. It says error#2124

  • I’ve been a Hitman fan since the first game. Admittedly, I’m not too crazy about the new instinct system, as it sort of makes 47 feel more like a superhero. I just wanted to know if it’s possibly to go through entire game without using it? Everything else looks phenomenal, I can’t wait to play it! Also, Blood Money had one of the best endings in video game history, I hope you guys have something special planned for the ending of Absolution.

  • I have never played a Hitman game, but this looks… Incredible, and it will definitely be my first Hitman game I play.

  • One word… AMAZING!

  • PLEAAASE Make a Hitman HD Collection! THAT would be an HD collection worth making!

  • ^ Or at least put them online as PS2 classics!

  • the audio doesn’t work after 3 minutes and 20 secs in

  • this is one of my favorite games, It looks so cool and awesome can’t wait for it to come out.

  • Audio issue if u watch it on YouTube, works good here

  • @ 11 Go_Buddie_Go, also new to the Hitman franchise. This is def. on my buy list! Nick, can you shed some light on possible DLC? Co-op missions, weapon packs, etc.? Thanks!

  • It looks amazing, but I hope they fix how 47 runs into walls and doors for a little bit before actually coming to a stop. Its hard to explain but it seems like a movement mechanic that they would have fixed since the old games. Also the fact that some doors can magically open on their own without 47 lifting a finger. The game looks amazing besides those two small details. I can’t wait!

    • The playthrough video is pre-alpha footage so it has a long way to go before it is the quality of the final product.

      Some of the animations in this playthrough have already been improved and everything else is being worked on.

  • Great port really, but I’ll stick with the PC version… some game must be played there, with my DS3 controller conected to the PC ^^… Sony must release some official drivers to use Dualshock controllers on PC…

  • Thanks for all of your comments so far.

    If you had problems with the video or sound they should now be fixed.

  • @ 8:06 FATALITY!

  • Is Jesper Kyd going to be composing the soundtrack?

    He better be…. >=(

  • Audio goes out. Can’t hear the commentary, need subtitles.

  • wow!! that was pretty EPIC. Definitely looking forward to it :D.

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